Second Child on the Way for Pete Wentz

02/17/2014 at 05:45 PM ET

Pete Wentz Expecting Second Child Meagan Camper Pregnant John Shearer/WireImage

There’s a baby on the way for Pete Wentz!

The Fall Out Boy bassist, 34, and his model girlfriend, Meagan Camper, are expecting their first child together, Wentz announced Monday on Instagram.

“We’re super excited to announce we’re expecting a baby,” he writes, along with a photo of the parents-to-be cuddling and sharing a smooch.

“They’ve been planning on this for a while. And they’re really excited for Bronx to have a new little buddy,” a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE.

“Meagan is a big sister and has a great relationship with Bronx. She’s naturally maternal so this is perfect.”

During a recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, the Best Ink host — who is currently on tour with Fall Out Boy — hinted at a permanent future with his girlfriend, 24, saying the couple discuss marriage “a lot.”

“I feel really lucky,” he said. “It’s really interesting when you’re in a relationship with somebody who’s truly my best friend. I talk to her about everything.”

This will be the second child for Wentz, who welcomed son Bronx Mowgli, now 5, with ex-wife Ashlee Simpson in 2008.

— Jennifer Garcia and Melody Chiu

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Melissa on

Congrats, I met him in NYC and he was a surprisingly nice and normal guy. Hope he and everyone involved remains happy and healthy and if they choose to marry, great!

Guest on

Tacky picture. They shouldn’t be sharing such an intimate photo with the world.

Mamagirl31 on

Congratulations to them!


Oops he did it again?

jada on

“This is perfect” doesn’t seem like a completely accurate statement, but few things are perfect of course.

His son has THE best name.

That picture is icky.

lori on

Good for them! Nice couple.

Andrea on

Same thing with Ashlee Simpson and what happened? A divorce! This is another one that won’t last…

susan schweitzer on

is he a midget

Annie Mouse on

That photo is TMI.

Mary on

How exactly is the picture tacky? I think it’s sweet. 🙂 Congrats!!

Ridiculous on

Seriously, ‘Guest’? You consider this an intimate photo? They’re fully clothed. His hand is touching her stomach. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this photo at all.


Carolyn on

More sleaze bags who couldn’t get married before procreating.

truly on

I’m not big on the PDA thing but Pete Wentz is a genuinely nice guy – he is about as sincere as you can get. I don`t know what all the hate for Pete is about. We all think the one we have at the time is `the one` and we hope it when it happens to us. Give this guy a break – I hope Meagan is the one for Pete.

Stephie on

So sick of everyone encouraging all these people having children with multiple partners. This behavior isn’t to be commended, it’s disgraceful. Learn how to use a condom and stop having babies all over the place.

maryhelenc on

Congrats to them!

guest on

I am sick of people trashing people who don’t get married before having children. It doesn’t make them slutty or sleazy. My parents were married for years before having me and my siblings and had an awful marriage followed by a divorce. I would have much preferred them not being married at all and moving on when they were not happy instead of trying to stick it out for the kids.

Get over it. If you’re not for babies before marriage than YOU shouldn’t have babies before marriage.

good for these two! 🙂 they seem really happy!

Lulu on

Am I the only one who sees a picture of him standing next to her with his arm around her waist? :-/

Megan on

I really don’t mean to sound so old fashioned but doesn’t anyone get married first anymore? Is that too much to ask for?!

kat on

I’m not sure what about this photo is “intimate” or “tacky” but maybe that’s because I’m not of the generation that still thinks you need to be married to have children. Because marriage means you’re 1. automatically better parents and 2. will stay together forever. Give me a break.

Congrats to them, they’ve been together a long time.

Akita on

shortie and biggie

Guest on

she’s so skinny.

Pam on

@Lulu click the link at the top that says announced Monday on Instagram and you’ll see what everyone’s talking about. I think it’s a sweet photo though, it’s not like they are humping or are naked or anything.

slawson on

Right. They are always “best friends.” Have a baby. Then run off with someone new within 2-3 months or years. Sure she is your BFF. I’m just saying!

Tiffany on


Lulu on

@Pam thank you! 🙂 I still clicked on the link but now it’s showing up in the article! It’s such a sweet picture indeed! 🙂

Amanda on

Congrats! And to anyone who thinks having a child out of wedlock is “sleazy”: there are much, much worse things and even if you don’t believe it’s right, it’s none of your business anyways. They seem (and I would assume they are) very happy, and that’s what matters most. So excited for Pete and Meagan.

