Kevin and Danielle Jonas Welcome Daughter Alena Rose

02/02/2014 at 05:55 PM ET

Kevin Danielle Jonas Welcome Daughter Alena Rose Andrew Toth/FilmMagic

Married to Jonas — with a baby!

Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle welcomed their first child, a daughter, on Sunday, Feb. 2.

“We are overjoyed at the birth of Alena Rose Jonas,” the new parents said in a statement to E! News.

“She is precious! We could not be more excited to start building our family together. We want to thank our family and friends for their love and support, and our fans for all of their well wishes.”

After a few false starts, Kevin, 26, revealed their baby girl was finally on the way this weekend, sharing a snapshot of the hospital monitor with the hashtag #thisisnotadrill and later Tweeting to his followers that Danielle had started pushing.

Since confirming they were expecting a baby, the couple have allowed fans to follow along on their pregnancy journey by sharing their experiences — including finding out the sex! — on social media.

“So many celebrities hide that they’re pregnant for a long time and keep everything so quiet. Why? It’s such a joyful time, we’re telling the world and we want to be able to rejoice!” Kevin told Fit Pregnancy.

— Anya Leon

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tanya on

She’s precious. I love the name it’s beautiful.

ween on

Wonder where they bought her? Nonetheless, lovely picture.

Sarah S. on

Excellent middle name, my daughter is also a Rose! Congrats to Kevin and Danielle…baby Alena is a so cute!

denise on

Best wishes, so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane on

Brought to you by Dreft. Nothing is sacred. The baby is very cute, nonetheless.

Starlet on

She is beautiful. A precious moment.

JJ on

Ween-you’re an idiot.

Megan on

Anyone else think it’s weird a laundry detergent made the announcement?

Cute little girl, congratulations despite the odd announcement!

Anonymous on

congrats she is beautiful

Juli on

What a precious picture of Dani and baby Alena (by the way, I dig the name!). Congratulations to Kevin, Dani and all the Jonases!

Donna on

What a beautiful baby girl,with such a beautiful name! Congratulations Kevin and Danielle!

meghan on

Pretty name.

Anonymous on

godd shes beutiful one life so precious

Teresa on

Congrats! But what’s up with Dreft posting the announcement?

eab on

Wow, this baby had a job since before she was born. Seems kind of weird… Alena is a nice name. It’s different but not weird.

Jamie on

Goodness please make sure she dose not look like her ugly ass mother

jessesgirl72 on

Not even 24 hours old, and already being pimped out to sell things.

I wish them well, but really?

Crystal on

I love the name! Congratulations Kevin and Danielle!!!!! :)))

ELC on

What a beautiful baby girl. I’m sure the parents will cherish her always.

JustSteph on

So happy for you all!! Danielle , you are going to be a WONDERFUL mother…..don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise!!! SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! GOD BLESS!!

Paula Andrade on

She’s beautiful!!

Kim on

I can’t fault them for the Dreft pimpage, someone had to foot the bill to buy the baby.

Callie on

WEEN- you are a sick F**K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to them, the baby is adorable

heather on

and why is Dreft involved?

Lia on

Beautiful lil girl, and I love her name. So happy she got Kevin’s nose.

Donna on

congrats! hopefully she looks like her daddy because her mommy is fugly

Margo on

Congrats to Kevin and Danielle!

And love the name! It’s Dani’s mom’s name (Angela) without the G, and backwards! So cool and cute!

Debbie on

Jamie – you’re an a**hole.

Beautiful baby with lovely name.

Sydney on

Please take the time to read.

