Evelyn Lozada Is Expecting a Son

01/28/2014 at 06:00 PM ET

Evelyn Lozada Pregnant Expecting Son Carl Crawford Courtesy Evelyn Lozada

It’ll be a boy come March for Evelyn Lozada!

“Surprisingly, I found out when I had my first trimester screening,” the reality star, 37, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“I was about 13 weeks when they told me the sex! I was honestly praying for a boy. I have wanted to have a son for years,” adds Lozada, who often talked about her desire to have a son on Basketball Wives.

This is just the latest happy news for Lozada, who got engaged to the father of her baby, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford, over the holidays.

Her daughter Shaniece, 20, found out the sex of her sibling alongside her expectant mom.

“We were both so happy. There are all girls on my side, so this will be our first boy. My family is over the moon,” Lozada says. “Every time I go to the doctor, I have them check to make sure it’s a boy. I’m still in disbelief!

“Shaniece is just happy that she can still be the princess of the family,” adds Lozada jokingly. “Her brother is already her BFF in her head.”

Now seven months along, the mom-to-be will be celebrating her upcoming arrival with a “diapers and diamonds” themed baby shower on Saturday, Feb. 8, in Los Angeles. Hosted by Shaniece and Lozada’s Basketball Wives costar Shaunie O’Neal as well as close friends Teresa Caldwell and Danika Berry, the event is being organized by celebrity event planner Diann Valentine.

Guests have already been sent a custom invitation created by Lehr & Black of Beverly Hills — an engraved linen Honeycomb shaped museum board with beveled edges adorned with Swarovski crystals.

After the shower, Lozada and Crawford will focus on their next big decision — choosing a name for their son.

Teases Lozada, “Carl and I have a few in mind, but haven’t decided yet.”

Evelyn Lozada Pregnant Expecting Son Carl Crawford Courtesy of Lehr & Black

— Lee Hernandez

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Kimmi on

Congrats Ev, I’m so happy for you!

mom on

I’m sooooo happy..it’s finally my boy..mi’ja. Blessings..mom

Tabtha Waters on

I’m soo happy for her! Babies are blessings!

Anonymous on

Eieen hernandez congrats to the both of you you deserve al the happiness in the world hes gonna be gorgeous.luv you girl

lydiaferguson on

Hope you set a better example for your son…all that fighting that you sometimes surround your self with you need to put on the back burner for good.. you seem much happier and that’s great wish you and your family many blessings..

Angelica Barahona on

Congratulations! Ur an amazing woman dat deserves nothg but da best! Ur an inspiration & someone to look up to. With everythg u been thru, I’m proud of u moving forward, accomplishing ur goals & being blessed! ♥

Marge on

She’s closer in age to her daughter than her daughter is to her own sibling. Ugh! She’s such a gold digging hoe. I guess her next guy will be a hockey player?

Anonymous on

Were chad at!!!??? I heard he was ur babydaddy!?

Brit on

Bringing a new life into the world should only be a positive and happy experience! Let’s leave the hateful comments out. Congrats and here’s to a healthy baby boy!!!!!!!!

Memyselfandi on

This chick is a whore. Yes, a paid prostitute who has found a “Trick” to marry her.

bubbles860 on

First of congrats to you and or family. Boys r a lot of fun

rasheena on

I am so happy for you you are so deserving of everything sometimes when we with or even around that don’t mean us no good BLOCK our blessings love you keep your HEAD UP congratulation

ava on

Congratulations! Boys are so much fun 😀

myla cree on

God, gives women a bad name. Certainly not a role model for her daughter. Just teaching her to prostitute herself, get pregnant by a wealthy black athlete and take their money. She’s a sad excuse for a woman.

Ardee on

So now were supposed to pretend she is not an absolute gold digger, whose main job i chasing athletes???????”?

mg on

Congrats Evelyn u deserve to be happy and have a great family 🙂

Ashley on

Carl Crawford has to be the dumbest man alive to get involved with Evelyn. She’s been passed around more than a baton in a relay team. When her marriage to Chad self-destructed, I guess she went looking for another professional athlete to support her. And Carl was the sucker who fell for it.

Anyhow, I hope her baby boy is healthy and happy when he arrives. The poor little guy isn’t responsible for the circumstances of his conception.


Evelyn. I just knew it! Congrats toyou. I just had the first boy in my family aswell. The lord granted me a prince to someday be a king. I to was in disbelief and had like 3 sonograms just to confirm before buying boy things. I After haveing 2 girls prayed & hoped and it all prevailed. I thank the lord he granted me a great gift my son Elijah Rey. Also Elijah is in the book of Kings in the bible was how he became Rey. 5 months now, it:s been the greatest gift ever! Best Wishes Sister!!

