Wow! Halle Berry Looks Amazing After Birth of Son

01/30/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Halle Berry Acapulco Film FestivalINF; Jesse Grant/Getty

Her X-Men alter ego controls the weather, but Halle Berry seems to have an even more amazing superpower: looking fitter than ever post-pregnancy.

The mother of two hit the red carpet at the Acapulco Film Festival on Wednesday — less than four months after giving birth to son Maceo-Robert.

Berry, 47, smoldered in a black-and-metallic AllSaints dress and her signature cropped hairdo. At the festival, she won the coveted Silver Jaguar Award. But we say her killer body-after-baby is the real prize.

The night marked Berry’s first public appearance since she and her husband, French actor Olivier Martinez, welcomed their baby boy on Oct. 5. He joined big sister Nahla Ariela, Berry’s 5½-year-old daughter with ex Gabriel Aubry.

Next up for the sizzling star? The CBS show Extant, a sci-fi series premiering this summer.

— Michele Corriston

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Beauty on

She is ALWAYS gorgeous!!!

Geminismom on

She looks great. Happy, post-baby, is paramount. But, she does look fit AND happy. Good for her. I love simple, sleek, and sophisticated sexy, she’s got it all here. Oh, and “hawt” shoes!

Tina on

She looks tired. I’d sure like to see a picture of the baby.

Elena on

She is a pretty lady but stop insulting our intelligence with the killer body nonsense. She’s wearing a huge bag. There is nothing wrong with that. My only point is that the writer is ridiculous in saying she has a killer body. You can tell nothing of it so say nothing of it.

smithy on

I don’t think she looks great. Yes, great compared to most, but she looks horrible compared to how she usually looks. She’s wearing a shapeless dress and her hair doesn’t look nearly as good as it does without that drippy section on her face.

erica2 on

@Elena please don’t let the dress fool you Halle is fit and has a killer body look at her legs and arms! You would be hard pressed to find any women who look this good at damn near age 50 let alone 4-months postpartum. Halle looks fab! Yes she does look a bit tired but since she has been out of the spotlight I’m sure she has been busy raising two young children. She’s entitled to a bag under the eye or two!

Anonymous on

I have been just fine with her being out of the public eye!!!!

lori on

Halle’shas always been a freak of nature. She’s blessed with a killer body.

Kata on

Beauty comes from within… so with that said… she is not Beautiful… Just lucky to have good genes and money to take care of herself. Halle is still a bit of a nut case.

me on

Uggghhhh, can’t stand her!

Meia on

This hair style is awful on her! She looks like she just crawled out of bed.

Lloyd on

She looks great as usual. Wonder if her latest simpering pretty boy hubby will be a good dad, or turn out to be another spoiled cry baby.

hs on

People, please, Halle looks pretty, The Kardasian in the green bikini looked pretty. Smoldering is HOTT! Which neither of those girls are. Also, Halle had her baby almost four months ago, how long should it take to drop the baby weight?

Charli on

She looks normal and lovely. She looks like the mother of a newborn. Stop being ridiculous with these articles.

Elle on

Superhuman? Really? Of course she looks good after her baby, she has every available option to look good at her disposable. Why is this news?

g.bainbridge on

She does look good, but really .. if you click on the “welcome their baby boy” link it is a picture of Hallie wearing exactly the same dress and obviously pregnant. Most women would have no difficulty getting into their maternity clothes four months after the birth of a baby.

Kim on

Ummm….she looks exhausted to me. Which is certainly expected, but let’s not be so dramatic with the description. She’s wearing a shapeless dress and has huge circles under her eyes. Welcome to the real world

bitsy on

eh. it’s been 4 months. did we all expect her to still look pregnant?

Jessica on

I don’t think she’s ever looked bad. She’s always stunning!

libba on

If I had her money, personal trainer and chef…I would look good too!

Noelle on

And since YOU other new mom’s don’t have the luxury of a personal trainer, chef, assistant and nanny YOU all do not look superhuman. OR beautiful.
Maybe instead of reading people you should go wash the baby puke out of your hair. Slackers.

Hey on

Sagging milking boobs and armpit fat. What a stunner.

Nancy on

I think she looks like crap. What is up with her hair!?! Killer body? No. She has had two children and is in her late 40’s. She has underarm fat! YAY!!!

dmgg711 on

I can’t believe the haters but then I’m not surprised in this day and age of people full of hate and discontent.

Halle looks great, considering she just had a baby to add to a five year old and I’m sure she’s busy and trying to recoup her body. It takes time to get her organs back in place and her body in shape. Being a movie star demands she keeps her self in movie ready shape when a good script comes around. That’s her job people and she is human. Give her time and yeah, she still looks good compared to non-mother actresses her age.

