Tamera Mowry-Housley: My Family Was Formed on Love, Not Color

01/21/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Tia Mowry-Hardict Tamera Mowry-Housley Jen Lowery/Splash News Online

A new year meant a new ‘do for Tamera Mowry-Housley — but a mom-friendly “wash and go hairstyle” isn’t the only resolution on her list in 2014.

She and her twin sister, Instant Mom star Tia Mowry-Hardrict, have enough resolutions for all 12 months.

“I want to find a balance of family and work,” Mowry-Housley, 35, tells PEOPLE. “I think that when you find that balance it just makes things a lot easier.”

Mowry-Hardrict — mom to 2½-year-old son Cree Taylor –agrees that continuing to make family the center of her life is key this year, but then there’s also the matter of that patch of grass in her yard.

“I am working on having my own garden as we speak,” she adds.

“A vegetable garden [filled with] tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and then some herbs like oregano — we love oregano in this family! I’m excited because I want my son to participate, he loves gardens.”

Even more important than a personal and professional balance for Mowry-Housley — whose talk show, The Real, returns this fall — is turning her house into a place where her 14-month-old son Aden John Tanner, who will soon be walking, can play comfortably with his friends.

“Kids can come over, my family members can come over,” she says. “There’s a difference between having a house and having a home.”

But there’s one resolution that pops up on both of their lists every year, and they are already well on their way to fulfilling it.

“Every single year I just like to find a way to give back,” says Mowry-Housley, referring to their latest partnership with the Let’s Bubble campaign created by Scrubbing Bubbles. Through an online contest, people can nominate a place that needs a cleaning with a little elbow grease — whether it be a preschool potty, a community center rec room or school kitchen. The winning location receives a grand-prize clean up and a $500 donation.

Just a few weeks in, 2014 has already been a year of coming clean for Mowry-Housley about something that has been plaguing her since she wed her husband, Fox news correspondent Adam Housley, in 2011. Twitter was abuzz when she revealed on Oprah Winfrey‘s Where Are They Now? show on Friday that she is the target of racist comments because she is married to a white man.

“People choose to look past love and spew hate,” she said. “I get called ‘white man’s whore.'”

Telling others about what she’s been going through – mostly via comments on Twitter — has been a learning experience.

“What I’ve learned, honestly, is people who are saying this, it’s their issue, it’s their hate,” she tells PEOPLE. “As long as you don’t pass that along and be a part of that hate, you can be a change in the world. And that’s the reason why, honestly, I chose to speak of it.”

Since going public with her struggle she’s feeling the love from her family and beyond. “My father is very proud of me, my mother is very proud of me, and also interracial couples are very proud of me,” she says. “It was very important to voice it, but at the same time move on from it and focus on positivity from now on.”

Mowry-Hardrict, who is married to a black man, actor/singer Cory Hardrict, has been a target for hatred too and looks to one of her idols for inspiration on how to handle it.

“My son is already being called names on Twitter, on Instagram, inappropriate racial slurs and names,” she says. “But how I raise my son is the way Martin Luther King would approach the situation, it’s all about turning the other cheek and all about just showing love.”

“I’m very happy [about] the outpouring of love from so many interracial couples and just people in general,” Mowry-Housley adds. “It’s great to know that love outweighs negativity and love always wins.”

— Amy Jamieson

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Ebony on

Love these two! Beautiful ladies! Great women!

mnmom on

These young ladies are biracial themselves and should not be surprised at the haters. It is important that they realize that the social media is one of the rare forms of communication for this crazies. They make up a small majority, but hate is loud. The normies just need to make love louder.

Jessica Chillcott on

love these two woman. i’ve been a big fan since sister, sister. i think love is color blind and people should be able to love whomever they want.

