Laura Linney Welcomes Son Bennett Armistead

01/17/2014 at 05:00 PM ET

Laura Linney Welcomes Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Laura Linney sure knows how to keep a secret!

The actress, 49, recently became a mom after giving birth to a baby boy on Wednesday, Jan. 8, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

SonΒ Bennett Armistead Schauer is the first child for Linney and her husband Marc Schauer.

“Mother and baby are happy and healthy,” the rep tells PEOPLE.

The couple became engaged in 2007 and were married in May 2009.

“They are very happy,” her rep said at the time of the engagement.

And now they have baby joy to keep the love alive.

— Jennifer Garcia

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Anonymous on

one of THE most talented actresses out there. Unquestionably. Love her presence

Jenn on

Congratulations? Babies are always a blessing, but that is dangerous.

Sam on

Congrats to Laura, love her!

Kris on

49??? I also had no idea she was pregnant. Was wondering why she didn’t have any children. Hmmmm. My guess is IVF at the very least, was used. Congrats to her!

Shopgirl on

Congratulations! Wow, I did not even know that was possible!

happy on

Too old. That’s a fact! Nothing about hating, just too old period.

neb1997 on

Wow, it sure seems like just about everyone in Hollyweird is announcing pregnancies or delivering babies lately.

Congrats’ to her and her husband.

Charlie McGeachan on

Congratulations to Laura,i take it she used the name Armistead because of her role in tales of the city written by Armistead Maupin.Shes a brilliant actress.

Julesy on

Its pretty rare to have children at 49 years old. Good for her. Wish her and her family the best. She’s been married to her husband for a few years so I guess they’ve been trying all that time.

Julie on

Wow, Jenn. You’re amazing. My doctor thinks he actually has to see a patient to diagnose a disease, but you can magically declare a pregnancy dangerous from just a press release. Did you use tarot cards or a crystal ball?

Lolo on

Love the name…it’s my son’s name also .D

Meia on

Love her! Congratulations!! 49 is not to old to become a mom. If you are in good health and your doctor gives you the clear then its perfectly fine. It can be just as dangerous to be young and in bad health. I’m sure her doctor monitored everything closely.

RooRoo on

Wow so she was out of the public’s eye for all during her pregnancy ? That’s amazing.

Love her.

janie on

Congrats to both!! Wonderful little blessing!!

DJ on

Congrat BIG TIME!!! But I can honestly say that 49 is dangerous to a woman’s health for a first time Mom..I had 3 children & then at 33 had a set of twins…I had to have a hysterectomy due to the twins & other issues…I sincerely hope everything is perfect for her & her baby…really πŸ™‚

Jen on

At her age, it was probably a high risk pregnancy and she was most likely on bed rest, which explains why no one saw her and I am sure she did not want to say anything until she had safely delivered. Congratulations to her. Hope all is well.

TN girl on

Love her. So happy for her!

Aud on

A lot of comments here saying “too old!” Apparently Mother Nature didn’t think she was too old, and she’s the one with the final say in the matter.

Anonymous on

thats beautiful, congratulations!

scarecrowsangel on

I think it’s so strange that people think women cannot or should not get pregnant in their 40’s. When I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s almost every woman in our neighborhood had their last child in their mid to late 40’s. In my grandmother’s generation women routinely had babies up until menopause.

Mommy on

Donor eggs?


“And THIS is Masterpiece Classic”.

Me on

Not fair to the kid to have him at that age.

Kathleen on

IVF at its finest. congratulations though

Me on

Aud, I doubt she got pregnant without help at that age.

Hewe on

CONGRATS!!!!! I’m so happy for her!!

Kim on

I doubt mother nature decided it was time to become a mom, more like fertility technology.

OhBoy on

Shut up, Happy. You most definitely ARE ‘hating’. Keep your negativity to yourself. Better yet, mind your own business.

Keywanda Young on

I absolutely love her and 49 I ain’t to old and she definitely doesn’t look her age. She has the finances and she’s married and having children at 14 -25 is to young. At that age you don’t know who the hell you are, haven’t completed your education and are broke so I would always suggest waiting until 30 and older.

