Mario Lopez: ‘I Can’t Imagine My Life’ Without Kids

02/17/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

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With the recent birth of his second child, sonΒ Dominic, Extra host Mario Lopez feels blessed twice over.

“I never knew I had such feelings inside of me,” Lopez, 40, told PEOPLE before hosting a fashion show to launch the new Palm Beach Outlets in West Palm Beach, Fla. on Saturday.

“No matter how rough my day has been, when I get home and hear my children yell, ‘Daddy!’ I feel so much better.”

Even though life has changed dramatically for the popular television personality, he and wife Courtney are enjoying every minute spent with their 5-month-old son and daughter Gia Francesca, 3.

One of the best times is first thing in the morning when everyone is energetic and ready to roll out a new day.

“I always have breakfast with the kids,” Lopez tells PEOPLE of his daily life in Los Angeles.

Courtney usually cooks a breakfast of waffles and oatmeal, and we all seem to be in a good mood. Both of the kids giggle, and it’s so much fun watching Dominic eat his baby food. He just loves it, and he’s getting chubby.”

At the end of the day, when Lopez returns home from work, he enjoys sitting down to dinner with the family. After catching up on the news, the doting father gives Gia a bath and brushes her teeth.

“Dominic goes to bed, then Gia and I read or play or do something to wear her out because she has an abundance of energy,” Lopez, who bought his daughter flowers and candy for Valentine’s Day, says. “She loves to sing and dance and has become a real night owl!”

On weekends, Lopez likes to take Courtney and the kids to the park for strolls and out to eat at various restaurants. Gia even gets to see movies and ice shows with her dad.

She also enjoys lots of fun family activity in Orlando, the city where Lopez shoots many episodes of Extra, often for more than a week at a time.

“We really love traveling with the kids,” he shares. “We take DVD players to keep them occupied. And Gia loves to move around to new places and see different things. Both children have passports already.”

Lopez is so happy being a father, he is even thinking of expanding his family further.

“Being with Gia and Dominic gives me the chance to be a kid all over again,” he says. “All of a sudden I have two amazing playmates. I can’t imagine my life without children.”

— Linda Marx

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Mrs LH on

Funny; I couldn’t imagine my life WITH kids. My husband and my two furbabies are more than enough for me πŸ™‚


JLoRo on

Love Mario! So sweet how he talks about his kids.

Diana on

How does he find time for his wife and kids when he’s always out screwing other women?

Debbie on

Oh please! This is all a lie. He is a player and a cheater and that will never change.

Debbie on

It really amazes me how Mario likes to make things seem so perfect. His wife is fake and so is his relationship. I seriously doubt anything he says is true. No one cares about them I just wish they would realize that already. Make a difference I this world and maybe you will get some respect.

Ris on

@debbie yep

Easyup on

This is certainly a different Mario. I remember his wild days when no woman could tie him down. It always just takes the right partner and it looks like they found each other. I’m happy for him that his children have shed a new light on life – as it should be.

ah on

I can’t imagine my life without kids either but some of us don’t have a choice unfortunately

Danielle on

He sounds like a great dad.

Angela on

Its good to see that maybe hes turned his life around from being a serial cheater. I still think hes an ass for what he did to Ali Landry and Karina Smirnoff

Sho on

Let him spend a day educating the youth of today. I seriously doubt he’s had a terrible day in his life.

DaisyMoon on

He’ll end up messing it up…

Once a cheater, always a cheater…

Debbie on

@daisymoon he probably has cheated on his wife already. I’m sure she will not leave him if she found out. She loves the fame and money too much. She does not want to go back to being no one.

Evellina on

I don’t know if he’s still a cheater. He is 40 now and perhaps he is more mature and doesn’t want to mess up his life. It’s time to grow up and act like an adult. I see he says “he” wants to expand his family. What about his wife? Does she want the same thing?

Edie on

Wow, a whole lotta hatred and jealousy going on out there.

Not cool!

jada on

I can imagine his life without children. I saw it up until 3 years ago. Has he forgotten?

anyway, his son isn’t yelling out “Daddy” these days; if he is, call Guinness or Ripley’s.

anyway, he has TV shows and hosting gigs and appearances and a radio show….when does he see his kids?

shidley on

I totally agree, Mrs. LH!! Couldn’t have said it better

guest on

Good for him that he likes married life and kids. Personally I couldn’t imagine my life with kids. Marriage/kids are not for everyone.

Nikki on

I guess Mario finally grew up

Paula on

Well it seems as though having kids and getting married has really mellowed him out and matured him. Good to see. Let’s see if he turns out to be one of the rare men who have actually changed their womanizing ways for good.

Ridiculous on

Hey Debbie…stop making comments like ‘No one cares about them’. You most definitely do NOT speak for me.

BRod on

Good for him! I personally could not imagine my life WITH kids. Many reasons, but one big one being I wouldn’t feel right bringing kids into a world with such an unstable future.

sue's on

Mario, do an hour of homework with kids, then will talk…lol

Liz on

Fame whore

Liz on

Dude and wife are so hungry for fame! Desperately for both kids to have their own show.

Debbie on

Hey ridiculous!!!! No one cares about them and what they do. They are just fame whores!!! Maybe one day they will use their fame for good instead of just selling themselves out. I can’t stand another reality show where all his wife does is complain

Debbie on

Mario has not changed, he just found someone that will put up with his BS and cheating ways. A leopard doesn’t change his spots. Courtney just turns a blinds eye at whatever he does.

suzy diamond on

But I CAN imagine my life without ever hearing from Mario Lopez again! Where’s the story in this!

Anonymous on

Ridiculious- Debbie is obviously a troll. Don’t feed her! πŸ™‚

Anyway, I agree with those who have said that fatherhood really seems to have changed him! πŸ™‚

Nancy on

This article sounds like it was written by a child. LOL.

Lacey on

Really sweet. Too bad it took him so long to realize it.