She Gets It from Her Mama! Penelope Disick Rocks a Bikini

01/29/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Kourtney Kardashian Daughter Penelope BikiniBrian Prahl/Splash News Online; Inset: Pilyq

A few days before mom Kourtney Kardashian showed off her curves in a slinky green bathing suit, Penelope hit the beach in a stylish two-piece of her own.

Last Thursday, we spotted the 18-month-old — who is vacationing in Mexico with her family — wearing PILYQ Pom Pom Bikini ($74) while clutching a pair of chic sunglasses poolside at the Casa Aramara villa in Punta Minta.

From the pom poms to the animal print, we think Penelope looks really adorable in her mini swimwear.

We wonder if cousin (and BFF!) North West will be rocking one soon too.

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MaryJane Cannabian on

Penelope Disick “Rocks a Bikini”
Seriously, @People? She’s barely TWO, not 22! Toddlers don’t “rock” bikinis. Geez….

AmandaC on

I find it a little icky as a parent that the paps are even allowed to snap a pic of a baby and post on the internet!

AllisonS on

As a mom, I usually love section of your site, but your decision to post this photo is extremely disappointing. It’s bad enough that the paparazzi are getting paid to take photos of a toddler in a bikini, but even worse that you’d choose to share that kind of photo with the masses. I hope the next time a photo like this comes across your desk you’ll decide to take the editorial high ground.

tieraney on

Geez she looks exactly like her brother!!

Jennifer on

@tieraney- She does! (and for a girl, that’s not a good thing :/ )

For the rest of you, if you don’t like pictures of celebrity’s children, I would suggest not visiting a site caled ‘Celebrity Babies.’ Like it or not, your clicks here encourage the paps and then subsequently People Mag to create a market for pics of the children of celebrities (though I realize with this particular child using the term ‘celebrity’ for her parents may be stretching it…)

LoKick on

I find it extremely disturbing to put a bikini on a baby. There’s no need to sexualize a child that young. Bottoms and/or a diaper would be enough but to put on a little bikini top bra too… Sick.

meghan on

I’m not a fan of the whole baby bikini thing.

stacey on

oh my god, there is nothing wrong with the swimsuit, or the picture.

Isabel on

LoKick, it’s a two-piece. She’s not wearing a triangle bikini. Also, on a practical level, it’s much easier with a toddler for changing purposes.

Mommytoane on

I’ve never been a fan of little ones in bikini’s. Heck, I don’t like preteens in bikini’s either! I wouldn’t say this little lady “rocks” the bikini, but that’s just my opinion. She looks like a toddler, and should have a caption that’s more toddleresque, instead of something that makes it seem like she’s a teenager.

Meme on

I hate hearing people complain that a two piece bathing suit on a child/toddler is “sexual”. Why is seeing a stomach considered inappropriate? Obviously the person who sees it as sexy is the one with the problem. Not the child in a bathing suit.

Stop turning something completely cute and innocent into something disgusting!

Solo on

The sexual part is that the parent feels the need to cover the “top” area that the top does, as if she has breasts not that her stomach is showing. Why does she need a top? It must be uncomfortable and it does look strange.


To the people who have an issue with paps taking pictures of celebrity kids.. these are the Kardashian’s you’re talking about. They probably have a photog on standby all the time to take the pictures and hand them out to magazines. The celebs who don’t want their kids pics snapped find a way to avoid it and they do it well…. clearly, there are sleazy paps out there who hide in bushes and jump over walls… and that is wrong and disgusting.

Also, there is nothing wrong with a baby wearing a two piece suit…. if you’re sexualizing it, that says more about you than it does about the parents who put them on their kids.

Denise on

While I am not a Kardashian fan, she is a baby for goodness sake! For all of the overly judgemental people on here making statements about the bikini having sexual overtones-go get a life please! She is a BABY, and she has no breasts or hair anywhere-nothing at all about that picture is sexual or disturbing.

I for one thinks shes adorable because she is in her chubby baby phase. She’s cute and healthy and she is a BABY. And as far as the bikini is concerned, since she is a baby,I have seen moms let their female babies that age just wear bottoms, or go naked in some cases as it is not seen as having sexual connotation. I for one have no issue with it on or off as she is a little baby.

Leave her be and find something or someone else to pick on.

AKR81 on

As a mother of a toddler who went through potty training last summer, I cant stand one pieces. There is nothing worse than a child who is needing to potty, but their wet one piece is practically glued to them. And putting it back on….I would rather put together a rubik cube. Two pieces are SOOO much easier with a child who is still pretty dependent on you dressing them.

This is NOT a bikini! Like Isabel said, there is no triangular shape to the top. Its a modest, two piece. This is coming from someone who was raised with a Pentecostal family (talk about modesty….wow).

Erin on

Who buys their baby a $74 swimsuit?!?

kat61 on

She looks just like her brother. They did nit get the Kartrashian genes

Debbie on

I think a baby in a bikini is a pervert’s dream. I think a one piece is appropriate and show’s a parent’s class. But look who I’m writing about the totally classless
Kardashians. 😡

mari on

No you’re wrong. North is not allowed to wear colors besides black.,,white and gray…