Rachel Zoe Shares Cutest Fashion Week Photo Ever

02/12/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Just because Rachel Zoe isn’t showing this season doesn’t mean she isn’t checking in on the action from afar.

“This is how @msjordanjohnson of @rachelzoestudio and I watch the Oscar de la Renta show when no wifi at the office,” wrote the new mom, captioning an adorable pic of herself (with 7-week-old son Kaius Jagger sleeping on her chest) and a co-worker viewing a runway show online in the comfort of her L.A. home.

Despite completing her fall 2014 collection — which she describes as a mix of “French bohemia with Mod elements” — the designer decided to forgo New York Fashion Week after welcoming her second son in late December.

“As a new mother, my newborn son is too young to travel with me, and I’m unable to leave him for the amount of time required to appropriately prepare for the show in New York,” Zoe told WWD.

Rachel Zoe Instagram Son Kaius Fashion Week
Courtesy Rachel Zoe

We can’t wait to see what her new collection looks like, but love that the celebrity stylist is putting family first. Especially because she’s posting lots of sweet photos of her little guy.

We also see that she’s a big fan of good pal Jessica Alba‘s Honest Company line (check out the brand’s Organic Healing Balm in the bottom left corner).

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Marky on

What a sweet picture! Love that she was happy to stay home with her baby, and while I know some of you will say she wasn’t ready, or thought she would fail, she has been doing this for years successfully…she would have done a good job, she just chose to stay home, and that should be acknowledged. Kaius is adorable, and looks sooo comfortable. I used to have my babies lie on my chest to nap, especially if they were colicky or restless,and my parents did, as well. They would sleep so calmly……Sweet!

Lacey on

Good girl Rachel.

valeskas on

He looks so comfy, what a sweet little guy.

Sacmar on

Awww. What a sweet picture! I miss that age.

Anonymous on

Poor baby probably wishing mom would actually hold him, nuture him..l.but guess NOT. Sad that the “Hollywood” type think this is parenting.

Smithy on

She looks like an aging Muppet

The Good Parent on

Does People have shares in The Honest Company? You guys flog their products like nobody’s business.

liz on

for Gods sake Rachel, we get it – you can do it all. Sitting in bed with full make up watching a runway show with your baby asleep on your chest. Nice set up but those of us that put mothering first and career second don’t buy it.

Anonymous on

Wow, I actually expected more praise and less disgust. Rachel could have opted to leave her son with a nanny, or “wear” him to all of the shows. Instead, she opted to stay home. To me, that is putting mommyhood ahead of career.

Ott on

Oh is this Hollywood style parenting?

kat on

Wow. Talk about judgmental mothers. There’s still so much hate out there for working mothers, from other women. That’s not only sad, it’s sickening and outdated. There is nothing wrong with doing both.

It does not make her less of a woman or less of a mother. She is wealthy, she built a massive brand, and instead of going to NYFW she stayed home with her newborn and is watching the shows online just like lots of women watch netflix.

So relax and check your judgment at the door because it just reflects poorly on you.

Lilyflower on

Wow some these comments are so mean! The baby looks soooo sweet in the photo 🙂

Connie on

Some of these comments are so mean. She can’t win can she?! I’m not a great fan of hers but frankly looks like she is being a good mom.

Those moms who act like you don’t do anything but hold your baby while you clean the house, do laundry, ect make me sick. So she is watching a show and doesn’t have her hands on her baby, who is sleeping soundly and safely on his mother, so what!!

ann on

For all those talking about how moms who put their career second are so awesome. Think about the moments you spend playing with facebook, people forums, checking your phone, watching tv etc. I doubt you are “nurturing” your baby while you are doing that. If we took a snapshot of you while you are writing in this forum that doesn’t say how much hard work or nurturing you put in all the rest of the time. it wouldn’t show you getting up in the night, breast feeding, changing diapers nothing. It would look like you had played with people forums all day. So a 2 minute break which everyone needs here and there would look like something totally different.

Also, the baby is asleep. She could have put him in his crib or bassinet and not even been holding him. She could have left him with a nanny or drug him across the country against even though it doesn’t make sense to. I don’t see anything she is doing wrong here.

Women need to quit being so catty about how each of us does things. Unless you are sitting right next to them you have no idea what is going on all the rest of the time. I know that my mom worked hard as a stay at home mom. I am grateful to her. But I also don’t think I’m a bad mom because I have to work. I don’t know if I would work if I had the option not to, but I am not going to judge those that do.

ann on

It’s not necessary to bash someone else’s choices to make you feel good about your own life choices.

Tina on

she’s just showing off her baby. after the photo was taken, she probably handed him off to the Nanny. Staged even though i’m sure she’s a good mom and made the right decision to stay home…all of H’wood & fashion is staged.

ann on

@Tina you have no way to know if that is or is not true.

Charli on

That is such a cute pic!!! He looks so cuddly!

Summer on

She’s always seemed like a really good mom. She took her first son with her everywhere, it appears she’s doing the same with her second. She’s a hands-on mom.

Frankly, I could’ve posted a similar picture many times when my toddler was a newborn, just replacing the fashion video with a bunch of financial spreadsheets on the laptop. Those who act like this is staged are ridiculous.

Brandi on

@ Summer I totally agree. I saw a sweet photo of mother and child and thought it was awesome that she chose to stay home with her baby instead of leaving him with a nanny or dragging him across the country with her.

It never fails to amaze me how many people are quick to criticize or look for flaws to point out in the stories posted on this site. Sadly, the negativity they are putting out there is just a reflection on how unhappy and miserable they are in their own lives.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but there is a big difference between stating your opinion in a mature manner and just being hateful and ugly for no reason. Smh.

Carol on

I knew she would approach motherhood with the same passion as she does her other work. She’s is not a half way kind of girl. She has always gone the extra mile and done an excellent job.

I miss her show so much. I love fashion but vintage is my absolute favorite. I wish Mr and Mrs many happy memories with those two beautiful gifts from God. You two have worked hard and I’m just so glad to see you enjoying and appreciating your family time.

Pam on

There’s nothing like a snuggle from your baby. What a good mommy not traveling with him so far when he’s so young and also not leaving him home without her. She has her priorities straight.