Kelly Clarkson Is Expecting a Girl

01/20/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Kelly Clarkson Pregnant Expecting Daughter Taylor Hill/Getty

Just call her the clairvoyant Kelly Clarkson.

After months of placing her bets on a baby girl, the mom-to-be and her husband Brandon Blackstock finally found out the sex of their baby on the way — and the singer was right!

“We just found out we’re having a girl officially! I knew it! Only a girl could cause this much drama with all this vomiting ha!” she announced on Twitter Monday.

Shortly after confirming her pregnancy in November, Clarkson, 31, admitted she was already thinking pink, predicting her first child would be a girl.

“I’m totally gonna have a girl. I’m manifesting it! And when I have a girl, you’re gonna be like, ‘That chick knew it!'” she joked.

But even if her ultrasound had been a surprise and revealed she was actually expecting a son, Clarkson and Blackstock had their bases covered with a neutral name.

“Honestly, the name we’ve picked, if it’s a boy or a girl, it’s the same name,” she told Ellen DeGeneres. “It’s a random name. But it’s not like … ‘Blue Jazz.’ It’s not going to be a weird name.”

Although baby girl will be her first, Clarkson helps to parent Blackstock’s children from a previous relationship, Seth, 6, and Savannah, 12.

“My kids love her,”  Blackstock’s ex-wife, Melissa, told PEOPLE in October. “I couldn’t ask for a better stepmother for my children.”

— Anya Leon and Sheila Cosgrove Baylis

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Guest on

Don’t you find out at 20 weeks when you’re into your second trimester? How did she find out so early?!

Guest on

Wow. I hardly ever hear of an ex being supportive of the new person in their exs life. Well kudos to Melissa for having class. Congrats to Kelly and Brandon!

9months on

I found out at 16 weeks, technology has come a long way! Im also considered ‘of advanced maternal age’ so I’ve had tons of ultrasounds the whole pregnancy. It all depends on your doctor, insurance and the tests you need done.

jeana on

well, is she having a singer or a producer? A waitress or a physicist? A brunette or a bleached blond? An optimist or a pessimist? the sex of the baby isn’t important, we want to know if it will be athletic, indolent, controlling or amenable…

Guest on

You can find out much earlier than that. Most people just find out then, because that’s when they go to the doctor for their normal appointment. You can find out as early as 14 weeks, depending on how cooperative the baby is.

cbaker on

this girl was pregnant when she got married. she announced her pregnancy a few weeks after wedding. then said that she felt sure she was going to have a girl. duh ! if she isnt farther along that she said, she shouldnt know what it is yet.

sarah on

You can find out before 15 wks now there is a bloodtest now that will tell you of the baby is healthy and what you are having my friend found out around 12 weeks.

Melanie on

I’m so happy for Kelly – she’s said she thought all along (and maybe even before she was pregnant) that her first baby would be a girl, and it’s so nice that that’s turned out to be the case. And I think it’s wonderful that her husband’s ex-wife has said such nice things about Kelly (on more than one occasion, I believe) – I think that reflects well on everyone involved and certainly must be good for the kids.

JP on

Awe.. little Shelby is gonna be so beautiful. 🙂 Just a guess at the babies name, since she’s using it for either gender.

Megan on

If you are deemed “high risk” you may be offered a test called the MaterniT21 Test that will give you the gender of the baby. It is a FIRST TRIMESTER blood screen for Down Syndrome. It is much less invasive than an amnio or CVS. There is a good chance that by the time she announced her pregnancy she already knew the gender,

Shell on

I hope they don’t name her Shelby. Brandon’s half-brother (Reba & Narvel’s son) is named Shelby.

avalyn on

Kelly is nearly 16 or 17 weeks. I believe she was 11 weeks when she did The Voice and Ellen back in the beginning December.

Martina on

I don’t know if it’s another old wives tale or not – but as soon as I hear ‘severe morning sickness” I think a girl! My pregnancies (with boys) had very mild morning sickness. For a short period of time. My friends that had girls had much worse morning sickness. But there is no scientific evidence of that, is there? And I am sure some girl pregnancies are vomit-free and some boy pregnancies are NOT.

CG on

^She’s 18 weeks. 🙂

Tess on

She was pregnant when she married this guy. She’s farther along than she’s let on.

