Roselyn Sánchez: I Want Sebella to Have a Brother

01/23/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Roselyn Sanchez Wants Second Child Gustavo Caballero/Getty

Roselyn Sánchez knows how special it is to have siblings and she wants her daughter, Sebella Rose, 2, to experience what that’s like in the near future.

“I don’t want Sebella to be an only child,” the Devious Maids star, 40, tells PEOPLE. “I come from a big family and I don’t know if it’s because I grew up with so many brothers, but I do want her to experience what it is to have a sibling.”

She continues, “So I would love to have one more soon … I hope it happens!”

Sánchez, whose little girl just celebrated her second birthday at playplace The Coop in Studio City, Calif., adds that she’d ideally love to welcome a son as her second child.

“If I’m being completely honest with you, I would love to experience having a boy — especially because I grew up with three brothers and I understand the male energy,” Sánchez says. “In my heart, I wish I could give Sebella a little brother.”

But the baby’s sex isn’t what’s most important. “Whatever God wants! As long as he or she comes out healthy, I’m fine,” she explains.

But adding another girl to the family would have its perks. “If it’s a girl I’m going to save a LOT of money because I have everything I need for a girl!” she jokes.

Having two children and starring on a hit TV show might seem overwhelming to some actors, but Sánchez says she’s got plenty of help at home in the form of her actor husband, Eric Winter.

Asked what Winter, 37, does to help out around the house, Sánchez replies: “Everything! I can go to work and be perfectly comfortable and relaxed because he is a mom!”

She says. “He’s really, really involved. He cooks, changes diapers, puts her to bed every single night, plays with her — it’s so incredible. I knew when I met him and I saw how he was with his mom — I knew, ‘This guy’s going to be a great dad because he just adores his mom.'”

Sánchez and Winter celebrated their five year anniversary on Nov. 29 and his devotion to their daughter keeps their marriage hot.

“You know what’s happened to me that’s been amazing?” she asks. “I always knew he was going to be an amazing dad, but after seeing him — he’s like mom and dad! — it makes you fall in love with your partner all over again.”

“When I see how incredible he is, I just go, ‘Oh my God, I am so freaking lucky and blessed.’ I see him with different eyes. Before he was my husband, my best friend, my partner — now he’s my baby daddy and he’s so wonderful,” she says.

Despite their busy schedules, the couple makes it a point to spend time together — which is easier said than done now that they’re full-time parents.

“It’s very important to us to still have date nights,” Sánchez says. “Now, with the baby, it’s different because we have to plan it with the nanny and the grandma, but at least every two weeks we have a nice dinner or a nice date night so we can just sit down and chill and speak.”

She adds, “He makes me laugh like crazy so I think that keeps me super, super interested!”

— Lee Hernandez

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Mariel on

I’m glad that ultimately she’ll be happy with either a boy or a girl as long as he/she is healthy, because that really is a huge factor. Whatever the gender, we adjust to what we’re granted. Also, I hope she knows that if she ends up having just one child, that that’s okay too. I grew up with all sisters and have just one child, a son, and I wouldn’t trade that.

Elara on

I wonder if she’s already pregnant? I’ve noticed that when “I’d love another baby” stories get posted, within a few months, the actress officially announces a new pregnancy.

They look like a happy family and their little girl is adorable.

Lila on

I hate when people act like being an only child is so awful. It’s not. If you want a second child, that’s great, but don’t act like you are doing your current child a disservice if you don’t.

bebe on

She’s not acting like being an only child is so awful; she’s just saying she would like it if her daughter had the same experience she had growing up.

RooRoo on

I agree bebe and I think onlies and parents of onlies quickly come to defense. I don’t think she was knocking anything, just saying what she’d ideally love for her kids.

Elara- makes me think of Kelly clarkson. She was talking so much babies and then next day announced she’s expecting.

Brittany on

I appreciate her honesty regarding the gender she would prefer. I know a lot of people get upset over this, but I fully believe in gender disappointment. I suffered from it with my second child when we found out we were having a girl, I really wanted another boy. However, now that she is here, I’m completely happy with her and wouldn’t exchange her for anything. You really do adjust to things. I hope she gets her little boy though.

Little Elle on

Love the name Sebella!