Take a Peek Inside Kourtney Kardashian’s Nursery for Daughter Penelope

01/20/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Kourtney Kardashian Nursery Daughter Penelope InStyle MagazineCourtesy Kourtney Kardashian

“My favorite room in our home,” wrote Kourtney Kardashian on Instagram after posting a sweet photo of daughter Penelope‘s nursery Saturday.

The pretty-in-pink baby space features a jaw-dropping (and maybe not-so-safe) turquoise beaded chandelier, a modern white crib, framed vintage prints, an ornate bookcase and Serena & Lily‘s chic Senegalese Storage Baskets ($290 for set of 3).

While lying in her bed, the 18-month-old can also look up to the rose-colored patterned wallpaper that covers the ceiling.

“I was going to go all white but I first found this pink wallpaper — it’s pink grass cloth from Ralph Lauren,” Kardashian told InStyle. “I get so happy when I go into her room. It’s my favorite room and I did it all myself.”

The mom-of-two gave the magazine an exclusive look inside her Calabasas, Calif. home, which she decorated with an Alice in Wonderland-theme along with the help of Californian interior designer Jeff Andrews.

But Penelope’s room really was her personal project. “I helped her select the fabulous and fun ceiling wallpaper, but other than that, the nursery was truly Kourtney’s labor of love — no pun intended!” said Andrews.

To see the rest of Kourtney’s home, go to InStyle.com.

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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Jamy on

In love with the chandelier and ceiling wallpaper. Not a huge fan of the pink colored walls.

allie on

Well, there weren’t in the news for a few days so Kris had to get them back in.

It is a lovely room though but why brag so much about everything you are fortunate to have…

joyce johnson on

ugly room, y do u people keep putting picture of her and that crazy man she is with. She isnt even a good mother and really I dont care

susan on

Crap. There goes another 10 IQ points for stopping to read this article.

Susan on

Ugly, obnoxious..Looks like Liberace’s bedroom, awful. Don’t care anyway.

lilly on

The room is cute, but the rest of the house is tacky and weird and awful.

Tina on

I wouldnt trust that chandelier hanging over my babys crib.

stacey on

LOVE all the pink, and the room is cute, except for that hideous thing hanging from the ceiling.

Xan on

How often do chandeliers fall? I’m sure it was installed properly by an electrician. Unless there was an earthquake and they left little Penelope alone in her room long enough for this to fall on her (rather than go grab her immediately at the first sign of danger, which let’s face it, Kardashians or not, that’s what they would do), I really don’t see an issue.

karenmregan on

I can see why it’s her favorite room. The rest of the house is ugly.

sally on

wow, pretty obnoxious!

Sunlight on

Don’t really love the ceiling wallpaper should of been plain white…to me the room would look a lot better. Everything else in the room looks fine. The chandelier…it is a little to big hanging over the crib like that and not safe especially if Penelope was in her crib…

kyla on

How can anyone comment and say her child is not beautiful. Have some human decency and class !!

Giuliana on

I am not a fan of this room. My eyes hurt. I don’t know where to look.

veronicageorge7 on

Why isn’t the chandelier safe? I’m sure they had someone licensed hang it up. And it looks plenty high enough for a child to not be able to reach it.
As for people judging the baby…back off. Its a BABY!!! Stop being a bully to a defenseless child.

Evellina on

Just ignore the haters. Penelope is cute and adorable. They’re just jealous because they have to look at their own face in the mirror.

DaisyDuke67 on

Very cute, very girly. I wonder how much time the little girl actually spends in that room?

Janet on

Pretty room nice job, Kourtney

Leslee on

Keep it classy, People.

Implying that a chandelier might not be safe is to bait haters is really yellow journalism.

Nica on

I’m not sure why but I expected something more earthy…less wild and all over the place. Every room in that house is dizzying.

ClaireP on

Beautiful room, love it.

Huh? on

Her taste is very gaudy. Even on the show I can see it- too many different patterns everywhere.

Kate on

Beautiful room. Good job!

DaisyMoon on

It’s beautiful except for the hideous chandelier…

Julie Prescott on

definitely should NOT have that chandelier over the crib!!! Very unsafe; accidents do happen. Otherwise, it is just beautiful!

Sacré on

Surprisingly, I really, really like this room. The huge chandelier directly over the crib is a little worrisome but I otherwise, it’s a nice touch.

gymluv on

Lovely room and sweet baby girl. It is sad to know that Scott’s parents & Kourtney’s dad are missing out on snuggling up & reading stories to her in there. I feel so blessed to have had 4 grandparents as a huge part of my son’s life. It means more than anything monetary. I am sure they feel the same way. Penelope & Mason do seem to be blessed with loving parents.

Edie on

Still wouldn’t have a heavy chandelier over her head. Just way to many things that could happen and that’s really disturbing.

Leslee on

BTW, the chandelier is not over the crib but in the foreground of the pic. It’s an optical illusion to see it as over the crib because the crib is in sharpest focus.