Alena is Danielle’s and Kevin’s baby. Look how the skin colour matches dani’s. Kevin was obviously the person on the dreft account posting about the baby. Kevin and danielle are the most heart warming, generous couple I know. They wouldn’t lie, and defiantly not about this. To people who think its fake have been brainwashed by stories that the papparazi have made up just to get a bit of cash. Think about it, Kevin and danielle have grown up in religious families. Kevin hasn’t really had any girlfriends before he met dani, which mean he wanted to wait for the right person to start a family with which was her. She wanted a family all her life, they wouldn’t fake it. The pictures of her in the gym and the quote”she’s wearing the wrong baby bump” She’s not wearing a baby bump that’s her stomach growing its not fake it’s all skin and flesh. The reason she is skinny still is because she’s going to the gym to keep fit. She has a a few dogs so obviously they will keep her fit. She’s eats healthy which we keep her body in great shape. My mum hardly put any weight on when she was pregnant with me or my older brother who was a week late aswell. This is NOT NOT NOT A FAKE PREGNANCY. It was saying that video was fake about the belly moving but it’s real. Don’t forget the skin is stretching and growing which is probably it’s abit pale, and it might be coursing moles, spots anything every woman is different. Or dani might have spray tans, but because she was pregnant she wasn’t allowed them. Don’t forget that. She looks like kevin and danielle The jonas brothers grandpa died the other day, and this beautiful girl was born today, if you believe in second life like I do, don’t you realise this could be grandpa jonas. This could be his second life. A beautiful stunning little girl Alena. It is not fake. They’ve both wanted a family since they was in there teens. If you still think its fake go and see a doctor or a maternity nurse who can explain to you all the different types of pregnancies, weight gain, colour of skin. Moles. Everything and they will explain to you what can happen. Don’t read any comments or websites about it being fake because there not true. Oh yeah and the pictures saying she has belly in one photo and hardly any belly in another. That’s not true her belly has always been there and getting bigger and bigger through the pregnancy, it could of been down to the clothes she was wearing she could of been wearing tight ones which would of shown of the belly more then it could of been big baggy clothes maternity clothes which you have to wear when you start to get bigger. Which would cause the belly to hardly be seen. If you want some more proof email lots of love xxx

Anonymous on

Perhaps people keep pregnancy private because there is a chance of loss. And it’s nice to be respectfully joyful by not rubbing a successful pregnancy in the face of those who can’t have children.

Anonymous on

Danielle will make a great mom…. kevin well different story

Sarah on

I wore my diamond studs when I delivered. Cute baby.


One of my kids has Rose for a middle name, too. Congratulations!

Katherine on

Did we really need to know she was pushing? Put the phone down and concentrate on the birth of your child. TMI

Kasee on

I can’t believe how mean people are being to Danielle! I watched a few episodes of their show and she seemed very sweet. I don’t think she ever claimed to be a model or anything, how would you like it if you married someone famous and everyone felt they could take cheap shots at your appearance?

sylvia on

dreft laundry detergent made the announcement? How is that done, exactly? and…ew.

nice name, but all her life she will have to correct “No, not Alana; no, not Alina; no, not Lina; no, not…..”

and god how many babies have the middle name of that dumb flower…

Donna on

Much Happiness !!! Thanks for sharing Alena Rose’s picture.

Amy on

Adorable name! Congrats to the new parents.

Lisa on

Love the name ~ Congrats to the new parents. She is beautiful.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Hmmm…the father in this equation doesn’t make the announcement, rather a major corporation.

Now that II think about it, someone had to pay for the baby.

Morning Coffee on

I am with Ween. Kevin is gay, Danielle is a paid beard and the baby is not biologically their daughter.

Ris on

I feel so bad for Danielle bc she’s a sweetie…she doesn’t realize she’s the next Tina Simpson. 😦

Brenda on

Happy for them, but he tweeted when she was pushing?? I hope this isn’t going to be his priority from now on. Wow

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Why would a major corporation announce the both and not the parents? Oh that’s right…someone had to pay for the baby and pay off the adoption agency and birth mother.

Windy on

Aww Congratulations to Kevin and Danielle Jonas!!! My daughter also has the middle name Rose!!

wow on

So….Let’s hope baby has her dad’s nose! I have never seen a bridge that goes up to the eyebrows-wow!!! Hopefully, she will have Mom’s personality since she is super sweet.

Isabel on

Glad to hear the little one is healthy but this family, including their entire extended family, is just odd.

Tee Tee on

Aw, what a precious baby! I absolutely love her name!

