Melissa Harris-Perry Welcomes a Daughter

02/17/2014 at 09:00 AM ET

Melissa Harris-Perry Welcomes Daughter
Courtesy Melissa Harris-Perry

Melissa Harris-Perry had someone new to love on Valentine’s Day: her baby girl!

The MSNBC journalist, 40, and her husband, James Perry, welcomed their first child together, a daughter, on Friday, Feb. 14, the couple announced via Twitter.

“Best Valentine Ever! [James] and I welcomed our daughter yesterday!” the Melissa Harris-Perry host, who is also mom to 12-year-old daughter Parker, writes.

The new dad posted a picture of the couple cradling their bundled baby. “Here’s the wonderful Valentine’s day gift that [Melissa] and I received yesterday! A beautiful baby girl,” he Tweeted.

Harris-Perry and Harris were married in October 2010.

— Anya Leon

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Guest on

Valentine babies are so adorable!! I really hope no one makes fun of her adopted child like her show did of the Romney’s adopted grandchild. Adoption is a wonderful miracle that should never be mocked.

Jenny on

If he loved her, he would have hyphenated his name too.

Holly on

Maybe all of us should make fun of this ladies child just like she did to Mitt Romney. Frankly, she does not deserve a baby. This baby should be with a loving family, not this piece of garbage.

kim on

ohhh that baby is beautiful!

Emma on

She made fun of the Romney baby; now we need to celebrate hers? And the Romney grandchild was adopted too. Go away, Melissa. You’re a hypocrite.

denise on

Best gift ever 🙂 Best wishes to everyone. Enjoy her.

Rhonda on

What a beautiful baby! She’s so tiny. I am wishing Melissa and her family all the happiness in the world.

Catherine on

Wow, Holly. So anyone who disagrees with you politically doesn’t deserve to become a parent? Republican or Democrat, anyone blessed to welcome a child into their home with love should be congratulated.

Holly on

Actually Catherine, I never mentioned anything about being Republican or Democrat. She made fun of Mitt Romney’s grand child. Thats a fact. Seems to me she is the one with the political problems, not me. No one should ever make fun of a child. Shes a piece of garbage.

arijana on

didn’t she say just because a baby is born it doesn’t make it real and that a baby is only real until the mother says so

MomOfTwinz on

@Holly, if we all were judged by our pass mistakes, none of us would have been born. I’m not saying what she did was right, but who are we to say what anyone deserves. I wish them well. Congratulations!!

Jennifer on

So happy for this beautiful and smart lady.congradulations Mellisa.

Catherine in Tulsa on

She’s so tiny! Congrats to the happy family!!

Mike on

I agree with Holly.

Juliette on

all of you trashing her for her comments on Romney’s grandchild probably don’t bat your eyelash every time Fox News makes a similar comment about the POTUS or refers to the FLOTUS as a gorilla… MHP is the most articulate, well-spoken news anchor i’ve seen in a while. congrats to her and her beautiful family!

Susan on

One of those things is not like the other….

Cathy on

If you don’t like the woman, or don’t like what she said about Mitt Romney’s grandchild, that is your right. However, she apologized, and it was accepted. To sink to the level of saying she shouldn’t have a child doesn’t make you a better person than she is.

Barbara Drake on

Congratulations Melissa and James, She’s beautiful!!

guest on

I agree with Holly.

raa on


raa on

She is a disgusting, lying, contradictive witch!

Ann on

all of you trashing her for her comments on Romney’s grandchild probably don’t bat your eyelash every time Fox News makes a similar comment about the POTUS or refers to the FLOTUS as a gorilla” Back up YOUR claim of when a host on Fox News ever said those things about Obma or his wife. Date, time & host.. back up your statement. You can’t because it NEVER Happened! BUT MHP DID actually say nasty things about Romeny’s grnadchild simply because she disagrees with him politically. she has the problem.

Sharon Dunfee on

I’ve never heard Fox News or ANY news channel for that matter refer to the great liar in chief or his icky wife as gorillas so knock it off already. There’s no reference to skin color so stop with the racist comments, too.
MHP is not professional, controversial and NOT in a good way, and really is she that important to be on this website? NO. Stop celebrating her & praising her. So she had a baby. Big flippy deal. Enough of her already. End of story.

Sonja on

Blessings and congratulations to her and her family.

Some of these commenters really need PRAYER.

Anonymous on

Cute Baby!!!

