Soleil Moon Frye Welcomes Son Lyric Sonny Roads

02/12/2014 at 02:30 PM ET

Soleil Moon Frye Welcomes Son Sara De Boer/Startraks

Update: “Welcome to the world Lyric Sonny Roads Goldberg! Can’t wait to share our pics and moments in the upcoming months. Thanks for all the love and support,” the new mom posted Wednesday on her website.

Originally posted Feb. 10: And baby makes five!

Soleil Moon Frye, 37, welcomed her third child with husband Jason Goldberg on Monday, Feb. 10, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

The couple’s son — whose name has yet to be released — arrived at 4:15 p.m., weighing 9 lbs., 7 oz. and measuring 21 inches long.

“The whole family is over the moon about the arrival of their baby boy,” her rep tells PEOPLE. “His big sisters, mom and dad are by his side.”

Already mom to daughters Jagger Joseph Blue, 5½, and Poet Sienna Rose, 8, the actress turned author  — who announced her pregnancy in August — told PEOPLE she was “terrible” at preparing for her third child.

“The first couple of times I was so prepared. Now I’m like, ‘Nursery? What nursery? The baby can sleep in our room, right?’ I’ve got to get clothes … We’ve got a million names — I need to get on it,” Frye, who is the cofounder of, said.

After her October reveal that she was expecting a son, Frye told PEOPLE she was looking forward to adding a baby boy into the mix. “I’m excited to be able to raise him in a household of girls, and teach him to be a gentleman at an early age,” she said.

As for any more additions to the family, Frye’s leaving that decision to Goldberg, 43, a film and television producer.

“That would be up to my hubby,” she told PEOPLE with a laugh in January. “I would have a whole zoo at my house. We’ll see how the third goes!”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Guest on

Wonderful news! Congrats to the entire family!

Tlc on

Congratulations!!! I am really curious as to what his name will be. Her daughter’s are such different names! One very, very feminine and one very, very masculine.

Will the baby boy be named Marion or Ashley? Both male names but very feminine. (Said tongue in cheek)

Kim on

Love seeing a child star that grew up to be a happy adult with a good life. Can’t wait to see pics of her little boy.

Nicci on

With a daughter named jagger joseph blue…i wouldnt be surprised if she named her son sunshine rose violet….ugh

Annie Mouse on

I’m guessing his name will NOT be John Michael.

Rooroo on

YAY for a boy for them!

Joy on

That picture is not soleil moon frye!

Guest on

@Joy What picture are you looking at? That IS her.

emma on

Congratulations! And I will admit, I am curious as to what name she will give her newborn son

Misty on

I’m so happy to hear that her baby was delivered safe & sound. Congrats!!!

Ivy. on

She is a very tiny woman. 9lb baby! Owie. Congrats on the new additon!

4tmama on

Love her, yeah!! No haters for the name, people, she is too darn cool :-*

Chablis on

Seriously Lyric yikes

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! And of course she’d name him Lyric Sonny Roads. I like it.

Paula on

One kid is named after Mick, and the others named after a noun!!!! Ridiculous!!!!!!

Amanda on

To the tongue-in-cheeker: Marion, Ashley, as well as Valerie were all male names and it was unheard of to name females those 3 long ago. They sound weird as male names now, but that’s how it goes.

Mimi on

Oh, give me a break already, with that name.

Anonymous on

Love her kids names!

bitsy on

I like the name, not that she or anybody else cares 🙂

robinepowell on

She certainly picks unusual names for her kids.

London Bridge on

Good going, Robby Benson! [Oh, it’s a boy, Mrs. Goldberg? It’s a boy!] Mazel tov!

Jay on

Love the name! It was on the short list for my daughter 🙂

Yves on

She forgot to include a color.

emma on

You poor kid…seriously!?

Amanda on

A daughter named Jagger and a son named Lyric…just odd. I actually think Lyric is a very pretty name, for a girl

Anonymous on

Our middle daughters name is Lyric, not sure I love it for a little boy but obivously they do 🙂

Beauty on

So she has one kid named Sonny and one named Jagger…fan of General Hospital?

Vanessa on

Oh FFS will someone please give their child a normal name??????

Skinnyminny2006 on

I feel very sorry for this kid-he will probably end up like Zowie Bowie who changed his name to something normal as soon as he was legally able to. It’s a child, not a show dog or a racehorse. And no boy would like being called Lyric. As it is, it’s an unusual name for a girl. But for a boy it is absolutely ludicrous and setting him up for a lifetime of teasing,

Teri Pandaslayer Steele on

@joy YES it is. *eyeroll*

Genevieve on

Ashley Parker Angel of OTown named his son Lyric too. So there is at least one other boy with that name in the Hollywood circuit.

Huh? on

She has the worst baby names ever!!!

stacey on

Don’t care for the name, but it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Dulce Mae on

Disgusting lame name for a bor OR a girl, clearly she AND her husband don’t care that their kids will be tormented for having these stupid dumba** names, I can’t believe I expected better of her! Shame on parents like them, the children will suffer for their choices, at least they can change their names when they’re old enough, think that’ll show they’re parents how dumb their choice of names were/are!??

me on

yay, very happy for them! welcome baby!

I want one more too!

sally on

Dulce Mae, don’t talk about names, yours isn’t that high and mighty

Anonymous on

Okay, if Soleil’s kids were “normal” kids, then I could see how they might get teased for their names. But they aren’t. They’re celebrity kids, who will most likely go to school with other celeb kids. Therefore, their names probably won’t be considered “unusual” among their peers.

Anyway, congrats to them!

gigimama on

Hahaha! It’s funny to watch all the people upset over *Soleil Moon’s* baby’s name being unusual.

I’m thinking she doesn’t feel her unusual name held her back. Why should it hold back her son? Proof, right there staring at you, that names are not destiny.

TXgirl on

I think Lyric is a wonderful name. My boyfriend’s son is named Lyric and I think it has a masculine feel to it, but that’s just me. Besides, her name is Soleil Moon. Were people honestly expecting a name like Thomas or David?? Congratulations to Soleil and her family!

Catca on

Congrats on your new baby. And while it’s different, I like the names. There’s a definite rhythm when you say them together.

Mira on

Lyric and Poet? Jagger should’ve been Music.

Amanda on

Anon- while people over 25 know who Soleil is she is not a celebrity to kids. This baby will go to school like a normal kid and the kids will just look at his parents as they do any other of their classmates parents. It’s an awful name, I wasn’t expecting normal from someone named Soleil but there is a difference between unusual and different vs downright awful

Grace on

I love all her kids names. Jagger Joseph Blue & Poet Sienna Rose have always been my favourite celebrity kid names 🙂 love the name Lyric as well!

Sara on

Cool name! They’re a wonderful family.

Carol Anne on

She is a cute as a button, and seems to be a very dedicated and loving mother. That being said, this woman really shouldn’t be allowed to name children. Lyric? For a boy? And Sonny Roads with that? She is setting this child up for nothing but a world of heartache and teasing.

lena on

I wish that she had named her second daughter Lyric and her SON Jagger Joseph. I think the two will have difficulties when they hit school….

Anonymous on

I’m so happy for you all!!!

I love the name , congrats!!!

I loved when a child star ends up in a good place.