Lil’ Kim Expecting First Child

02/13/2014 at 09:00 AM ET

Lil' Kim Pregnant Expecting First Child
Chelsea Lauren/Getty

Lil’ Kim is getting ready to welcome her own lil’ bundle of joy.

The rapper, 39, is pregnant with her first child, debuting her blossoming baby bump Wednesday night at The Blonds Fashion Week after-party at Gilded Lily New York City.

Dressed in a colorful, bejeweled floor-length gown, she proudly flaunted her new silhouette, cradling her baby bump for the cameras before making her way inside Gilded Lily in downtown Manhattan.

“My little boo boo is coming! My little baby boo, my sunshine!” Kim told E! News, adding that she doesn’t know the sex of the baby.

The outspoken star has so far remained mum about the identity of her child’s father, although New York-based rapper Mr. Papers appears to be claiming paternity. He says they are expecting a son.

— Alexis L. Loinaz

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Ris on

Hope the baby has her old face

jsd079 on

What in the world has happened to her face? Let this be a cautionary tale to everyone! Don’t mess with your face.

Anonymous on

She is unrecognizable.Very sad cause she used to be cute. I agree, hope the baby has he old face.

Susan on

Does everyone use Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon?

Amaryllis on


klutzy_girl on

Why are you people saying you hope the baby has her old face? Pretty sure this child can’t get the new one. Genetics don’t work that way.

Congratulations to her!

Barbra on

Why did she ever mess with her face? She was a very beautiful and talented woman. I’m happy for her on the pregnancy and I hope she will leave her face alone. She doesn’t look like Lil Kim anymore. She looks more like Jocelyn Wilderstein.

Anonymous on

She looks like a mutant freak!!! She messed up big, that face should be in a circus!

Danielle on


boohoobytch on

poor thing is so screwed up in the head

huntermarie4 on

Wow Congrats!

tiptopcashew on

What the hell is going on with her face?

Sammi on

Kim….she shouldn’t have ever played with her face. Yikers.

dee on

People stop being so judgemental and cruel,not one us looks like we did in our teens,,twenties or thirties. And keep living ,hopefully you will get the picture.We all can look at Kim and tell she had some botched surgery. Superficial madness! Get real,I wish Kim all the best and a healthy baby.

CmonNow on

Please stop being so ignorant. A baby doesn’t inherit the results of plastic surgery. Lil Kim’s baby will look like her PRE SURGERY. How she looks now is irrelevant.

Lisa on

Wow. I would have never known that was her. Her face looks horrible and completely unrecognizable. WHY do women do such things? Leave your faces alone! Even if you have a couple of wrinkles, at least you look human!

Really? on

A man had sex with her? People addicted to plastic surgery are so sad. She use to be very attractive; now, she’s difficult to look at.

Shannon on

I seriously did not recognize her Holy WOW!

Becky on

My God, can’t anyone just be happy for the new life that’s she’s carrying, and not be negative? Must be your own damn misery. Well take it else where. And ” hope she has her old face” how in the hell do you expect the baby will get her new face? DUH. ignorant as well. sad state of affairs. WOW Congrats to her and the baby daddy.

Anonymous on

Bless her heart. Best wishes.

Hey on

Please let it be a boy. A girl has no hope with an insecure mother that would do that to their own face.

I doubt she KNOWS who the father is??

dawn norris on

skeltor is all i can think of

Callie on

OMGOSH! Someone slept with her? Her face is hideous!

Emily on

Well, Kim Kardashian is now the second ugliest pregnant woman ever.

Anonymous on

I love that people are calling others ignorant for saying “hope the baby gets her old face”. It’s called sarcasm. Those of you that think the person posting it actually believes there is a chance the baby could get her new face are clearly the ignorant ones…and not very clever.

Anonymous on

uuuummm, what happen to her face,she use to be pretty.

Tall mama on

Didn’t know it was possible to conceive when you’re 90% plastic….

Lilyflower on

Congrats! What happened to her face, though? She was very pretty before.

Chi on

Too much surgery.

Kris on

I don’t really know whether to say Congratulations or not. This woman is troubled, and her face is proof. She has destroyed her face and has lightened her skin-talk about body issues and lets hope the baby doesn’t have the same problems when he or she gets older. Kind of scary imagining her a mother but maybe she’s matured and is ready for motherhood.

Smiles on

Is she married? Seem like many women are skipping marriage these days. Sad

Marie on

Contrats on the baby! now PLZ do something about your face, it is kinda scary looking. You just plain went too far! You have to see that! if you can’t get some help so a professional can show you how to see that!

messiejessy on

I think PEOPLE should be more concerned about her face rather than baby bump! Good grief!!! What is wrong with these people that they do this to themselves??

Chicky dee on

Well congrats and good luck to her; hope she has a safe delivery.

Noelle on

She looks like that one rich lady that had her face altered so she could look like a cat.

Scary. Gross. Total waste of money. She also once had a pretty good career and she hasn’t released anything worth a damn in over a decade.

