Simon Cowell Introduces Son Eric Philip

02/16/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Update: On Sunday, Cowell took to Twitter to share three photos of his baby boy. “Mum, Dad and Eric. Now two days old. You can see how very handsome little Eric is,” he writes. “I never knew how much love and pride I would feel.”

Originally posted Feb. 14: Simon Cowell officially has the fatherhood factor.

The X Factor judge, 54, and his girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, welcomed their first child together on Friday, Feb. 14, his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Son Eric Philip arrived at 5:45 p.m. in New York City and weighed in at 6 lbs., 7 oz.

“Very happy to say Eric was born … Healthy and handsome,” Cowell Tweeted immediately following the official announcement. “Lauren in great shape. Thanks for all of your kind messages. Named after my dad.”

Simon Cowell Son First Photo
Courtesy Simon Cowell

“Lauren is doing great. Her parents are there, along with Simon of course,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They are so excited. Everyone is thrilled. They couldn’t be happier. The baby is gorgeous.”

The July announcement that the couple was expecting a baby together came as a surprise, as Silverman, a New York socialite, was married to Cowell’s close friend, Andrew Silverman. In December the two, who have an 8-year-old son together, finalized their divorce.

Simon Cowell Lauren Silverman Welcome Son Eric Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

“It was kind of uncomfortable. You know, the situation. But these things happen and everything is kind of calm now and I’m happy,” the music mogul said during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The realization that he was going to be a father came when Cowell first saw a scan of his baby on the way — which sources later told PEOPLE was a boy.

“You literally see this thing which is now alive moving around. I feel very paternal right now,” he said following the ultrasound.

And while Silverman was showered with baby gifts during a celebration to honor the upcoming addition, Cowell was busy putting together his own parenting plans.

“There are a lot of boring things that happen when you have a baby. [You have to get rid of] sharp edges, cigarettes, alcohol … then there’s [baby-proofing] the toilet. But I’ll have a smoking room!” he joked.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Mary Margaret and K.C. Baker

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Callie on

Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to see a picture of the little bundle of joy. How exciting 🙂

kssomom on

Congratulations to you both and your little bundle of joy!!!!!!

Beck Flately on

I wonder if the doctors judged the baby’s cry when he first came out… He was probably a little pitchy.

La La Outlandish on

Goodness, becoming a parent at 54. Good luck to them all, I wish them the best.

jenny on

Congrats Simon!

Also Jessica on

What’s not so funny is that her ex-husband is considered the legal father of Simon’s child…

janie on

Congrats to both!! A wonderful journey has begun! 🙂

DG on

Just because Cowell will be in his 70’s when the kid is in high school, and just because he will always be 20 years older than Silverman, what could go wrong?

Yoyo on

@also Jessica – wrong, she was divorced when she gave birth.

annie on

congrats lauren!!!! your life-time meal ticket has finally arrived!

Catherine on

Awesome! Congratulations Simon and Lauren. God Bless.

Jefe on

That poor child. To have this idiot as a Father. The good news is the child will likely be raised by hired help.

Erin on

I give their relationship 6 months until reality sets in and he’s off looking for someone else’s wife.

Hey on

A ding dong for a ding a ling – the mother.

Hey on

DNA Test please!

susan schweitzer on

I’m sure with his ego, it’ll be Simon Jr.

Ris on

This relationship will end in 3…2…1

Deborah on

Well baby and mommy are set for life. Congrats!

Tina on

Very cool, normal name. Hope Simon grows up and is a real, genuine dad.

Truthseeker on

Yep, he has a trophy Viagra baby. Be all puffed up and proud, Cowell. I daresay there’s no chance that you and the baby’s mother, who is your friend’s wife, will ever marry. I don’t care. In the future, however, the child might care.

Melissa on

No matter the circumstances, a healthy baby is always a great thing! I’m sure he will be very loved, which is most important 🙂 Congrats to Simon!

Megan on

Great name! Congrats!

Rhonda on

Congratulations on the birth of baby Eric. I like his simple name.

Ru on

Normal name, how refreshing.

Emma M. on

You cannot avoid desire and attraction, even if it’s your friend.

Amanda on

Shouldn’t you wait for DNA results before you actually call him a Dad?

gza on


Kim on

She’s totally divorced from her ex. Simon is legal father if he signed the birth cert.

