Owen Wilson Welcomes Son Finn

01/31/2014 at 07:45 PM ET

Owen Wilson Welcomes Second Son Jon Kopaloff/Filmmagic

Owen Wilson is a dad — again!

The actor, 45, welcomed a son with Caroline Lindqvist on Thursday, Jan. 30, his rep tells PEOPLE.

“I can confirm they had a baby boy on Thursday morning,” the rep says in a statement.

The baby’s name is Finn Lindqvist Wilson per the birth certificate, TMZ confirms. He was born at 3 a.m.

Although Finn is his first child with Lindqvist, his one-time personal trainer, Wilson is also dad to 3-year-old Robert Ford, his son with ex-girlfriend Jade Duell.

“They are not living together, but Owen is involved [in the pregnancy]. He comes to doctor’s appointments and makes sure Caroline is doing well,” a source told PEOPLE after Wilson’s rep confirmed they were expecting a baby together.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Julie Jordan

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tiaalexandria93 on

congrats to him everyone deserves a health and happy baby !!

lola on

So, he had another child with someone else that he is no longer involved with?! These poor kids. Does he think they enjoy not living in the same home with their Father, ever?

sara on

Guess he’s just spreading his seed around.

Evellina on

I’m sure he’ll be a good dad to both these boys. They are here now so no point being negative.

Big Fan on

I used to love him but at 45 he should be a little more responsible.

Anonymous on

The Butterscotch stallion rides again.

Debi on

I agree everyone deserves a healthy baby, but the 2nd baby that has a Mom that will never be more than an acquaintance…hmmm, doesn’t speak well to his character.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Two kids by two different women…what a catch!

Kartrashians on

Well she’s set for life now….

Carolyn on

What on earth is wrong with these people – keep having children but not in any kind of stable family environment; & before anyone thinks I’m on an anti USA rant, we’ve just had the Hugh Grant/3 children/2 women pregnant at the same time story break here i n the UK – does no-one, men or women, have any self-respect any more?!

Really? on

Hugh Grant the 2nd!

Carolyn on

In response to “Really?” you’ve hit the nail on the head, but how many people will not take issue as he’s a “celebrity”? Totally off topic, but just watched tonight’s Graham Norton programme & Matthew McConaughey was lovely – amusing, self-deprecating & very funny.


Well we know he knows how to become a father, but can he be a dad?

Jennifer on

I think it’s OFFICIAL!!! The human race is nothing more than a bunch of idiots. One person having kids with many other people. WHY IN THE HELL IS THIS OK?!?!? Using a condom, not screwing around at all, or doing BOTH is not that difficult!!!! SERIOUSLY PEOPLE…WISE UP!!! It’s no wonder why I choose NOT to procreate!!!

Guest45 on

I’m sorry but I am sick of seeing stories like this; a second child with a second woman (who, if I remember correctly, was married to someone else). What happened to morals & having some respect for yourself? And then to not even be in a relationship with the mother by the time the child is born? He should be ashamed of himself.

Callie on

Seriously? It’s becoming so that men of Hollywood are just sperm donors! Come on guys, stand up and be a man.

Hmmmm on

He and Hugh Grant are two peas in a pod

Anonymous on

unconventional at it’s best–2 children by 2 different women feel sorry for all of them

phil on

unconvenetional at it’s best –no marriage 2 babies by 2 different women just don’t understand

Anonymous on


CF120 on

How very adult and most generous of him to go to doctor’s appointments and make sure the mother (#2) of his child (#2) is “doing well.” Really? What a loser! Fatherhood is not meant to be a whim. Grow up!

Avery on

I am not for multiple pregnancies by multiple women personally, but let’s give this guy the credit that he does deserve. Yes, he had multiple babies from multiple women, but he’s taking care of them, and you don’t know that the woman is not just as guilty taking advantage of him.

In society, we chalk this up to “this guy is a dirt-bag, poor children, poor mother” but in reality, the mother could have used Owen Wilson! As a woman- I am not shy in my beliefs that women are sometimes in the wrong, also! Especially with famous celebrities such as Owen Wilson. Baby won’t make the man stay, if he was ever there, but some women sure do try! Either way and whatever this case may be- CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your second healthy baby! I am sure those children are beautiful, and I hope they all lead healthy, successful lives surrounded by those who love them. God bless!

kate on

I thought he had more than two?


I’m not the type that thinks people HAVE to be married to have kids together, but I do think that it would be a good idea to at least be IN A RELATIONSHIP. This is the second woman he’s had a baby with where he was not in any kind of actual relationship with. From what I’ve read, this woman was married to someone else and clearly CHEATING with him when she got pregnant. They obviously were only having a sexual relationship because not even having a child together was enough for them to actually be together…. so…. cheating… having a sexual relationship with a married woman and not using protection? That’s not something that should be congratulated at all. His first baby momma was a similar story… that woman was in a LTR with someone else too and he was barely dating her once she got pregnant. I do hope the baby is healthy and obviously he has the money to take care of a child, but tossing money to the woman who had your kid doesn’t make you a Daddy.

Amaryllis on

He and Hugh Grant must be drinking buddies!

Liz on

So sad that this is another bad example of Hollywood’s lack of morals. I would have more respect for these celebs if they would just marry and then have children. No wonder kids of today are so messed up….look at their parents!