Poor poor poor kid.

starbbycat on

We are all talking about her face vs the baby’s face – many comments could be made on that fact alone – well good luck to l’il Kim and even more best wishes to the baby, I have a feeling this child will need it – momma is crazy!

lee on

She probably doesn’t even know who the father is

Tiffany on

Ewwwww… looked in the mirror and liked what you saw?

princess on


princess on

God help her…….and the poor child…….finger in my throat

Ladyd on

Ok…Invetro…just sayin!!!

danielle on

WTF happened to her face?! She is gonna have to stop having plastic surgery at least for 9 months which i think is good given the fact that she doesnt’ even look like the same person. Scary face

Terry on

The picture of her looks creepy. Too much plastic surgery.

Reba on


I am so happy she is having a child! She started a movement and now will be blessed with a child! Love her so much!

brenda on

artificial insemination?

heather on

Holy hell, what happened to her face?!!

Reba on

So happy for Lil’ Kim! She is such a legend and her having a baby is epic! Much love! I hope it brings her all the happiness in the world!

Also, everyone who sits at their office job/home posting negative things on comment boards, get a life! Seriously! Such voids of people, I swear.

Adam O on

“Lil Kim don’t fuq around with real Gs, quick to snatch your ugly asz off the streets.”

D on

Ewww… her face looks like she aged 50 yrs.

Michelle on

It is so sad to see that she disliked herself so much that she had to do that to her face. I hope she knows that her child is beautiful just the way he or she is. Her face just makes me sad.

Charli on

Every baby is a blessing. Congrats to her!

Naomi on

Congrats to Lil Kim on her impending bundle-of-joy! As for her face, Kim hasn’t been shy about admitting that she’s had plastic surgery. During pregnancy, many women experience some bloating (fluid retention) in the face. That pregnancy puffiness can cause the mom-to-be’s face to look warped or misshapen if she’s had plastic surgery (esp. facial implants).

Dr. Shaw on

Who’s the dad? DMX?

JW on

Oh my gosh, her face. What has she done to her beautiful face??? I can only hope that some of her self-loathing will diminish when she looks into the eyes of her child and sees her old self. Congrats on the baby!

brucenolon165 on


emma on

Congrats, but what happened to her face!? She never used to look like this….WAY too much plastic surgery – what a shame

AC on

apparently she wanted d*ck one night.

mamanas on

OMG!!!! I actually threw up. First I could have sworn she was close to 50 with all of those lifts. Somebody touched that? I hope it is just her face that had all the lifts.

Susan on

She used to be so pretty. So sad to look at her now. Plastic surgery gone wrong.

Lee on

I’m sure she’s upset at how her face looks too. No need to rub it in.

Congrats on the baby news! Babies are a blessing. šŸ™‚

Belinda Holbrook on

I sure hope that baby has the looks from the original Kim. She looks like a reincarnated MJ.

Ali on

She has destroyed herself. How awful.

Amanda on

Congrats to her!

I think people are commenting on her face because #1 it is obvious, very obvious and #2 she was beautiful before she did anything to her face and I’m sorry but whatever she did is just not attractive

Susan McCord on


Carrow on

That’s really nice news and it’s certainly about time! šŸ™‚

I just hope that if it’s a girl she teaches her to love her look.

Anonymous on

Congrats to her!

veronica on

she usto be so cute!!! what happened?

sgtmian on

haha, what do you mean “a man had sex with her?” men will have sex with anything. ANYTHING.

Reesca on

I hope that baby isn’t scared to death it it finally sees her. How awful for that baby, the first thing it sees when it comes into the world is that. Yuck.

DD on

O.M.G! WHAT in the world did she do to her face?! It doesn’t even look like her!! YIKES!

Leave Kim Alone on

I wish y’all just shut up.. She’s pregnant…Everyone’s face distorts during pregnancy… She’s counting her millions while you talk sh*t online and swipe EBT cards and most likely looking WAAAAAAAAAY worse… Shutcho broke a$$es up.

Brandi on

Congrats to her but looking at her face makes me sad whenever I see it because she was really pretty in the early 2000’s (only work she had done back then was a boob job and maybe nose job #1)…I just don’t understand it.

I remember reading an interview where she was trying to explain her plastic surgery and said she had just had a nose job and the guy she was with hit her and broke her nose while it was still healing so she had to get it done again. Even if that’s true, it doesn’t explain why her entire face (even the shape of her eyes) is so drastically different.

I know we all have features or things about ourselves that we dislike, but I just couldn’t imagine being so at odds with my looks that I end up not even looking like myself one day. I’m not knocking plastic surgery, lol I’m all for self-improvement and being comfortable in your own skin, but it’s just sad when a person is beautiful to start with and can’t see that.

She looks so happy in this picture and I truly wish her best with her little one on the way ā™”

Olivette on

Wow, she used to be so cute!!! Sad!

Iā€™m Standing Right Behind You on

This is not her 1st pregnancy. She was pregnant with Biggie’s baby, but chose to end it. Please get your facts straight.

Dee on

Congratulations to her…a baby is a blessing when it is loved before he or she is born.

I am one of those who wished Kim had left her face alone but, it’s her face, her life.

Rhonda on

Wow – I am wishing her all the best during her pregnancy.

Anonymous on

It’s a shame how people who become famous seem very unhappy for whatever reason to hate the way they look..She is a prime example of what is called plastic surgery overkill!! But congratulations to her new baby!

Tina on

Who the bleep would bleep her?!

keekee on

I’m very happy for Lil Kim congratulations to her

karen on

Whoever the father is must have put a bag over her head when they had sex.