I started at 18 and now I’m not where I dreamed I’d be and although I love my children I’m divorced and trying to figure out who I am, what I like to do and what I want to do with myself and let me tell you it’s scary as hell to go through this. Congrats to her.

Athought on

Why do people feel the need to be so judgement about other peoples choices? What a wonderful day in her life and yet so many negative comments? You don’t know her life or her history. She shares something amazing in her life, why not comment well wishes as you would want coming back to you?

Congrats Laura!

Melanie on

Aww, what a wonderful surprise. It can definitely be risky to have a baby at her age, but there are certainly people who go that route and things end up fine. πŸ™‚ I wish them all the best.

Coricia on

You are never too old to do anything you want to do in your life! We only live once and only have one chance to do anything. Do whatever makes you happy.

Congratulations to her, her husband and their baby boy.

Guess what on

Guess what…She kept it a secret because she wanted privacy. Quit being so nosey. Her pregnancy and life decisions are nobody’s business.

Congrats to Laura and her hubby!

ebethsb on

You wondered why she didn’t have children? Who wonders that?

GinaG on

She was not pregnant and did not have this baby….someone had it for her, and she is hoping no one will notice.

meg on

Congratulations to them! Love his name!

Kris on

Any woman with a uterus can carry a child. But I doubt this pregnancy was ‘natural’ or unexpected. She likely used donor oocytes (eggs). Not sure why she didn’t do this sooner. I can’t imagine being pregnant at 49. This is probably why no one knew, she figured too many would disapprove. She is healthy and has alot of money, I’m sure she’s going to make a great mother. Can’t really hate on her. Congratulations to her and hubby. She will wonder why she waited, that’s for sure.

Jaynie Owen on

Truly a gift from God! So happy for her.

Proud Mama on

I gave birth to my first child at 45. My doctor monitored me very closely and I had a healthy baby with NO complications.Congrats from my husband,myself and our beautiful perfect baby.

LM on

Wow, I watch the Big C and had no idea she was pregnant. I wonder if she was during filming.

Anyway, congrats to her and her hubby!

Anon on

I’m a skeptic; I assume it was a secret because she and her husband used a surrogate and wanted to keep it quiet. She’s 49, which is quite old to conceive naturally – many women are menopausal at 49. Still, it doesn’t matter how she and her husband came to be parents; there are lots of ways to make a family. Congrats to them.

Janet on

One of my favorite actresses!
Congrats to her family 🍼

Camille on

Wow! What a bunch of critical people! Congrats to her! 49 is most definitely not too old to be having a child. I have older parents and I would not have traded it for the world.

Andrea on

I love Laura! So very happy for her but what a HUGE surprise!

Anonymous on


Andrea on

Forgot to add that it is SO damn tiring to read people tearing people down ESPECIALLY after they have a baby…who cares how they did it or why…it’s their own damn life so let them live it!

All the best to Laura and her new little family!

Marky on

I worked L&D, and while there aren’t a majority of moms in that age range, I’ve seen it before. It’s no worse, really, than a teenager having a baby. In fact, some of the worst problems I’ve seen– eclampsia resulting in infant death, birth defects resulting in death– were in younger moms, not older. The older moms would sometimes deliver early, but it’s not “impossible”, nor is it going to cause maternal death just on the face of the mom’s age.

Likely the reason DJ had to have a hysterectomy was that she had 5 babies relatively quickly and the last two were twins, so she MAY have developed a too-thin uterine wall. I don’t KNOW that, and I’m saying so straight up, but women in good health can have a healthy baby at her age, it’s just not overly common.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and what a beautiful, elegant name!!

Frenchconnection on

Maybe she wasn’t as visible because of all the stupid negative comments she would receive and ruin her experience!!! Regardless, congrats and enjoy!!!

Liz on

Sheesh, I had my last baby at 32, and THAT was difficult. I can’t imagine 49. But, then again, I didn’t have round the clock baby nurses, housekeeper and nanny, so…

Mommie Dearest on

Love Laura Linney and congrats on her new addition; however, given her advanced maternal age, I highly doubt that she “gave birth”.

