Josh Holloway: Why I’m Keeping Baby’s Sex a Secret

01/23/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Josh Holloway Intelligence TCAs JB Lacroix/WireImage

Josh Holloway isn’t willing to reveal the sex of his second child he’s currently expecting with wife Yessica, but that doesn’t mean he’s not open to sharing some other tidbits surrounding the baby on the way.

“Yes, we know. It’s going to be a human!” he joked to PEOPLE during at the Television Critics Association on Friday in Los Angeles.

“I’m not allowed to tell or else I will be under the doghouse [rather than in it].”

And while he’s busy promoting his new show, Intelligence, the actor, 44, is on standby for baby’s big arrival — which could come at a moment’s notice.

“My phone could ring at any time. It’s now. It’s happening now. It’s pretty exciting,” Holloway, who says his wife is due in the next few weeks, admits.

The couple are already parents to 4½-year-old daughter Java Kumala, but the soon-to-be dad-of-two says there is still a build up of excitement for what’s to come.

“Yes, I’m prepared, but when it happens it’s going to be a wild ride,” he explains. “[I’m] really feeling blessed and excited that that twist in life is coming.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Michele Stueven

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Lonely Gurl on

Java? Seriously? The next one will be named Eapresso.

klutzy_girl on

I don’t know what “Eapresso” even is…

Anonymous on

Java is an island in Indonesia– where his wife is from. It’s also where some (not all) coffee is grown (hence, the slang word for coffee is “java”).

And it’s not Eapresso– it’s espresso.

SassyOne on

Jeez. Clearly he is having a BOY. The hints are too obvious.

Lonely Gurl can’t spell “girl” correctly so are you surprised she can’t spell expresso??

Anonymous on

eXpresso? Really?

LuvJoshHolloway on

The spelling espresso is widely considered correct while expresso appears as a less common variant.[15] Italy uses The term espresso, substituting most x letters in Latin root words with s; x is not considered part of the standard Italian alphabet. Italian people commonly refer to it simply as caffè (coffee), espresso being the ordinary coffee to order; in Spain, while café expreso is seen as the more “formal” denomination, café solo (alone, without milk) is the usual way to ask for it when at an espresso bar.

Ris on

It’s very odd to me that he traveled and spent the thanksgiving holiday totally alone contemplating how to be a better husband and father. I thought it was weird a week ago when I read it in a people interview at the back of the magazine. Now that I know his wife was super pregnant too…it’s more strange. He must be wrestling with demons because he said the purpose of doing that was to think and become a better husband and father. So strange to spend a holiday without your pregnant wife and child…but I applaud him for trying to become a better guy.

Allison Pinto on

I think he accidentally revealed that it’s a girl on one of the talk shows. Either way, mazel tov!

Anonymous on

I know what it is. And I’m not telling. :p

Ashley E. on

I glanced at the comments expecting well wishes and congrats to the family (like they would ever see them, anyway). Instead, I see a debate on the correct spelling of espresso. I’m glad that the internet can still surprise me.

Mary on

Josh Holloway is known for being a wonderful husband and father. Congratulations on your new baby.