Elaina on

Fugly. Just like their kids.

Chicky dee on

Very nice room – quite relaxing. Good job by the decorator.

ELC on

Nauseating!The child is living in a pepto bismo movie. If she isn’t sick to her stomach…well than I am. Sometimes you can go overboard with color…this room certainly looks like it. Other than color…the room looks cute.

ELC on

The room would look so much better with another color on its walls and definitely NOT a chandelier hanging over the crib. Sorry, but I would never place a child under such a heavy piece of lighting…G-d forbid it comes down on the child. Not a smart move on the part of Kourtney nor the decorator.

ELC on

Did anyone bother to realize that hanging a chandelier over a child’s crib is not the safest way to go. Heaven forbid the piece is too heavy to stay up it will land in the crib and possibly hurt the child sleeping in it. The room itself is cute for a little girl, although, the color pink is way too much. I like pink, but even this has gone way too far. Kourtney’s decorator really doesn’t have the talent she believes herself to have. This wouldn’t be my choice if decorating Penelope’s room for many reasons.

Anonymous on

I think I developed vertigo looking at the other pictures of her home lol. That is pretty out there. The nursery is very cute after seeing that house.

RIP Mandela on

Awwww…she did it all herself. She’s so normal. *Rolls eyes*

Curlyemma on

Don’t like green lantern
Don’t like pics
Don’t like carpet
Don’t like all the clutter on the thing in the corner
Where is Penelope? It s her room.

Akita on

Fancy chandelier above the crib

D on

The room is nice and so is her whole house, not my style but nice. I love that she kept her father’s desk and her parents books and did her own thing with them.

sar on

What a beautiful nursery. Love Scott & kourtneys family.

Alex Genie on

I love it how she says “and I did it all myself.” Hehe. I think that’s celeb talk for “I chose it, but I paid someone to do it.” 😉

Bugsmum on

So……much……pink!!! So much pink. Really not my thing but then it’s not my house (or my money).

It’s just so much pink.

meghan on

That entire house is proof that money can’t buy taste or class. And I’m sorry, but her kids are as unattractive as her decorating style.

Notafan on

The entire house is over the top. She may have spent a lot of money on every room but it still looks cheap.

Anonymous on

Too much stuff. Bad feng shui

Anonymous on

Almost the whole house is black and white. It almost gave me a seizure looking at it.

Anonymous on

who arranges books by color?

clearly someone who doesn’t read

nikki on

Way tooooooooo much pink..and that chandelier, is just too big and gawdy for a little girls room, looks terrible..wallpaper on the ceiling..huh?

shidley on

LOL @guest. I agree…Kourtney’s kids are, well…

Penny on

I always thought it seemed weird to put a baby crib in the center of a room and especially right under a heavy fixture. You see it in catalogs but not in functional every day life. I bet a million dollars that room isn’t even used or was totally staged for photos.

veronica on

Love It…Just not that Ball from the ceiling

Mandy on

In an area known for earthquakes (and it’s overdue for one) it’s not wise to hang something that large over someplace where anyone sleeps, especially a child.

Crystal on

It looks like the crib may have been moved for the photo shoot. Kourtney is pretty anal about safety. Especially when it comes to her kids. She is my favorite Kardashian. I was surprised to see her house decorated they way it is. She seems more of a minimalist. There were some rooms I liked. Others, looked gaudy and tacky. I love the nursery but HATE that chandelier. Ick!

Terri on

Very pink, but pretty.

Toni on

ugly…….and she wont be stating its her favorite room when that horrid chandalier falls into the babies cot…

Liza on

This is adorable. Impressed she did this herself. It’s fabulous without being garish. Love the chandelier, the baby doll clothes on the wall, the colors, the vintage-contemporary classic mix…and the only Kardashian sister who does something other than breathe and pose. Great job, Kourt!! U R a good mom!

Dee on

They hardly ever talk or show Kourtney’s daughter. Maybe that is a good thing and she’ll have a chance at a normal life. Kourtney seems like a good, thoughtful mother. I like that she tells their momager when she’s wrong. Kim is the obvious favorite, then Kendall. The moneymakers.

Julie on

I think Is just to much for a baby keep it simple but what do I know !!!

Liz on

love this room, and love the turquoise beaded chandelier but not sure in LA where there are so many earthquakes I would put my baby under that thing.

AmandaC on

That green chandelier ruins the whole room which is beautiful.

Isabel on

Too pink for my tastes.

avvymathias on

Kourtney, what a lovely room, pink has always been my favorite color and I am such a lover of wallpaper that the ceiling makes the room, you did such a magnificence job decorating your beautiful little girls room.

olsontwins on

Jesus… “I call it Pepto Land!”

Judy on

I think the room is lovely.

Linda B on

When are going to cut your son ‘s hair ?

Hanna on

Ugly! But then so is the kid.