It’ll Be a Girl for Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley

01/22/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

JWoww Pregnant Belly Photo Gregory Pace/BEImages

She’s thinking pink!

The baby Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley and her fiancé Roger Mathews are expecting in July will be a girl, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Roger and I can’t wait for the arrival of our little princess and Lorenzo’s future girlfriend,” Farley tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“YAY finally I can go shopping with [JWoww] for BABY GIRL THINGS! Lorenzo‘s so excited!” her Snooki & JWoww costar, and mom to 17-month-old son Lorenzo, Nicole Polizzi Tweeted.

The former Jersey Shore alum announced her pregnancy on Christmas Day by sharing her holiday card — complete with an ultrasound picture.

But, despite the mom-to-be’s excitement, pregnancy hasn’t been an easy ride for the reality star. “I was put on Zofran because I lost nine pounds in three weeks,” she revealed in January.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Emily Strohm

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aulbrea a kaye on

im glad jenny is preggers. i never had much morning sickness or any other time . glad you are on med for morning sickness.

Megan on

I am happy for JWOWW…just wondering how she knows already? If due in July, she is not very far along…hmm…

Brittany on

I’m going to laugh if she has a boy! You’re able to tell it’s a boy as early as 12 weeks but with girls, they don’t normally confirm until you’re past 20 weeks because it can always change with girls. When I was pregnant with my second child and told girl, I was hoping so badly it would turn blue! However, I now have an amazing daughter and am so thankful it stayed pink!!

meg on

How did she find out the sex already? It doesn’t seem like she’s far enough along yet.

denise on

Best wishes, be well.

Megan on

She was probably given the MaterniT21 test for Down Syndrome (it is a new test and it is usually only offered to “high risk” moms). It is a blood test given in the first trimester and it is much less invasive than an amnio or CVS and it can determine gender. I am sure you can pay for it out of pocket if you would want it but are not deemed “high risk” and she may have done that to get the gender. There is certainly no risk to the baby to have this test done.

Noneya on

She probably found out via blood work.

Ann on

I am so excited for her and Roger!! I hope she starts feeling better soon.

amber on

Somehow it seems a little “odd” and hard for me to believe that she knows already…they usually cant and dont show and tell u the sex til usually 20 weeks…which is 5 months…if she is due in july she is only 3-4 months along…kinda strange but if so congrats. Babies are a blessing.

Anonymous on

she posted a picture recently saying she’s four months along.

Jenn on

I don’t think it’s THAT unusual to be able to tell- she might have had blood work done and also I found out the sex of my twin boys at 17 weeks… Anyway i think it’s cute she’s having a girl- Lorenzo has a new girlfriend 😉

guest on

There is a new blood test out that allows you to find out the sex of your baby around 12 weeks

Laura on

Brittany – the baby doesn’t change sex….they’re just not able to confirm the gender that early. The gender is what it is at conception, this isn’t Jurassic Park. Plus, there are other tests besides sonograms, that can reveal gender much earlier.

Dave on

Hopefully she teaches her daughter to make better choices than she does, especially when it comes to plastic surgery, those have to be the most obnoxious rock hard boobs known to man. Boobies are supposed to be soft and snuggly, regardless of size. All things being said though, I hope their baby is happy and healthy and grows up to do great things.

kristina on

I think she’ll be a good mother…Look @ Snooki, shes a wonderful mother. I think they will look back as their Jersey-shore personas and laugh their butts off.

Patti on

I literally clicked on this article to say I DONT GIVE A FLYING $%(* I feel bad for her baby…lets hope she holds back on the botox and implants and tats till she is at least 25

Caitie on

Sure, it’s harder to see a girl’s bits than a boy’s bits on an ultrasound but they don’t look for bits on a girl – they look for her ovaries which are bright white dots in the fetuses abdomen that can be seen as early as the beginning of the second trimester.

And like others side, she could have had the new blood test and know that way. There’s also something called “the angle of the dangle” that is hilariously interesting and can be quite accurate if you get a tech who does the measurements properly!

Anonymous on

it can def be done too early. I had an ultrasound at 15 weeks that the tech thought it was def a girl…fast forward a few weeks and when I went again it was our 3rd boy. I was shocked! sometimes the parts can get hidden if looked at from the wrong angle.

wow on

She most likely had a nuchal translucency scan. Its usually done at week 12 or 13. Its main purpose is to diagnose downs syndrome and other chromosomal defects but because of its high power resolution it can reveal the gender at such early stages of pregnancy, if the baby is positioned properly.

Christina on

Zofran because you lost 9lbs in 3 weeks???? It’s called morning sickness… Heck I lost 22lbs when I had morning sickness and no doctor was worried. Meds for morning sickness are over rated.

anonymous on

People are so critical. She hasnt even had this baby yet and is already being judged. Babies are such a blessing and I cant believe the negative thoughts people post on here. This is supposed to be the happiest time of her life, let her enjoy it!

MOB on

Christina, you lost 22lb and think it’s ok because you’re one damn fat b*tch !

I’m sorry I’m being rude but as stupid as I think this Jersey Shore show is, I hate when people are so judgemental ! Her being around 115/120lb, it means 9lb is a huge loss, almost 10 per cent of her weight !! So Zofran is the way to go ! Don’t forget losing too much weight is dangerous for the baby !

Isabel on

The sex of the fetus can be determined as early as 10 weeks with the MaterniT21 test. With the NT scan, the doctor still can only make a guess since the organs aren’t fully formed until 20 weeks.

Amanda on

Christina, if you lost 22lbs and a dr wasn’t worried you were obviously overweight to start. If you start at a healthy weight you don’t have 22lbs to spare, I would have been 90lbs had I lost 22lbs when pregnant…not healthy!

Jenny doesn’t look overweight, so I can see how a dr might want to stop the weight loss at 9lbs. I lost up to 5lbs each time I was pregnant in the first trimester, didn’t have bad morning sickness just nausea, I can’t imagine had I been throwing up on top of it

MOB on

Amanda, I started writing the same thing, I was just much more agressive, saying Christina must have been an ugly fat b*tch if doctors think loosing 22lb when pregnant is OK. Assuming JWOWW is around 115/120lb, 9lb is almost 10 per cent of her weight which is a huge loss !! It is dangerous for the baby, so Zofran was the way to go.

I’m sorry I’m being rude but as stupid as I think this Jersey Shore shows are, I hate when people are so judgemental !!!

Mandy on

I think Jenni will be a great mom just look at Snooki, I highly doubt anyone believed she could have been a good mom but she is. Parenthood changes people.

s on

LOVE! Congrats to Jenni & Roger. Your both going to be great parents.

Jax Cote on

I am so happy for her! Lorenzo’s future girlfriend indeed!! waaay too cute! Congrats to all of them!