Fifth Child on the Way for Donald and Vanessa Trump

01/21/2014 at 07:00 PM ET

Donald Trump Jr. Expecting Fifth Child
Brian Ach/Getty

They’ll soon have their own personal party of five!

Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa are expecting their fifth child, he announced Tuesday on Twitter.

“Well [Vanessa], Kai, D3, T-man, Spencer & I have some exciting news… We are expecting baby #5 this summer. Can’t wait,” the Trump Organization’s Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions Tweeted, adding the hashtag #evenlesssleep.

The baby on the way will have plenty of playmates. Not only are the couple already parents to Kai Madison, 6½, Donald John III, 5 next month, Tristan Milos, 2, and Spencer Frederick, 15 months, but Trump’s sister Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner recently welcomed their second child, Joseph, a baby brother for Arabella, 2½.

Trump — who also acts as a boardroom advisor on The Apprentice — and Vanessa, both 36, celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary last November.

— Anya Leon

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markandmayaadopt on

somehow i missed that they had spencer! thought they only had 3 kids.

ELC on

She’s like a bunny rabbit…everytime you look around she’s popping out another kid. Did these two ever hear of birth control?

JD on

Wow, I had no clue about the fourth kid. Congrats to them

DaisyMoon on

If it weren’t that they’re wealthy and she must have all kinds of help, I’d almost feel sorry for this baby factory…

Huh? on

How do you take care of that many kids? Sorry but you can’t give that many kids a quality life, even if you do have a lot of money. It’s not just about money. It’s about time and engagement.

Guest2014 on

Congrats to them! They seem like a great family. Who cares how many kids they have? As long as they are happy and well taken care that’s all that matters

Catherine on

Clearly they can afford to have as many as they want, but MAN, that is a lot of kids in a short amount of time!

LizC on

Umm – my parents had 7 children. As the LAST of the bunch, it was a great experience!

My mother had plenty of energy and attention to give to us all.

The Trumps have the money to support these children, so if they want to have 5 kids, why would anyone criticize?

Jess on

The world is already over populated and these clueless people don’t even know what birth control is either that or it’s their way of feeling entitlement.

Guest on

To the person who asked if they ever heard of birth control-Did you ever think maybe they WANTED a large family? There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with having a large family granted you can support and nurture them.

Barb on

Hopefully he won’t have time to go kill endangered animals

Juli on

I honestly didn’t remember them having Tristan… Anyway, congratulations to them, hopefully it’s another girl!

Bethany on

I don’t understand all these comments about how terrible it is to have 5 kids and how the parents can’t give quality time to each. I am the youngest of five and I LOVED it! My parent’s were super involved and both worked full time. I never went without even though we did not have much money. I never had a babysitter or nanny and to this day see and talk to my siblings weekly, if not daily. I am 26 now and looking back, I would have had my life no other way and look forward to having a big family myself.

Jenna on

“The world is already overpopulated”?! These two want children to adore and can afford them. How about the people who have kids for a bigger check on welfare? That’s the problem, not these two. Come on, you are an idiot!

Jenna on

I’m sure they have “heard” of birth control. There are some really simple minded people on here.

Anonymous on

5 kids is definitely a challenge. I have 5 children who get tons of quality time with my husband and me. They are not lacking for love or attention. It can get very noisy, though! My children will always have each other for love and support when they grow older. We are rich in love– the most important of the riches.

Heather Shaw on

Congratulations from Ontario Canada!♥

Anonymous on

Soon Donald Jr. And his wife can star in the semi-spinoff to 19 Kids and Counting.

stacey on

Awesome!! As a mom of 6, I LOVE big families!!! And very well said, Bethany!!!

neridaharvey on

This guy is a bad bad person…he kills elephants in Africa for fun…hunt rhymes with …..

LotsOfLove on

Wow a few of you are really uninformed. 5 kids can’t have a good quality of life?? Says who?? Maybe you guys can’t give a good quality life to 5 kids, but it doesn’t mean others cant. My sister and my friend both have 5 kids and those children are the happiest around!! And they aren’t loaded like the Trumps. Sure some people can’t do it, but I know several families that can.

Brie on

I had 10 siblings and my Mom had no help. We all turned out well!!! Whos to say that that is how many children they wanted. I always wanted 5 but sadly medically it isn’t possible for me. I am blessed with 2 .