Ridiculous on

You know what is disgusting, ‘Also Jessica’? This disgusting woman has a custody agreement with her ex husband that states her son (the older one) isn’t allowed anywhere near Simon…if he is caught around Simon, the first two times she receives a $50,000 ‘fine’…if it happens a third time, she loses her share of custody of the child. What kind of mother agrees to a custody agreement like that??? She chose her man over her own son.

Best of luck, baby Eric. You’re going to need it with these wackos you have as parents.

Denise on

Congratulations best wishes to everyone.

huntermarie4 on

Yeah this will end quickly when he finds the kid is not his and bye bye meal ticket for Lauren

Casey on

He’s so in love with himself suprised he didn’t name the baby Simon.

Shalla on

Everyone deserves to have a child in this life, even at 54. I think Simon will be a wonderful father, so congrats to he and Lauren!

Mr G. on

You’re an idiot Simon. She screwed around on her husband with YOU. What makes you think she won’t screw around on you with some else down the road. What are you? Special? You’re as dumb as a box of rocks!

missjanenc on

What a heinous couple to screw a friend and husband, with a bastard kid to boot. Poor child.

dee on

congrats simon, and lauren. and baby Eric love the name

missjanenc on

What a heinous pair who cheated on a friend and husband, with a bastard kid thrown in to boot. What a world into which this baby has been born – having skeevy parents with no sense of morals or honor.

alicia flores on

Congratulations to the both of you. You deserve to be happy now! So the three of you be happy. God Bless you all.

Linda on

“These things happen”?!! Seriously? Birth control failures happen. Knocking up your close friend’s wife takes some effort.

Juli on

What a beautiful sentiment behind the baby’s name! Congratulations to Simon and Lauren!



diane on

congratulations simon.. very happy for you.. enjoy! God bless.

Guest on

@larkkarl “she’s in great shape”…after giving birth. Not physically fit. There are different meanings…and as vain as Cowell may be, I highly doubt he’s referring to her looks.

sandy on

nothing is more heart warming than a man who names his newborn son after his father! I am sure-his dad is smiling down on his new grandson!

Pam Young on

CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! I am sure he is handsome as ever, so very glad for u Simon & Lauren! Best Wishes, Pam Young

Carrie M on

Simon!! Awesome news!! Congrats to all!!

JA on

Poor kid

studioinkphoto on

@Jessica…Laurens divorce has already been finalized…her ex-husband has not rights to the baby…come on girl, get your facts straight…

Ali on

I thought he wanted to name the baby Simon? Glad Lauren seems to have put her foot down on that. Two people with the same name in the household is annoying!! I had to grow up with my brother, father and grandfather (who lived with us) all named Michael and it was tedious. Glad they went with Eric! 🙂

Deborah on

1Nice name! :-)…I hope he see’s a TOTALLY different side of himself…less selfish…a REAL good father. 🙂

emilie on

Better have that DNA test on stand by stat!!!!!

gyl on

Nice to see a softer side to Simon. They got together in an unconventional way but hopefully they can make this work.

Megan on

I love the name Eric. I had an older brother Eric who was killed when he was three by a garbage truck. Beautiful name.

Not a fan of Cowell’s or this situation but a baby is always good news. Congrats.

Lauren! on

A few positives about this – The baby has a normal name and Lauren scored big time! (Sorry Terri Seymour, you should have just gotten pregnant with Simon for keeps).

Anonymous on


Barb Rasnic on

“It was kind of uncomfortable. You know, the situation. But these things happen and everything is kind of calm now and I’m happy.” No, Simon, these things don’t really happen unless you are sleeping with the wife of a good friend. Get Real here.

Nancy on

Simon you will want to quit smoking so you can live long enough to see your son into adulthood!

jean on

I’ m glad the baby is healthy but don’t pretend that the affair with your best friends wife is okay the bible says do not commit adultery wow so because you are rich don’t ever feel you can do that I will pray for the both of you .there’s a old saying what goes around comes around be careful cause what you did will come back at you promise

katrina on

Silvercow…or Cowsilver

gyl on

It is nice to see this softer side of Simon. Hopefully, though it was not a picture perfect start, they can live happily ever after. Babies and children have a way of changing our lives.