Sandra McKinney on

What a wonderful surprise. She is a fantastic actress, so I hope this brings her tremendous happiness.

Anonymous on

Jenn, what is dangerous? What am I missing? Was part of the article deleted?

Rhonda on

Congratulations Laura on your little bundle of joy. I am sure that you and your husband are over the moon. Enjoy motherhood!

Charli on

I love her as an actress and I think she is beautiful. I would never have guessed she was 49. BTW If you think 49 is too old to have a baby then don’t have one at that age. Live and let live.

Leigh on

wait- they were engaged? and then married? and then had a child more than 3 months after the wedding? And we weren’t slammed with constant pregnancy belly selfies as if we all forget what a pregant woman looks like? and no sold forst family “candids”… and then, no “body after baby” selfie and cover barrage?? WOW – how utterly NORMAL and non-narcissistic!

Laura on

I think that’s wonderful. She’s healthy she’s happy and now she has a new baby. I only hope that I have that same blessing in my life someday. Congratulations Laura Linney

Guest on

I always get her and Laura Dern mixed up!

sue on

So happy to see her get to have a child which she so obviously wanted if she is having one at her age. Congratulations! Nothing but happy for them

jewels1972 on

Yes, giving birth at her age is indeed dangerous…or better said, more risky. Read ANY medical journal or talk to ANY ob/gun and they will DEFINITELY tell you that giving birth after age 35 (!) has inherently & naturally more risk than women of younger age. “Advanced Maternal Age” is listed as anything past 35 yrs. Not that it can’t be done or done with no complications of course, but the fact remains that reproductively older women inherently have much higher risk of birth defects & medical complications, especially Down Syndrome. It is indeed a medical fact.

NAN on

Why are some people acting like their her doctor and know exactly what was going on with her, her life, what was happening inside her body and with her baby? Everybody’s body is different. Just say congrats. That’s it.

lovely123 on

We had our last (surprise) one at 42, and in my opinion 49 is pushing it. Let’s be real folks. Wow, congrats.

Hey on

Donor eggs anyone?

Valerie on

Lol, shopgirl. I guess you have been hiding under a rock. Read the newspaper much? Modern fertility treatments can make this possible.

anonymous on

awesome news! congratulations.

Vic on

I adore Laura Linney. She is a terrific actress! Im shocked she is49! Wow time flies. Congrats and best wishes to her!

Anonymous on

Wow, that’s pushing it! Good luck.

4tmama on

Whose business is it why or how she waited so long or got pg? ALL babies are miraculous, blessings from the Lord, if you cannot be happy zip it..until a woman enters menopause or has a hysterectomy she technically become a mother biologically

dudley doright on

didn’t know u could have a baby @ 49

Mandy on

True story: I knew a lady who had a baby in her late 40’s & she didn’t even know she was pregnant or in labor. She’d had 1 son when she was younger & the doctors told her she couldn’t have more. They had to do an emergency c-section with her first so she was never in labor at that time. Fast forward over 20 years & she has a healthy baby without any help. She also had a heart attack in her early 40’s & the medications she was on should have hurt her baby but didn’t. So you see it is possible to get pregnant late in life.

Greetings on

Mrs. X had a kid!!!!! I’m happy for her but hope she is still in good health when the son gets older. It wouldn’t be fair to him. She still looks as beautiful as she was in Congo. I wish her the best!

emma on

Yup, definitely a good secret keeper indeed. A talented actress – that being said, I am guessing she did IVF considering her age. Congrats to the happy couple!

Ps. I love the name πŸ™‚

Donna on

Congrats…….wishing you much happiness !!

Michelle on

“Julie on January 17th, 2014

Wow, Jenn. You’re amazing. My doctor thinks he actually has to see a patient to diagnose a disease, but you can magically declare a pregnancy dangerous from just a press release. Did you use tarot cards or a crystal ball?”

Love your comments!! ha ha.

Ain’t nobodies business about how she got pregnant, if she’s told old etc.

Congrats on the baby.

amelia on

DAMN!!!!! Congrats @!

Carrie M on

Welcome to the “Mommy Club”. Congrats!!

