Sunnery James and Doutzen Kroes Expecting Second Child

02/06/2014 at 08:30 AM ET

Doutzen Kroes Pregnant Second Child Sunnery James Craig Barritt/Getty

Whoa, mama!

Doutzen Kroes made quite the pregnancy announcement Thursday, posting a nude photo on Instagram to say she’ll soon be having baby No. 2. She is 16 weeks along and due in late July, her rep tells PEOPLE.

“This is not a #throwbackthursday this is now!” the Victoria’s Secret model, 29, writes. “So happy to share with you that we are expecting.”

“Super happy to announce that we’re expecting new love in our life! My beautiful wifey is pregnant,” her husband, Dutch deejay and producer Sunnery James, adds.

The couple, who married in late 2010, are already parents to 3-year-old son, Phyllon Joy.

Asked recently by the Miami Herald what Phyllon is up to these days, Kroes replied: “You mean, what is he NOT up to now? He loves his bike, and he loves it when my husband records or plays music; he’s pretty obsessed with every technological device we have. And he’s becoming such a little actor, making us laugh.”

Kroes will soon have her hands full with a new infant, but she also has big plans for her career. Asked in the same interview what her dream project would be, she replied: “To be a Bond Girl, but I’m not sure if I want to be a villain or the love interest.”

— Tim Nudd with reporting by Catherine Kast

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sandy on

Really?- does anyone keep things private anymore? Little did Demi Moore know that she was opening up a can of worms with her nude pregnancy photo!

susan on

I think that Doutzen is beautiful and very grounded. I heard her speak at a forum a few years ago (“Health is Beauty: Defining ourselves”) and she came across as not only intelligent but also very realistic and concerned about female images in the media. Congrats to her!

susan on

Beautiful family, wonderful news, but I don’t like the pregnancy photo. I just don’t think it’s stunning.

ava on

If I looked like that pregnant, I’d share the photos with everyone!

Hea on

Gorgeous family. Wow…

erica2 on

Her husband is hot…Doutzen not so much just a run of the mill model type.

Plus IMO she looks much better with her clothes on. The nude photo does nothing for her and does not give off a wow factor! Kinda blah and overdone..Demi did it best it’s time to retire this type of pose.

Chelsea on

Photoshopped! Anyone could make themselves look like that

klutzy_girl on

Her husband is so attractive.

Anyway, congratulations to them!

NickyAngel on

I love this couple…congrats to them 🙂

TJ on

Someone is craving attention! Geez, enough already…

kristina on

She is the most gorgeous model…Her husband is sooo fugly.

illeryial on

Beautiful picture! Congrats on the baby, and to all those “hating” on her, grow up. If you don’t want to know, don’t read the article.

sandy on

dang, shes hot though…

bkable on

I am barely showing… please look at me.

I love pregnancy nude photos, as I think they are such an amazing way to profile a beautiful time in your life. However, she is SIXTEEN weeks pregnant. Most women aren’t even showing at 16 weeks. But hey, congratulations to her either way 🙂

Kristina Pauley on

Um…we can see if someone is pregnant WITH clothes ON!

K. on

Tasteless picture, attractive couple.


Hubby is hot, hot hot. She looks line ever other, Croatian, Russian, Ukranian, Serbian, etc.etc. model. Now the gorgeous models are Brazilian and Heidi Klum.

Juli on

I am SO happy for Doutzen. She’s amazing, mostly because she doesn’t starve herself to look like that. I’m a fan and I wish her, Sunnery and little Phyllon all the happiness. Congratulations on your new addition!

love on

What a beautiful couple!

Isabel on

Congratulations to the two! I’m sure the next little one will be just as beautiful as its older brother.

Sara on

Gorgeous couple. People in the U.S. are so weird about nudity. I’m a US citizen but European-born, and nudity is not nearly as big a deal overseas as it is here. We are the ones with all the hang-ups! The human body is beautiful and natural. She looks fantastic so why not show it? To all those saying you don’t care for the photo: who cares? You naysayers’ negative comments about you and your insecurities than anything or anyone else.

Anonymous on

bkable- This is Doutzen’s second pregnancy, though. Generally, women show sooner with a second or later pregnancy than with a first. 🙂

Anyway, congrats to them! I personally think the photo is very tasteful. There’s a difference between artistic nudity and that which you see in magazines like PlayBoy, and her photo falls in the former category, IMO.

Erin on

I have a bigger belly than her after eating a meal! Ha ha.

Ariel on

I wouldn’t have wanted my mother to have posed nude while carrying me. I just find the sexualization of pregnancy distasteful, but wish her congrats!

Sara on

Nudity doesn’t have to be synonymous with sexuality! She is clearly just showing off the beautiful female form in this photo, not being provocative or sexual.

DK on

Never heard either of these two people but congrats to them.

Anonymous on

Sara- Exactly! Why we as a country are so quick to equate nudity of any kind as sexualizing the body is beyond me!

Dulce Mae on

I wish them all the best! Congadulations! I do hope that they make a better name choice for their next child, I couldn’t pronounce Phyllon until I heard it.

Anonymous on

good looking couple. WOW.

theofficialstepashkarossiya on

Congrats! Phyllon should be a great big brother.

bil on

Be happy for people at all times. Do not judge them when you don’t know their every day lives. Having children is a God-given gift.