Scott on

Did he re-e-e-e-eally welcome it? Really? Held it. Looked at it. Accepted it. Said nice things about it. Fine. But welcome it? I’m wondering if he really did.

crazyashell on

so what, rich old guy f***ed the wife of his best friend and that whore/socialite/golddigger gor knocked up. good plan Lauren, I am sure you could avoid this if you wanted to. so ladies, all we need are pretty faces, good working ovaries and greediness. forget about moral and other kids!

suzy diamond on

How long before he’s bored with both the girlfriend and the baby.

Helen on

It’s amazing how so many people here are so judgemental about situations we don’t know about. In Europe, yes we do find your opinions somewhat outdated. So what about his age, so what if they’re not married, so what if anything. As long as those involved have managed to find a way to go about it for the child, no-one should really care.

jmo on

Only person l sorry for, is her eight year old son. Poor baby will now have to live in the shadow of his now world famous brother.

lg on

Congratulations, and thank you for picking a normal name. So refreshing.

Carolyn on

Sorry to see he’s still smoking, I wonder if she is too. Such a low-rent, dirty habit.

Smithy on

This poor woman is so happy she got her man, but alas, this is a guy who will never be attentive to one woman. She really didn’t win anything except heartache.

jlolynn on

Simon said there are a lot of boring things that happen when you’re going to be a dad. Really??? Yea he’s ready to be a father all right. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristin on

@ Anonymous
She won herself a meal ticket. I know her ex was wealthy, but was he Simon wealthy? She doesn’t care about love, she wants money and fame.

If what you said is true the baby doesn’t need luck, he needs a miracle.

Kitty on

He knocked up a MARRIED woman ! She’s divorced now but was MARRIED when Simon knocked her up. Enough with all the congratulations.

lori on

People like this suddenly find out there’s something in the world more to love than themselves This baby will change everything for Simon He’ll suddenly be grounded and have real emotions to deal with

Anonymous on

Another love child. The world needs more of those.

Sara on

This child will be a visual reminder of an ADULTERESS RELATIONSHIP. These two should be ASHAMED of themselves, especially the gold digging lauren who was the one who purposely planned this pregnancy to get her claws in his vank account.

Kim on

Good grief, why can’t people just say ‘congratulations’ and then STFU.

Isabel on

I’m happy to hear the little one arrived safely. As for his parents, I can’t say much that hasn’t already been said a million times. I do hope Lauren is able to spend time with her other son, too, since it’s seems she left him to continue gallivanting with Cowell and his band of girlfriends these past few months.

alpha on

You think he hasn’t had a paternity test yet?? really?


Cute pics, still don’t care for the parents, but cute pics.

Vic on

Beautiful pics. Congrats

Malissa on

So happy for you both! I can see so much joy and happiness in this picture. Congratulations on a healthy and beautiful baby. Such a blessing to love and create love between two people.

Gillian on

It’s sad the way the whole situation came about, but at the same time it’s always a joy and miracle when a baby is born. I wish them the best.

PS on

Well, regardless of the circumstances that brought this baby into the world, he IS a sweet and beautiful baby. God bless him and protect him from harm.

Jenni on

I’m very happy for them!!

maggie on

This is awesome. I cant wait to see the little guy in a white t-shirt like his daddy =)

Bats on

As innocent as this baby is, it was conceived and born out of Adultery.

Angela on

He’s precious! I bet we’re all going to see a new side to Simon now that he has a baby!

Marcia on

Put a blanket around that baby!

lola on

Oh Lord in heaven, please place one arm around me and the other over my mouth. I’m outta here……

Victoria on

Congratulations to you both. 🙂

Carol on

Beautiful baby! I wish them all a lifetime of happiness! Simon looks so proud & happy, that is so sweet.

denise on

OMG so sweet!!! Best wishes

maryhelenc on

Let’s keep the nastiness to ourselves. This baby didn’t ask to be born in this situation & he’s darn cute. Let’s congratulate them on their healthy son.

Lil Red on

Jessica, don’t make up stuff. You just look like an idiot. Lauren is divorced, so her ex-husband is just that….. an ex. No legal ties to this baby whatsoever.