Amanda on

Stephie: Are you kidding me? He’s only had one other kid and has only (publicly) been with one other person. Grow up.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to the couple! People saying that it’s wrong need to look at the generation we’re in. It may not be religiously right and if that’s the reason, disagree with it. However, if you’re disagreeing just to disagree, stop. It’s a blessing whether they’re married or not.

Marky on

Whatever I may have thought about people having children without marriage or having children with multiple people…I have watched 2 children who are now late teens and (one who is much younger) grow up in our family in those circumstances, and I must say, my opinion is it is very hard for the children. They usually hardly know one of the parents because the parents had little solid relationship to begin with, and there are constant difficulties with visitation (one or the other parent wants to live somewhere else now, and “you can fly wherever you want to, IF you really love your child” is not really the same as being able to see them several times a week, or even daily.

Children are less resilient than many of you seem to think; I worked with kids for many years as a nurse, then worked for DHS, and wow, what some of you do to your kids because “I need a life”, “It’s okay, the kids will be fine”, etc, is heartbreaking to the child as they grow up. These people should get a reborn doll or something…don’t have a baby that’s a real human with feelings that sometimes suffer heartbreak. I don’t hate either of these people, but I wish more people thought about the child than they do their instinct to procreate!

maggie on

I think the photo is cool. I love how this generation are expressing themselves. Well, most of them anyway.

Jaymes on

At least they look the same size while lying in bed.

Summer on

@ Kat – Statistically, children born to parents who are married tend to fare better in life that those born to single moms. Does that mean there aren’t exceptions to the rule? Of course not. And Hollywood certainly doesn’t follow the stats of every day Americans. But to suggest that kids born to single parents fare just as well as those born to married ones just flies in the face of all research.

As someone who had a child at 17 while single and again at 30 while married, I have perspective from both sides. And believe me, it’s a lot easier when older and married. Fortunately, I had a lot of support from my family and friends to raise my now 14 year old daughter. So many don’t have that.

heather on

the photo would be sweet if it wasn’t so staged.

Cali on

Aww so exciting! They seem really happy.

lovely123 on

Committed to having a baby – forget a commitment to each other. One can argue all they want, but the fact remains producing just to produce is not the best idea.

Anonymous on

Summer- Kat wasn’t talking about single parents, though. She was talking about unmarried people having children vs. married people having children (at least that’s how I interpreted it). Being unmarried doesn’t mean you’re single! As long as the parents stay together (and plenty of unmarried couples DO stay together!), the child is still being raised in a two-parent home!

Also, am I the only who’s noticed that only certain unmarried celeb couples get attacked for having children out of wedlock? I rarely see, for example, Brad and Angelina or Johnny Depp and his ex blasted for having (and adopting, in Brad and Angie’s case) children out of wedlock. For that matter, Kate Hudson gets plenty of critcism for having one of her sons out of wedlock, yet her mom, who also had one son out of wedlock, does not. Why is that?

Anonymous on

Now that I’ve gotten all that off my chest…Congrats to the happy couple (and Bronx too, of course!)! I echo those who say they think the photo is cute, and it sounds like I may be one of the only ones here who doesn’t see a problem with the difference in their height!

Erica on

I’ve been a fan of Pete’s for years. I’m so excited for them! He seems like a great father and I cannot wait to see what they have! A little girl would be so adorable..

Audrey on

Why do these celebs always feel the need to justify getting pregnant? “She’s a big sister…and is naturally maternal so this is great.” I didn’t feel the need to justify when I got pregnant. I was in a loving relationship…no need to justify or excuse!

Anne on

It’s seems like yesterday that Pete and Ashlee got married and looked like a couple so in love! It’s weird how things change so fast, now he’s gonna have a baby with someone else…

suzy diamond on

Whole new meaning for “get a room” BUT skip the pics! Some things SHOULD be private! What’s wrong w/people these days!

Anonymous on

Tara- You know them personally, I take it.

Anonymous on

BTW, I think it’s funny that everyone is getting all bent out of shape about them not being married. Pete married the mother of his first child- and look how that turned out!

Anonymous on

suzy diamond (and others who have shared the same view point)- You know what I think is sad? The fact that a man lovingly touching his s/o’s belly (whilst they are both fully clothed to boot!) apparently constitutes as inapproprite or TMI! We really have to stop sexualizing every little thing!