I have to admit that I’m seriously shocked by some of these comments. I agree that it’s odd that a company “introduced” this baby but why on earth are so many people being so dang ugly? I’m particularly disturbed by the comments regarding Danielle’s appearance. Sounds like a lot of you would prefer this woman get plastic surgery instead of just embracing the appearance God gave her. Goodness, that’s shallow! We live in a sad world!

Carol on

Congratulations!!! Beautiful family……..precious moments!!!

Janet697 on

Kevin and Danielle congratulations of the birth of your beautiful baby girl Alena Rose. May you all have a long and happy life together

Tenaj on

love each other and love her unconditionally. You are both beautiful with wonderful families live laugh love enjoy

s.l on

That baby looks like Kevin!

Vashti on

I am so happy for them. I even like their reality show as well. Congrats!

s.l on

The earrings are probably a push present from Kevin.

Lisa on

Very sweet picture

Stacy on

Congrats ! Love the view on sharing the joy ! Mom and Baby are bueatiful !

Marky on

Is there ever going to be a monitor on here to eliminate the snarky, hateful comments from some of you?? How rude it is to assume you can tell someone is gay by looking at them, or hearing their voice, or because they like flowers or who knows what sort of thing you suppose made you think they are gay.

And seriously? To call a new mother “ugly” or comment on her nose? Who ARE you people who think you should be able to get on thread after thread, and insult the parents, insult the babies, insult the name the parents chose, and claim they didn’t have the baby themselves because you just KNOW they don’t have sex. Sheesh, what a bunch of hateful posters you are. Shame on you!

Congratulations ti the happy couple! Their baby is gorgeous, and her name is lovely!

wow on

Wow I hope that she doesn’t have her mom’s nose!!! Mama needs a major nose job!!! I have never seen a bridge extend to the top of the eyebrows like that. Her personality is awesome, so I hope that the baby gets that at least

merry on

Alena is traditional Czech name, btw, never heard it in American context and I love it! I am really wondering about the story behind the name.

Farrah on

Some people in the comments on this article are claiming that they “bought” or “adopted” this precious new baby and claim she (Danielle) was never really pregnant. Let’s say on the off and really weird chance she wasn’t pregnant and the baby was adopted. MAYBE she couldn’t get pregnant? There’s many a possibility that there’s something wrong with her to where she can’t get pregnant or carry a child to full term. and if that were the case, they obviously chose to adopt and because there are thousands of judgemental assholes (Not towards anyone on this post, most comments were pretty civil) who would give them shit and tell them their exploiting their situation for attention, sympathy, money, etc.
That would be the likely reason for covering it up. Either way we don’t need to argue about it because regardless a beautiful baby was brought into this world and has wonderful parents, uncles and grandparents who will love her endlessly.

dudley doright on

thx for sharing such a sweet picture of mom & baby

Farrah on

Ever think that if Danielle herself didn’t have the baby and another woman did, it was probably because Danielle can’t get pregnant for whatever god given reason. And they kept it quiet and made it seem like she was pregnant because either way, people would accuse them or exploiting their story for money attention and even sympathy? Plus, some of your may not know that there is this little thing called having a surrogate mother where another woman would carry the baby, but it would biolgically be KEVIN and DANIELLE’S BABY. and NO I am not saying this theory is true, just simply making a counterpoint to some other peoples comments of “Someone had to buy the baby” deal.

Mandy on

Dreft helped to make the announcement because Danielle and Kevin helped to promote their new app for new parents and they have probably been continuing the promotion of the app and in turn Dreft was able to post the picture of their sweet little girl.

Anonymous on

Sydney, Marky, and others who expressed similar view points- I couldn’t agree with you guys more! And now I’d like to add a few things to what you guys already pointed out.

First of all, I don’t get why people are insuinating that Danielle wasn’t pregnant and this baby isn’t theirs biologically because they’re convinced Kevin is gay (and therefore he and Danielle wouldn’t be sleeping together). Last time I checked, people can get pregnant without having sex (and for some reason, people don’t seem to have any trouble believing that other celebs- such as Clay Aiken and his female friend, who concieved their son via artifical insemination- did so!).