Yoyo on


Carrie on

How people can come on here and say such vile things (things I’m fairly certain none of you would actually say to anyone’s face) after the birth of a child astounds me. Wow.

Kellylynn on

If the real Simon is the same as the man he puts out on TV I feel for that little guy. He’s likely not going to have a very easy psychological go of it…

Rhonda on

Congratulations , I know you are so proud . Nice couple wish ya’ll the best in life .

crystal on

people are so rude on here ok yes they made a huge mistake by sleeping together why she was married but who are we to judge we all have made mistakes whether it be big or small we have all made them a cute healthy baby was born we should be giving congrats not judging

John 8:7 if anyone without sin cast the first stone


How about some sweet shots of a wedding, or is that just too, too mundane for People magazine which just loves the celebs with the babies and no commitment on the part of fathers to stick around to raise them….not that a wedding guarantees anything with the likes of Cowell and this woman, but it would be a slight sign of commitment.

Anne on

Who doesn’t love new born babies;)

Julie on

A baby changes everything…..Simon’s heart is clearly never going to be the same. Precious photos!

Kathy on

Thrilled for you both…he looks as if he as the X Factor. Great photograph you all. He will the something money couldn’t buy you. Congratulations!!!

donna02 on

Her mother was a tramp and a golddigger so why wouldn’t she be one. Lauren’s first mother-in-law hated her as prior to her first marriage, her then-fiancé, c aught her in bed with another man & his mother went crazy when he married her anyway so there was really no surprise to her husband and his family when this announcement was made. Simon could have done so much better but Lauren was trained by a pro; her mother.

Juli on

What a gorgeous picture!

LaTeesha on

Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. -HEBREWS 13:4

dudley doright on

awww, sweet photos, especially the one with simon holding baby…some people u never picture as being a parent…but then u see them in their new role…and they embrace their new life as a parent. U never know!! Congrats.!

Meena on

Love that last picture of Simon and little Eric. That baby will bring out the softie in Simon.

dudley doright on

the baby is handsome, and born on Valentines day, how cute

Janet697 on

How sweet the pictures are with Simon and his new son. Congratulations to Lauren, Simon and to baby Eric for making it here on Valentines day. May all of you have a long and happy life together.

Whitney on

OMG Simon Cowell is human after all. How sweet are his posts about his new baby? 🙂

lynnie on

Congratulations!!! Yes, a baby changes your whole life. Enjoy!!!

Arend on

Gorgeous baby! … And on another note, I think people need to remember the age-old adage – “If you have nothing good to say, say nothing.” … I agree with someone who recently said “you know, in this society it’s become who can say the snarkiest, worst, most offensive, and/or nastiest comment before anyone else.”. I’m with her on it. I’m sick of it to. Either congratulate or don’t comment. Simple. Freedom of Speech goes both ways. You might be free to say it, but you’re also responsible for what you say and how you say it and the effects that result. No one here knows them personally, so don’t get sanctimonious on their perceived lifestyles.

Julesy on

Very sweet pictures!

Beheard on

Congrats to you all! Simon looks completely in love with his son. Being an older father isn’t all bad. I think he can appreciate things alot more.

SEM on

Simon needs to do a paternity test immediately, there’s no telling if he’s the father when she was married to a sleeping with another man when that baby was conceived!

Denverpeet on

That little boy already has him wrapped around his finger….Simon is a big softy!

guest on

Wow. I always thought Cowell’s way with talent was a bit mean, but who knew his critics could make him actually sound kind? He actually looks like he is genuinely charmed by the little guy.

Give him a chance. He may not be the perfect dad, but it looks like he’s making a real effort to give it a go.

For the sake of young Eric, who’s done nothing except be born, it would be a good idea if society would try to give him (and by default his dad) some encouragement. Cowell may not deserve it but little Eric does.

Shalla on

Did they have the DNA test already? He’s a beautiful baby, I’m so happy for Simon and Lauren.

sharon on

I’m so glad he tweeted out a pic so that poor baby won’t be chased after by the paps, smart Simon! Don’t worry that he’s 54 yrs old and being a first time parent hahaha he’s not a hard 54 yrs old, they’ll have nanny’s and what not he’s already said he’s not changing diapers… He’ll probably pay someone to hold the baby so his back doesn’t bother him , you know just like Justin B has his bodyguards carry him around hahaha

meli on

hmmm, i don’t know, if i was a dude, i’d question that, how do you know if the baby is his, coulda slept around, you don’t know, anyways very questionable is all i’m sayin’.

