Gwen Stefani Shows Off Growing Baby Bump

01/22/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Gwen Stefani Pregnant Third Child
Courtesy Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani dubs her sky-high heels #inappropriateshoes on Twitter, but the expectant mom looks nothing but rock star as she snaps a sleek and sexy selfie.

“Bump it,” Stefani, who shows off her belly in a black turtleneck tunic from Seraphine, leather leggings and strappy stilettos, captions the photo, along with the hashtags #miracle and #capturethemoment.

The No Doubt singer, 44, is expecting her third child and revealed in January that she’d soon be surrounded by a house full of guys.

“I was ready to hand over the crown. But I guess I am still queen of the house. #itsaboy #surroundedbyboys,” Stefani posted on Instagram of her growing family with husband Gavin Rossdale.

The new baby will join big brothers Kingston James McGregor, 7½, and Zuma Nesta Rock, 5.

In the meantime, Stefani will stay busy by making maternity wear nothing but fashion-worthy.

— Andrea Billups

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Lilly on

She is so PERFECT!!!!!

Louise on

She’s a gorgeous girl, motherhood definitely agrees with her. She looks amazing!!

Melissa on

She looks AMAZING! Beautiful..

Kassie on

Ridiculously gorgeous!!

Jennifer on

I have been a fan of her’s since her days with “No Doubt.” I still think that the “Tragic Kingdom” album is one of the best.

Best of luck to her and her family.

Anonymous on

Hopefully, she won’t give this one a space alien name like Zuma.

Beth on

My Gosh! Can this woman be the poster child for “Perfectly Pregnant”?! Stunning..

Meme on

How do these chicks get such flat and stretchmark/wrinkle free tummies after having babies in their 30s and 40s?!? Holy cow. I know she will thin as a rail within a month after this kid is born. Man I am jealous.

Courtney on

Stunning. This picture would make me feel like Superwoman. Go Gwen!!

dudley doright on

gavin got a girl with one of his past relationships…

Amaryllis on

How is that sexy? She looks like a snake that just ate a rat.

Lady on

DAMN, she looks amazing!!!!

Karen M. on

Absolutely gorgeous. Love Gwen and Gavin and their sweet little family!

Cat on

Simply stunning! And to answer the question about chemicals in your hair it really depends on your doctor but mine said as long as I was in a ventilated (can’t spell, sorry) area it was just fine. Everyone has a different take on that one for sure 🙂

Bug on

Looks photoshopped as all get out.

Emry on

i will never understand while a pregnant woman would be willing to risk falling over and harming or losing her child to wear a high heels, makes no sense to me, and its horrible on your back on top of already having the stress of being pregnant.

Jane on

Looks great!

Sdh on

Ive always been a fan of Stefani with her bright red lipstick and blond hair. I always felt that no one else could pull it off as good as her!!! Love the heels and the outfit!!!

Katie on

Gwen looks amazing! I can only hope when I am her age I look that great! She is beautifulb

Kylene on

She looks absolutely beautiful. I asked my doctor the question about nails and hair while pregnant and she asked me hairdresser or nail tech did my hair or nails in a closet” i laughed and said no and she said as long as it’s well ventilated there’s noproblem. As far as heels God bless her for being able to fit in them. My feet and calfs were so swollen I looked like shrek from the knee down lol. It sucked because heels always make my back feel great too.

gb on

Poster woman for a flawless looking pregnancy. And for the poster who questioned the lack of stretch marks in an older woman after pregnancy, it’s genetics. I didn’t have any after mine and I’m not skinny.

Tina on

Wow, she looks great pregnant. Just belly. Lucky.

JU1978 on

Sigh… I am 38 weeks pregnant and can only WISH I looked this amazing. I can’t even fit my snowboots over my swollen feet to go out and shovel my car out of the 11 inches we got here last night! Good on her for staying so healthy and lovely!

heather on

i’m sure she’s taking this because she knows she looks good. question, how has her hair not fallen out yet after all these years of bleaching. it’s a miracle.