Esther on

Tia and Tamera, you are both blessed with beautiful families. Those who usually say negative things do not have what you have. I am grace you have decided to put the negativity behind and enjoy your lives! There are thousands cheering for you!

natascha on

I love Tamera! She’s always been so grounded and honest in my opinion. I have a mixed child as well and always get stares as an African-American woman. My boyfriend who is also African-American does as well, but my daughter is proud of who she is and her history no matter what and helps us to ignore stares that much more.

Anonymous on

natascha- Um, how can your daughter be mixed if both you and your boyfriend are black?

bebe on

Anonymous – Perhaps they’re both mixed?

Nicole on

I am a white woman married to a black man and we have 3 beautiful girls but unfortunately we are also targeted for racial slurs. I love hearing and seeing other interracial couples.

ava on

Tamera and her hubby made a beautiful child, as did my sister and her hubby (tri-racial couple :).

Nicky on

My youngest two are 1/4 black and I have had nothing but positive support. Hopefully, as time goes on and as they get older, they continue to come in contact with people that we surround ourselves with. People that know what it means to be all God’s children!

carol on

These young ladies have been in the industry for a decade or more at least . Kudos to them for growing up on tv , and avoiding the pitfalls that other child stars have had trip them up . Keep up the good work ladies , and be encouraged , because you are role models to young girls every where . Let the haters hate , because 9 x out of 10 they would trade places with you in a NY minute .

Guest on

How much longer is she going to milk this story. Some people are ignorant, antiquated and racist. Move on.

Taylor on

They’re all interracial. . .Tamara’s are 1/4 black and Tia’s are 1/4 white. Who cares?

Brit on

I honestly had no idea interracial couples were a big deal in this day and age! Who care? Love is love!

Brit on


Joy on

Oh shut up. I am so sick of seeing those two, no talent people always talking about their kids, their roots and husbands and color and haircuts. Retire to your family and talk to each other. Lets get some real talent to watch.

Carmen on

I am so sick of her talking about this. Why not focus on positivity and stop fueling the negative behavior. She is starting to annoy me. Goodness, live and be happy, Mrs. Mowry-Housley.

Happily married 24 years on

I’ve been happily married for 24 years with two bi racial daughters. My husband is the love of my life and love should be color blind. I’ve experienced the haters, but that is there problem because some day I will be buried next to my husband and best friend and I only need to please God!

Glad there are so many interracial families now so we are becoming part of the norm!

Charli on

They are both bi-racial so how is them marrying one race over the other more acceptable? Their parents were married when interracial marriage was far less acceptable so I am surprised that she is acting so shocked by people’s stupidity. People will always find a reason to be mean or say stupid things, even to children. This is nothing new, nor is it a reason for multiple news stories.

slawson on

Wow…I’m been married 21 years in an interracial marriage down south, and we have never had a problem and I certainly do not see stares. Where do you people live to have so many things happen to you?

I’m not saying those things do not happen because people are ignorant, look how ignorant they are towards Tamera. However, I believe it is surrounding yourself with like-minded people, living in a diverse community, and being confident in who you are and your relationship.

Racists are just sad miserable “little” people.

guest on

Sorry. I thought interracial couples was part of “the norm” now. Can’t believe we haven’t moved past this crap yet.

You Making it an Issue on

Who is saying these things? I have not heard anything about you? I believe you are trying to just make yourself relative and “in the news” when you aren’t. If “family” is your center, then why are you wasting time on Twitter? Go be a mom, an actor, etc. Why waste time on matters that you shouldn’t even react to!

mpinky310 on

Tia and Tamera are biracial. So why are either of them even making an issue of what crazy people are saying about them now? I am sure their parents had even a harder time.

Sarah Khan on

I too am in an interracial marriage…I am white and my husband is Pakistani…I am pregnant with our first child due in may…I see the looks we get, but I choose to ignore other people’s ignorance…who are they to put a restriction on my love for my husband and child.

In a biracial relationship on

Who cares what any little-minded person thinks? Be happy with who you are, enjoy life and laugh off the haters. Let them be miserable by themselves.