OhBoy on

Why do you care if they have 5 or 15 kids, ELC? They obviously can afford it financially. Clearly they WANT a big famlily. SMH…why is it you can’t just wish them well and move on?

jessicad on

Awe, aside from his hunting hobby they seem like nice people, I wish them the best! I wish I had the patience for more children but I just don’t, seems like a large family would be fun:)

Kassie on

That’s great for all of you that have or come from large families..& have positive experiences to share. But there are definitely people in this world that believe that in this day & age, it is next to impossible to give a large gaggle of kids all they need emotionally & intellectually, maybe not physically. I count myself as one of those people.

We are all entitled to our own opinion.

Guest on

Who are we to judge? Maybe they wanted a big family. You can tell this family is full of love & I’d like to congratulate them. I’m in my early 30’s and back in our grandparents (& some even parents) generation, families had 13+ kids.

Anonymous on

Do they know what causes it?

Martina on

Maybe they love kids? And want to have a big family? I think siblings are wonderful. If I could afford to have 5 kids, I would too!

Jessie McKEnna on

That is a lot of kids within a few years…the oldest is only 6? Crazy!

diamondgirl on

Good for them. It’s great to be a part of a big family, it’s the most important thing in the world.

Kim on

So posters here can’t look down on them that they are having kids outside of marriage, a People commenter favorite…sooo now you’ve gone to picking on a couple for wanting a large family? Ridiculous.

Congraulations to Donald and Vanessa on your BIG family.

Tiffany on

I always feel bad for these poor uteruses. Geez.

Vic on

Best of luck to them. If you got the money, why not? Those kids will be well taken care of and have excellent educations.

Lisa on

Five children? Wow, she even has Tori Spelling beat.

Brit on

If a man has kids with different women, it’s a problem. If a couple have children without being married, it’s a problem. If a couple who are barely getting by have continue to have children, it’s a problem. Some people are so illogically judgmental! I’m sorry the world doesn’t share your “perfect” view of child rearing. They are married, have the ability to support their children and, I can only assume, provide them with love!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Donna on

Good for them… love big families.

Viv on

There is always someone who will have something mean to say…seriously?!? The guy has money, can afford that many children, the wife probably doesn’t work and can take care of the kids (I’m sure they have some nannies – which is no sin)…so why the judgement???

My grandmother had 11 children, no one felt left out/less loved and surely, my grandparents worked their entire life to give the BEST to all of their children…the world is over populated?!?!? SURE, some areas are…but do a road-trip in America…travel a little bit overseas…and you will see that we will be just fine…while some are having 5 kids, others have 1…just do what you can afford, and just do what works for you and your partner!! Here is to 2014 where people are LESS JUDGMENTAL!!!!

Kim on

Never ceases to amaze me how some people think they can dictate how many children other people SHOULD have. It’s none of your business. I’m pretty sure they can afford as many as they WANT. As for children not having a quality life when there’s a large family, B.S. Some of the most well adjusted kids I’ve ever been around come from big families. Congratulations to them!

guest on

He needs to let that girl up once in awhile. 5 kids? Holy crap! Well, at least they have the means financially to care for them.

Baby mom on

@ huh ? Are to kidding? How can anyone give that amount of children a quality life…easy by loving and nurturing them. I have 6 children and my husband and I will welcome any more that God gives us. So nice to see people having larger families again. To all you haters, just go away!

Baby mom on

Also my last 5 children were born within 6.5 years. I love my children, all 6 of them. You people writing negative comments need to grow up! You’re not paying for Donald trumps children, so don’t go commenting that he should use birth control. Mind your business already.

Rae on

Last I checked, the decision on how many kids a family can have is a personal one. Obviously, it’s what they want and moreover, they know they can support them. Congrats to them for filling their home with love and children!

Amanda on

These comments are funny…5 kids isn’t some gigantic family! Personally I have 4, I would never have wanted less. I absolutely love that my kids have each other and love watching their relationships grow. Not everyone can handle a large family but for those of us that want it, it is the most amazing thing.

Carolyn on

In reply to Barb’s comment, couldn’t agree with you more; also hope he’ll stay at home in the US with his brood & stop bullying local people who live near “the greatest golf course in the world”!!

Ashley on

Donald Jr. is a smart guy and clearly he and his wife have heard of contraception, so if they’re having 5 children close together in age, then they must have chosen to do so on purpose. Goodness knows they have more than enough money to afford a large brood, and lots of nannies and domestic help.