MeMe on

I guess these stars believe in having kids and no marriage.

Denise on

Wasn’t he married when he became a father for the first time? And didn’t that end in divorce? I’m sorry, but this marriage talk just totally pushes my buttons. He’s been with Meagan for quite a while, they’ve clearly discussed their future as stated in the article, they’re in a loving, stable and commited relationship. That’s all a baby needs. A piece of paper doesn’t prove a thing; his past might have taught you that. Now can we please just be happy for them and Bronx and stop pretending marriage in some sort of unbreakable, sure thing?

Linda on

HE is having a baby? I’d like to be in the delivery room when he gives birth. So much for equal rights, women lose again.

Linda on

Just HATE some of the posts peolpe have put here saying the NASTY things they are saying about this picture and these people. Who the HELL are any of you to judge them? GET A LIFE. Try really hard to be happy for them if possible for you who seem to judge as you do! You may not like the fact they are not married and whatever…but it is not your life it is theirs so why do any of you NEED to say I am not happy about it and call them names like so many of you have done? Congrats to them both. I wish them luck .

Anonymous on

Who writes these stories..”Megan is a big sister and has a great relationship with Bronx” and a new buddy for Bronx… baby will be a half sibling…geezzz

JustaThought on

Many here are expressing their disgust at the lack of a marital commitment before having babies while others are nonplussed by the same. It would seem to me to be more respectful to your baby to have a commitment before they are born than to “shack up” and see if it’s going to work. Children need stability. Multiple partners, children by multiple partners and lack of marriage vows are part of the problems in society today. As far a Pete goes he might be a nice guy but he’s lacking in character. This story is non news for me.

Ella on

Congratulations to them! They seem like a lovely couple! They are making a much bigger commitment by having a child together than a marriage ever will! Marriages end all the time people, families are forever!


Funny, if it was Ashlee who was pregnant again and before marriage everyone on here commenting would be bashing her very hasrshly, but its cool because its Pete so lets all congratulate him!

Kristina on

Not everyone has to get married anymore. It’s the 21st century, get off your high horses and stop judging people already. If they’re happy and able to provide a loving home for a child, why shouldn’t they have one? What’s most important for a child to see is two parents who love eachother.

Jessy on

He’s so short. She’s to young. It won’t last. Poor child, the baby.

bkable on

susan Schweitzer – seriously?? He’s 5’7″. She’s 6’0, at least, if she’s a model which makes a HUGE difference. I’d check your facts before you start calling people offensive things on the internet. (not that there is anything wrong with being a little person, just the term midget is offensive.)

Shaniqua on

Another kid? I mean man, keep it in the pants. Lets see how long this lasts…..

Anonymous on

Shaniqua- If this were his fifth child with a fifth woman , then I’d see your point. But Pete has ONE child currently. He’s also been with the mother of the baby-on-the-way for three years AND his first child is already five years old. Lil Wayne he’s not! 🙂

Anonymous on

Jessy- What a narrow world you live in. My father is shorter than my mother and they’ve been happily married for close to four decades! Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and I’m sorry you don’t (or won’t) recognize that.

Anonymous on

BTW, if you look at photos of them out and about running errands or whatever (as opposed to awards shows or other events), he actually isn’t that much shorter than her. The top photo in this post is clearly from some sort of event, so Meagen was most likely wearing heels.

Monica M on

For all the people debating about Pete having a baby out of wedlock seriously needs to back off. Believe it or not, there ARE some advantages of being in a relationship with a baby without being married. One, is that you’re not bound by law as a couple if you decide that it is best to move on without your then significant other. In other words, you wouldn’t have to worry about filing and going through a lengthy divorce. Second reason is that it doesn’t matter if you are just a couple or united by a piece of paper, if you are providing your child with unconditional love and care it needs, I’m sure the last thing on the kid’s mind would be “my parents were not married when they conceived me”. At least the kid would have two parents that loved them. By the way, it’s not like Pete is such a horrible person. People are so quick to point out the bad qualities/situation of a person without seeing the good. He WAS married when he had his first, you know. And what generation? This baby won’t be the first to be born out of wedlock, and definitely won’t be the last. I’m almost 18 years old, and my mom was not married to my dad and was pregnant with me at my age. Big deal.

Julia Griggs on

Maybe being married to that high-maintenance Ashlee Simpson did a number on him? Who knows?