ME on

Awwww….just what she was hoping for! If she was expecting when she was married, so what?!! That is her business, not ours

LMD on

No, they can find out sex of the baby at 14-16 weeks now with the new technology. I found out with my first 2 kids I was having boys at 16 weeks. With my last child (a girl) at 15 weeks. That’s if the baby is cooperating of course, with legs open.

Linzie on

I would be nice too if I was in the ex-wife’s position! Kelly has the potential to help pay for a lot of big ticket items for her 2 kids like college, cars, etc. It doesn’t hurt that Kelly probably doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

Priscilla on

Congrats to Kelly. I found out with all my kids what I was having earlier than 20 weeks too…and yep, I’m one of those lucky women who gets HORRIBLE morning sickness too. All 9 months with my first and a little less severe with my last 2 kids but it still lasted about 7 months. I feel ya Kelly!

Jay on

I think at the time when she was on The Voice in December she was late in her first trimester now maybe she is in her second? Just taking a guess here.

Stephanie on

I am 17 weeks 2 days right now, and I will be finding out at 18 weeks 5 days. Especially with the technology of 3D ultrasounds, it is much easier to find out what you are having. Congrats to them! Our dream is to have a little girl too!

Stormy on

Congrats … I found out about twelve weeks with villi sampling

Dangerous but good to know as early as possible

Maria Ragland on

She may have been pregnant when she got married but if she was, it was very early! I am 16 weeks and my date of conception was 10/14! We’ll be finding out what we’re having in 4 weeks, but you can get an early gender ultrasound now starting at 13 weeks at some places.

Marge on

She’s an adorable first time mom-to-be but she talks way too much about her morning sickness.

Amy on


Debbe on

She said she knew it was a girl because she threw up so much. I threw up every single meal but had a son.

Delilah on

She’s a twit. I bet the kid is a brat.

Jen on

Ugh, this is going to be the longest pregnancy ever. We really don’t need to hear every single detail all along the way. And I’m sure we’ll hear about every poopy diaper, too.

Anonymous on

It’s nice to hear about exes getting along for a change. Congrats to Kelly and Brandon!

Anonymous on

I found out at 12 weeks (test was done at 11 weeks)… it can be done

Tee Tee on

Well, no real surprise there! There’s something to be said for Momma’s intuition. Congratulations to Kelly and Brandon!

Just Me on

Delilah, you’re a beeyatch and I bet your kids are ugly just like you.

Susan on

Who cares if she was pregnant when she got married? At least they GOT married. Congrats to both of them !!!!!!!!!!!!

Jac on

As long as the baby cooperates, and with a good GE ultrasound machine, you can find out the gender at 12 weeks. I’ve had friends find out at 12 & 14 weeks. I just had my daughter on Jan. 14th and I found out her gender at 16 wks, 3 days.

Anonymous on

I still believe she found out she was pregnant before she got married. It is why the wedding was moved up. Let’s see how early this baby arrives?

Melissa on

The comment from the ex-wife speaks volumes about all parties involved. They all seem like nice, classy people. I wish them all the best!

ELC on

My goodness are we going to hear about this month by month?I wish her and hubby luck on their future daughter’s arrival but can’t stand hearing about it. I’m sure Reba is wild about her future granddaughter. As for hubby’s former wife…she sounds like a very nice woman.

Kim on

Figures on this site the talk always turns back to being pregnant before getting married. So what if she was? They were getting married in the fall anyway, she wanted kids right away so what does it matter to some of you if they decided to start trying a few months before the wedding?

She’s never even said how far along she was, only that she didn’t feel like she could keep the news private till her second trimester because of how sick she was and she had to cancel some appearances.

AJ417 on

Oh wait, you mean she has morning sickness? First time I’ve heard!!

Guest7 on

@Anyoumous @6:14, They did not move up the wedding because she is pregnant. Kelly told Jay Leno back in November that they got married on the day they had planned on all along. @Jen, so what if Kelly tweets everything little thing about her pregnancy. There’s nothing wrong with her revealing the gender of her baby. It’s her life and she has the freedom of speech. @Kim, when Kelly was on The Ellen Show Dec. 6th, she mentioned that she was 11 weeks then.

avalyn on

@Kim She mention on Ellen in December when she was on how far she was. She said 11 weeks then.

