Anna Trebunskaya Welcomes Daughter Amalya

01/20/2014 at 09:00 PM ET

Anna Trebunskaya Expecting a Daughter Tiffany Rose/Wireimage

Anna Trebunskaya is dancing on air — she’s a mom!

The former Dancing with the Stars pro welcomed her “first child, daughter Amalya Millan, at a home birth on Saturday, Jan. 18,” her rep tells PEOPLE.

Trebunskaya, 33, initially chose to keep the identity of her baby’s father private, but now confirms he is Nevin Millan, an musician and actor who has appeared in True BloodCSI: NY and Nip/Tuck.

“We’re thrilled to welcome our beautiful, healthy baby into the world. We couldn’t be happier,” the couple say in a statement.

Trebunskaya announced her pregnancy in September, after she was noticeably absent from the show’s 17th season line-up.

“Even though this was not planned, I believe things happen for a reason and it was meant to be,” she told PEOPLE.

During her baby shower in December, the mom-to-be — who was adamant about giving her baby girl both American and Russian names — cut into a cake to reveal its pink filling — and announce she would be welcoming a daughter.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Monica Rizzo

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emma on

Congrats – pretty name

blessedwithboys on

Yay for homebirth!

4tmama on

❤ her, ❤ the name, congrats!!

Anonymous on

Awww, congrats to them!

DaisyMoon on

Aw…I was hoping Dmitry Chaplin was the babydaddy…

Congrats anyway!

RooRoo on

Amalya is a Russian name ? I have to look that up. She seems like such a sweet woman, very happy for her

essa on

agreed! home birth= real woman. good for her!

h. williams on

cesearian section = real woman as well ….because some situations you have no control over. much love to all mothers… regardless of how your child arrived! muah!!!

Rhonda on

I consider myself to be a “real woman” and I gave birth in a hospital. Oh, and I had an epidural.

Shoot on

And here I thought my two X chromosomes made me a real woman. Congrats on a healthy daughter.

js on

oh quit w/ the mommy wars, who’s a ‘better woman’ depending on how the child got here. she’s a new mommy & that deserves congratulations!

carolina on

I think this is the first time I have ever seen her smile. She is gorgeous but looks soooo nasty with her scowl all the time. Maybe motherhood will bring out more smiles!

bECKY on

I’m so happy to hear she had a home birth! While I understand the need for hospitals and c-sections for medical reasons, I don’t see the need if mom and baby are healthy. I myself had a home birth. Best decision I ever made! Thanks, Anna, for bringing home births more attention. And congrats on your little bundle.

Anna on

Congrats, Anna! Love the baby’s name!

Carrie M on

I guess I’m not a “real” mom too because I had Sections in a hospital. Silly me…. My kids seem to love me anyway. Go figure….

Anywho….congrats to Anna on the birth of her baby girl. Enjoy her!

Katie on

Just because you have a home birth or go all natural with no medication does not make you any more of a woman just like having medication doesn’t make you any less of a woman.. So stupid to say such things.. and medically if you go “all natural” as I tried they advised I would not make it and be put under into a C-section because of the way each individual woman’s body is set-up.. It’s ridiculous when I hear such comments where women fight over who’s a better woman or more of a woman because she did not take medication when your child can be at risk as well as you, the mother.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

And I guess I’m not a real woman for choosing not to have children….ugh…please think before you type.

But many congratulations an blessings on this tiny dancer!!

skiiy on

Everyone, don’t let those ignoramus’ get to you. One of the most idiotic and senseless comments I’ve ever read “real woman = home birth, natural birth” No woman should be demeaned for her birth circumstances which sometimes are out of one’s control. Best to her family! Much happiness.

Kim on

A “real mom” is someone who loves and protects their child. Having a child at home or not has nothing to do with that!!

My best friend was mid 20s and healthy, went into labor and her gut told her to go to the hospital right away, not wait till when the doctors said. 20 mins after she got their the alarms on the fetal monitor went off and they had to do an emergency C-section because they lost the baby’s heartbeat. She didn’t have an epidural so she had to be put under general. So she didn’t even get to experience her daughters birth but her #1 priority is that she was born healthy. Tell me that’s not a “real” mother. Please.

lifeoftuesday on

can someone elaborate on how you would say the baby’s name? Thanks!

Mickey123 on

What a cute way to announce the sex of the baby on the way at the shower. I hope she and baby are happy and healthy.

Juli on

Love the name! It’s pretty, classic, timeless and it sounds both American and Russian. Congratulations to Anna and Nevin!

jessica on

How can someone have unprotected sex but then say the baby wasn’t planned? I never understood that. Anyway congrats to her I don’t have kids but if or when I do I would like a home birth as well.

Lauren on

You home birth nazis are the worst. You’re probably all anti-vaxxers with nasty, diseased kids, too.

real woman on

i never gave birth and I am a real woman. how or if we give birth does not define us.

manomer on

LOL! I am a woman….I am alive and breathing…pretty sure I am real regardless of how I gave birth to my children. Stupid comments=stupid women….LOL!

klutzy_girl on

Enough with the Mommy Wars!!!!

Frankly, it doesn’t matter how a child comes into the world. You should really focus on being nicer people instead of competing with one another over miniscule issues.

Terry on


ES on

Amalya is a very pretty name but it is not a Russian. May be the middle name is Russian middle.

Russian names for a girl are – Natalia/ Natatsha, Olga, Tatiana/ Tanya, Anna/ Anya, Svetlana/ Sveta, Elena/ Lena, Ksenia/Oksana, Alexandra/Sasha, Ekaterina/Katia, Elisaveta/Lisa.

Becky on

So happy for them. Congratulations on your little lady.

Priscilla on

Congrats to Anna. I’m not particularly fond of the name Amalia, but I do like this spelling, with the ‘y’. It looks prettier. Can’t wait to see pictures of her baby girl.

Anonymous on

happen for a reason, yes…the “reason” was….sperm met egg.

Anonymous on

Jessica- Having unprotected sex doesn’t always mean you’re planning to have a baby! And for the record, Anna never said that the sex that led to the baby was unprotected (birth control DOES fail sometimes, even if you use it correctly or go with one of the so-called “permanent” methods!). 😉

Anonymous- Yes, but that particular sperm meeting that particular egg at that particular time also happened for a reason (and it’s not as simple as two people having sex. As many women- and men, for that matter!- with infertility would attest, there’s no guarantee that a child will be concieved from that act!). And that reason is something that only God (or mother nature if you’d prefer that term instead) knows. 🙂

Anonymous on

lifeoftuesday- Since it seems to be a version of the name Amalia, I’m guessing it’s pronounced like President Obama’s eldest daughter’s name with an A on the front of it.

Anonymous on

Sorry, forgot to say that another way to look at the pronouncation is that it probably sounds like Amelia with an A in the middle instead of an E. 🙂

AmandaC on

Wow another dumb celebrity who didn’t know how to not get pregnant, it is a very complicated thing I guess!

1SoaringLady on

Life’s unexpected treasures… so HAPPY for her!!

Cat on

Congratulations on a sweet new girl in your life Anna. And to all those who say a particular kind of birth makes you a real woman I say not so. I had a natural birth with my first and an emergency c-section with my second. All either of those did was make me a MOM! No matter how you do it as long as Mom and baby are healthy and happy that is something to celebrate.

Amy on

Congratulations to Anna & Nevin on the birth of baby Amalya!