Gwen Stefani Celebrates Her Baby Shower

02/09/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

What a sweet escape!

Not only will Gwen Stefani be the queen of her castle when she welcomes her third son with husband Gavin Rossdale, but the mom-to-be received the royal treatment during her baby shower on Saturday.

The black, silver and cream color theme bash, which was designed by celebrity event planner Sharon Sacks and hosted by Shelli Azoff, was held in the Wolfgang Puck dining room at the Hotel Bel Air, where family and friends including Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole RichieRachel Zoe and Chelsea Handler, joined the singer to celebrate the pending arrival of her baby boy.

“Baby shower!! Can’t believe [I’m pregnant] thank [you] Shelli Azoff for a beautiful #girlyday = blessed,” Stefani, 44, captioned a photo that gave fans a glimpse at the treat table.

Gwen Stefani Pregnant Baby Shower Courtesy Gwen Stefani

In between noshing on blue frosted donuts and a decadent cake — which “was a pea in the pod, literally,” a source tells PEOPLE. “There was a baby coming out of the pod” — Stefani was gifted with a basket full of goodies and The Honest Company’s rock star organic diaper cake from Jessica Alba.

“She had tons of items picked out and put in a huge 3Sprouts dinosaur basket from Bel Bambini. She filled it with practical items,” a source tells PEOPLE.

To round out the series of snapshots she shared from her weekend festivities, Stefani snapped a stunning selfie (complete with her signature red pouty lips!). “#babyshowertime #gettingclosenow,” she writes.

— Anya Leon

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Smithy on

Wowza. 3rd child. 44 years old. Baby shower? Uber wealthy to boot. Baby shower? Really? Can she have a celebration and direct gifts to charity? This is over indulgent and embarrassing. Yet another gross display of wealth from clueless Hollyweird celebs.

letsbehonest on

Actually, Smithy, it IS customary these days to celebrate every child being born. It’s not just a wealthy thing.

Razmataz2 on

I have 5 beautiful children and only had one very handy/useful baby shower. It IS an overindulgence for celebrities to do this sort of thing. Totally unnecessary.

Jill on

I would agree about having more than one baby shower, but can’t stand judgmental people.@Smithy and @Razmataz2 , stop being negative. You are entitled to your opinion, but just to let you know, you sound like shrews.

letsbehonest on

You must be an “older” mother then, @Raz. Gone are the days when a shower was for preparation. Showers these days are about celebrating a new life, and don’t always even include gifts. But, totally understand where you come from. That is how it was back in the day. And, who cares if she got a million gifts for her new baby. It is a wonderful thing to have family and friends to celebrate every wonderful milestone in your life; 1st baby or 7th!

Marcia on

I didn’t want showers for my kids because I wanted them to be safely born first. When they were born I received lovely presents from many dear people. Why make people give you shower gifts and then baby presents a couple of months later? Too many people think friends and relatives are ATMs who should constantly be opening their wallets for you.

Lauren on

Shower for your 3rd, especially when the baby is the same gender is TACKY and GIFT GRABBY. And no I’m not old…I’m 28 and think this is totally gauche. I’m so over how entitled and self-absorbed this culture has become.

Multiple showers? Gender reveal parties? Week-long destination bachelor/bachelorette parties right before your 50K destination wedding? Gross. Get over yourselves.

Lilyflower on

Who cares of it’s her 3rd child and she’s wealthy? If her friends and loved ones want to throw her a baby shower and give her gifts, then there’s nothing wrong with that. I know women who aren’t rich who’ve had showers for every child born. Those showers were about celebrating a new life. Some of you need to find something better to complain about.

NatalieH on

I have 5 beautiful children and I’ve been blessed to have a shower for each other. I have never asked for a shower, someone has always thrown me one. I fully believe in celebrating every child’s birth.

Carrie on

She doesn’t have the stuff she needs already? I had a baby show for both of my boys, but they were born 9 YEARS apart! This is very overindulgent!

Anonymous on

It’s a celebration of each child. Every child needs a shower!!!! I think its ridiculous to only have a shower for your first child! Why should your 2nd, 3rd etc child have old stuff from their brother’s or sisters and nothing special for them. So are you suppose to keep the shower page blank on all your other kids after the first is born. I can’t stand it when people are so negative about this. I think it’s jealousy really!