Tia and Tamera keep it positive and be an example for those who don’t know any (or should know) better.

Nancy on

I cannot believe that inter-racial marriage is still an issue in this day and age. Come one people! Get over it!

margaret on

It’s your life .. YOURS ALONE .. Live your own life and be true to it..

Confidential on

I’ve followed their show from the beginning. These comments about the sister whom married a white man came when they were engaged. Why are they still addressing those same comments? She isn’t a black women who married a white man, she’s a biracial women who married a white man. I know people are sensitive but I have no idea why they would give these types of racist comments any weight by continuously addressing them. If you’re happy I’m happy for you and that’s it.

ThinkPink on

Is this becoming her “schtick” or what? From her reality show, to her talk show, to every interview, this is ALL she has to talk about. Enough already! At 35, she needs to develop a thicker skin to ignorance, get OFF social media and go raise her child!

Erica on

Many people still don’t know that the girls and their younger brothers ( one is Tahj Mowry(an actor, his currently is on a show called Baby Daddy), Tavior Mowry( college student and he plays football) their mother is of Afro-Bahamian descent, and their father is of the caucasian, has English ancestry. Their parents have to be very proud of all four, they raised great adults( I can’t think of a better wording for it).

Erica on

I just saw some comments after i pushed post on mine. These girls made more money than probably any of you before they hit 21. They get asked questions in an interview so they are going to address it. These girls raise their kids, HELLO PEOPLE THESE DAYS MOTHERS WORK AND TAKE CARE OF THIER KIDS. Oh yes I did caps lock that.

Nikki on

I’m with everyone else….they are biracial, so it lets us know how backwards some people can be, to make this an issue. Who they pick as a partner is their business….

I am also confused by Natasha’s comment. I sounds like she and her husband are African American(Black), but they have a biracial child?

susan on

Tamera: Stop feeding the trolls and they go away. While it upsets you, it’s silly to keep dwelling on it because it gives the haters the power.

Susan on

I’ve always loved these two. They seem to have loving, caring parents. They will rise above the garbage and continue to do well! All the best to them!!

Gloria on

I love Tia and Tamera, why would anyone have an issue with their husbands? I think they are great and so funny,

MeMe on

Surely, you people realize that Oprah is one of the most racist around. Her pals Obama, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are going to keep fanning the flames. So, she deals with racist comments. So what? We Whiteys have been dealing with it for years just as well. But its ok for Blacks to get away with calling us names like Cracker,etc. But we whites are NOT allowed to stand up for ourselves? We sure live in a twisted world.

Anonymous on

I have been married for 22 yrs, to my husband who happens to be black. People will always have their small minds. We have an amazing daughter in high school. Life could not be better.

sable senegal on

I agree with both sisters about color blind love.I am a black woman who has loved all races and colors of men.the ignorance of different races I had to encounter was unbelievable.stay strong tia and tamera with your wonderful spouses love has got all of your battles fought!

Vanessa on

I am pregnant with our 4th little mixed baby girl(hispanic and black). I love seeing interracial couples and kids! To me it means we are moving on as a society and they will always be those people who are not willing to accept it but that’s their problem 🙂 my husband and I married for love—just like most every other couple—not because our skin color matched. Our kids are being raised in both cultures.

CJL on

It’s ridiculous to hear Tamera say that people have negative things to say about her being married to a white man. Really?! In entertainment and sports, interracial relationships are not unique. There are so many stars and athletes who are happily married to someone not of their own race. Everyone know she and her siblings are biracial…Really?!…With same sex marriage not even getting a second look nowadays who is really scrutinizing Tamera’s marriage to a white person…so ridiculous!!

John on

My great-grandmother(on my mother’s side) was white. My great-grandfather(also on my mother’s side)was very fair skinned and looked white. They were both married in the deep south at a time when inter-racial marriage strictly was prohibited and illegal. My grandfather told me that his parents were never harassed or intimidated because they were married back then. We all assumed that they were never in trouble because the white people just assumed that they were both white.