She and her hubby posted on their twitter accounts for their followers and People Magazine chose to repost it here and not them. For those who don’t like her or don’t want to read about her family or are still holding a grudge that even Romney let go of in 2012, NEXT TIME DON’T READ THE ARTICLE OR CLICK ON THE LINK!!!!!!! The fewer views an article gets the less likely People will be to post about the person next time. It is not rocket science people.

mr clean on

She is a Racist piece of trash

Steph on

Have to agree with Holly. Harris-Perry is a worthless POS on an even more worthless POS channel. She’s a mouth piece for The hatred, racist comments the commenters of MSNBC are notorious for.

Juliette, cut the cr@p, Fox news has never called FLOTUS or POTUS a gorilla. Your drive by media would be ALL over that and never let it go.

Watching MSNBC propaganda will turn your brain to mush.

Ann on

Anonymous….Actually MHP actually said nasty remarkas about Romney’s grandchalid just last month about his 2013 Christmas card, not in 2012. She did apologize & it is even more shameful knowing she was herself adpoting a child soon. Typical of the hateful filth on MSNBC.

Guest on

@Holly, Who cares who you do not like.. Positive actions, deserve positive responses.

michelle on

Just hope that baby is the same color as the rest of the family…wouldn’t want her to stand out!

happygolucky on

MHP never made nasty comments about Romney’s grandchild. Some politically motivated people took offense to a comment she made and blew it up into a “big” deal. MHP is a smart, compassionate woman and I wish her and family nothing but the best.

This is not a political board so leave the political over reaction to the political boards. When I see a story about former President Bush and his grandchild I don’t start typing about his many faults and failures. So keep it clean or we can start in your favorites too.

eyempress on

@Holly, you are ridiculous, and you should be ashamed of yourself for your crazy comment. Harris-Perry apologized for what she said (which seems to be okay, because everyone else does it when they say stupid things), and everybody moved on. So, to say that she doesn’t deserve a baby because of that is asinine. You’ve taken it way to far.

ELC on

That’s one pretty lucky little lady to be born on Valentine’s Day and to be adopted. Congrats to Melissa and James. Have many years of enjoying your new little bundle. I’m sure Parker will enjoy being a new big sister.

Carrie on

Don’t get too attached – you will need to get over that notion that your daughter belongs to you and your husband.

Hea on

What the *beep* is Flotus and Potus? And what is wrong with you people? What on earth are you trying to achieve by hating on a person for hating on something?

kay on

Guess she’s not pro-abortion any longer! Do you think she knows someone chose adoption over abortion? Can you say hypocrite?

Guest on

All you haters should go on line and listen to what Melissa commented about Romney on her show. Repeat it word for word, she apologized for her comments. Spread the truth for a change, not just a lot of hatred comments.

karen503 on

What Melissa Harris-Perry actually said about Kieran (a Gaelic name meaning “black”) Romney, Mitt Romney’s adopted grandchild:

“… isn’t he the most gorgeous? My goal is that in 2040, the biggest thing of the year will be the wedding between Kieran Romney and North West. Can you imagine Mitt Romney and Kanye West as in-laws?”

Yeah, that’s really AWFUL! Much much worse than calling our First Lady “Moochelle” or the President “tar baby”, “no cojones”, “Halfrican-American”…

No, Fox News personnel didn’t say these things. The leader of the Republican party did.

iluvnah2o on

I just cannot believe that any adoption agency went forward with allowing her to adopt a child. There are plenty of loving parents out there who did not make racist and hateful statements when they were clearly in the process of an adoption. Those statements are less than 2 months old, they should have negated her adoption application, pure and simple. It is great that she recognized her error but she needs to demonstrate that she understands the impact of her actions and 2 months is not enough time. This is clearly a celebrity biased adoption. So much for the thousands of loving couples out there who would never think much less say the things that she said.

John Vaughn on

For all those calling this woman racist…please realize she is half white! If you disagree with her political views that’s one thing but she’s not a racist. She’s an intelligent, beautiful woman who has been blessed with a child. No need to disrespect her.

doris brown on

It is obvious that most of these bloggers are racist. I am willing to bet you when the racist Tea Party goes on Fox and call the President everything but a child of God, they are in agreement. However, their is a judgement day coming when all of the haters will be judged for every hateful word they speak. That includes those in agreement with the haters, READ YOUR BIBLES AND PRAY.