Julie on

I do not like this trend of having a baby shower for every child. I get it if the 1st and 2nd babies are different sexes, but other than that it is tacky.

My sister in law had 3 showers and insisted on throwing a 2nd baby shower for my sister. My sister doesn’t like showers to begin with (doesn’t like the attention), but she also agrees with how our family feels (aunts, cousins, etc) – 2nd baby showers are tacky. I am convinced the sister in law only threw my sister a 2nd baby shower to make herself feel less guilty for having 3 of them.

Lala on

A baby shower for each baby, is not uncommon – and not just for the wealthy. I had a shower for both my kids (boy, and girl), and have been to showers for friends, that were on their 4th baby.

If your friends want to throw you a shower, why would you say no? When it’s not your first child, people mostly just bring diapers, or essentials, that don’t last between multiple children.

It’s a happy time to celebrate, make mom feel special, and be with friends/family. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Marcia on

Do people not understand that a baby is also fully celebrated when he or she is BORN, and then they receive gifts? And then again at a christening, baptism or bris? The shower originated so that people starting out could get things they needed for the first baby and that they wouldn’t have, like a crib, bassinet, etc. No one can give you a shower unless you consent, and I could never ask people who were going to be giving me baby presents in a month and christening gifts a month or two after that to pony up for more presents.

Melissa on

Smithy, having a baby shower isn’t always about getting gifts. Although I’m sure her friends and family did buy a gift, because that’s what people do out of kindness. Maybe she asked for no gifts and rather to donate to a good cause. It’s more about being with people you love and celebrating the excitement of your baby.

CAL on

@Smithy, how do you know she didn’t donate? Why can’t she have a shower? Why does her age matter? Why can’t “uber wealthy” people have showers?

nic on

People are awfully upset about a party that they weren’t invited to for people they don’t know. Who cares if Gwen has 1 shower or 14?? It doesn’t affect us. My kids aren’t lacking in what they need because some lady 1500 miles away had a shower.

beccamex on

Does it really matter how much money she has or how old she is? At the end of the day it’s her baby and she wants to have a shower for him! If you are so against her choice, why read the story and take the time to comment! It’s suprising how many bitter (and jealous) sounding people there are on here! Why not just say congratulations and get over yourselves!

lori on

Wow. I feel sorry for your friends and family Smithy and Razmataz. I HIGHLY doubt she asked for gifts. Don’t be jealous because you don’t have people who love you enough to throw you multiple showers. Gwen is fabulous! You two are gross.

Anonymous on

Beautiful shower and I’m glad she shared the pics. It’s not our business when and if she has a shower or when and if she donates. I hope she has a healthy baby and a happy marriage and life!

Anonymous on

A third shower? Its vulgar.

dudley doright on

hopefully she invited some of her non celeb friends…im sure she did

Anonymous on

Pregnant grandma

Ashley on

Some of you are really judgemental and catty!

Who cares if she is wealthy or not.

Furthermore, why can’t she have a shower for her 3rd son. Her youngest son is what, 5. Do you really think she kept all the baby stuff that she needed FIVE years ago?

K. on

She strikes me as a really vain person. Great legs by the way.

Evellina on

You jealous people sound like a bunch of shrews. Of course she doesn’t want a bunch of baby gifts. This is more about celebrating with friends and family with a fun get-together . She is not gauche or gift grabby. Sheesh, get over yourselves. It’s her deal, not yours and she can do whatever the heck she wants.

Mimi on

Baby shower? For the THIRD child? Does she not still have all the fancy-chic baby stuff from the first two? Seriously…enough.

Janet697 on

3rd baby extremely wealthy and having a baby shower. The height of selfish indulgence from all involved. Sometimes these wealthy celebrities have no class or manners. A baby shower same as a wedding shower is for 1st time mothers and brides to recieve gifts of things they need for the new baby or the new married life. Hollywood had totally distorted the value of showers and gift giving to the point of ridiculousness. Greedy self important losers in my eyes.

