Jessica Simpson’s Newest Workout Partner? Daughter Maxwell!

02/11/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Jessica Simpson Daughter Maxwell Instagram Photo Courtesy Jessica Simpson

Mommy and me!

After sharing a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at her new Weight Watchers ad on Saturday, Jessica Simpson decided to give fans a glimpse of her day-to-day life on her recently launched Instagram account.

On Monday, the mom-of-two posted a sweet photo of herself and daughter Maxwell, 21 months, walking through their neighborhood.

“Chasing shadows,” Simpson captioned the pic.

The designer — who wore a slimming black turtleneck, track pants and sneakers — isn’t at all shy about showing off her post-baby body.

And she shouldn’t be. Simpson has worked very hard to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight thanks to Weight Watchers and frequent sessions with personal trainer and PEOPLE blogger Harley Pasternak.

She also credits her children (including son Ace, 7 months) with helping her bounce back. “With both kids I’m running up and down my stairs a million times,” Simpson said. “Kids can keep your metabolism going.”

— Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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shannon on

She looks great and Maxwell is aforable!

Jessica on

I just love her. She just seems to have a great personality, and outlook on life. I wish her well.

gg on

She looks great. Her daugter is beautiful.

ELC on

Please!Another diet for Jessica. Who bloody cares. She has absolutely no talent and sharing that her daughter helps her exercise is beyond boring. Also, who names a little girl Maxwell…its a boy’s name not a girls. Jessica is not the sharpest knife in the draw…that’s for sure.

Debf on

She looks amazing and healthy and her daughter is darling. Too old for the pacifier though, in my opinion.

Laura on

“Jessica is not the sharpest knife in the draw…that’s for sure.” Drawer !!!!

Hey on

Great to see. So normal. It’s funny to think of her as a mom when you think of her ditzy The Newlyweds days.

Hey on

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer and no talent? She has a billion dollar fashion brand. Imagine what she could do with a brain and talent. I guess we’re all lucky she’s so beneath us. Haha.

Hey on

Debf don’t worry about Maxwell’s pacifier. They ALL go off to kindergarten not wearing diapers,Inot sucking a pacifier and carrying a backpack. There’s no need to compete. Worry about what kids are like at 20, not 2.

Jessica Fan! on

I love her! She looks fantastic & is so down to earth. She’s a breath of fresh air with all these other celebrities who drink & do drugs & cheat….now, if she’d only get married… 😉

lisa on

In her pajamas? Why cant she dress her kid in street clothes?

Starlet on

We’ll I would look thin too if I had weight watchers pay me. Another fat fake rich blond going thin. Who cares.

allie on

i adore jessica! her daughter is her clone… just beautiful girls!

harr on

There’s something so real about Jessica. I would say she’s one of the most natural beauties in hollywood. Her kids are so lucky to have her as a mother!

Brandi on

@ Starlet your comment is redundant and unnecessary…most people would be thinner if they had a weight-loss company paying them to be a spokesperson…kind of a no-brainer there. I wish people that claim not to care would just skip these stories concerning celebrities that they don’t like and keep their nasty attitudes and comments to themselves. It’s really sad that there are so many mean and unhappy folks out there.

Judy on

She and her daughter are both beautiful.

Shareena on

I honestly do not understand why she gets a story on this site or Us weekly site every single day. She’s an idiot.

Gill on

She looks great in this photo, amazing she has kept her lost weight.

Kell on

Startlet: Seriously? That’s your excuse?

Kate on

I’m just a regular mom of 2 kids (6 yrs and 3 yrs) and I don’t have a load of cash or a company paying me and I still got back in shape by following a healthy, balances diet and regular exercise. It’s about lifestyle. If you want to get in shape, you can. Goo on Jessica, she’s looking amazing!

Marky on

ELC, it is hard to imagine why you post on Celeb Babies; you are negative, rude, hateful, and talk about not “the sharpest knife in the draw”…! People name their children what is meaningful to them, and Maxwell is fine. Jessica is “smart” enough to build a financial empire, she doesn’t seem to ever have a bad word to say about anyone, even old boyfriends, and she is not using “another diet”, she is using Weight Watchers, which she has used since before she was pregnant with her son.

Seems as if you are dragging up whatever rude thing you can think of just for the “fun” of being hateful. Oh, wait! Isn’t that the definition of being a bully? Time to grow up, ELC, and realize that if you don’t care about some celeb, you don’t have to click on the article. You don’t catch me looking at the Kardashians, Reese Witherspoon, Jen Aniston, or a dozen others, but I sure don’t mind if YOU are interested!

amanda on

For the people commenting on what celebs name their children, it doesn’t matter what they name them. Whether it’s Blue, North, Maxwell, Pilot Inspector, whatever it is they’ll never have to fill out a job application. Our children will, so we need to be conscious of what we name them.

Sami on

“Hey” summed it up perfectly. She is a beautiful has a beautiful family and runs an extremely successful business. Jealous much? I aspire to be as “stupid” as she is.

MeMe on

Lots of jealous comments here. I think she looks great! And she has come a long way since being married to that loser ex husband of hers. I love how people are stating ” Who cares ?”

And yet, took the time to post something on here! If you didn’t care, where are you even reading it? Let alone posting a comment? Are we that jealous and hateful and envious?

ann on

Ditzy doesn’t automatically translate to dumb. My mom is ditzy a lot of the time to the point it sometimes drives me nuts and conversations take 3 times longer than necessary, but she has a Masters degree so she isn’t dumb. I think Jessica is similar.

Mechele on

You know, I see this picture and I see a sweet moment between a mom and her baby girl. I am not looking at what the child is dressed in or do I even give a rat’s butt about what the mom has gone through/done/said in the past. Why in this world can people not judge others? Find God, bring a little Jesus into your heart and I can GUARANTEE life will be better for everyone. I am not a preacher at all, just a mom, daughter, wife, sister and friend who is tired of JUDGEMENT!

Hey on

Ann – I call that book smart and socially stupid. Not a put down, some very fun people are that way.

Terri on

Jessica always posts such great family pictures. She has a beautiful family.

Moudsie on

I can’t stand her–the newest commercial–she’s still fat — with a blouse not tucked in–a short skirt that does not match and cowboy boots, and in this pic–why is the kid in her pajamas? Bottom line–if she was a neighbor and had two kids without getting married–most of you would be calling her names and you know it.

Natalie on

Take that stupid pacifier out of that kids mouth!! So many parents do this and need to STOP! That kid is a kid, NOT a baby. And put some clothes on her, for crying out loud it’s not bedtime. You’re out in public!

Natalie on

To Laura, who said “she’s not the sharpest knife in the draw…!!” Then corrected yourself…clearly you’re not either!! Correction…NOT LOL

Cheryl Pelletier on

That child should have been a boy. She looks ready to punt.

Bel on

Can’t stand her or her kids!

guest on

Mom and daughter are both beautiful!

Anonymous on

get that girl some help NOW!!…. Where are the people that truly love her?… and what are they thinking!… I saw an interview with her on E News this morning and she was out of it slurring her words and looked far gone on “something” so sad and worrying.