Madonna: My Son David Chose Our Grammys Look

01/26/2014 at 07:45 PM ET

Madonna and David Banda
Jason Merritt/Getty

Madonna has sported every look on the red carpet, so it only makes sense that she’d get a little help for the 2014 Grammys.

The pop singer and her son David Banda, 8, showed up to E!’s Red Carpet special rocking matching black tuxedos and top hats.

“We’re both working the Ralph Lauren angle,” she tells host Ryan Seacrest.

And young David isn’t afraid to take credit. He confirmed to Seacrest that he was the inspiration behind their dapper threads.

“Yes, I did. Yes, very well,” he said.

“For this look, I followed his lead. He dressed me tonight. He wanted me to dress like him, so I obeyed him,” Madonna, 55, jokes.

But when you’re Madonna, there has to be at least one signature look to separate her from the rest of the pack.

“Yeah, I’m grilling,” she replied when asked about her gold teeth. “It pisses everyone off when I wear my grill, so that’s why I wear it — when it matches my outfit.

And of course, young David wants to take mom’s lead.

“She said she’d get me grills this birthday,” he adds — only to have Mom tell him he needs to visit the dentist first.

— Carlos Greer


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heather on

Looks like she saved the wardrobe from Open Your Heart video.

mimo on

She looks like Reverend Crane from Poltergeist.

guest on

if she is trying to be annoying, it’s working. Ugh. For starters she needs to grow up. She just looks/acts like an idiot, plain and simple.

melvin on

she looks like a hasidic jewish man from down the road

Brad on


DJ on

A little old, 56, to be “wearing my grill”?! Still trying to recreate her days in the ’80’s…don’t care & haven’t cared about her for many years…wish she’d just show up without making an excuse to be imitated by her son..think it’s the opposite..imitating her sons look…ugh!

Brad on

It’s great that she STILL has the power to annoy & get under people’s skin 😜

Guest on

Why do you insist on calling her son David Banda? Is it because he is adopted? His name is David and he is her son. Banda was his birth name and remains one of his names but I notice that you didn’t call her Madonna Louise.

Grillz on

Love it and love her!

Anonymous on

Gorgeous son.

guest on

She looks like Bette Davis in this photo.

Carrie M on

What a beautiful boy! I didn’t realize he’s already 8!!

meghan on

Does this son share his brothers nickname? She tries to hard to be the ‘cool mom’.

SEM on

Madonna’s a sad old woman desperate to stay relevant, I feel sorry for her.

Hea on

Jessica – What a strange thing to say. Why would someone who’s a racist adopt two black children? Sounds to me as if you’re the racist here.

Ala on

They’re not wearing top hats. Not quite sure what Madonna’s called, but David’s is a fedora. Nice taste, though, kid.

Denise on

Am I the only one who noticed she told her son to shut up? Nice going Madonna.

lori on

Denise, I noticed that too! She was mad that the spotlight wasn’t on her for one second. She looked old and ridiculous. Oh, and she definitely brought David to remind people she isn’t a racist. This old bag always has an agenda.

Guest on

Her face looks shocking to me. Goodness. What did she do to it???? So dumb. Does not look natural. Just fake.

Guest on

Wow. When these kids (that were adopted) grow up, Missy M will be in her late 60’s …. approaching 70! Yikes. Hiya doin grammy?!? Haahaaa. 3 words =

GiannaB on

Isaac. Children of the Corn. That was her look.

valeskas on

Grow up, Madonna. No matter what you do, you are way to old for it.

fanny on

Madonna looks like the woman on general hospital Heather

Anonymous on

Is that they way that she talks to all her kids???

Anonymous on


mellie on

Love her! What’s with all the “ageists” on here? She’s too old to be relevant, too old, for grills, too old to dress cool… blah blah. You all are going to be boring ass old people. And are probably boring ass young people. She was fun and cutting edge her whole life and now she’s supposed to change who she is because she’s growing older? I love it that she still pisses people off.

Oh and David’s life is sooo terrible. I mean seriously, people, he was in an orphanage dying not so long ago. Get some perspective on life!

Guest on

Thank you, Mellie, for your comment. I agree completely. Madonna is not some has-been to sweep under the carpet. She will probably be remembered in History as a woman who was as famous and memorable as Cleopatra. I’d like to see some of her critics make half as much of an impression on the world and on history as she did. I second what Mellie said.

Mommy Dearesssst on