Drew Barrymore: Why I Got a Puppy While Pregnant

02/03/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Drew Barrymore Godiva Valentine's Day Michael Simon/Startraks

She’s got more love than ever in her life, but Drew Barrymore is keeping Valentine’s Day very low-key this year.

“When you’re pregnant, it’s just so different,” the second time mom-to-be told PEOPLE Wednesday in Los Angeles. “It’ll just be all about food and hanging out. Next year, it’ll be [a] fabulous bottle of wine and maybe something extraordinary.”

For now, the actress, who’s partnering with GODIVA to encourage fans to share photos of heart-melting moments inspired by her coffee table book Find It In Everything, is getting ready to welcome her second baby girl — with some extra special help from 16-month-old daughter Olive.

“She just really loves babies and kids,” says Barrymore, 38. “I have her in a lot of classes … I like when she’s so open-hearted to people and her surroundings.”

As for how she stays fit while pregnant, Barrymore reveals she hits up prenatal yoga classes three times a week — when she can.

“We don’t have a babysitter on the weekends,” she shares. “There’s a Saturday class that I basically have to turn my life upside down to get to and sometimes I simply can’t.”

Not that she’s complaining. By all accounts, Barrymore is embracing her hectic household.

“Our plate is so full right now,” she says. “I got a puppy while pregnant with the toddler and my husband [Will Kopelman] was like, ‘You are insane!’ I was like, ‘I am!'”

She adds, “I mean, let it rain. When it rains, it pours. That was my mentality.”

One thing she doesn’t have to worry about this time around? Stocking up on her baby essentials.

“I’m relieved I’m having another girl. I have everything I need,” she says. “It’s all about hand-me-downs and room sharing and all that stuff. I’m pretty psyched about that!”

— Melody Chiu

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resveratrol on

Toddlers should not be around puppies. Puppies should not be around toddlers. Oh, and no wine while breastfeeding, which I hope she still IS (or while pregnant)….and should be for 2+ years now……

Annie on

Drew…literally nobody cares.

Marcinda on

I see someone is perfect!

Anyway, I think Drew is fab! I love the no sitter and hand me downs!

Julie on

Why is this considered a top story???

Milky on

She’s so cute. Oh and thanks for your list of rules, resveratrol …

calienteuno on

Must be a S L O W gossip day!

allie on

Toddlers can learn to love and respect a pet . You need to make effort to do this, supervise, and they will get along fine.

Hartoonian on

She’s still pretty cute isn’t she? I wonder if ha husband would mind if I took her out on a date for the evening? (Raising eyebrows)

Jennifer on

Why can’t toddlers & puppies be around each other?? Stupid comment

Congrats to Drew–so glad she’s got a happy little family

KolangKaling on

So, why did she but a puppy? The article did not answer the headline at all 😦

Shirley on

Ya’ know it was just the other day when I said to myself “I wonder if Drew Barrymore will adopt a puppy during her pregnancy?” Thank you People Magazine, I can now get a sound sleep tonight since the mystery is over.

lori on

Oh Reservatroll, give it a rest. She DOES NOT need your advice or lecture. This is a sweet story about someone who turned her life around and is in love with her family. I like reading about her.

Kelly on

I love her! She’s is so incredibly normal and down to earth!

JulieB on

I’m sure harried mothers in every corner of the globe will be able to cope much better now that they know how Drew is juggling her full plate.

Lula on

I never understand why people constantly complain about People articles not being newsworthy. Of course it’s not serious news; it’s People Magazine not the BBC! And if the story was such a waste of your time, why spend more timing commenting?

Colleen on

Wow, some of you people are a bit bitchy. Why are you following People if you don’t care what celebs are doing. Get over yourselves and keeping being the “perfect” people that you think you are … I love Drew, keep it up Mama you are doing awesome. I love that you got a puppy. Some toddlers do great with puppies, mine were wonderful and it helps with allergies.

Mariel on

Nice to hear she’s going to pass her older daughter’s stuff down to her younger one. That’s refreshing to hear coming from someone who can afford to buy all new stuff if she wanted to. Personally, when celebs admit to buying an abundance of clothes for their babies/toddlers, it’s a turnoff because they grow out of them so fast.

lol on

resveratrol, WHo told you that about puppies, what an ignorant thing to say

phil on

sisterly love is wonderful–I’m 71 and my baby sister is 67 and when we visit each other—we still share a bed like when we were little

Truthseeker on

Why does she have a 16 month old baby in “a lot of classes”?

Eleanor Rickett on

Why are some of you people so judgmental. This child had a horrible childhood and deserves the best. I wish her all that and more. If your closet isn’t clean lets just not talk.

SM on

I do like Drew…


She is out of touch with the 99% who don’t have a babysitter Saturday or Sunday or Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or………

Hard to understand why we care about their lives when thy have no idea about our.

Marie on

Forget the puppy, and try taking a shower! She is such a GRUNGY GIRL!!