Plus, gay men DO sometimes sleep with women (or vice-versa, for that matter)- with a desire for procreation being one of the main reasons for doing so.

Second of all, I can’t see Dreft risking their companies’ reputation by agreeing to be involved in such a scheme (faking a pregnancy and birth).

And finally, that picture of Danielle and Alana should be proof enough that she gave birth, IMO. That is clearly a woman who has been through labor and delivery!

Anonymous on

Now that I’ve got all that off my chest, congrats to them! As an aside, poor Danielle had to push for SIX HOURS going by when the tweet about her pushing and the tweet announcing Alana’s birth were posted. YIKES!

Anonymous on

Oh, and Alana is adorable!

Beth on

Jamie lets see what you look like nasty comment i bet your no prize and your UGLY attitude stinks! So rude!!!

Beth on

Donna i bet your UGLY loser you wish you looked like her and lived her lifestyle hahahahaa

Tisha on

Goodness, In my 53 years I have never read such hateful mean things from people…If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing! Congratulations to the new baby…and you hateful people with your nasty mean comments, please don’t write such nasty comments, have you ever thought that perhaps they might read these comments, and your negativity and hatefulness just might be more than a person can bear…why try to take a way a persons joy…May the Lord enrich your lives, and touch your souls. Peace, Tish

Sacmar on

I like the name. Very pretty. She’s a cute kid. I find the Dreft thing kinds of odd though.

Jess on

OMG. I admit I don’t know much about this couple and I have never commented here before but I just have to say I cannot believe how nasty some of you people are. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Ann on

How exciting for them and she is beautiful……… hiding, no selling the first picture of their baby just proud parents who are thrilled so good for them……

Huh? on

I hate when people try to be different with spellings. You need to think practically for the sake of your child. Her name will forever be pronounced and spelled wrong everywhere she goes. Hhow do you say it? Alaina? (long a) Aleena? (long e) or Alenna? (short e)

Huh? on

How do you pronounce that?!

Me on

I can’t wait till this kids starts getting older and it gets more and more obvious that its not their kid.

c.a. on

Kevin seems better suited to deal with a girl rather than a rough and tumble little boy. Worked out well for them. Congrats.

Michelle on

She is absolutely adorable, but why ruin the moment by having Dreft make the announcement? That’s a proud moment, announcing your child. It’s gotta be about the money….nothing is sacred anymore.

Kate on

CUTE! I love these two. They seem sweet and loving. I love when nice people have babies. All the luck and health in the world to these two and their lovely little girll.

Dr.Mom on

Beautiful baby, beautiful mom – God bless them all and shame on those who take the time to read an article just to post nasty comments. How incredibly sad your lives must be.

erica2 on

If I hear of another baby girl with the middle name ROSE or GRACE I think I am going to SCREAM!!!!!!! Please be original…there are other damn names to choose from UGH!

Chelsea on

This is why dreft made the announce – Kevin and Danielle have partnered with Dreft and the brand’s Amazing Baby Days app to capture all of the amazing moments from their pregnancy through their daughter’s first year. They need to make money somehow since neither are working anymore.

Rachel on

Not a fan of the name… But she’s beautiful!

Christina on

This is just my opinion (and I think everyone deserves to have one), but regardless if you’re a celebrity or not, this “live tweeting” and letting everyone know every detail of every second, is so very tacky. Is nothing sacred anymore? Did Kevin really fell the need to have to let everyone know that she was about to “push”?

Christina on

Hopefully they were able to rent their house out for the weekend. You know they probably will need the money to pay for those hospitals bills.

jay on

Cute baby. Kevin is going to be an amazing mom.

vik on

Does it have dad’s face because mom’s got hit by a mack truck.

Ann on

Congratulations to the happy couple. She is precious!!

Ann on

Congratulations to the proud parents of this precious baby girl!!

carol on


GinaG on

Too bad dad is gay

Jayda on

I wonder if they’re pronouncing it ah-LEE-na or ah-LAY-na? I’ve met several Alenas with both pronunciations. Either way I love the name!

