Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Visit the White House – And Meet the First Dog

01/20/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Beyonce Blue Ivy White HouseCourtesy Beyoncé

It’s only a few weeks into January and Blue Ivy Carter is already having the best year ever.

Bey and Jay‘s daughter glamorously rang in the New Year with her parents at the Versace Mansion in Miami, days before celebrating her second birthday with a princess soiree.

Her mother then debuted her daughter’s cool new toy rides: a personalized pink Cadillac and blue Ferrari.

But the singer, who performed at First Lady Michelle Obama‘s 50th birthday party, also took her little girl to the White House during the holidays.

And to give fans a peek of their personal visit, Beyoncé shared photos of Blue (in a chic cream tulle dress) checking out the First Family’s Christmas tree and meeting one of the first dogs on her website Sunday.

We can’t imagine how Beyoncé and Jay-Z can top all of this. But we’re sure they will.

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Beyonce Blue Ivy White HouseCourtesy Beyoncé

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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Ris on

Love me some Bo

jmquinnn on

It’s mid-January and they still have their Christmas tree up?

Sylvia Koutz on

There is a misspelling in your article. It should not say “princes soiree”. It should read “princess” soiree. Ivy is a GIRL.

Guest on

I like to leave my tree up for 12 days after Christmas.

JM on

I can’t stand her – “get over yourself” stop posting pictures of your daughter without showing her face – we get it – you are trying to protect her privacy so just leave the photos out completely – no one CARES!

Melly on

Isn’t that Sunny not Bo? Bo has the white paws.

Sharon on

I wonder if I would be allowed to visit the White House with my daughter? I’m guessing not.

ph on

i relly dont .like beyonce.she has .a very big . ego like .she .is all tat she isnt a great singer she ent no witney.huston or adele who has .class tay dont have to show there. crot or half naked to prove . notting beyonce is noting .but fake including tat bad. waves she has .on her .hair

jackie on

So over B posting pictures with no face showing. Get over yourself. At least Kim shows us her child.

N. Trippeer on

This makes me sick. Like someone else said, we (my child and I) would never be able to go to the White House for a party. He is giving the Beyoncé family too many privileges. They are nothing special at all. They should be in prison for going to Cuba.

Anonymous on

Special privileges to the Hollywood elite because the Ob-um-mers think they are the King and Queen. YUCK!

Ann on

Tacky tree……….

Fedup9999 on

Well, I see People is censoring comments about the Obum-mers

Sharon on

I am so over this woman she thinks she is some sort of goddess when all she is a ok singer.

Amanda on

is Beyonce pregnant again?

Debra on

if anyone refers to beyonce and jay as royals; i will vomit.

Bernice on

Amanda was she pregnant the first time?

Tina on

Why do so many people have hatred towards Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blu…unbelievable hatred in this world and jealousy…get over it and use the time to improve yourself.

Guesswhat on

Well isn’t that special!!

Shiela Kerr on

Enjoyed the pictures! Carter/Knowles clan is living their life and
living their dream!

Terry on

The kid is ugly.

Kay Pasa on

A 1% -er visiting the tax paid palace of another 1%-er. Big deal.

Marilyn on

Beyoncé, get over yourself. You’re becoming narcissistic like Obozo and the first frump.

Toni on

My goodness people! Read the story before commenting. It says right in the article that they VISITED DURING THE HOLIDAYS. And to those of you who “can’t stand Beyonce”, why are you here? And the whiners who say they can’t visit with their children? If you were friends with the President you would be able to. Otherwise, you request a tour just like the rest of the common folk and stop whining. These are the things that point out how ignorant people can be. So irritating. So to recap, read the story before commenting and stay off of stories about people you can’t stand and stop whining. It’s not that hard. Just keep scrolling. Oh, and who says she has to show YOU pictures of her child’s face? With the comments I see here I wouldn’t show her face to you either. Crazy people these days. And my rant is done. Thank you and have a great evening!

Elle on

So many people on here are like I would never be invited to the White House, but a surprisingly large amount of people get tickets to go through, especially during the holiday season. I have gone through three times, through my cousin on border patrol, a friend who works in DC, and my nanny family. Tickets aren’t exclusive, you just have to know who to ask for them.

Lisa on

Beyonce is soooo pretty, where are all the up close photos???

Hey on

Hahaha the tree is still up. Classy first family. I wonder if the lawn ornaments are tipped over too. Keeping it real Obamas!

Terri on

Precious pictures.

Anonymous on

if you don’t like the picture so what!

s on

Oh god! Who cares.

Vanessa on

Talentless trash. Go away B&J! No one is jealous of your lack of talent, fake pregnancy or inflated ego.