Anna M on

Get over it Resveratrol…..puppies are fine. I grew up with them and so did my children. In fact, our puppy became very protective of the baby and let us know when someone came in her room. She slept by the baby’s door. As far as wine, my daughter was pushing up so high my digestive system went into spasms. The doctor suggested a half glass of wine and the baby relaxed and I got relief of pain without having to go in the hospital. A half glass once or twice in the second or third trimester does no harm. Drew is just fine and it is wonderful to see someone so happy to be a mother and love her children. Great job Drew!

Janet697 on

It is so nice to see Drew so happy with her current life and what the heck the more the merrier. I wish they had said what type of dog it was. It will be so nice for the girls to grow up with the puppy.

Kelly on

@resveratrol: my godson(who is now 6) had a yellow lab when he was a baby and he turned out just fine(they were best friends until the dog died of cancer at 11 last winter). They say that kids who have dogs have fewer allergy/asthma issues

Canada1 on

Gee, two wholes a week with no babysitter? Tough life.

Moll on

I don’t believe people are actually telling her that she HAS to breastfeed her child. How dare people tell anyone how to run their lives…… how condescending

Anonymous on

“A lot of classes” most likely means: Toddler’s Gym, Toddler’s Library Programs, Toddler Part Time Educational Daycare…..all very normal things to do with your 18-3 yr old child. All of these activities introduce toddlers to other children, improve their mental and physical skills, etc. Most are short periods of a day, and kids love it! Remember up to 3 their little brains are like sponges. Comments from a Mother, Grandmother and Nanny.

MKM on

I LOVE pregnant Drew Barrymore! Maybe it’s the top story because people like Drew. She’s stunning.

Zaria on

Wow @resveratrol, any other “rules” Drew Barrymore should follow?! How rude!

Moll on

Also if these ‘know it alls’ would read the article properly…. it’s the dog whose having the classes & she said next year it would be wine, no mention of her drinking while pregnant….

Jenna on

Breast feeding for 2 Years?! Busy moms don’t have that option. And when your kid has teeth they absolutely shouldn’t be breast feeding. Come on, resveratrol.

isa on

Resveratrol, you’re an idiot.

Anonymous on

Gee. I’d like to have a baby!

KathyNYC2 on

I don’t know why it is but every time I read about Drew Barrymore being happy I just feel so happier myself. I guess from watching her grow up and see her struggling to know being so happy.

Kim on

@Shirley….LOL, your comment is the best and shares my sentiments exactly!

Anonymous on


Oh please…. shell breastfeed if she wants to, and if she odes shell breasfeed for how long she feels is right for her and her baby, 2 years…!

Anonymous on

Toddlers should be around puppies and vice versa. It is so cute when they grow up together as best buddies. Obviously someone has never experienced unconditional love from a dog. I feel bad for you resveratrol. But then again the puppies are probably, because you aren’t around them.

Kash on

“when your kid has teeth they absolutely shouldn’t be breast feeding.” If you’re going to dog someone else’s oddball “rules” you should probably avoid sharing lies of your own. Teeth and breastfeeding are 100% compatible. A baby can’t bite you while they’re actually eating and those little gums make fine weapons themselves if your baby actually wanted to hurt you. They’re not soft at all!

Jane on

resveratrol you are a jerk Drew didn’t ask for advice so don’t give advice when it is not asked if Drew wants her toddler to have a dog so be it I had a dog when I was a baby the dog used to sleep under my crib to protect me if any one came in that she didn’t god pity them

LuvLeeRita on

@Annie, and her comment, “Drew….literally nobody cares”. Well I care and so do lots of people who love her and her movies. And if you don’t care, why are you here?

@resveratrol, you have a lot of rules and you’re too anal. Lighten up.

Andrea on

@resveretrol, wow.. I have three kids and I think your advice is a little off…

Jill on

Resveratrol sux! Who died and left you boss?

Jen on

I love how sweet and down to earth Drew is! I feel like I could trade recipes and parenting tips with her like it was NBD lol

blessedwithboys on



Jess on

“We don’t have a babysitter on weekends…” I always love her and that made me laugh and remember that she really isn’t the girl next door. 🙂

Ella on

So did I Drew, big effing deal.

Ella on

@resveratrol your life must suck. My sons are 16 and 18. One in college, one almost graduated from high school. I got a chow puppy when I was 5 months pregnant with my first son, and we have had dog ever since. I also drink wine and did on occasion while breast feeding….so explain how my children are smart productive members of society? You are an ignorant fool…please educate yourself before posting again.

Mindurbusiness on

Says who a toddler shouldn’t be around puppies? It’s good for them both to learn how to interact with each other. . Obviously they need supervision.

Anonymous on

I wouldn’t get a new pet unless I had some experience with the kid first. Isn’t Barrymore a new mom.

Anonymous on

Anonymous- Actually, pets can be good training for kids. 🙂

Anyway, please don’t jepordize your sobriaty and start drinking again, Drew (she’s an alchoholic- albiet a recovering one- if I remember correctly)!

Laurie on

Seriously — Jenna — who said “And when your kid has teeth they absolutely shouldn’t be breast feeding. Come on, resveratrol.” Are you kidding me? If your kid has teeth they shouldn’t be breastfeeding? You do realize how early teeth can come in, don’t you?