I can’t help but marvel at Vanessa for having so many kids in such a short space of time. Having 1 child myself, I know what a toll pregnancy and childbirth can take on a woman’s body, not to mention recovery after delivery. I can’t imagine having so many kids back-to-back without my body giving out!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking their choice to have a large family. My husband comes from a family of 7 children himself, but they were spaced a little further apart so his mom had a bit more time to recover after having each child. But he came from a family of pretty modest means. The trumps can afford the best pre- and post-natal care for Vanessa, as well as live-in child care, so I guess they don’t have to wait long between babies!

kris on

Sounds like he is the bedroom advisor as well!

lola on

A fifth baby!! What wonderful news. They are so good with their children. They spend a lot of time with them. I wish them a big congratulations!

Britt on

My childhood best friend was one of ten children…her family was not super wealthy, only survived on one income, and yet they all have turned out just fine. I don’t see what the problem is about the Trumps having five kids (which is not the biggest amount on the planet, by any means). They have plenty of money, have a seemingly stable marriage, and love their children. They probably wanted a large-ish family, and more power to them!

caroline on

WOW! It’s so rare to hear about a wealthy successful man to have 5 children from one wife! Congrats to them!

Amanda_M87 on

I personally don’t understand why people have so many kids, but I guess they have the money and the resources, so no harm done.

Anonymous on

Trumps are not good looking people. May be they shouldn’t have so many kids.

Catca on

Love the hashtag “evenlesssleep”. Very cute. Congrats DT2 and Vanessa!

Marky on

To those of you who believe no one can be good, attentive, loving, caring parents to 5 children…balderdash! (Since I am not impressed with using language off bathroom walls____neridaharvey The truth is, some are gifted at caring for their children, no matter how many they have or how much money they have. Some cannot take care of one, even if they are so rich, we can’t even imagine. How ridiculous are people who think they should make such personal decisions for other people? This is not China, this is the USA, and people get to make those choices for themselves, and no, it’s NOT “just (your) opinion”! It’s rude, and judgmental regarding people you don’t know.

Last I heard, Donald Jr, doesn’t shoot aged elephants every day, he broke no laws, and you need to check your own house! Sheesh! People on this site are just nuts! You don’t get to name other people’s children, decide how many children they have, and, unless they are asking you to pay for it or forcing you to go with them and shoot the gun, tell them they can’t do something the gov’t of that country said was okay.

gyl on

Lots of kids. Glad they have the money to afford them. They look like a cute family. I thought they had 3 for some reason.

Utopia on

Incredible that nobody has noticed that the more kids she has the more child support and alimony she will get once they divorce… If they don’t make it that is…

TratOyo on

What’s the big deal about having five kids? I think that’s great. They can afford it. Their children will have a very privileged life. I was one of five and I loved being part of a big family. We always had so much fun together. My childhood memories are very happy ones. I feel sorry for people from small families. That would be so boring to me. No offense intended to anyone. Just my preference.

Denverpeet on

Holy Duggar! I

RooRoo on


The Naked Vegetarian on

To all the people commenting on having five kids – I have a friend who just had her fifth and she does not have a nanny. All of her kids know they are loved and all are exceptional. It is possible!

dudley doright on

wow, thats alot of kids….but they can afford it! Congrats.

Anonymous on

First congrats to them. That is so awesome! Second for the people that say they feel sorry for all these kids and that they have too many, you should stick to your own business. I am pregnant with my 8th baby and we couldn’t be happier. Every one of my children are happy and healthy. They too are excited for the new addition as any baby is a blessing from God regardless of how much money or help you have. In which I have no help and I stay home with my kids. I have four in school and two at home. Yes that only adds up to six, we lost a baby at birth but she is still counted as part of our family.

Anonymous on

I’m currently expecting baby #8 and my oldest is 11. Our family learns the appreciation of people not things. We spend quality family time together. My kids aren’t lacking for attention or affection. I’m complimented daily on the behavior of my children, they adore each other and are looking forward to adding a new brother or sister this summer. Don’t dare judge me by the size of my family….just because can’t handle a lot of kids doesn’t mean others can’t.