Anonymous on

All if the republitards calling her a POS and trash can’t help but click the link and flap their gums about their never ending butthurt and sour grapes that their idiot candidate didn’t win. Seriously classless, delusional and ignorant individuals with no respect for anyone. Not even themselves.

Susan on

i wonder if the baby will be a nasty hate spewing bully like her mommy?

Janae on

According to her twitter she said that she and her husband did not adopt their daughter. Either way congratulations to the family.

LaVerne on

The baby is beautiful! You are brilliant! God bless!

LaVerne on

To all the foolish people, surprisingly most of them – supposed women- get over it, read the text of the comments, you don’t have to have an abortion to support some one who makes the decision. NO HOLLY YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO ID YOUR FAUX-LIEFS! WE SHOULD BE AFRAID -VERY AFRAID OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU- YOU WOULD STAND YOUR GROUND FOR ANY REASON LIKE:

Anonymous on

Susan- You don’t like Melissa, so you show it by attacking her innocent baby?! Shame on you!

Hea- Flotus= First lady of the United States. Potus= President of the United States.

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

BTW, Parker’s father is Melissa’s ex husband Dennis Lacewell if anyone’s curious (I didn’t find anything explicitly stating that, but they were apparently together from 1999 to 2005, and Parker was born in 2002, so…). 🙂

Guest on

Mel Harris-Perry is a professor of political science at Tulane University. Additionally, she is the founding director of the Anna Julia Cooper Project on Gender, Race, and Politics in the South. Mel taught at Princeton University and the University of Chicago. She wrote “Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America”. When you or your resume has something other that the green monster ENVY and HATRED – then step up and comment. In the mean time STFU and if you don’t want to read about her, do not open the article.

bevvie on

Kudos to the family!

As for Holly and her cronies, so sad and pathetic!

Bettie Adams on

Congratulations on your new baby girl. My daughter was born on Valentine’s Day, too. (a long time ago) Enjoy this sweet little baby. They grow up fast. Parker, I’m sure you will make the best big sister, ever.

Crystal on

@Holly and Steph- You are both hateful BITCHES!!!! What awful people you are. I saw the episode. MPH didn’t say anything negative about that baby. The people on her panel did. She didn’t correct them and she did laugh but you are both misinformed. Calling her a POS? Really? It’s people like the both of you that sicken me. Nasty, ugly, hateful women. Grow up.

Crystal on

I was so busy speaking to the nobodies on this site I forgot to congratulate the new parents. Congrats to you both on your BEAUTIFUL baby girl! She is precious. Savor every second of your time with her. As you both know, time FLIES when you’re having fun! 🙂

Terri on

So happy for this lovely family. Blessings!

tori on

How could anyone look at this beautiful baby and choose to focus on something negative? To all you people bashing her, l’m sure you’ve never said anything that you needed to apologize for.

RachelSun on

The only racists are you people making hateful racist comments. she did not attack or say anything negative about the adopted black child of the Romney’s son. That is a lie. She more than deserves her child, her biological child and not adopted. Funny how u people use a black adopted child to hide your own racism. To direct your racist hatred toward this woman’s family.

derek on

First of all. All of you haters need to learn how to read and then learn how to listen with comprehension. The baby (cute as ever) was NOT adopted. The baby is their biological daughter. Look up ivf and surrogacy. Next, pull up the video of the issue with Mitt Romney. Melissa never made a disparaging remark about the little boy. It was her guest, who is a comedian. Maybe you all need to laugh a little more and make all of that ridiculous nastiness and hatred go away…or better yet, why don’t you all just go away!!!!!!!

Author2 on

Holly on February 17th, 2014

You think…”Maybe all of us should make fun of this ladies child just like she did to Mitt Romney. Frankly, she does not deserve a baby. his baby should be with a loving family, not this piece of garbage.”

You should apologize, I don’t mean maybe, just like this successful, educated, professor, talk show host, beautiful wife, and mother did. When you speak of rubbish may I suggest you look in the mirror. Your vile attack on her is a reflection of it.

Anonymous on

Harris-Perry did not make fun of Romney’s grandson. She described him as “gorgeous.” It is obvious that you critics don’t watch Nerdland.

dbushik on

“She made fun of Mitt Romney’s grand child. Thats a fact.”

No, actually, it’s not. What happened was a hell of a lot more nuanced than that, and it’s totally incorrect to say she “made fun” of a child.

What isn’t nuanced is dehumanizing someone and calling them garbage out of partisan hate.