Gracey on

Am so happy for Simon. Congrats.

McG on

There is too much negativity in the world already, let’s just congratulate instead of hate. I think it’s fantastic that Simon named this handsome little guy after his father; very sweet.

Donna on

Congratulations…your son is adorable.

Courtney on

Check out that last photo – I have never seen Simon’s expression look so soft.

Terri on

He is so adorable Simon and mum is beautiful. I wish you both the best of luck with this awesome little boy. May he always bring you both happiness.<3

MomOfTwinz on


LSP on

Adorable. I know he has a reputation as a mean guy, but he looks like he’ll be a loving father.

The whole thing started off weird, but hopefully now all parties will find happiness.

MNMommy on

Wow! Must say these photos really make me change my opinion of him. He looks genuinely happy.

theresa on

Congratulations on your adorable wee son:) God bless.

Sue Tarlton on

Congratulations to Simon 😊…I Just Hope He Makes A Better father Than He Did A Judge On X Factor. He Was so Bitterly Mean.He Was All About HimSelf. But Then A Baby Can Change Someone All Togather💜

Anonymous on

I know the baby was born in an awkward situation, but how cute are they all? Congratulations Simon and Lauren!


Why are they making it seem like it’s the three of them. What about her other 8 year old son? Not once has Simon spoken of her son as “his stepson” Is he not a father of two? Or does the other child not count in his world !! And Lauren doesn’t seem to pull her son into this new found family of hers !

Whocares on

I wonder if that child is really his, the nose and eyes look different than his too?

what of it? on

Wow. I can’t believe how many people have nothing better to do than throw the bible at them. If you object to the way this baby came into the world than by all means, live your life differently.

Kiki on

I don’t congratulate home wreckers simon the chick he had a kid with, alicia and swizz beats, bragelina news flash what goes around comes around thats not cute breaking up marriages and relationships especially when you were all suppose to be friends I feel bad for the hurt parties lose them the way you got them

Joyce on

You know, things happen in life. I have been married for thirty years, I would never have sex with my best friends husband/wife. However, these things happen.

I wish this little handsome fellow all of the love and protection in the world. Congrats!

Victoria Dodds on

Beautiful photos’. Simon will make a wonderful father and Eric looks just like his daddy. Wishing this new family every happiness.

gyl on

Simon looks content. They make a beautiful family. And the baby is super cute too.

DD on

Is she REALLY SURE that Simon is the father of this child?! Do a DNA test!!

Laura on

Where is her 8 year old son? Not so shocking considering her moral choices so far.

Lekili on

What’s wrong with Baby Eric’s right ear?

alex on

Maybe its me and its called morals – but wasnt this woman pregnant while still married to her husband, so that makes her a adultress, and also saw where someone wrote they were in a long relationship? Really it takes 9 mos and a couple of months she was married so assuming 7 mos is a long relationship to adulters.

Nikki on

Hmmm,,no skin to skin Simon..I guess you didnt want to take off your shirt..too much hair? lol..Congrats..Best Wishes..Luv the name !!

ELC on

Congratulations Lauren and Simon. Seems you two made a beautiful baby. Just enjoy him.

ELC on

Anyone see anything wrong with this nice cozy picture?How about her other son?I guess he’s not part of this family unit…how sad is that? Shame on Simon and Lauren. He should be part of this so he can bond with his brother. I guess its easier if he spends time with Andrew his father-Lauren seems very busy with their new family.

Mary Ann Hoogeveen on

A beautiful baby!

Tamagura on

Congratulations! Eric is beautiful and I feel Simon will be a great father. Just one thing. If you are going to continue smoking, please, before you hold or feed the baby, you should change your clothes and bathe before doing so. Second hand smoke, even on clothing, skin and hair can do harm. Much happiness to you all!

Mary Lou Litos on

Treasure and cherish your son. He’ll grow very quickly. Congratulations!!!!

Kellie on

paternity test… that’s all I’m sayin’

Margie on

Congrats Simon! All that matters is the baby is healthy and loved!

