Christina Aguilera Expecting Second Child

02/20/2014 at 07:25 PM ET

Christina Aguilera Pregnant Expecting Second Child
Alexandra Wyman/Getty

Christina Aguilera is engaged — and expecting.

A week after announcing that boyfriend Matt Rutler had proposed, the singer has more happy news to celebrate.

Aguilera, 33, and Rutler, 29, a film producer, are set to welcome their first child together, PEOPLE confirms.

The couple met on the set of Burlesque, the 2010 film they both worked on.

“They’re very much in love and are really excited to take this next step!” a source close to the pair tells PEOPLE.

The Voice coach is already mom to Max Liron, 6, her son with ex-husband Jordan Bratman.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Mary Margaret and Elizabeth Leonard

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Anonymous on

Congrats Chistina! Hope Max is an awesome big brother!

denise on


klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

Brianne on

Congrats, Christina! I’ve been a fan of hers for years, so I’m delighted to read this! I hope she has a girl this time!!!

Christine on

Congrats. She looks so much better! Chub phase made me sad for her. So beautiful.

Dorothy on

Congrats to her! sucks that she just lost all that weight though….

anon on

So THAT’S why she got engaged.

dirrtyboy88 on

And exactly what source is this? Until this source/person is named this can’t be taken at face value – I mean, there’s so many pieces of this sort of “news” released all the time and 90% are either dismissed by the person themselves or someone else/their management as rubbish or not 100% true. I’m not saying I don’t want her to be pregnant but I’d rather wait until it is confirmed – ideally by her and not some “exclusive source close to the pair”.

powerturtle90sdudemon on

Congrats to em! To expect Christina to not have a hot and stylish pregnancy would be a crime

Joanna on

I SOOOOOOO KNEW IT!!!!!! There isn’t a celebrity engaged today that’s pretty much only engaged because they are pregnant. Whatever happened to getting married for love and not because of a baby? I knew that in Christina’s case she would only marry again if pregnant since the two of them have been together for almost 4 years with not even a hint of marriage. I wonder who will be pregnant next? I guess the next engagement will give us that answer since that’s the ONLY way celebrities get engaged these days.

maryhelenc on

Congrats to Christina! I hope this marriage works out for her and she, Matt, Max, and the new baby are happy together for many years to come.

Anonymous on

Love her… wishes to the mom & dad to be and to the big brother to be!!!!

Tri on

No wonder she announced her engagements last week..

Amanda_M87 on

I didn’t even know she had a new man in her life. I guess I gotta catch up on my celebrity gossip.

janie on

I thought she announced several weeks ago she was pregnant? Congrats to both & big brother! Wonderful news!!

Crystal on

Congrats to Christina and Matt. I’m sure Max is excited to be a big brother. Christina definitely has a type….tall, dark and Jewish! Lol! Congrats again! 🙂

FatAgain on

Admittedly, I’m not a baby person, but MAN – she JUST got her body back! I feel so bad for her. You could tell she really worked to get in shape.

Brit on

Well, I hope this “source” is wrong because she posted a picture of herself and a girlfriend drinking what looks like wine just a few days ago. Yes, I know women can have wine every now and then but I just think, if a woman cannot not drink wine while pregnant then…yikes!

Carolyn on

But of COURSE she’s pregnant! When was the last time that someone was excited to announce that they were getting married and THEN got pregnant?

Anonymous on

Skanky Hoe

Jessie Doan on


Jenna on

And here comes all the haters… Judging. Go to church and worry about yourselves.

Mrs. Winkler on

Everyone who keeps posting on the fact that her weight loss was such a waste of time and energy…I am sure she will be able to lose the baby weigh again. Whether it be from all of the money she has from being a celebrity and/or help from Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers or what other sources she may have…She will be able to lose the weight again. Get a grip! Congratulations to both of them!

Anonymous on

Another out of wedlock baby.

Anonymous2 on

Wow. Another public knocked up woman. How responsible.

Mommy on

I remember the cover story on her after she had Max. She was talking about how she opted for an elective c-section because she didn’t want to tear her vagina. What a moron.

Nat on

I am soooo happy for her!!! I hope she will have a health and happy child. It would be cool a little girl this time.

Kaitlyn on

Aww congrats Christina and Matt. I bet soon to be big brother Max is really excited!!

Andrea on

And this would explain the engagement…

Amp88 on

Congrats Christina! Not going to lie, I hope she gets a little girl this time so she gets one of each. ❤

tepps on

Can celebrities afford birth control??

