James and Kimberly Van Der Beek Welcome Daughter Annabel Leah

01/31/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

James and Kimberly Van Der Beek Welcome Daughter Annabel John Shearer/Invision/AP

Update: The couple have chosen Annabel Leah for their daughter, Kimberly posted Friday. “We named our baby girl,” she writes, sharing the new addition’s name in an Instagram photo.

James appeared on The Talk Friday to promote his new film Labor Day and described how the pair came to the decision.

“We felt like we needed to meet [her] first … and we’re just lazy,” he jokes. “We had not had a single discussion about a name before the baby was born.  I said, ‘By the way, do you have a name?’ She said, ‘Well, only one name came to me.’ I said, ‘Yeah only one name came to me too.’ And it was the same name.”

Originally published Jan. 26: James Van Der Beek and wife Kimberly welcomed their third child, a daughter, following a natural birth at home Saturday evening, Jan. 25, his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Baby girl weighed 7 lbs., 8 oz. Further details, including the newborn’s name, have yet to be released.

“Kimberly and little one are doing really well,” his rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“Outnumbered by kids, outnumbered by girls, outlandishly grateful and thrilled. Watch out world, VDB baby #3 made her debut last night,” the Friends with Better Lives star, 36, Tweeted on Sunday.

Already dad to son Joshua, 22 months, and daughter Olivia, 3, James recently told PEOPLE he was anticipating the arrival of the family’s newest addition.

“There are moments where we will be dealing with the two, it will be a handful and I’ll think, ‘Well, this is about to get even trickier,’ ” the actor said.

The couple announced the pregnancy in August after discovering Kimberly was pregnant the night before they left for a month-long trip. Although they had intended to initially keep their news a secret, it didn’t quite turn out that way.

“My mom knew,” James says. Adds Kimberly, “She even wrote down what she thought the due date would be.”

One secret the couple did keep? The sex of their third child — they chose to wait for a delivery surprise.

“I never really had a preference with either one of the first two,” says the former Dawson’s Creek star. “We already have all the stuff for girls and boys, so there is no logistical reason for me to know, so we thought it would be fun to do it old school.”

On The Talk, the actor added that his elder daughter had it all figured out anyhow.

“Olivia knew before my wife was even showing. I was in the car and she said, ‘My sister’s hiding.’ I said, ‘Your sister’s hiding — where?’ She goes, ‘In Mommy’s tummy.’ Everybody thought boy with this one – it was a surprise for us. Every psychic and everybody who said they knew … ‘I’m telling you, it’s a boy.'”

— Raha Lewis

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janie on

Congrats on the birth of your new little girl! Wonderful news!

Ginger on


Becky on

Congrats, can’t wait to hear the name..Nice normal name..

lovely123 on

I did it three times the old school way. Best surprises ever! It is so cool to make the calls to everyone and say, “It’s a …”. Super fun.

Candy on

Oh wow! Congratulations to the VanDerBeek’s on the happy homebirth of their new baby girl.

Tee Tee on

Another baby daughter! Congratulations! And YEA for homebirth!!!!

AvaElizabeth on


Olivia and Joshua are soooo nice names, really excited to hear the name of the new addition 🙂

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! Can’t wait to hear the name!

Terri on

Love the name.

Kate on

Aww!! She shares a birthday with my own baby girl!!! Just, 9 years apart, lol.

Michelle on

Congratulations! Beautiful name, all of the children have nice, normal names.

rubblebubblecake on

So nice to hear these kids have normal names!

real woman on

lovely name…

kayte on

I love that they didn’t find out, I’m one of the few I know who didn’t find out for both my babies. There are so few suprises in life and instead of a shower while pregnant, we had a meet the baby shower after so everyone could buy boy or girl and even get personalized gifts with names. (Also cut out multiple visits after baby by having one big party) Whether you find out or not a healthy baby is what is important and i’m happy for them and their beautiful family!

ELC on

Sweet picture. Love the newest additions name. Congratulations on Annabel’s birth.

Callie on

Love the name, it’s just lovely. Nice when celebrities name their children lovely, normal names instead of fruit or veggies or objects…….

ava on

Great choice–normal, but not common!

havingfun on

oh please, say it out loud “Annabel Van Der Beek”? Banna Ell beek der…what? When you have a three-part, long last name, your first name should be one syllable (say, James?) and definitely the first two syllables of fist/last should not rhyme! Ann and Van? No, just no. Maybe she will go by “Bel” but even that…Del van ber deek, or wait, what was it? in any event, too many kids and too close together! now let’s try saying the wife’s name aloud “Bimderlee van de Keek”?

Patty on

Havingfun – what on earth are you rambling on and on about? They just had their baby girl, she’s beautiful, the name is beautiful, their family is beautiful. Go back to your corner and keep on rambling, while the rest of us congratulate them on their wonderful new addition.

Congratulations to the Van Der Beek Family!

Happy on

Congratulations to the van der Beeks & to Olivia, Joshua & now little Annabel–makes me miss my all-time favorite TV show that I watched faithfully from 1981 to its Sept 2009 cancellation, GUIDING LIGHT. {Sob, snuffle snort} Congratulations on your family!

evie on

@havingfun – So…you rant and rave about the child’s name, move on to your issues with the amount of children they have in too short a time span for your liking and then circle back to the wife’s name? Maybe they could just change their last name for your convenience OR you could just get a life.

At least it’s nice to know what happens to the school yard bullies when they grow up (and I use the term “grow up” loosely) – they go from making fun of little kid’s names to making fun of little kid’s names.

P.S. – There are some basic English courses available for people who struggle with basic pronunciation. Classes for jerks are harder to come by, though, so good luck.

Isabel on

havingfun, are you okay? You don’t make an ounce of sense.

Amy on

Congratulations to James, Kimberly, Olivia & Joshua on the birth of baby Annabel. Love this family and LOVE the name Annabel! xx

Anonymous on

Great name!

meghan on

Pretty! You don’t hear Annabel too often these days. Everyone is and Isabelle or Isabella.

Becky on

I’m so happy to hear that they had a home birth! It’s great to know that home births are becoming more mainstream now. Congrats to the beautiful family!

Chelsea on

Such a fake story about the name. I really doubt they both only had one name picked out and it happened to be the same one. Especially since they “didn’t talk about it before hand at all.” I don’t believe it’s at all.

Anonymous on

Chelsea- Stranger things have happened! 😉 And really, what would they have to gain by lying about how they came up with the name anyway?

Xan on

Yeah, something about the story about how they came up with the name rubs me wrong, too, Chelsea. How likely is it that they never spoke of a name once while she was pregnant? I get that they were busy with their other two children, but geez!

It’s almost like they wanted to come off as so carefree and breezy. The way they describe it, I have the image of the two of them lounging in bed with the baby, and languidly having that silly conversation in the article about having “only one name.” As if – they only came up with a name because the hospital pressured them…

Dulce Mae on

Congrats! But I personally can’t stand that name, too “normal” and way boring. But as my parents always taught me ” different strokes for different folks.” Wishing the best!

blessedwithboys on

@Xan…what hospital?

Anonymous on

Xan- I echo blessedwithboys. What hospital? It says right in the article that the baby was born at home.

Xan on

I assumed that even home births have to answer to an (assigned?) hospital for the sake of birth certificate delivery. Perhaps I should have said, “the state of California.”

Adabel on

My name is Adabel and it’s so cool to other names close to mine!

TD on

Congrats for the new addition James and Kimberly.