Rachel Zoe Shares Photos of Son Kaius’s Designer Goodies

02/03/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

No one should be surprised that Rachel Zoe isn’t showing at Fashion Week. Ever since welcoming second son Kaius Jagger in December, the new mom has had only one focus — being with her baby boy. She’s even shared a few sweet snapshots of her family on Instagram.

The designer has also been posting cute pics of all the luxe baby gifts (à la Kim Kardashian) she’s received for her little guy, including a navy tweed Chanel teddy bear.

“Three words…Chanel teddy bear…even embroidered Kaius’s name and birthday!” she captioned the below photo of the chic stuffed animal.

Rachel Zoe Instagram Kaius Chanel Teddy BearCourtesy Rachel Zoe

But that’s not all the very lucky Kaius has been given. He’s barely 3 months old and he already has a suitcase full of mini duds from Dior, a pint-size tux and oxfords from Gucci and a baby blue outfit and boat shoes from Roberto Cavalli. He’s well on his way to having a closet that will rival big brother Skyler‘s.

Our favorite gift? The custom cashmere patchwork teddy bear from  L.A.-based brand, The Elder Statesman, below.

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Genevieve on

Wow this is one shallow post.

Louise on

Perhaps it is just me but I find this behaviour to be glorified bragging. Ms Zoe already has plenty of money and things, so why does she feel the need to show off? It seems as if only no talent ‘celebrities’ like her and Kim Kardashian do this- can you imagine a real talent like Meryl Streep doing this?

Jen on

@Genevieve- People chose to post an article on what Rachel has posted on her own personal instagram. That isn’t technically shallow. It’s unfortunate though that something about the gifts she has received for her child make you feel uneasy.

Julie on

This humble-brag behavior of certain celebrities has always rubbed me the wrong way. It’s one thing to post pictures of your baby’s cute gifts, but this is more like a product placement. Yuck.

Ala on

I don’t care if Rachel Zoe’s job is fashion stylist. Showing off your designer freebies like that is incredibly tacky and inconsiderate for those out there who cannot afford those items, or worse, can’t afford to buy any food to eat.

sky on

Handwritten personal notes are more appropriate than a instagram which is lazy in my opinion. The suitcase is ridiculous. I have a little boy and would not put him in any of these outfits, as they do not go well with the sandbox and other activities. It’s more for her.

Marky on

And yet, Ala, you have a computer. No food, but you have a computer, and you criticize others. SMH

This is a celeb baby site, but you want to think they are all sitting around washing diapers by hand in the bathroom sink? Wow, talk about ridiculous! I like reading about this stuff, and thinking about what I would like to have and what I wouldn’t of all the fun, imaginative things they have. Why hate rich people? Any why wouldn’t this couple have stuff? They waited 20 years to have children, and they had time to make money and save up for their “stuff”, and so did their friends. Sheesh, get over your whiney selves, and play nice or don’t get on Celeb Baby Sites!

And Sky, are you saying your child never goes anywhere nice, but instead sits in a sandbox all day? I wasn’t rich at all, but my children all needed dress clothes for some occasions.

sky on

Wow such generalizations! If you read between the lines I am saying my son wears clothes that are more practical than Dior for playing and for preschool. No one mentioned washing diapers in the sink, but to catch you up on things, people on this site do go green too. It is a form of product placement, (I mention your product, you give me more swag, that’s the nature of the business..).

Jessica on

I agree with Sky! I also think Zoe is very shallow and materialistic. That is the main reason why she probably had a baby, just so she can brag about baby items. Probably has the nanny to do everything for the baby and she only brings out her baby “to show it off” nothing more

Nita on

Does she need to show all the glamour gifts from those famous people on instagram? She has plenty of money to have these things, ridiculous!