Emily on

WAIT A MINUTE . . . Matt Rutler is listed as a set production assistant (uncredited) on Burlesque and several other shows. How did her PR people transform him into a “film producer”?

chelseallyn on

Well obviously, that’s why she got engaged

Lilyflower on

Congrats Christina!!!

Linda on

Oh, now the out of nowhere engagement makes sense. She like Britney and Miley is just another Disney tramp !

Elaine G on

I was waiting on it!

PacificGirl on

He’s a production assistant, not a producer. BIIIIIG difference.

Elle on

Are we past the days when marriage comes first????? I just don’t get the rules today!

Bernadette on

Why are people mad at this?

lay86 on

word to all the jackasses hating it’s not 1955 anymore-just because you’ get pregnant and you’re not married doesn’t make you a tramp..grow up!

Angie on

Christina is a beautiful woman and it appears that she is a great mother. I wish her all the best, she looks great and will always look great. People are so judgemental especially on matters that is truly none of their business. Be happy and congrats to all of you. To the rest of the world get a life!!!

Emily on

To lay86, Angie and others: It does make a difference. She is a celebrity that young people will look up to. Some young girl will get pregnant thinking she can do it too. But this young girl DOESN’T have millions in the bank. When the “baby daddy” takes off she’ll be left with a child, bills, and severely reduced options in life. IT DOES MATTER!! Children need two committed, responsible, adults to grow up healthy and secure.

Bootziegurl on

YAY Congratulations!!

So the rumors were true, finally Christina is happy in her personal life. So so happy for her!!

Anonymous on

yay hope its a girl this time around

lynn on

Adultry. Period.

Starlet on

Awh, so happy for you Christina. That’s exciting news. I wish you happiness. I hope you do have a little girl. So, she can get your pretty looks.

Anonymous on

Emily: Just get off this posting please. Can’t we just reveal in her pregnancy without it turning into some issue. Go away!

Bernadette on

Emily – Christina Aguilera and other celebrities are not responsible for the results of bad parenting and the personal mistakes of gullible young ones.

Mrs LH on

Who cares.

leilainwunderland on

So apparently, we have some prudes from Westboro Baptist church who have a problem with this. I guess there are a lot of commenters here from Bumblefuck, Kansas or some other conservative part of the country who haven’t joined us in the 21st century.

1. She is a grown woman.
2. Any child that she has (if she’s even pregnant) will be well provided for.
3. Those of you calling her a tramp and a ho for not waiting until marriage to have sex are really just showing you’re own backward, misogynistic colors. I hope that none of you reproduce, so that we can eliminate puritanical bigot from the gene pool.
3. It is not the responsibility of adults who are public figures to wait until marriage to have sex just because their are children in this country. If your 11-year-old gets pregnant or gets someone pregnant, that’s their own fault and your fault as a parent, not the fault of adult strangers with normal sex lives.
5. This guy is her fiancé and they’ve been dating for two years.
6. And finally, it’s a sad day when Americans have the same hateful attitude about sex and women that the Taliban does.

Kate on

well, this makes more sense

sable senegal on

Knew it was a shotgun proposal.x-tina had better get a prenup or this coattail rider is gonna end up with palimony!

tcvajv on

Well now we know why she’s getting married.

Alan on

I’m happy for her. Such a great talent. Wishing her all the best

guest on

When did he become a film producer? He is a production assistant!

peyton on

Perfect. She can barely take care of the one she’s already got because of her all night drinking and partying and now she’s got another on the way. Her boyfriend’s always rubbed me the wrong way, like he’s feeding her bad habits.

Anonymous on

confirmation…she cheated

heather-marie on

omg. i agree Amy and ANON
on”oh so that’s why she announcing last week,i am engage”to be married! lol
and i am happy for her,she is older too than him i hear in other mags by five to 9 yrs? not sure,this say four or five,either way that is ok,congrats

Anonymous on

Wow….what a “great” role model.

Anonymous on

History repeats itself?

Anonymous on

dirrtyboy88- I see your point, but PEOPLE has an excellent track record when it comes to celebrity pregnancies. I’ve yet to see them be wrong about one! 🙂

Anonymous (the one who said this is confirmation she cheated)- On who? Matt? Why would you think he can’t have kids?

veronica on

no wonder they got engaged makes sense now

Angie on

Didn’t know she is dating this guy, never saw a photo of her going out with him.

