Anna Chlumsky’s ‘Secret’ to Shedding Baby Weight? Working Out

01/22/2014 at 05:00 PM ET

Anna Chlumsky Lost Baby Weight
Angela Weiss/Getty

It’s only been six months since she gave birth to her daughter, Penelope Joan, but Anna Chlumsky has already regained her slender, pre-pregnancy figure, and for the Veep star there’s no mystery as to how she did it.

“People have asked this, and I’ve gone, ‘Oh, I don’t know!’ Of course I know,” the actress, 33, told PEOPLE at the Entertainment Weekly Screen Actors Guild Party in Hollywood.

“I exercised a lot while I was pregnant, I did pregnancy workout tapes five days a week, and I did pregnancy yoga once a week. I was exercising, and it was the best thing.”

Not that expectant mothers need to learn anything more about fatigue, but the actress — who burst onto the scene in 1991’s My Girl — feels that you can either fall prey to tiredness or get physical, and that’s why she’s a proponent of working out during pregnancy.

“I really am, especially if you’re cutting out caffeine, which you really don’t have to, but if you are, you end up being so tired,” she says. “Getting that oxygen, getting that blood flowing, it’s the best thing to do.”

And though being able to slip back into red-carpet form is an added bonus to a healthy lifestyle, the new mom points out that all else pales in comparison to the change of perspective she gained when she became a mom.

“It’s so crystal clear what matters every day,” Chlumsky says. “You don’t have to wrestle with priorities — you know what your priorities are. It’s awesome.”

— Reagan Alexander

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Jen DC on

Well, finally. THE TRUTH: She exercised.

Brit on

Can this really be called a “secret” anymore?! Geez

Mommytoane on

Looking at pictures of Anna during the final months of her pregnancy, she didn’t gain a ton of weight. The hardest part of losing weight is all the excess from overeating. Staying healthy, and keeping active is the key, not eating everything in sight because “I’m pregnant” is your excuse.

Anna looks great, and she deserves to. She works hard at a healthy, normal lifestyle.

ava on

She looks great!

Meegs on

How different to actually hear a celeb admit that exercise helped! So many celeb moms always says things like “Oh it was breastfeeding” or “Just running around after the baby all day.” Anna is straight to the point!

cypresstex on

love her :classy lady !!!

Mandy on

Breastfeeding does help with the weight loss for some of us. I know mine was gone in 2 weeks & I wasn’t exercising yet, but I also didn’t put on a whole lot either. That’s really the key to it.

Anonymous on

I exercised every day, was fit before pregnancy(people use to ask for my help at the gym), kept a food journal, and worked really hard at being a “fit mom”…I gained at least 40lbs totally(11lbs in 1 month!!)…went to the gym 3x a week after he was born…and still didn’t lose it all until 3yrs later after the second baby(a pro nurser)…don’t even ask after 3 babies in 15months and bedrest(the drs came in 2x because they said I wasn’t consuming enough calories….all of my babies were over 8lbs…the twins were 8lb6oz and 9lbs at 38wks…the nurse was like, “but you aren’t a big person”(because I was always active)…I just says this because it is GREAT that she is healthy…not everything works out for everyone;( 2yrs later and my body is finally starting to lose weight but very slowly..ahh…

Amanda on

Woah! She worked out to loose weight?! It’s a MIRACLE!

Kat on


emma on

I loved her since My Girl! She is awesome and a great example of a smart working mother, who happens to be a celebrity. The other self-involved, egotistical women of Hollywood should take notes.

And she looks stunning in that above photo

Charli on

shhhhh it’s a secret. lol I guess it’s good she didn’t lie and say it was just by breastfeeding.

Canada1 on

Looking good!