FrenchLady on

How screwed up is that?? Fathering children to the right, to the left, everywhere!! Where are the values?? No wonder why today’s world is so screwed up!! What “nice” role models to follow…

Ginger on

What ever happened to the concept of birth control?

Donna on

These actors seem unconcerned fathering children with every female they date. These press releases make it sound like it the most natural thing in the world. Grow up Owen and set an example for your sons

Mommy on

You all are jerks. You think you know someone by reading stuff about their personal lives, then having the right to judge them. Maybe Jade cheated on him, dumped him, and broke his heart, and he moved on, 3 years later to someone else. Who knows, certainly not you.

Crystal on

I do not understand these “men” who do not have children earlier in their lives/careers and then have them back to back in their 40s. Three years is a nice age difference. However, having 2 babies with two different women is irresponsible. I’m hoping these babies were planned with each woman. He waited until 42 to have his first child. I’m POSITIVE he knows where they come from. That being said, he is making irresponsible choices. Owen is wayyyyy to old for that. Get a grip Owen. It’s not funny or cute to have babies with random women i.e. women you are not in relationships with. Your trainer? Really? It makes ALL involved look foolish and sexed crazed. Seesh.

uinaz on

Why doesn’t he marry someone already or stop having a bunch of out of wedlock kids….ridiculous..

uinaz on

whoops, I meant “a bunch of kids out of wedlock”

MJ on

He seems very fragile emotionally, I hope he’s sble to there for his sons.

C on

Word on the street is that this is actually his 4th kid. He’s just never acknowledged the first two.

suzy diamond on

OH, how BIG of OWEN Wilson to show up at doctor appts. etc. !!! What a DIRT BAG! Having kids all over the place with a bunch of women! He sets a TERRIBLE EXAMPLE as a man AND as a father! Don’t think much of these women either! Are they DESPERATE???

valeskas on

All the babies are from different mothers, please.

Linda on

Evillina says there is no point in being negative. REALLY? GET OFF IT. My stupid sister had TWO kids out of wedlock and BOTH are MESSED up kids. Sorry, but a mom and dad is what is needed when you decide to have kids coz it DOES mess them up. I seen it personally happen with both my sisters kids. AND…now her daughter who is in her very early 20s….already has her OWN BABY out of wedlock as well. She saw her mom do it so why not she do it too? And her olderst her son was really messed up in school. He had no dad and wanted one and he thought MY dad…his grandpa…was his dad. He was very disappointed to find out otherwise and yes he DID get teased at school as well over it. Do you not get how it really does affect kids?

Melanie M on

The whole situation is disgusting.

Terri on

I remember when he was suicidal.

Niki on

USE a CONDOM. Ugh, just disgusting

Hello on

Jeeze- he’s becoming like Hugh Grant…

Hmmm on

Geeze, I was happy for his first child, with everything he had gone through in the past. But between him and Hugh Grant…I just don’t think it’s cool that they are having multiple kids with different mothers. Settle down into a relationship then have kids.

AnonIA on

Who does he think he is? Hugh Grant??

Sis on

How ’bout wearing a condom?

bettyruth on

I just lost ALL good feelings about him…. a baby doesn’t deserve the chaios he is going to cause. The baby deserves BETTER than what is in this store. He needs to be neutered ASAP.

Marcia on

I’ve read in several places that he has at least a two more kids by some women in Hawaii.

sandy on

Owen, part of being a father is actually being married to the mother and being a family! How many kids are you going to have with all these different women? How sad for the kids.

E.Caceres on

so sad
he is a dad of two chidlren
and he is not with any fo the mothers
is there something wrong with this picture?

Kate on

This makes me sad. I’m in a committed marriage and we’ve been married 8 years. We still cannot conceive. We’re seeing a doctor about IVF. And here he is planting his seeds with women he won’t marry. Sad on many levels! Why God?

Kay Pasa on

He likes making babies but not commitment so much I guess.

cyn on

Are Hugh Grant and him brothers? lol

PS on

That dude’s got issues. A 45 year old man should not be bouncing around and fathering children by different women. I’m not of the thought that “As long as he can afford to support them it’s okay” either. Get mad at me if you want for saying this, but what he’s doing is immoral.

Easyup on

To JUSTME: Too many bad examples set by these grown men. That would be a match for Simon Cowell.

Mary on

Second child by second different mother, neither of whom he bothered to marry or even stay with. No comment.

shakennotstirred on

Vasectomy buddy

Crystal on

Kate- Wishing you and the hubby the best of luck in trying to conceive. I don’t know from personal experience, but I’ve had friends go through infertility. It’s a tough ride. Praying for you both that you get the miracle you so desperately want and need. God Bless! 🙂

Hea on

Oh stop the bashing. There are plenty of men and women out there who appear to collect baby mamas and baby daddys.

Hea on

Kate – While I understand that it must be very hard for you and your husband to not be able to conceive, I must say that I don’t think others should have to be ashamed for having children even though they’re not married. I do think a stable parental relationship is the best for every child to grow up in that does not necessarily mean marriage for everyone. We are all different, we have different values and preferences and I think that should be respected even if we don’t always agree. I hope it works out for you and your husband.

sky on

How can a child be a father when he is not willing to grow up? If this guy was not a celebrity he would be the town sleeze everyone would avoid.

tracy on

Put a “rain coat” on it Owen!!!

Kit on

He is following Hugh Grant’s footstep, disturbing.

jckfmsincty on

Owen, put a glove on it.