Diddy’s Daughters Land First Fashion Campaign

02/13/2014 at 03:00 PM ET

Diddy Sean Combs Daughters D'Lila Jessie Chance Ruum Fashion Campaign Courtesy Ruum

When your dad is Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, you’re used to the limelight.

So it’s no surprise that the music mogul’s daughters — twins D’Lila and Jessie, 8, and Chance, 8½ — are starring in the new spring/summer ads for Ruum American Kid’s Wear.

The cute campaign features the three sisters and another model wearing colorful fashions including sporty graphic tees and shorts, crocheted tanks and tie-dye maxi skirts and floral sundresses.

Accompanied by their moms Kim Porter and Sarah Chapman, the girls had a great time on the N.Y.C. set.

Diddy even posted a photo of daughter Chance between takes on Instagram. “My pretty lil lady Chance,” he wrote.

This wasn’t the Combs girls’s first time modeling. Last October, all three of them walked the runway at the petitePARADE fashion show.

D'Lila Jessie Chance Combs petitePARADE John Parra/Getty(2)

— Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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blessedwithboys on

kids from different moms that are the same age is trashy

jenny on

those Diddy genes must be strong, I dunno what the moms look like but they could be triplets.

Anonymous on

I’m glad Kim has changed her tune and allowed her daughters to know their sister (she was really nasty about Chance when the girls were babies, saying that Christian- her and Diddy’s son- didn’t need to know about “the other one”. It’s a pretty safe bet that she had the same opinion about the twins someday knowing about Chance.)! 🙂

J-Lin on

Why are the twins wearing weave? C’mon Kim!

Erin on

blessedwithboys, I agree!

Dobz on

The twins are unfortunate looking.

Marky on

Pretty much most of your posts are trashy, blessedwithboys…you are unkind about the sex of peoples children, their marital status, their appearance, or something almost every time…how sad that is. These are children, and they shouldn’t be punished for the choices their parents made. Once you hold a sobbing 7-8 year old, who has heard some of these comments being made about their parent’s choices, you would never talk that way again.

Bet those boys you are so “blessed” with have crushed some of their “friends” at school by passing on some of your viewpoints. Just sayin’… you need to realize you aren’t God, and you don’t need to be judge and jury of someone else’s life. These girls are beautiful, and at least their parents are all involved in their lives, and care about them!!

Amanda on

They don’t have weave. Black children can have long hair you know…

Crystal on

They are not wearing weave. Both Kim and Sarah have very long hair. What an ignorant statement. Do some research on African American. Do it NOW before any more foolishness flies from your keyboard.

Juli on

Love the pictures and the clothes are supercute.

Tea on

Saying that they are wearing weave has nothing to do with thinking “black girls can’t have long hair”. All you have to do is look back at some other pictures of the twins. They have curly hair that is medium length. I have a very similar hair texture and length, and let me tell you that even pressed out, as there’s has been, it’s not going to be anywhere close to as long as it is in those photos.

It’s a shame that they decided to do that to their hair rather than for them to just have their out and naturally curly as is Chance’s. I hate when people feel the need to straighten black girls hair out.

kay on

Crystal and others …..The twins do in fact……. appear to be wearing weave in that picture. The hair is braided to hid the tracks…. Hello if they were not wearing a weave the hair would not be braided like it is behind the ears.

Hince this is the way women wear ponytails and braids when they have a weave.

kay on

Too bad the adults feel the need to have the twins wearing weave in the top picture.. Also I feel Diddy puts Chance in the spotlight more as his
“Pretty girl” more so than the twins…. The twins are cute but Chance is prettier. Sorry but she is. The twins can probably get the eyebrows arched at a much later age and they will be cuter. This is probably why we will see Chance modeling more than the twins. (because of most of the adults’ opinions that make decisions about the modeling.)