Linda on

Aahhhhh! Most likely pregnant FIRST and engaged SECOND! I see now what happened. Pressured into doing the right thing and getting married after the fact. Hmmmm…How long shall this last is the question? I wish her luck.

K. on

What is it with people and having children with different partners? Get married, see how it goes and then have children at least.

valeskas on

Now get married and divorced again, so he will be rich some day.

alex on

flawless queen of pop music, the voice of a generation CONGRATULATIONS! Christina is so happy and beautiful! I love her music (Lotus is her last album, check it out) so am gonna miss her involvement in music industry but i’m happy for her personal life! I love Burlesque so i’m glad it was the place they met with her boyfriend.

courtney fuller on

I know Chrissy has GOT 2 B the happiest girl in the world.good lookin biyfriend makes pretty babies….

Jenny! on

😀 Love Christina!! She is a great parent and I hope it’s a girl for her, I bet her son is happy, at that age they love helping out.

Melissa on

Congrats on the engagement and the baby, really happy for her.

But on a said note, whatever happened to getting pregnant after the wedding?

truth on

I knew that was going to happen. I’ve seen it countless times. Women lose weight and get down to where they want to be weight-wise and BOOM! Preggers!

jwoge on

Funny how article calls him a producer. When you look up his history you see he’s a production assistant and most of the time uncredited. Why do they have to make more out of his work status…geez who isn’t he good enough for (magazine or her agents)just being himself, a working guy?

D on

Congrats to both of them!!! Love Christina and her voice is amazing!!!

christamiles83 on

I hope she let’s this baby “bake” longer than she let Max. Her elective c-section simply because she was too “impatient” to wait for him to come on his own was ridiculous! I hope she has grown up a bit since little Max was born.

WhiteLily20 on

What a coincidence! lol

Beautifulblurr on

How convenient, she got engaged a week before she announced she’s pregnant. Another Hollywood couple getting married because they messed up and got pregnant first. Great role models these people are.

kara rockwell on

Why don’t stars use protection?

Brad on

Another out of wedlock child. Money or no money, it is about values, setting standards and being a public role model for young girls. Shame, really. Then again what do you expect?!?!…. Does she think at all? Singing is mostly all she does…. it’s not like she educated herself like the lovely and responsible Ms. Portman….

klutzy_girl on

Honestly, who looks to celebrities to be role models anyhow? How about you raise your kids and stop trying to push them to emulate strangers. I mean, really?

Priscilla on

Christina has an adorable son Max and my favorite song from her is Track 10 on her first album. She is a strong artist to be up there with Mariah’ level.

ellepop on

Personally, I’m offended by the poor spelling and grammar in these posts. 😉

Priscilla on

Another boy ❤

Priscilla on

I’m sorry I hope ANOTHER BOY.

lisa on

Hey I am pregnant with my 3rd child. Can you do a news story for me. O by the way I am a Joe noboby.

WooHoo on

Good thing that she lost the weight before getting pregnant or else she would have had quite the work ahead of her after the baby came.

lisa on

I am having a baby also. I hope People interviews me.

Juli on

That’s amazing news! Congratulations to Christina and Matt!

Terri on

So happy for them!

BRod on

Does she still live in the Osbournes old house?

Anonymous on

lisa- If you don’t like hearing about celebrity pregnancies, then you’re on the wrong site. 😉

Anyway, if you click on where it says “engaged”, it takes you to an article with a photo and details about Christina’s engagement ring. Among other things, the article contains this quote: “Matt spent over a year designing the ring with the ring designer to represent their three-year journey together as a couple,”

So it would appear that the engagement has been in the works for sometime and wasn’t because of the pregnancy. 😉

Anonymous on

BTW, congrats to them!

imo on

To Emily, just bc 2 people are married does not necessarily mean they are committed or responsible. Many people abandon their commitment to one another and/or go down a destructive path. Being married doesn’t parlay into being a better parent. Being involved in your child’s life (whether they want you to be or not), being intuitive and providing a nurturing, loving and safe environment do make for a good parent.

Mandy on

Congrats to them, I’m glad she’s found happiness again.

Anonymous on

Emily- “Children need two committed, responsible, adults to grow up healthy and secure.” Really? Tell that to all the happy, healthy, secure adults who were raised by single parents! 🙂

AmandaC on

For the love of pete’s sake…just get married before baby is born!!!

Tamara Brown on


Lilyflower on


AmandaC on

so this is why they got engaged, go figure!

cc on

When did he become a producer? On her movie he as an assstant to somebody. Weird he is now producer.

LNP on

What does her weight have to do with ANYTHING??