Carolyn on

Resveratrol – where did you get that from?? Obviously you’ve never seen a puppy around a baby. I think it’s awesome that she did that!

Melany on

I Love Drew! She is so sincerely sweet. How many wealthy people even think about hand-me-downs and room sharing. resveratrol……shove off

bitsy on

If nobody cares Annie, why did you read the article and take the time to comment?

I do find it hard to believe that her kids will be “room sharing” however.

Jay on

It disappoints me when proud comments are made about how seldom celebrity parents have sitters.

Becky on

I love Drew, love that she is happy with her life, found what seems to be a caring, loving man in her life. She’s a Mom of a 16 mos. old, with a new daughter due soon. Congratulations to them all. Can’t wait to see the new baby, and what they name her.

Sapphyra on

Honestly some of the comments like puppies should not be around toddlers and vice versa!!!!! What a bunch of sour grapes. As long as you supervise the child and teach them about how to treat a pet. It’s a moment to teach a child about the joy of loving an animal. I love Drew and think she’s great always so positive which is more than I can say for some of the comments.

Nicole on

Most European(and some American) physicians tell their patients that a glass of wine once a week or so is fine later in pregnancy. Americans are terrible at moderations. That’s why ACOG has a policy that sounds like it written by a bunch of temperance ladies.

Anonymous on

I agree with the majority regarding puppies and toddlers. As long as you do your research and select the right breed (some are better with little kids than others), it’s perfectly fine to allow a toddler a furry playmate! 🙂

deb on

I like Drew, she’s so down to earth and refreshing. Getting a puppy is fine with a toddler. That way you get all the baby & puppy stage out of the way in one go and they can grow up together. People are so judgemental on here, it’s quite sad.

Anonymous on

Really, People? This is not news! Everyone has a puppy!!! ok, not everyone, but goodness, what the heck is that to print a story about? And to “resveratrol” – mind your business. People can breastfeed as long as they want to or not at all. She didn’t say anything about breastfeeding and drinking wine, so have a seat. UGH. Righteous people in this world………..

Paige on

Drew looks fabulous these days, she seems so happy, good for her!!

Kiona on

I never leave comment’s, ever, but was asked if I would participate at the end and decided I would. I had read some ugly comment’s earlier about Drew. I know this isn’t part of the participation but, as an older adult Sister; (by only a few year’s) one who watched this baby grow; go through life and struggle with her identity, her family, drug’s, teenage year’s and dating. I have always held a special place in my heart for her, in hopes, that she would always MAKE IT!! Whether it be, simply to get married and settle down, or get away from drugs and straighten up, get her acting career on track and live happily ever after. We have lost, so many child star’s tragically to drug’s, or suicide, for one reason, or another. I know a lot of people, will not care what I am saying, as there has been some nasty comment’s, on here! I DO KNOW, some of my Sister’s & maybe, even some Brother’s, who connect with me, who have children and worry, EVERYDAY SINGLE DAY ABOUT THE WELL BEING OF THIER CHILDREN!!! THEY KNOW EXACTLY, where I am coming from!! You feel it in your heart!! Even parent’s that adopt!! You’re heart is NEVER THE SAME, if you ever have to go through what her parent’s did!! Anyway,I got online today and came across a picture of her, with her husband. I haven’t seen her in a while, so, I was very happy to see, she was married and pregnant with her second child. She of course, VERY pregnant! But, one of the first things that got my attention, was how VERY HAPPY she TRULY looks and she was absolutely BEAUTIFUL in the moment!!! She is beautiful anyway, but in that moment, she was STUNNING!! At 38 year’s old and VERY pregnant. She was wrapped in her husband’s arm’s and had the most beautiful smile on her face, as did he, and she was GORGEOUS!! So, after beating all the odd’s and EVERTHING that she went through, from childhood star, teenage year’s and all that CRAP!!! You can talk nasty all you like, who care’s if she breast feed’s…not my business!! This puppy will probably grow up to protect this baby for life, depending on it’s breed. But, again…not my business!! This is news to us, because she is basically our little Sister. I’m thinking if people don’t like the article headlines, they shouldn’t read it. Also, at 38 year’s old, in love and feeling on top of the world…you’re going to be giddy when answering question’s. On other thread’s, I read where a few people were putting her down for her answer’s, for using “Like” in them. They should really understand, when you are TRULY HAPPY, there really isn’t ANYTHING, that’s wrong with the world in your eye’s, like….using the word, “like,” to answer a lot of your question’s, and like you kinda, hafta, remember like, she’s ONLY “38” Man!! Like, “38” is THE NEW, “28”. So she is, like, still really, like, only in her “20’s”!!! I think that was a RIDICULOUS comment. But, that ‘s me. These are strictly MY OPINION’S!!! I absolutely adore Drew!!! Not that she cares, but from one Sister to another, I am So VERY PROUD of her and how she turned her life around and came out on top!! She is truly happy and full of life!! And, for the people who are bored by her, it’s laughable; the ones that want to take her out, it’s sad; the one’s that want to tell her what to do; hhhhmmmmmmmmm………….. I guess will always have the dictators.