Ned Brower and Sarah Jane Morris Welcome Daughter Beau Katherine

02/04/2014 at 05:00 PM ET

Ned Brower Sarah Jane Morris Welcomes Daughter Beau Katherine Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty

It’s a girl for Ned Brower and Sarah Jane Morris.

“Happy to share the good news that I am officially done being [pregnant and] am now mother to little GIRL, Beau Katherine, who was born on [Saturday, Feb. 1],” the actress, 36, Tweeted Tuesday. “In LOVE!”

This is the second child for the former Brothers and Sisters star and her rocker hubby, 35, who plays drums for Rooney.

Their son, Emmett Andrew, turned 4 in January.

Morris, who’s also known for her guest run on NCIS, waited for a delivery surprise to find out the sex of the baby.

— Sarah Michaud

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sam on

Enough with the weird baby names, Beau for a girl, they should just tell her they’re sorry now, I’m sorry for her too.

Becky on

Very cute couple..Congrats on your new baby..

Dulce Mae on

Congadulations! I love they’re name choice! Lovely and yet still somehow feminine.

klutzy_girl on

Beau can be a girl’s name – the main character on Lost Girl is named Bo.

And I love Beau Katherine. It works. Congratulations to them!

lester on

oh shut up sam, beau is a great name.

CC on

Some people should really google first! BEAU is the masculine French form of beautiful. Masculine!
[This has also bothered me about Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. Her form of “Nouvel” is the masculine form to be used before a vowel with no article… Nouvelle is the feminine form and looks so much prettier.]

Caasi on

I agree with you CC. I know people can name their kids what they like, but sometimes kids get lumped with names where they spend their whole life saying they are a girl not a boy! Job applications must be a real pain sometimes when you are a girl with a boy name, or vice versa.

Joy on

Beau? Belle would have been a better choice….

Lou on

‘Beau’ is French for ‘handsome’ or ‘good-looking’ and can only be used to describe a masculine object/subject. The spelling they chose to use makes it an unfortunate name for a little girl.. Great name for a boy, though.

Amy on

Lou, good job they’re not speaking French then!!

I personally think, it’s their baby and they obviously love the name. Not sure about where you are, but I’m
In England and employers don’t consider the forename when hiring their staff… Who cares if her name can also be used for a male? Does it honestly affect her as a person!!

Huge congratulations to Sarah Jane, Ned and Emmett on the birth of baby Beau, I’m sure she is beautiful!

Isabel on

Congratulations to the two! As for the name, Beau is completely masculine sounding.

Anonymous on

CC- Good thing they don’t live in France, then. 😉 And as far as Miss Jolie-Pitt is concerned, it’s widely believed that she was named after the architect Jean Nouvel (Brad’s favorite, apparently), not the French word for beautiful, hence the spelling of her middle name. And since people rarely use their middle names in day-to-day life, I’m sure she’ll be fine!

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that Beau can always go by Katherine as an adult if she thinks her first name is too masculine!

Oh, and congrats to the family!

Eleonor on

yes she could have named her carrot or cookie, and just because its her baby we have to shut up!? no its the kids name, and she will have to grow with a masculine name, not mentionning that giving beau to a girl it totally ridiculous because of the definition, at least belle would have been logical, but beau is not only stupid but also ignorant!!

Jen on

Get over it people, it’s their kid and their choice. I’m pretty sure it will be quite obvious in no time that the child is female so these comments about having to say she’s a girl are just silly. If you don’t like Beau for a girl, don’t name your own daughter it. Simple as that.

Congrats to them on their daughter! 🙂

Ella on

Beau is the masculine of Belle, it’s pretty simple. They should have went with Bo is that is really the name they wanted they precious daughter to go by all her life…Katherine is pretty though!

ML on

I don’t see anything wrong with the name. My daughter’s name is Randee. But I thought Sarah Jane Morris played EJ not the pregnant girl on NCIS.

sarah on

common guys…the good news is; it is a name 😀 not like bear, apple, rainbow or all the wierd names we heard the last years.

Jen DC on


Shiloh’s name is thought (never confirmed, but likely) to be in homage to an architect, Jean Nouvel, and not to represent “new.”

However, I agree: Beau is most definitely masculine, unless it’s short for Isabeau, maybe? But an odd choice. I like the way the names flow together, but as a speaker of French, I would definitely look in askance if, in class, a girl Beau answered!

AmandaC on

Good grief, do these people even think before they name their children…

Jennifer on

As the mom of a little boy named Beau, I agree that it is a masculine name. I don’t like it for a girl at all. She can always go by Katherine if she wants to though. That is a lovely, feminine name.

Really? on

Beau for a girl is ridiculous. It also means a girl or woman’s MALE sweetheart.

brigitte on

Who cares what her name is or what it means? These two beautiful people created a beautiful little girl. Stop being so critical. Name your kid something ordinary when it’s your turn to name a human. I am sure there was plenty of discussion considering this subject.

Airborne Soldier on

I give them both credit for being married to one another and staying that way. Most of the narcissists in Show Biz/Music cannot think beyond themselves to maintain a true commitment. Congrats to both of you and yes, I think it is a beautiful name!