Vivian on

Ladies, I would like to disclose that I am an IVF mother. I also lost my first born at age 4.5 months when i was 33, and at age 38 i had one round of IVF and gave birth to my one and only daughter, who is now 5. I am 55. While there are a lot of you on this board wishing her all the best, there are a great many of you who continue to disrespect and bash women who have had this procedure to have a child.

I hear this a lot on these boards and it is hurtful. At whatever age, she deserves to have a child and be a mother. No matter how she got there, be happy for her. Be happy for the many women out there who didn’t have a choice, or had things wrong that prevented us from conceiving naturally. Forgiveness and compassion for those that offend. We are not all Octomoms or freaks!

lris on

Pre-pubescent child and menopause do not go hand in hand…been there …done that

Betty on

My Grandmother was 48 back in 1912 and had my father at the “young” age of 48. So anything is possible.

carmen woolford on

Seems like a lot of people here haven’t heard of a menopause baby. Happens to a lot of women. Oops!

Vivian on

Forgive the typo I am 45 not 55! Gotta love the iPhone!

Anonymous on

who was her egg donar? 49?? metapause

Diane on

We live much longer lives than previous generations – it certainly is much healthier to have a baby at any age that it was decades ago. And my grandmother had a miscarriage in her early 50’s, that was 30 or so years ago.

theblamee on

This should be the time her children should be heading off to college, or getting ready to graduate. She should be welcoming her first grandchild. Good luck with all those midnight feedings, at her age.

guest on

It’s none of OUR business how or what helped them concieve. She’s an enormously talented actress who should be congratulated that she’s so blessed!!

Anonymous on

Congratulations to Laura and her husband. I had a natural conception, full term 9 pound baby at 42. It does happen. At 49 tho, she probably used eggs she froze years ago when she got engaged//or had many miscarriages along the way which is why she’s 49 instead of 42 having the baby. God Bless her loved and wanted and much tried for child.

Anonymous on

At age 49 there is a 99.9% chance she used donor eggs.

Anonymous on

Congratulations and i am truly happy for the birth of her son.

I was so fortunate to have my boys at 35 and 36. My doctor told me at the time that all of the hollywood stars and political figures were doing a disservice to “regular” women in their late 40’s by making them believe they can get pregnant with their own eggs. They usually use egg donars and don’t advertise that fact. Don’t let the “regular” women out there think they can get pregnant at 50 years old is a “normal” occurrence. It is not! Look at the Stanford, UCSF, and UCLA websites regarding the chances of “natural conception” or the use of IVF at 50 with your own eggs is normal, and see what they have to say about the issue. Great for the people who who can afford donar eggs, but the regular women are lead to believe it’s “natural” realistically the percentage is a falsehood. Be fair and HONEST!!!

Catca on

Oh for goodness sakes ladies. Yes you can have a baby in your 40s and have a perfectly healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Is the pregnancy at higher risk and could the baby develop downs syndrome, etc.? Yes. But we’re talking at age 40 to 42 the risk is about 5% of an autistic child and less than that for a baby with downs syndrome. The risk at 35 is like 1%.

The overwhelming number of pregnancies of women in their 40s and their babies are perfectly normal resulting in healthy births (and yes, the MAJORITY of those women don’t need fertility help in their 40s but there is no mistaking that many women have a harder time getting pregnant or can’t anymore once they hit 40). Now at 49 it is much higher, but if she is prepared to accept those risks and love and care for that child if it has special needs, all the more power to her.

And while we spend all our time attacking each other, the risk of autism actually runs higher when the dad is in his 40s or older than if the mother is yet you hear very little griping when men marry younger women and have babies. Let’s try and support other women a bit more.

Valerie on

To “theblamee”- Who in the world are you to say when it’s time for a person to do anything? Who put you in charge of deciding when the best time is for other people to do things in their lives? Take charge of your own life. You totally exposed yourself as an unintelligent and limited thinker- thinking that everyone should follow the exact same schedule.

I think all moms have a tough time with midnight feedings, no matter what their age. And Laura Linney is well situated, financially stable, loving- and will be feeding at midnight a much-loved, wanted baby. That’s pretty good!

gymluv on

Babies are one of life’s greatest blessings, congratulations.

