Kyle and Eva Amurri Martino Expecting First Child

02/14/2014 at 12:30 PM ET

Eva Amurri Pregnant Expecting First Child Kyle Martino Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

Susan Sarandon is gearing up for her latest role: grandma!

Daughter Eva Amurri Martino is having a baby with Kyle Martino, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“We are so excited to announce that we are expecting our first child together,” the couple tell PEOPLE. “Having a family has always been a priority for us both and we couldn’t be happier!”

Following their October 2011 nuptials, Amurri Martino, 28, an actress who has recently appeared on How I Met Your Mother, New Girl and The Mindy Project, told PEOPLE she and her husband, 32, were looking forward to building a future together.

The couple took the next step when they successfully completed their first adoption months later and welcomed their “new adopted son” Freddie — a rescue dog! — into the family.

“[Kyle is] the best doggy daddy ever,” Amurri Martino Tweeted at the time, adding that her husband, a former soccer star turned analyst and commentator for NBC, was in charge of the night shifts.

– Anya Leon with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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JPR on

A dog is not an “adopted son.” Barf.

But congrats on the baby.

MC on

She looks just like her mom, beautiful! Congrats!

Pix on

Congrats! You’ll soon find out why people like me and JPR cringe and “barf” when childless people refer to their dogs as children.

Katie on

Who are these people?

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Can’t believe Susan’s going to be a grandmother.

And who cares if people refer to animals as their children? Pets are pet of the family.

Anna on

A puppy is in no way preparation for a baby. Can’t stand when people make that comparison.

Stacy on

Nothing more annoying that people who get irritated by the dog/child comparison! Get over it, some people consider their pets their children, and I’m pretty sure everyone knows it’s not the exact same as raising a child. Whiners!

Anonymous on

My dog are my children. I am not planning to have 2 legged children so my dogs are the closest I will get. I am not ignorant to the fact that it isn’t near the same as having a child of your own. But, this is all I will know and I am fine with that. I am happy for you and your children. Is it too much to ask for you to be happy with me and my 4 legged children???

Faby on

How come there isn’t an article announcing the birth of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s second son? I didn’t know where to post this sorry.

Bianca on


For some people even having a dog is a huge step of responsibility and even at that, some people have failed miserably. Just take a quick look at the situation in Russian with all the strays, actually, look outside your window, I’m sure you’ll see a poor stray somewhere. So, yes, even if these are no kids, dogs are still a huge responsibility. Buy a clue… seriously!!

djmsmith on

Disrespectful to adopted children, adoptive parents, and to birth parents.

A dog is not an ‘adopted son’.

Jenny on

that will surely be a beautiful baby.

as for the “dogs are not kids” comments: some people can’t have or don’t want children, but still want to nurture something, so stop judging what someone calls their baby. good grief, it’s not like humans are going to go extinct because some people have elected to have dogs as children.

and, sorry, to comment on another argument- raising a puppy is perfect practice for infants: they cry, are always hungry, poop themselves and don’t sleep through the night.

Dawn on

Gorgeous couple–goodness he’s a hunk! I’d be pregnant every other year with a hunky hubby like that!

P.S. Why do folks get so offended when pet owners refer to their four legged family members? Everyone knows you can’t put babies in kennels like u can your dogs, but it certainly gets a person in the frame of mind–getting up in the middle of the night for potty breaks! 🙂 it’s a start!

Delaine on

Haha! I nailed it!! I saw a picture of Eva and Susan one day this week and thought Eva was pregnant. Congratulations to them!

Mommy on

That’s going to be a beautiful kid. Let’s hope though they don’t name it after a vicious convicted felon like Tim and Susan did. Look it up if you don’t believe me

Michy on

djmsmith: Im an adopted child and I did not find her comments AT ALL disrespectful. In fact I too have a furbaby that my husband I rescued 3 yrs ago. We consider him our first, while I may not currently have children, we did lose our first son on Dec. 1 2013 at 19 weeks and 3 days. Our dog is as much a part of our family as my son was. While he may not need as much care as a child, he does need an abundance of love and attention, food, shelter and play. Those who have pets usually consider them to be a family member. Congrats to this couple and prayers she has a safe and healthy pregnancy

Rhonda on

Congratulations on your pregnancy Eva! Oh, and I call my cat my baby. No, she can’t replace my human son or grandchild, but I love her and she’s definitely a part of our family.

Deborah on

Finally a Hollywood couple who married first before having a baby…(BTW, I had regrets on my timing). Congrats to them…they look great together! 🙂

Guest on

JPR and Pix,

I get your ire; however, as a single woman and childless (not by choice, by nature), I think you could be less dismissive.