MrMonkee on

My Mother had 11 siblings, my Father 14. My wife and I have had 8 and would love to have a couple more. I can’t imagine being brought up in a small family. We might not have the latest I-Pad or Cell Phones or the newest car or cars, or designer clothes and eat in the fancy restaurants, and vacations other than camping or visiting relatives are out of the question but we have lots of love, plenty of one on one family time, kids with good values and respect for others, but most of all we never let ANYONE go to bed, out the door to school, outside to play with friends etc. without saying I Love You. You might be surprised how far that goes to making a family…..a family.

Keli M on

I needed to make a comment about these rude people. Children are a blessing and a gift from god it’s wonderful they want a big family. Lots of love to go around I have four children and my last two are a year apart and the best of friends. Friends come and go in your lifetime but family is forever.

Lorelei on

Congratulations to the Trump family!

Kiki on

At least they can afford this many kids… And they’ve all got the same father (presumptively). Better than the welfare families with 5 kids from 5 different men that can’t give them the time NOR the monetary support.

I wouldn’t want 5 kids but hey, congrats. My Aunt and uncle had 7, all with college degrees, star athletes and all never wanted for anything. So yes, it’s doable.

Caasi on

The world is overpopulated by third world countries. First world countries have the lowest birth rate, ever. They seem to have a loving family, so to me, this is good news!

Jenna on

@brit. Wow you make absolutely no sense. What does being unmarried have to do with happy and loved children? There are married people who fight, cheat, abuse but because they are “married” everything is great? Again, simple minded bible thumper. I’m sure you are perfect. You are judgmental and obviously very ignorant.

jocy on

My grandma had 6 kids. Believe me…these women (and one man) are a hoot!!! 5 sisters and one brother. God Bless Them!!! The more the merrier!!

ASD on

All the elephants, leopards and other endangered species that Donald Jr. has killed in the “sport” of hunting will never have babies.

Rhonda on

Who cares!! You killed an elephant; I will NEVER forget that about you – ever. How dare you; just cause you can “afford” to.

Sara on

Cngrats on #5! I am #2 of 5 kids and both my parents worked full time and still gave us all equal attention and love. I had a great childhood and we are all still very close and get together 2x a month for a big family dinner.

Aliana on

I had no idea they had this many kids. lol. The last I head he was having his first child. Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention.

Anyway, I’m happy for them. If they are good parents and love the children, then they should have as many as they like. Congrats!

Anonymous on

I am amazed that people find a family of 5 amazing. Just a generation ago a family of 4,5,6,7 or more was the norm for you or your neighbors. A large family is a blast. A large family is very doable for most of us in most ofthe world. We are blessed way beyond our needs.

Lili on

Wow they only just had the 4th just over a year ago…, no sleep EVER for them, good luck to them but wow I can’t even imagine having 5, I guess they have the money for help

Mara on

Wow 5 babies in 8 years of marriage! She’s been pregnant pretty much all their marriage.

ari on

This guy is so creepy looking.

mslewis on

I must have slacked off on my celebrity baby blog reading because I don’t remember hearing about the last two babies. I thought they only had the girl and boy. Oh well.

Congrats to them. They obviously love children. Imagine all those little bitty babies running and playing in the Trump mansion with all that gold and other ugly stuff.

Anyway, big families are fun. I grew up with 12 siblings. It was chaotic and loud but so much fun.

emma on

Somehow, I thought they had two :/

Lisa on

Have they ever heard of overpopulation?

veronica on


Evelyn J on

I’d love five kids but I fear I will be unable. I am delighted for them and wish them all the happiness and love that having a large family can bring. These Trump boys will be some of the most financially and socially privileged kids in the country. Let’s hope they make a positive difference.

weezer on

I suppose she’s got nothing else to do then pop babies out for the Trumps.

Guest 317 on

If you have enough money to hire people to do the mountains of laundry, clean the rooms, fix the meals …etc …then it should allow plenty of time to spend with all those little ones.

Liz on

Why does everyone think it is so horrible that she is having her 5th child, I came from a big family of 5 kids and we did fine and my father did not make nearly the money this guy does.

Kim on

They have to raise them and they have the resources to make it easy – congrats!

anonymous on

people are always amazed when they hear about others having a larger (more than 2 kids) family because most don’t value the family dynamic anymore. It has become an “all-about-me” generation.

If average income people have more than 1 or 2 kids, how can they afford the 3000sq foot house with 6 bedrooms and granite everything and 6 bathrooms and the big brand new cars and suv’s and the trips and the fancy clothes and the golf memberships and the latest technology and the… the list can go on. If you can’t offer those things to a kid or yourself, then somehow you feel either yourself or someone else is less than worthy.

i would rather have a smaller house with hardly any of the fluff and enjoy the precious time that i have with my husband and 4 children creating the family dynamic – playing games enjoying the outdoors, showering them with love and memories.