AmandaC on

His family has to be so excited to have a little girl now! What a pretty name.

Jen on

And now, the placenta and afterbirth delivery sponsored by… PAMPERS! Danielle’s weeklong post birth bleeding brought to you by… STAYFREE!!!

Nice way to milk that cash cow kid. Stay Classy, Jonas.

@Marky– We actually thought Danielle was fugly way before she was a ‘new mom.’ 😉 So be well informed befored you start to lecture.

@Sydney- I’m sure the Jonas boy is now going to fall in love with you and fulfill all your fangirl fantasizes since you wrote a novel here to defend him and his horse ‘wife.’ Oh wait, no he won’t because he likes to sleep with men!!

Amy on

Congrats! Lovely name.

what of it? on

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. Danielle, you and your child are beautiful.

Kate on

she is so cute, congrats. And hey look a normal name compared to North, Apple, Cricket, etc…. It is actual a cute name,

mimi on

” There’s many a possibility that there’s something wrong with her to where she can’t get pregnant ”

her husband is gay and that’s the main reason.

lena on

My daughter is called Alena. My parents are Czech so i wanted something to reflect my heritage. Wonder why K and D chose it (apart from it being one of the most beautiful names)?

Annie on

Perhaps he shouldn’t have posted her birthday and medical record number with this joyous tweet

Becky on

Congrats to them. she’s sweet . they partnered up with Dreft months ago. he even said to follow them for updates.

jenny on

the idea that they bought a baby is ridiculous (and i dont even watch this show, or like them. I did watch it once, that sister? of hers sure comes off as a spoiled little b***ch ). I’m sure if they were going to adopt a kid, it wouldn’t be a secret, celebrities use their statuses to adopt kids all the time. However, I also think it’s ridiculous that you need to wear huge diamond earrings to push a baby out of your hoo-hah, jeez the celebrity life…

Leanna on

She so cute!!! i love the name, finally, someone with good sense to name their baby a normal name.

Leanna on

Baby is adorable and so cute….why would people say anything about her being bought. Why would you comment on Danielle’s nose? I guess people will always hate and be critical. If she got a nose job, she would be talked about and if she doesn’t, they also talk crap about her. ENOUGH you idiots!!!!!

Anonymous on

The name is very popular in Eastern Europe. What is the reason for them to have chosen it? The last name Jonas is from the region, too. I assume they know their heritage?

delectibledelights on

For anyone wondering: Dreft is a laundry detergent for baby clothes and items. They announced the birth because they also have an app out called “Amazing Baby Days” where expecting parents can keep track of their pregnancy. They can take photos of all the gifts that they get and catalog them so they know who gave them what and expecting parents can keep track of other important pregnancy stuff too. Danielle and Joe used the app when Danielle was pregnant. I think that’s why they partnered with Dreft and Dreft got to announce the baby.

dj j on

I’m sorry but we aren’t being mean. It is just so obvious If you have paid attention, they announced the pregnancy in June, and posted ultrasound pics saying baby was due the first week in January. This baby is one MONTH late! The people at Fit Pregnancy magazine knew it was fake. Moon bumps is a company that sells baby bumps, and there were 5 sold to Danni. Then on top of it, with all of the fake baby story going around, Kevin would post weird pics of baby moving in a belly, and fake heartbeat videos. If the baby was real, why would they do that? trying to hard to “prove” something, the easiest way would be for her to lift her shirt one time for the “haters”. That certainly wasn’t done. What couple has a sponsor for a baby? Only one who is doing it for publicity. She was supposed to lose it in 2nd trimester, but their show was cancelled.

peacelillies82 on

Why does everyone think they bought their baby? Did I miss something?

Mel on

Alena is a pretty name. Congratulations to Kevin and Danielle!!

TT on

How people think the baby is not their biological baby, it’s absurd. Liked their reality show, they are funny.

denise on

Where are the monitors? There are so many homophobic comments here. People magazine is suppose to be gay friendly. The baby is adorable.