Beth on

I’m sure she loves the cha-ching of the cash this baby is guaranteed to bring for the next 18 years.

dani on

didn’t the ex husband ordered in the divorce papers that simon has to stay away from the 8yrs old son? i am very sure i read something like that, if they don’t, lauren has to pay a fine of 50k as punishment to the ex husband. so now it should be clear why he isn’t in the picture. it’s only valid tho until 2015.

dani on

@ANALYZE THIS: in the divorce contract it also says nobody is allowed to be called mother or father except the real parents. simon is not allowed to call the son his stepson (plus they aren’t even married yet so it’s not his stepson anyway) the ex husband in return isn’t allowed to spill dirt over simon.

Cheryl Roberts on

Now to keep the paparazzi away I think it’s WRONG that they can do that to the children of celebrities they were the cause of Princess Diana and nothing happen to them for causing her death and the children don’t want them around it upsets them God Bless your family enjoy. ❤

Crystal Coogan on

Congrats to the both of you..He is a gorgeous little man

Crystal Coogan on

I not sure why you all need to be so negative… what’s going on in their lives happens everyday to people who are not celebrities but because this story is about a celebrity and his girlfriend your being rude and ugly about it. Yall are why the world is the way it is its crazy why can’t you be happy for them they just had a beautiful baby boy i mean seriously grow up and stop judging people

howie on

wonder how much she’s going to get when she files for full custody ?

valeskas on

So this baby was made, when she was still married to his best friend. I guess, she went for the richer guy.

Susan on

Congratulations to them all, so glad they’re all doing well. And to the naysayers about Simon’s age and the fact that he’ll be in his 70’s when the little one is in college……try focusing on the “moms” popping babies out who have NO resources whatsoever. I’d rather have more Simon Cowell’s having children than the uneducated, jobless, penniless women who don’t seem to understand what the word “responsible” means.

Not a Simon Fan on

I’m not a fan of Simon’s work. However, the picture of him and his son is the best picture I have EVER seen of him. He looks happy and content.

Brooke on

Never have I seen Simon look softer…..I think this might change his brusque ways….at least for a while.

Joy on

Where’s her other son?!

RachelB-MD on

Simon looks great as a dad!!! Awww who knew he could have a softer side….

guest on

Congratulations on your healthy baby. Simon, I hope you won’t be so hurtful with your comments now that you have a child. You will know what it feels like when someone is unnecessarily cruel to someone you love.

Catca on

He sure is a handsome little guy. Congratulations to Simon, Lauren, and your families on your gorgeous new addition to the family. May you be blessed with much happiness in the future.

Stephanie on

I have always loved Simon but him and commitment don’t mix well. I also feel Lauren chose the man with the bigger…. Bank account. These woman get pregnant right away even lying about birt control to have a life long meal ticket.

Huppie on

I’m happy for Simon, but I feel sorry for his other ex-girlfriends who wanted a baby with him. And Lauren was already married with a son, they are not. I hope there will by happiness for them one day too. Simon didn’t have to wait so long…

Linda on

Well, I think both were very wrong for how they went about getting together BUT then there is never a good way to end a relationship and it does happen married or not…so they got together and nobody is happy about it obviously from the posts below. I am gonna look beyond that and just say the baby is really cute and I hope the baby has a good life. Congrats and good luck to them all.

beachbum on

Poor baby has that bird chest just like his dad. lol

Huppie on

Lovely baby, hopefully it’s really Simon’s son. But I see his ex-girlfriends too… Love and baby’s for the others too!

susan brusveen on

How long was he? How cool he was born on VDay. I know another little boy born 6:22 pm Central Time who weighed 5 pounds 13 ounces and was 18 inches long.

Kim on

Make the gold digger take a DNA test It looks like Andrew Silvermans kid.. You fool Simon lol!!

Huppie on

Yes indeed, those poor girls like Terri and Sinitta, who wanted his baby… Does Lauren deserve this jackpot?

ImALadyToo on

This guy is a narcissistic jerk.

Betty on

I absolutely love that picture of the baby on Simon’s chest. It is so precious.

Nan Terwilliger on

If people can’t say something nice then don’t comment at all. I think that Simon is making a great dad. You can see the love and pride in his eyes.