Ana on

wow, who cares

it’s stupid stories like this that put pressure on new moms to loose weight instantaneously, instead of enjoying early days of motherhood

Shannon on

She’s wearing a loose fitting dress. Notice how it’s not skin tight? She could have a big old baby pooch and we’d never see it. It’s called spanx and a good stylist. Please. PEOPLE quit trying to make women believe they are supposed to look like they never gave birth! Our bodies change after we have children and should never be shame in that!

Sheila on

I wish People would get off this kick of looking – or not looking – amazing after baby.

Sheena on

This women looks amazing for being almost fifty years old and for having two children. I see twenty year olds that can’t hold a candle to Halle and please ladies stop insulting her and stop saying if you had her money and personal chefs you too would look this good. I’m a mother too and looking fit and healthy comes down to working out and eating healthy and not about money.

I would love to see pictures from the Posters on here.

Women need to stand by each other and be united.

JohnDoe on

Can you imagine..if she had brains?

Anonymous on

I would too with private trainers, private chefs, nannies etc!!

Lisa Arreola on

All the best Mz. Berry!!
I totally loved her after seeing ‘The Call’.
Great film!

I'm With The Band on

I find articles like this incredibly irresponsible. 90% of celebrities “bounce back” due to the fact that they have nannies, housekeepers, personal trainers and truck loads of money to spend on their looks post-baby. If your livelihood depended on your looks, or even if you’re just plain vain with exorbitant amounts of money, then bouncing back after baby (particularly as you get older) just ain’t gonna happen quickly at all.

k on

Wow, these comments amaze me. What a bunch of bitter hags you all are. Shes a beautiful woman, always has been. Why not be supportive of other women? What 47 year old woman looks like this AND has just given birth? Takes a full year for any body to recover normally and most gain lots of weight. How about a pat on the back? Think she had lipo after birth? By the way bitter gals…I will be 46 in May. Not one wrinkle, 120 lbs, size 5..,no money, no surgery. Some of us just take care of ourselves ok?? Not everyone visits doctors…geez.

vallatt on

When did your society become so HATEFUL??? smh

lydiaferguson on


Kate on

Saggy boobs is what I noticed first. Then after reading comments, she does have chubs under her arms. HAHA Ms Berry is a basket case!

TJ on

Big deal…baby is almost four months old and she’s wearing a non-fitted dress. How is this “amazing?”

ria on

i can tell some people here are bitter about their lives lol….instead of being a loser and ripping halle to shreds, get a life! Halle looks great as usual…beautiful woman…btw your tasteless, bitter comments don’t affect her anyway lol….losers!

SEM on

She looks fine, nothing special and certainly not “superhuman.” What a stupid headline!

meghan on

Too bad she’s ugly on the inside.

Anonymous on

hs- It takes nine months to put the weight on, and it’s not uncommon for it to take that long to take it all off. Having a little pooch at four months postpartum (not saying that Halle does!) is perfectly normal!

Anyway, she DOES look tired…and I am actually find it refreshing to see that. Clearly she’s one celeb who is caring for her children herself rather than just handing them off to nannies!

chris on

Pretty on the outside. Ugly on the inside. Only a matter of time before she screams the abuse like she does with every other relationship she’s in.

klutzy_girl on

Ugh, to all the ones who continue to say “well, i could too if I had a chef, trainer, nanny, etc” quit making excuses! It’s easier to say that’s why she looks like that instead of believing she – gasp! – still has to put in the work. Quit being lazy already and be accountable for why YOU are unhealthy/out of shape.

Honesty to goodness Mom’s these days do nothing but whine and complain about how hard they have it. Not once did I ever hear my mother/grandmother whine as much as you all do now. Grow up.

Terri on

Always gorgeous!

Alfred on

She has a fantastic body and an absolutely ordinary face. She is also very small. She is far from being a beautiful woman. If she is considered beautiful in North America, the country is starved of beautiful women. I have nothing against it. His loving personal life does not interest me. She however, seems to be a good mother.

bessie on

You guys are some HATERS. You will never look that good, money or not. Get a life. She don’t look tired. There is a lot of sick people in this world. Got to love the Haters. 🙂

bessie on

Gotta love the HATERS. Ever if you had money you wouldn’t look as good as she does. Her body and arms are tone. Her hair is the BOMB and she is wearing it well.

Anonymous on

chris- I’m hoping she’s finally broken the cycle (women in abusive relationships tend to leave one only to get into another- usually because they’re insecure and have low self-esteem). 🙂

Cherise on

Jealousy at its finest! Halle is fabulous inside and out! She always will be! Yes, I know her personally! No stretch marks, no cellulite, all natural body, no makeup needed! Keep it moving!