Anonymous on

I love her!

Joanna on

I highly doubt that how severe a person’s morning sickness is will determine the sex of the baby. Don’t forget that Kate Middleton had such bad morning sickness she had to go to the hospital and stay there for a couple of days. She ended up having a boy. However, I am very happy and excited for her. She can have her own little mini-me. I just hope they don’t go with some trendy baby name that won’t even make sense decades from now. I know the name they picked could be for either gender, but don’t scar the poor girl for life either.

SA on

There’s a new blood test that reveals gender early. I found out at 10 weeks that I was having a boy (and had super bad morning sickness, so there goes THAT old wives tale). I’m due with him in two weeks!

AbbyDogg on

Marge said below that Kelly talks way too much about her morning sickness. Let’s amend that to read that Kelly just talks way too much!! Shut up girl!!

Anonymous on

avalyn- You are correct. She did say eleven weeks (which, incidentally, makes it very plausible that she didn’t know she was pregnant when she got married!). Not only that, but in that same interview she said she hoped to find out the gender soon via a blood test, so there’s your (not you personally, avalyn. I mean the general “you”) answer about how she knows so early!

Anyway, I’m glad she’s getting her girl!

Anonymous on

Joanna- Good point about Duchess Kate! I thought she was having a girl for sure (or, before the palace confirmed she was only have one baby, possibly twin girls!), based on her severe morning sickness. I guess George showed me! 😉

Who cares on

Damn people it there business when she conceived get over it. Congratulations kelly

mgawron on

congrat kelly so happy for u and your hushand…….

Isabel on

I’ve never seen so many people obsessed over when a couple conceived a child. Who cares?

Mel on

Congrats to Kelly and Brandon! Who cares if she was or wasn’t pregnant when she got married. I was pregnant with my first when I got married. We found out a month or so before. As far as finding out the sex, I found out early in each of my three pregnancies. My first two, both girls, by 13 weeks (Although I knew, terrrible morning sickness with both that didn’t end until I was holding them in my arms.) My third, a boy, I found out at 14 weeks (no morning sickness so I was pretty sure I was having a boy. It depends on how advanced the sono is I think.

stacey on

Isabel, I agree!! Anyway, congrats Kelly!!!!

Marky on

JP, Shelby is the name of Reba’s son, so doubt they will use that.

Some of you complaining about hearing about her pregnancy, morning sickness, or anything else…wht are you doing on a celeb baby site if you don’t want to hear about her pregnancy?? And please, for once, remember you are NOT the only person on the planet; many people care about her pregnancy and want to read about it, so “don’t care, don’t click”!

Congrats to Kelly and Brandon, and so happy they are working well with his ex to co-parent the children. Much better than what has happened with Brandi and LeAnn. The kids are who suffer the most when parents fight.

skyler on

First either way you should be happy for Kelly. Ive seen her 11 times in concert and she a huge inspration to me. She an amazing person and singer. Kelly is going to make a fantastic mom. Im very excited for her to release a picture and a name. Kelly is my idol and she will always be. If you have a problem with her or when she got pregnant then dont read the article. Everyone has this idea that because they are celebrities we can criticize, critique, and ridicule them about their decisions. They are human just like us they are going to make mistakes. No one is perfect!I love kelly and can’t wait till the day I meet her. Maybe my 12th concert will be it 🙂 Thank you Kelly for being an amazing inspration and role model to me. Can’t wait to meet you ♥♥♥♥

taneka on

I love your songs kelly clarkson you are amazing.

lilk on

@Guest7 on January 20th, 2014
Iif you believe she married on her originally planned date i have a bridge to sell to you.
river was born in june meaning conceived in august.

___Guest7 on January 20th, 2014
@Anyoumous @6:14, They did not move up the wedding because she is pregnant. Kelly told Jay Leno back in November that they got married on the day they had planned on all along. @Jen, so what if Kelly tweets everything little thing about her pregnancy. There’s nothing wrong with her revealing the gender of her baby. It’s her life and she has the freedom of speech. @Kim, when Kelly was on The Ellen Show Dec. 6th, she mentioned that she was 11 weeks then.

Carlie on

Whoever edits and puihbsles these articles really knows what they’re doing.