Melissa on

Wow, i can’t believe some of your negative comments. Every baby that is brought into this world should be celebrated. It should not matter if she is the richest or poorest woman in the world because it’s a celebration for the baby.

KRS on

Some attitudes around this article are totally strange to me. In my circle of friends and family we always have a shower – doesn’t matter if it’s the first, second, third child or beyond. Also doesn’t matter the age of the mom, the gender of the child or the income of the family.

It’s a celebration (and 100% of the time it’s put on by a friend or family member, not the mom herself) of the new baby and the new addition to the family. It’s about food, games, catching up with friends/family we haven’t seen for awhile and above all meeting the new baby for the first time.

Good grief, some of you are so completely ridiculous!

Jennifer on

It’s nice to celebrate a new life coming into the world and for your friends and family to show you how much they care, regardless of how much money you have or how old you are or how many kids you have.

Congrats to Gwen and her hubby on their upcoming blessing.

Crystal on

There is NOTHING wrong with having a 3rd shower for her 3rd baby boy. Her youngest is 5. I’m sure, rich or not, she no longer has any baby items. She probably needs everything. Especially since she stated in earlier interviews how she wanted a third baby some years ago but it didn’t work out.

Plus, who doesn’t like being pampered and showered with love and attention by their family and friends???? Those of you who think a third shower is “tacky” and “excessive” are just jealous your friends and family didn’t offer to do it for you!

Good Luck Gwen with the remainder of your pregnancy and subsequent birth! Praying for you!!!!

Isabel on

You do know that there are ways you can celebrate bringing a new life into this world without hitting up your friends and family for yet another gift.

sky on

@ Anonymous comment of ‘pregnant grandma,’ How rude and judgemental. It’s her body and she can do whatever she pleases. In this day and age, you would think people would be a little more open minded. Besides 44, is not old and Gwen looks to be in great shape!

Tee on

Over indulgent and embarrassing? For whom? People who gripe about rich people’s (including celebs) spending habits, lavish parties, etc., tend to always imply they should be giving the money to charity. Rich people I’m sure give plenty of their money to charity (you know, in addition to doing your soul good, it makes for good tax writeoffs).

Since YOU aren’t invited to the party, the shower, the whatever it is, why are you griping? If you happen to be one of us regular folks, and find yourself invited to your friends 4th baby shower, and cannot afford or don’t want to give a gift, DON’T GO for gosh sakes.

Then there’s those who fall into moocher category, the ones who claim they can’t or don’t cook, or oh I forgot (to bring something to the office potluck), so they feel like they can always eat for free.

See Smithy and you other gripers, the story can go both ways whether you’re filthy rich or just getting by…try to remember that next time you want to gripe about who’s doing what with their money!

Annie on

The problem is people are always trying to push their agenda on others. How can you accurately interpret her or her family’s intentions. I had some conflictions about my own shower recently and decided to do what makes me happy and not worry about what others may think.

I’m 37 and am having my first baby. My best friend was originally suppose to host my shower but later was unable to. So, my sister in law took over. In the mean time, I decided to help coordinate and decorate my shower. It’s probably not proper etiquette and definitely not traditional for the honoree to have a hand in her own shower but it’s fun for me and I enjoy it.

My baby shower means more to me than just receiving gifts. I’m excited to share and celebrate one of the happiest moments of my life.

Perhaps you could interpret her friends and family having a shower for her as them just being generous and happy for her.

Jessica on

A babyshower is not about gifts for everyone. I’m sure Gwen and her husband can more than afford to buy their kid whatever they want. For some a babyshower is simply a celebration of life.

JP on

How sweet! Congrats to Gwen – What a joyous time!

Zaria on

Every baby deserves to be celebrated…even the wealthy ones!

Erica on

Eh, you know what? To each their own, people. I am currently pregnant with my first child and don’t want a shower. If people insist on gifts, then they are much appreciated after the baby is born where they can come and see her, but it’s not necessary to me. I see why people think multiple showers are tacky, but also see the side where the celebration of a new baby is important to them. It’s just different for each. No big deal.

kritsin on

Can rich people find nothing more important to do with their money? Over indulgent indeed!

kritsin on

Another baby shower for her is not okay unless she is 100% sure donating the gifts. My opinion is that it is not okay for her to keep the gifts…perfectly fine for her to celebrate the birth of her child..however, it looks more expensive than most weddings…come on…

Smithy on

Totally agree with Smithy. It’s a comment board and yet if someone’s opinion differs from yours they either shouldn’t read the article, need to get a life or they’re bitter shrews. So ridiculous.

