Pete Wentz: Bronx Might Love Math – and Not Tattoos

01/22/2014 at 04:00 PM ET

Pete Wentz Wendy Williams Show AKM-GSI

Pete Wentz says his 5-year-old sonBronx Mowgli, doesn’t share his love of body art.

“I take him to preschool, and I’m picking him up one day and the teacher was like, ‘Well, everyone here drew tattoos on themselves except your kid.’ And I was like, ‘He’ll probably be into math or something,'” Wentz said on The Wendy Williams Show Tuesday.

The Fall Out Boy bassist, 34, also explains why he and ex-wife Ashlee Simpson chose the name Bronx.

“Honestly, we just liked the name a lot,” he says. “And I feel like definitely the other boroughs — Brooklyn especially — get a lot of love and so we wanted a shout out to the Boogie Down.”

Simpson, who recently announced her engagement to Evan Ross, isn’t the only one that has moved on from their marriage. Wentz has been dating model Meagan Camper for the last three years, and jokes about not being good-looking enough for her.

“I’m looking at this picture, and I’m like, ‘Wow, it’s insane that she hangs out with me,'” the Best Ink host says, laughing. “It’s like, ‘Hot girl pictured with homeless man!'”

Wentz admits he and Camper may have wedding bells in their future.

“We talk about [marriage] a lot. I feel really lucky. It’s really interesting when you’re in a relationship with somebody who’s truly my best friend. I talk to her about everything,” he explains.

“She will tell me when I’m being not so insane, and sometimes she’s like, ‘You’re being a little bit insane.’ So, it’s very helpful.”

— Sheila Cosgrove Baylis

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Showing 18 comments

bkable on

I love Pete Wentz! He is so hot!

(I think Bronx needs a haircut but he’s still pretty cute too lol)

Sawyer on

If Bronx is 5, why is he only in pre-school? I have a 5 year old who is in grade 1. Maybe it’s different up here in Canada when a child can start school?

guest on

I think Bronx just turned 5 recently and in the US most 5 year olds are in kindergarten.

Ginger on

Sawyer, in Canada it must vary as well if your kid is 5 years old in Grade 1. My grand kids (in Montreal) all started Kindergarten at 5 years old (or 4 about to turn 5 within the month). I never heard of a kid in Grade 1 still being 5 years old halfway through the school year. Anyway, Bronx only turned 5 in November so I don’t find it a stretch that he’s in pre-school. I’m guessing your kid is one of the younger ones in his/her class.

Jenna on

It is different here. A 5 year old in first grade seems kinda odd. I would think they would be behind. My daughter was 5 1/2 when she started kindergarten. A child has to be 5 by August in order to start school. So since Bronx didn’t turn 5 until November he needs to wait until the following year. And he will still be 5 when he starts kindergarten.

Jaylynn on

Didn’t he talk about Ashlee being his best friend when they were together? Maybe he should look for a partner instead of a best friend.

Righteo on

Jaylynn, we all strive to have our partners be the closest person to us. Who doesn’t want that person to be the one we can count on the most? So – I am sure he meant what he said about Ashlee at the time. Unfortunately that marriage didn’t work out and he feels lucky this one relationship is heading in that direction.

I’m going to state the obvious for some people but his comment is equivalent to saying “I found the love of my life” and breaking up and finding another ‘love of one’s life’. In my opinion, finding a life partner INCLUDES finding one’s best friend and lover so I disgaree with your assessment. To each their own on the subject.

Just FI on

Re: Bronx and school — It’s a little strange here in the U.S., and it depends on which state you live in. In Maryland, our kids have to be 5 before September 1 to start kindergarten that year. So if you have an August b-day, you could be almost 6 before you start grade school!

Anonymous on

If you have money and fame anyone will hangout with you.

Sunlight on

If your child was born in the fall….I’m assuming October to December they’ll be a year older than the kids because their birthday is later in the year always start late. All of us might of had a classmate(s) who was a year older..depends on the parents when they think their child is ready to start preschool…4 or 5 years old.

Jay on

There is also the cut off date to consider. If you are not a certain age by a certain date you get held back. People with boys usually hold them back and he does have that November birthday. If that’s the case, it makes sense. He will then be one of the oldest in his grade going forward.

Cali on

Sawyer, Bronx’s birthday falls late in the year so he’s most likely still in the 4 year old program if he didn’t make the cutoff for Kindgergarten “dates”.

Zaria on

In Canada there’s Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten (some provinces only have SK). A child must be 4 yrs old by Dec 31 to start JK in Sept of the same year and 5 yrs old by Dec 31 to start SK in Sept of the same year.

Zaria on

I’m assuming JK/SK is the same as “pre-school” in the US? Then come the grades (1, 2, 3, etc).

janeaustenrocks on

Since September is usually the cut off date for birthdays of incoming kindergarteners, Bronx was only 4 when it came time to go school. Next year, in September, he will be 5 and he will be in kindergarten and y’all can stop worrying.

Anonymous on

In most states students have to be 5 before September 1st. If his birthday is September 2nd then he could be in pre-school for that year. This would make him a little bit older kindergartner the next year. Nothing wrong with it!

Carolyn on

Oooohh…..ready to propose? Beyond exciting.

sam and freya’s mum on

Here in New Zealand kids start school at five years old, not 6 (as opposed to Kindy/preschool we call it here, which is from ages 3-5 years). New entrants at school here classed as year 1, probably ‘Grade’ 1 in the US?

Interesting to hear explanation on naming Bronx, but still not a fan of his name, not that they care though lol!