God didn’t bless me w/children; but, I do have pets and they are my babies.

Get over yourselves.

nunya on

Yes anonymous it is too much to ask…

Martina on

My dog is my baby. I love her. And yes, I have children of human variety as well… Bite me, haters! Woof…

klutzy_girl on

Congrats to them!

To those of you that clearly have never owned a pet or have received the love, joy, and devotion they bring – please refrain form commenting on a topic you know nothing about. I’ve had more animals in my life than I can count and I would prefer them to the majority of humans in the world. Barf to you!

Lise on

Ya my neighbour is pregnant too but she isn’t in the news. How irrelevant is this “people” page getting?

djmsmith on


I am so sorry that you lost your son!

We have an adopted son (15) and an adopted daughter (12) after struggles with infertility. We hold their birthmothers in extremely high regard, and adoption is a matter of joy in our family. It is also a very serious and delicate matter and brings with it all kinds of challenges.

We also have two dogs and two cats (who all sleep with us) as well as frogs, geckos, bullfrogs, fish, lizards…. Our home is like a zoo and we love it.

Of course our pets are family members! I only object to the ‘adopted; part – not the family member part!

Best to you

sgtmian on

just because you have no clue who people are doesn’t make them irrelevant.

i can’t believe some of you actually get pissed at people who consider their pets part of their family. you must really have had a tough life if THAT’S the bane of your existence. also; you’re gross.

ImALadyToo on

Funny that Susan Sarandon thought marriage was too old-fashioned for her relationship with Tim Robbins (either that, or he wouldn’t ask her), and her daughter is doing it right!

Erika on

Some people do consider their pets children… I do… My dog is my baby… I love her so much…

However congrats to the couple! 🙂

ebethsb on

I try not to compare dogs to children because children always come up so short.

Mrspansas on

I totally agree with JPR, PIX and djmsmith. I have two dogs that are precious to me and part of the family. But I do not refer to them as my son and daughter. Stop with the mean comments…Please remember it’s ok to disagree.

Nicole on

Unless you buy a dog from a breeder or pet store, you are adopting it.

reserved on

What a cluttered sentence. “We are expecting our first child together.” If there is no child “apart,” you don’t need the word “together,” and if there are no other children, expecting “a” child (not “our”) is fine; if it is “we” then you don’t need “our.” eh? so “We’re expecting a baby” or “We’re expecting a child” or “We’re pregnant” or “We’re gonna have a kid” or whatever. I “expect” they got paid by the word. Fortunately, so do I. Well, fortunately for me; perhaps not fortunately for anyone reading me.

deedee on

That’s going to be one beautiful baby!

Marky on

Katie, Google is easy to use, and would give you the answer in a minute, not to mention the article says she is Susan Sarandon’s daughter (which you can instantly tell, unless you don’t know who Susan Sarandon is either). Eva Amurri is an actress in her own right, as well. Sheesh, how hard was that?

Isabel on

I’mALadyToo, and yet her relationship with Tim lasted almost two decades which is much longer than the majority of marriages in Hollywood.

Zix on

Many people refer their pets as children, nothing wrong about it. Congrats to them.

Anonymous on


Perhaps if those of you who don’t consider your pets your children didn’t start with the mean comments first, the other posters might not be mean back? BTW, if you consider your pets part of your family but not your children, what exactly are they to you? Your parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, distant relations…?

valeskas on

We have children and also refer to our dog and cat as our babies.

Anonymous on


suzy diamond on

Can this REALLY be a daughter of Susan Sarandon? She got married FIRST, and then decided to start a family? WOW, where did she learn that? Anyway, Congrats, and good for them. Someone picked up the “morals’ gene!

Gg on

They are going to have a beautiful baby

Smithy on

He is beautiful.

Anonymous on

Isabel- I couldn’t agree more! I’m very old-fashioned when it comes to marriage before children (I don’t believe in sex before marriage- I think it’s a very special, sacred, for lack of a better term, act that should be shared only between a husband and a wife- let alone children!), but Susan and Tim are proof that it’s not for everybody!

Julia Griggs on

Congrats to the family!

Kal on

Congratulations to Kyle and Eva.

DaisyMoon on

You b*tches are so annoying…you know what she meant…

A childless couple referring to their pet as an adopted kid is not unusual…dummies.

Td on

What’s the big deal arguing over referring pets as child or not, chill and come down!!!

lovely123 on

“new adopted son” Freddie”, sounds sort of shameful comparing comparing this statement with an animal.

lovely123 on

After reading a few of the animal posts, it seems that people get a little crazy about their pets. Everyone can agree to disagree.

Ginn on

Didn’t know and never heard these two people before. Congrats.