J on

What’s the big deal? If that’s what the mom wants, then go for it. Personally if it was me I would have a celebration sans gifts, because after 2 other boys, she should have what she needs already. I would ask that if anyone wanted to bring gifts to please instead donate to the charity of my choice, since there are mothers out there who have nothing and need help so getting a lot of gifts you don’t need does seem selfish. But as for the party itself, who cares? It’s just a celebration.

Boobymama on

Im pretty sure no one there actually ate those donuts, or if they did, they didnt eat anything until the next weekend.

Dulce Mae on

I’m 31 and think that a shower for/or after every child is born is the right thing. I think a shower should be after baby is born because something could go wrong and the parents end up having to come home with either a sick child (as my parents did with me, I was born super small with a rare heart condition, and no I wasn’t a premie thank God, I may not have survived.) or no child and then your left with all those baby things/products that will remind the parent(s) of what/ whom they just lost, ( my parents AND my brother’s first child both were stillborn at nine months, for differing medical reasons.) very sad.

I think of showers as a way to celebrate and Honour the new life, I feel it shouldn’t just be for the first or both genders. For me, it’s a sign of respect for the Gift of new life! 🙂 Blessed be to all.

Dee on

There is nothing wrong with celebrating her third baby boy. Asking for gifts for a third baby of the same gender when you already have or can easily afford everything you need is tacky. Donations to a charity of some kind would be in better taste.

Sarah on

You know, I am TOTALLY for having a baby shower for each child. Seriously. Showers are not about being greedy/beggars and asking others to foot the bill for pricey items, such as highchairs, car seats, strollers, etc.

Showers are about surrounding the expectant mother and coming attraction (baby) with love. They are a fun way to mark that rite of passage.

Maybe for the first shower you can give a pricier gift; but, after that, just show up with your positive energy… and maybe a pack of diapers or a $20.00 outfit from Target.

Monica on

All I hear are a bunch of cry babies!!! How does her having a baby shower affect your life? Better yet, why does it bother you all so much? So because you only had 1 baby shower and 10 kids, she shouldn’t be allowed to have a baby shower with her third child? Sounds to me like 1. Jealousy 2. Insecurity and 3. A case of the wish-I-could’ves. Get over yourselves and just be happy for someone else. Or quit reading things just to get pissed off. Good grief … Talk about over indulgent.

Tri on

I cant believe “granny” is pregnant with her 3rd child at 44, seriously 44?!! I know she looks good and all, she can afford all the plastic surgery and all that but at 44, yikes! Her husband Gavin has a adult daughter who’s in her late 20’s.

Sara on

I completely agree with you, Lilyflower.

Anonymous on

I am currently pregnant with my 4th child and my friends r throwing me a baby shower. It’s a celebration of this childs life and I am greatly looking forward to it 🙂

Huh? on

I love the candy dishes that spell out baby. But I never understand why rich celebrities have a shower for each baby yet us real people only have one shower?! I hope she is donating gifts

MeMe on

Well, Jilly…. I am in agreement ~ with the others. These stars don’t NEED to have parties like this. Not when they have money honey.

Also, 44, is just too old to be having a baby.

sandy on

Awww, I was so hoping she was going to have a girl!

Anonymous on

Some of you people are so funny…it’s over indulgent to celebrate the birth of a child!?! I feel sorry for your children that you wouldn’t want to celebrate them! Especially if you had the extra money to do so…if you expect a shower with each child perhaps you are presumptuous…but if someone throws one for you…you should probably be grateful that you have people in your life who love you enough to celebrate your happiness…why bash someone who has the money and the people who love her and her growing family?

Susan on

First – why isn’t she having a sprinkle – the common term for a 2nd; 3rd. Where someone can get a little something for the baby – like a new baby book but it’s not a full blown shower?