Maya on

This story is getting old. The world can be an ugly place and instead of drawing more attention, they should ignore it. You give negativity power by continually bringing it up. Move on. And I’m also biracial but it’s not a big deal.

Ebony on

I always find it comical when I read a commenter accuse someone like these two long-time actresses of trying to be relevant. The simple fact that you stopped and read an article about them, and took the time to comment negates your point. They are obviously doing well enough to be persued for interviews by People, OWN tv, Larry King, etc. Insecure people really can’t resist an opportunity to try to look significant or relevant by putting down someone who is!

For those who are accusing her of milking the situation, do you realize that they are only responding to questions that have been directed towards them? That’s usually how interviews go, you know.

And for those who are hinting that Tamera is exaggerating or even making this up, you obviously don’t follow them. You just have to check some of the comments on her Instagram or their facebook page (especially when she posts a picture of her and her family) and see what some people say -granted most are positive, but still. I am glad they are rising above all the miserable naysayers and living their lives.

dsfg on

Natasha said her boyfriend was black, NOT her daughter’s dad.

bkable on

This article would have been ALOT easier to read had they used first names… Their last names are just too similar.

rachel on

why does it matter they are in stable loving mature relationships, and they are happy that is all people should want.

Tina on

I don’t know whether the one on the right is Tia or Tamera, but she looks so different, I barely recognized her. I don’t know whether it’s the blonde hair or a thinner face, but she looks totally different. Not in a bad way. Just different.

Callie on

I have no idea who these gals are but they sure are gorgeous! Her husband is very handsome too 🙂 Congratulations to them

JJT on

To the twin that wants the garden with oregano, you would do better to plant parsley, rosemary, thyme, etc., but not so much oregano. That herb is, according to professional chefs, better dry as it isn’t as strong as fresh oregano would be.

Becky on

Love these two sisters and don’t understand why skin color is an issue for her husband..People are probably ticked off because he is such a good looking guy and they make a beautiful couple…

at on

the problem with the people is that they have nothing to brag about that is senseless n hurtfull things so get on with life……….

Lyn on

What ClassylLadies!

Tough situations and the way they handle them. IMPRESSIVE!


Debbie on

I think color should not matter. If you are lucky enough to find someone to truly love, color should make no difference. They are in love and have started a beautiful family together. Best Wishes.

CutieinTN on

Just because you don’t like interacial relationships does not mean you are racist. You are only racist if you say or do something to harm or stand in the way of someone else. Racism implies power.

I prefer not to date outside my race but I believe that it is a person’s choice who he or she dates and marries.

kaya on

I guess there careers are slipping because all these girls do is real online comments then take them personal, I hope they realize that there is more to life and look at other famous face’s Matthew and Camilla , Kim and Kanye , list goes on. Please I hope they find a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Anonymous on

It saddens me to think in this day and age people can say such cruel things. What kind of person could possibly say such horrible things. Your baby is gorgeous Tamara, there are haters out there, and we need to not give them one second of our life, love, breath, or anything else. They are ignorant, and we need to move on.

Linda on

People like to make a big deal when they’re dating someone or even married to someone from a different race/nationality.

I can’t tell you how many black women are so quick to show of their white boyfriends or husbands and then they want to call you jealous.

I honestly do not care and I don’t think anyone else should care either.

We need to get pass all of this and stop worrying about what others think. Live your life.

tim on

Pretty sad that in this time and age we still use terms like “interracial” marriage. I have been married for 25 years and was blessed after 15 years with a daughter. She is 9 now and looks at all colors of skin as equal. There is no color in Gods Eyes. Go Tamera.

Anonymous on

As far as those of you who are confused regarding Natascha’s comment:

“I have a mixed child as well and always get stares as an African-American woman. My boyfriend who is also African-American does as well”

Her boyfriend is obviously not the father of her mixed child.