Laura on

So beautiful! one of my favorites – I will always support her!

christina on

She’s so beautiful. Best wishes to her expanding family!

Noneya on

WOW! She looks great! LOVE her & Gavin & their family! Congrats to all!!

Say Cheese on

Good God Woman Smile

Elle on

Hot mama!

Anonymous on

She looks gorgeous!!!

xx M xx on

PERFECTION! And that’s being modest. I am No Doubt’s #1 fan and have been for MANY MANY years …. since 1994 to be exact. I’ve admired her in every sense and although I cannot bear children, I am over the moon ecstatic for her. JUST LOVE this picture. xoxo

LuvLeeRita on

She’s stunning!

Just sayin' on

I love her! Isn’t it funny though if this were a pic of Kim Kardashian everyone on here would be like “Oh my god, look at those heels, how dangerous and irresponsible to wear those while pregnant!” and so on and so forth. Hey, I would probably be doing it, too. Just goes to show you how far likeability can take you. Gwen looks amazeballs!

Kat on

That is what I would call one hot mama!

Mommytoane on

*Le Sigh* I like most of the women here, could only wish to look so perfect while pregnant….specially with a third baby!! Gwen looks stunning, but then she always manages to. Congrats to the happy family on the pending arrival of the new little man.

Karenn on

She looks absolutely stunning! Wow!

Jen on

She looks AMAZING! Sexy and beautiful and just fabulous! Rock it!

@Amaryllis- Watch out, your jealousy and envy is showing.

Morning Coffee on

I like her and she looks terrific. My question is as follows: Why are these called ‘selfies’ when it’s obvious that someone ELSE is taking a picture of her taking a picture of herself?

SAR on

Wow, she’s thin, except for her baby bump.

How nice that she’s expecting Boy #3. If she gets a hankering for some “girl time,” Gavin’s got a daughter from a previous relationship, so they can go shopping or get facials or something.

Rachel on

Ugh…..I hate you Gwen Stefani! You’re always looking so beautiful and perfect, pregnant or not! 😉

Isabel on

She looks incredible!

Jen on

@Morningcoffee- It’s called a mirror

lori on

She’s so gorgeous! She looks perfect!

lori on

@morning coffee, please tell me you’re not serious. Lol.

Ash on

Perfect selfie!

Anonymous on

dudley doright- Yes, but Gavin didn’t find out he was that girl’s father until she was about nineteen or so. So neither he nor Gwen has ever actually had the chance to RAISE a daughter!

Anyway, Gwen looks great and she’s really popped (either that or she’s just been doing a good job of keeping her belly covered up with coats and bulky clothes until now)!

Anonymous on

Just Sayin’- Not to mention that they’d probably be accusing her of “flaunting” her pregnancy among other things! The double-standards here can be pretty amazing!

Crystal on

She looks BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, AMAZING. WONDERFUL…..I could go on and on. WOW!!! One HAUTE MAMA!!!! 🙂

PJ on

Please tell me how this photo is a selfie? It’s obvious she didn’t take this photo of herself. Aside from that she does look

TP on

Look that skinny leather pants, gorgeous!

Janice on

She is so gorgeous! Love it! I am a first time mother at 40 and applaud all women who are having their kids later in life. Congrats to Gwen!

JMitch on

@PJ It’s definitely a selfie. Did you not notice that she’s holding her phone up to take the picture of herself in a mirror?

whatthe on

“the queen of the house”? umm that would be gavin rossdale!

Jan on

It’s comments like these: “stunning”, “amazing”, “perfect” …..that make women feel objectified! She looks imaciated and needs to EAT! She looks sickly and has no healthy glow! Eat girlfriend! Stop worrying about those FM pumps and be a mom!

Bee on

44 years old!? Maybe it’s time to call it quits, or just adopt if you really want a girl that badly…

Aaimee on

She looks better than when she was 38 and in last trimester w zuma. Hmmmm I wish these celebrities would be honest. Especially about pregnancy

Anonymous on

She is so gorgeous