Every new baby doesn’t need a new crib.

But second is everyone unable to see that this is a marketing shower. When has anyone ever seen Gwen paling around with any of these guests (who also do similar things)? The names and product placement for the affair scream marketing party.

This is something Gwen’s publicist agreed for her to do – and then all of us (sheep) would go ooh and ahh, I need to go to Bel Bambini and spend money I don’t have or wish I could.

No photos of her opening these gifts; no photos of friends guessing the baby weight. I doubt there was anyone at this party besides the one photo of the “celebrity party planner” .

JennG on

How does anyone know gifts were involved ? I don’t see any pictures of gifts! For all the nasty comments, we don’t know. Perhaps she told people to contribute to a charity. I’m sure the people who were invited aren’t offended so get over it.

Guest53 on

congratulations and may you have a healthy and happy baby

Jessy on


You sound like a shrew. Let everyone with his or her opinion!

truth on

Just another excuse to party? A baby shower for your third child??? No, regular normal people don’t do this.

Mags on

Baby shower for 3rd same sex baby?!

Too much $$ and time to kill in hollywood. Shame on them.

Harlow on

Well there was a few years between this baby and her second son, so she probably got rid of all of her baby items. And yes, she can afford anything she wants for this child. However, if someone wants to give her a shower, her friends want to attend and bring her gifts for her child, then why not? I am sure she gave them gifts when they were expecting.

jones on

I think it is over the top to have yet another shower, especially when the baby is the same gender as her prior children. If someone really wanted to have a party/shower for her, then I would have people bring gifts that would be donated to a shelter. I seem to recall Jennifer Garner doing something like that for one of her children. Maybe that is what happened here too.

Anonymous on

A baby shower is for the first baby. Each new baby after this is celebrated when friends and family visit after the birth. There is no need for a third shower. It is over the top. And it’s over the top for anyone – wealthy or not. My opinion (got that- opinion) is it’s obnoxious.

I’m on my 4th and anything big that we couldn’t hand down from our other kids, we bought ourselves. I would feel obnoxious taking shower gifts from friends and family who haven’t even had their first baby yet. It’s like wearing white for the 3rd marriage. Tacky.

bitsy on

Her boys are 6 and 8 and since this is a later in life pregnancy, i think it is perfectly okay for her to have another shower.

I don’t understand why some people are getting their panties in such a bunch over this. I would assume that those who oppose this were invited to the shower and asked to spend their hard earned money on a gift? No? Didn’t think so, so shut up about it!

Jen DC on

You know… it’s entirely possible there were no gifts and it was just a party.

Lucky Gwen! Hopefully these next few months are smooth and you enjoy your new addition!

bitsy on

And who the hell are you “Mags”, the baby shower etiquette police? Get over it. Not your business. I am sure someone could find something for YOU to be ashamed of!!!

sky on

Again with the rude age comments. She got pregnant at 43 and is having the baby at 44. Early 40s, is not old. To be a GRANDMOTHER at 43 is worse and sad in my opinion. To me that tells me that you never had career (like Gwen), and had kids way too young.

Wake up! This isn’t the 1950s, you can get an college education, have a career and enjoy having kids. She has not had plastic surgery either, she has pale skin and avoids the sun.

MC on

Geez…jealous much Smithy?! Live your own life and let them live theirs!

AmandaC on

For my 2nd baby my friends & family had a tea and cake party to celebrate, got a few gifts. It was more to celebrate having a new baby and getting together. It was a great time!

Robyn on

What’s wrong with CELEBRATING every baby?

I had a baby shower for both my girls (3 years apart) and didn’t NEED anything, but I certainly enjoyed just getting together with friends and family and eating lots of good food and cake! I’m pregnant with my third girl now and we’re going to have a party for her arrival…no gifts needed! Just lots of friends and family, food, and cake 🙂 It’s FUN!

Pattimelt on

Who cares! Maybe family and friends wanted to do it. Such judgmental people who have nothing nice to say.

L. Davis on

Grandma at 44? Only if you’re the type to have a kid at 15. Some people on here are just green with envy. Congratulations, Gwen and Gavin! I love your music, and you make beautiful babies.