Nikki on

Congratulations to the happy family. As the 5th child of eight children in my family, it was a challenge but I would not have changed it for the world. Blessings!!

Susan on

Congrats to both of them. They said from the beginning they wanted lots of children.

Mary on

Congratulations to them. I always wanted a large family but unfortunately it did not turn our like I anticipated.

Denise on

What the hell, 5 in 5 years…Wow..

Andrea on

This is how it’ll turn out for this poor woman…watch you’ll see.

Her husband will end up straying because he’ll prefer a tight body that hasn’t birthed so many children, and he’ll prefer to be anywhere but home with the chaos of so many kids near the same age.

She’ll start to feel old and resent that she gave up whatever dreams she had to have a mob of children instead.

beeswax on

Great news!!! Congrats!!!

growup on

Hmm, people here are critics about a couple who can clearly afford this many children and yet NOT being critical about same-sex people getting together (notice I did not use the word ‘marriage’ as this is not what the word even means) – people need to get off the ‘bandwagon’ just cause celebs who are in the public eye do something that is not right – people are like sheep, just following the crowd.

sandy on

DaisyMoon and ELC sound like major morons- and jealous too!

Kristine on

My son’s best friend is the middle of 5 children. The family doesn’t have a nanny, they are cared for by the PARENTS. The parents are very engaged and active with their kids. If you don’t want to, don’t do it. But don’t assume that those who are, are doing it badly.

LR on

Truth is, he’s contributing to overpopulation of the planet and has a hobby, with his brother Eric, hunting elephants and other big game in Africa…raping earth. The Trumps make me sick.

chloe on

To those who are complaining Donald Jr is contributing to overpopulation- don’t worry my husband and I are not having children, so two of his children will replace my husband and, so it’s no so bad…

Catherine in Tulsa on

The world is completely overpopulated now. Shame they don’t spend some time reading about that, and figuring out how their five kids will have clean drinking water.

Susan on

Anyone complaining about over population can take their argument to the people with limited money and intelligence, and try to persuade THEM not to procreate.

In the future we’ll need more kids like Trumps to care for those who are having kids who will end up with no education, morals or means to care for themselves. Someone has to pay the taxes to support the 20% on food stamps.

guest on

Congrats! I’m overwhelmed just hearing about 5 babies, but props to those who can do it and do it right!

I obviously know nothing about them personally, but I remember seeing a photo several years ago of Donald & Vanessa pushing baby #1 in a Graco stroller. Not that there’s anything wrong with fancy strollers (each to their own!), and maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I thought it was lovely that a couple who can probably afford something diamond-encrusted went with practicality.

Ivixen on

It bothers me how judgmental people are about large families. Just because you can’t picture yourself with many kids does not mean that those who have large families have children who are mistreated or neglected as so many here suggest they would be.

I, for one, currently have 5 children still at home. They are all good students (3.8 GPA or above.) They participate in extra-curricular activities – 4 play soccer, 3 play instruments, 3 are in youth groups, 3 do martial arts, 3 are in youth groups of various sorts, 1 is on a high school competitive team, 1 is in a language immersion program, 1 is on swim team, etc. They spend summers participating in their own camps and activities, as well as spending time doing other important things.

Is it very busy? Yes. And before someone starts hollering that there’s no time for anything else, I will also mention that we also attend church, spend a reasonable amount of one-on-one and family time together, take vacations, and enjoy hobbies together, which is more than what many smaller families do.

Each of our children is well cared for medically and physically. They have nice clothing and are clean in appearance. My husband and I both spend time fulfilling their emotional needs and talking to each daily about their lives. It most certainly can be done, and there are many who make it work, and they raise great kids.

Please don’t bash what you would not want for yourself, especially when it’s usually a case of not understanding it.

taylor on

we understand you have money but birth control is out there…

mommaz on

So the skeptic in me first thought she is surely securing herself some serious alimony. But then again who knows??? Maybe they do desire a large family. I know several families who have 5 or more children and they seem very happy and well adjusted. If you are planning to have more than a few children, it would make sense to have them close together or you’d be raising kids forever (if she had one every 3 years, her oldest would be 30 when her youngest turned 18. That’s A LOT of years!). I myself couldn’t handle that many kids but of they can, more power to them.