Olivera Langston on

Did Tami get an invite.?

ThePrettyOne on

She done went from basketball, to football, not finally settling down with baseball…She been around a lot of balls..I guess Congrats!!! You finally achieved your goal!

Sylvia Jackson on

Congratulations to you both

Tri on

She can be the child’s grandmother, and her 20 yr old daughter can be the mother. More appropiate. That gold digging hoe has been more passed around than a soccer ball at the World Cup.

Tonya on

Congrats Ev! I have an older daughter and she is 15 years older than my son. They both were a blessing. You are a great mom and Im sure your son will be just a beautiful as you and Shanice 🙂

Anonymous on

You look so beautiful pregnant Evelyn! Congrats!!

alice on

thats beautiful. Happy for u

Annie on

Congratulations sandy, best wishes.

criss on

I hope the baby doesn’t come out swinging are maybe that’s a good thing1! maybe he can play for the dodgers one day!

Karen bradford on

Ev you should be happy for your child but you messed up the lives of his other two children what about his youngest child the five month old !!! You need to get it together !!!! What good is going to come out of this !!! You are a sad excuse of a women !!!! Just A Gold Digging Hoe !!!! God Sees It All !!! Then you had the nerve to say you don’t talk to Tammy !!!! Ha Ha Ha Shame On You!!! Carl will set you straight when he leaves you with that baby like he did his last WIFEY !!!!

Lynette on

Don’t believe d ones who say u r a great example cuz those r lies. U have shown ur self to be like an alley cat w/ no morals, sleeping around with every man in sight. U made sure it was an athlete with money. They call women like u ‘prostitutes’ or ‘gold digger’. I pray Shanice lives her life in total opposite to urs. Lord help this baby boy.

Myesha on

Ppl will always talk but dont look at them selfs life is what u make it shit happen enjoy ur baby boy bet u wont say it n her face cause she got money but hood like me punch u right n ur face ……….

Anonymous on

Okay, why all the negative comments about Evelyn’s age? If she were 47 rather than 37 then it would be understandable. But plenty of celebs have had babies at her age (and even older!) without people batting an eye. Why the double-standard?!

boeslud on

Awww. Such happy news. Congratulations!! Baby boy are so sweet.

boeslud on

Some of you posters are just mean and spiteful. It’s sad you will speak negatively about a complete stranger. No one is perfect. We all have had our fair share of drama. This woman is moving on with her life and exited about her son. Geesh! She is only 37. You guys make it sound like she’s 70 🙂

Sunny on

Ev, I’m so happy for you, your going to be a great Mom to you son as you have been with your beautiful daughter. You have one beautiful Family. Best wishes on the Birth of your lil mans arrival.

Lacey on

Why do we care? This woman is famous for fighting and laying down with athletes. At least she”ll have a steady income for the next 18 years. Better save some, as it will be way harder to hook up again after this one at 60.

Ann on

She finally hooked herself a male and manage to get knocked up…..Sure hope she has grown up learning how to be an adult as she was trashy ……..

Ed on

Congrats, Ev on your son. Enjoy!!!

RachelB-MD on

She found some other rich man to sink her hooks into

Kenneth on

Amazing how quick she got rid of Chad ,got with Carl and made a baby


I also had a my last child at 37 years old and now my son is 14 and I am still here alive and healthly. Congrats to you Evelyn you deserve to be happy all this talk about you being a Gold Digger is nonsense. The ones that comment about you being a gold digger is just upset that they are not bad enough to get with a personal athlete. I thought you made your own money with your store and clothing line, also the fat checks you bring home from BBW. Get a life people and worry about what is going on in your own lives.


I meant to say Professional Athlete. My bad typing to fast.



Nina Thomas on

I am such a big fan I am so happy for Congratulations

susan johnson on

Darn! That’s why I need reality tv. I had no idea of a new boo or a baby!

Shanna on

Evelyn has said so many mean spirited, hateful & spiteful things to so many women, most of them mothers . She also threw a bottle at the head of a woman that was a mother. She has laid down with her friends husbands, then called the friends non MF factors. Now she is pregnant with her husbands to be long term girl friend having just had a baby herself. While married to chad, she would go in the media and talk explicitly abut their sex life and salad tossing with regards to how her daughter or his three would feel. She is a monster and I hope the baby will have its fathers genes and that he raises it.