Baby Boy on the Way for Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari

02/01/2014 at 03:45 PM ET

Kristin Cavallari Pregnant Second Son Jay Cutler
Charley Gallay/Getty

With their second child on the way this spring, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler found out the sex of the baby over the holidays, but chose to keep it private – until now.

“We decided to announce that we’re having another boy!!” the reality star turned designer, 27, and her Chicago Bears quarterback husband, 30, shared on Instagram Saturday. “We couldn’t be more excited!”

Cavallari, who gave birth to son Camden Jack, now 17 months, in August 2012, recently told PEOPLE that she’d be happy with either gender.

“Of course I want a little girl, but another boy would be a ton of fun too, so I really don’t care either way,” she said in November. “There’s great things about both.”

After marrying Cutler in Nashville in June and jetting off on a romantic Italian honeymoon, the couple have settled in at home. In addition to announcing their happy news, Cavallari also shared a photo of a father-son game of hoops.

— Sarah Michaud

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Penelope on

Haha. In her excitement, Heidi accidentally spilled the beans early. Good for them.

sue's on

Congrats on their new edition

Meia on

She is one of those people that continue to surprise me! She seemed to be going down a bad path and becoming a mom seems to have changed her. Congrats to her and her family!

ava on

She was never going down a path–she was an “actress” on a “reality show.” Seems that she’s always been normal. How nice for her little boy to have a brother. I think it’s great to have two of the same sex.

sunhater on

that has to be an advertisement for (evil) Nike, with the swoosh so prominent in the photo there above the rim. makes me feel ill.

sunhater on

sure, we all shoot hoops wearing bowling shoes…

Kimmie on

I think Kristin will find that having two of the same will be much easier because they will play together and hopefully be best buds for life. I’m sure Jay is thrilled to have two sons.

nikki on

yaaaaaaaaaaaaay another lil Bear…:)..that has to be an old picture, cuz we got like 10 inches of snow in chicago…

Me on

“Decided to announce” = “No one seems to care about us (me), and we needed to get back in the news.”

Daniela on

So awesome! And that picture is from Nashville. it was was about 60 today. They live here in the off season

Smithy on

@sunhater — I don’t think it’s a hardcore game with a toddler involved. Proper footwear not an issue. Take a pill.

sandy on

I like these guys, dont care for the other Hill stars but she somehow got the best of me and now I like to see pics of her (and him) and junk, congrats to them.

Jesica on

Oddly enough I like kristin Cavalleri- She seems down to earth, a little airheaded but like a REAL person- So congrats to them on the soon to be baby

Shia on

LOVE this couple!

Anonymous on

Kimmie- And who says Camden and a little sister wouldn’t play together and be friends? My brother and I did and are! 🙂

reina on

Adorable!! Love them both

4mom on

It doesn’t matter what gender siblings are some get along and some fight. I have 3 girls and one boy. They all get along and fight to varying degrees. I am a girl and had just one brother. We got along fine until puberty and then he was too cool for a little sister. Personality has way more to do with the ability to get along then gender does.

Goggles~a~Pisano on

I sense another fat attack a la Alyssa Milano if that baby weight doesn’t magically drop off of Kristin. Poor woman, to be stuck with that mouth piece.

Goggles~a~Pisano on

Opps….wrong actor. My bad and my deepest apologies! Lord, forgive me.

Anonymous on

Whoooooo caaaaaaaaaaaaares

bkable on

I didn’t notice the Nike symbol til you mentioned it If you’re trying to promote Nike, you’re doing a good job

Gg on

A ” designe”. I would think that real desingers would be insulted by this. Another person with very little talent if any who is making more money then I ever will. Same thing as Lauren Conrad. She doesn’t have a lick of talent.

Holiday on

Good! I was really hoping she wouldnt get a girl. Good luck on raising TWO boys. This made my day.

Crystal on

Holiday- WHY were you hoping she wouldn’t get a girl? What is up with the commenters on here??? Wishing both Gwen and Rachel have boys (even though they did end up both pregnant with boys) when they have both expressed their desire for a girl. People are just evil! Kristin looks amazing and seems really happy with her family. I wish her all the best. I also hope they try for baby #3 (she has said they want 4) and she gets her GIRL!

Ed on

This is very bad

lc on

is Jay wearing white pants? Why?????