Ali on

I could care less how many kids someone wants to have…I just wish this douche-bag wasn’t the one doing it. Someone who pays to shoot elephants isn’t the kind of person I think should be parenting future generations.

Erika on

I can’t believe the ignorant remarks that some of you are making. It’s 5 kids, not 50. I have 3 and its a handful but if I had started younger and had more money I might have had more. What do any of you care how many kids they have? Those of you posting nasty comments must not like kids and I don’t think he’s holding a gun to her head forcing her to have baby after baby. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Niki on

That’s what happens when pre-nups give the wife a lot of money for each child.

Summer on

Oh wow…kudos to her! I felt awful during my entire pregnancy, can’t imagine doing it 5 times! They seem to be a loving family, not sure why anyone has an issue with them.

guest on

I think it’s great they are having another baby. It’s nobody’s business if they want to have a large family. I have four and each and every one of them got individualized attention and I loved having what some may consider a large family.

I really find it comical that anyone finds four or five a lot of children and that how do people care or give attention to so many? Seriously, it’s not that difficult and the Trumps can certainly afford as many as they want and I am sure they are wonderful parents. Congrats to them!!

Katie on

While lots of you are bashing them for having 5 kids, I’m jealous! I’m struggling to have a third baby. Fertility treatments aren’t working. We also may adopt. Congratulations to them! Dealing with fertility issues is not fun! She’s lucky she can have one after the other.

Jen on

Bless their hearts. If I had had their funds, I would have had a bunch of kids, too. Blessings and good health to this family.

Crystal on

This is disgusting. 5 children???? Seesh! That’s almost a mini baseball team. She’s had 3 children in the last 2+ years. Slow down guys. It isn’t a race. These are children. Not props.

c.a. on

I’m very happy for them! Nice to see them focused on raising kids vs doing the vapid things they could be doing with all of the wealth they have. Seems like a nice family. Good for them.

Kat on

Five kids in 8 yrs? wow. More power to them!

I won’t say anything mean because I know they have the money and resources to take care of that many kids. I say, keep on going, don’t stop till you get enough, lol.

CEM on

The people that keep saying the world is overpopulated are stupid. Look at China with is huge population who will soon be the world power, we need more people in the US to keep us on top. Without population growth we will be nothing.

Andrea on

This is how it’ll turn out for this poor woman…watch you’ll see.

Her husband will end up straying because he’ll prefer a tight body that hasn’t birthed so many children, and he’ll prefer to be anywhere but home with the chaos of so many kids near the same age.

She’ll start to feel old and resent that she gave up whatever dreams she had to have a mob of children instead.

YHU on

Andrea, I’m afraid you may be right. Vanessa has been pregnant during pretty much her entire marriage to Donald Jr. After awhile, he may go looking for a newer, younger model. It’s not like he has the best role model when it comes to marriage; his own father is on his 3rd marriage and cheated on his 1st wife. Then again, the Trumps can afford to employ an army of nannies, cooks and housekeepers to help with their kids, so maybe Vanessa will have the luxury of time to exercise and diet to get her pre-baby body back. And she and Donald Jr. can afford to go on tons of date-nights and adults-only vacations to keep the “spark” in their marriage alive. Unlike the rest of us, who have to worry about paying a sitter …

RachaelMall on

It’s so easy to sit on your laptop and mock people and find everything wrong with everyone else, isn’t it?

First you people are complaining about couples not being married and having babies, or not being financially for enough for babies, now you’re complaining about a married, financially secure couple having children!! You people iust want to complain about anything!

RachaelMall on

Where did people get the lame-brain idea that parents cannot care for more than two kids?

Could it be the same society with two working parents that works 90 hours a week and puts there kids in daycare for 8 hours a day? (Yeah… I went there!) Well, then I could see how it would boggle the mind to care for more than two. However, most people just juggle the kids with their jobs just like anyone else. And I doubt the Trumps do much juggling since they have an army of nannies and helpers.

You mean to tell me that every person you’ve ever met with more than one sibling had a terrible upbringing because there were more than two kids in the family? Many, many, many people have several siblings. Think, people, THINK!!

RachaelMall on

Maybe she is just making sure she gets LOTS of child support when she divorces him? lol

And before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, that was meant to be in jest. 🙂