Ali on

I think it’s kind of shady that so many people are judging her for being 49 and having a child when it’s like the total norm to see 50 year old men with 25 year old women having babies like it’s no big deal. I’m sure her doctor’s kept her healthy and safe during her pregnancy. She has the money to take care of herself and make sure her pregnancy went smoothly. It’s nobody’s business. I’m actually kind of glad to see an older woman taking on motherhood in the midst of all the old men getting younger women pregnant.

Elara on

Maybe she never announced it because she knew there would be a bunch of snarky comments about her age or how irresponsible it was to have a child at her age.

FYI, there are some women who don’t reach menopause until their mid to late 50’s, and typically a woman’s body will release multiple eggs right before menopause. It’s normal and natural. There have been several women who had “surprise” babies in their late 40’s without IVF or donor eggs. It’s just considered “rare” these days because the average person has no clue about the natural biological process and we are so used to hearing about teenagers and barely 20 year old women having babies. So now it’s a big “shock” for a grown, mature, and financially stable woman to have a baby with her husband.

Baby mom on

For all the people commenting that they didn’t think it was possible to have a baby at 49, well yes you can! I’m 45 and gave birth to my 6th child at age 44. Oh and no..not using donor eggs. And if i choose to have another hild that is my business! Give me a break! Are people really that ignorant to think that a woman couldn’t possibly have her own child in her forties?? Congrats to Laura and her husband on the. Irth of there new baby boy!

Anonymous on

Good luck. Wishing all women over 47 good luck. See how it works out. Don’t give false hope to women going into metopause. My cousin and sister in law tried from 45 to 51 using frozen eggs and IVF with their own eggs….didn’t work. Please let these women know the percentage of a successful pregnancy and birth rates is less than 5%. Good luck pollyanna’s. how many of you had a non assisted birth at 49?? Stop giving false hope to THE MAJORITY of metopausal women!!!

jack on

Congratulations to one of the finest actresses and nicest women in Hollywood. And YES, it is possible to have a child, naturally at 49. My mother had my youngest sister when she was 48 and my sister is beautiful, athletic and brilliant. It happens. Blessings to all.

Kresta on

It is possible for a woman to have a baby without fertility treatment at 49. My friend had her fourth daughter at 50. She’d had a tubal ligation years before and thought she was going through menopause only to find herself 5 months pregnant. Some women don’t go through menopause until well into their fifties.

Anon on

What a wonderful blessing. Congratulations and much happiness with your new bundle of love.

Brenda on

My mom was 49 when I was born. She conceived naturally, and is a very vibrant senior citizen. Her mind is sharp and she’s free of physical problems. More power to Laura Linney, I’m sure she’ll be a wonderful mother.

Anonymous on

It is not impossible to have a child in your late 40’s just EXTREMELY RARE. Who isn’t happy for her? No one is judging here. A child is such a blessing and miracle! It’s such an incredible experience, and I wish for every woman who desires a child the awesome experience!

People are giving examples of a small percentage of over 45 births. I believe everyone here is just trying to make the general public aware it is very rare without medical intervention.

Eggs are old in your 40’s…. just be aware of it. Your “health, how young you look, or how good you’ve taken care of yourself” has nothing to do with the eggs in your ovaries and your chances of pregnancy at all. Doesn’t matter, women in their 40’s know their risk. If you’re willing to take the chance, go for it, if you are willing to use an egg donar go for it.

Baby mom on

I have to disagree with the person who wrote that a women’s egg quality decreases when she is in her 40’s. A lot of women’s egg quality doesn’t actually start decreasing until she is in her 50’s. I know many, many women including myself who have had children quite easily while in our 40’s and also know quite a few women in there 30’s who have had struggles with conceiving. That being said I’m not saying all woman but certainly more than 5 percent are able to conceive healthy children throughout their 40’s and and into their 50’s. Congrats Laura!

rhino17 on

So. so. so happy for Laura, she is a great actress, one of the best, Good for her, I never even heard that she was pregnant !!! and I unintentionally follow this shit.

Linda on

Good for her! Obviously IVF. Hope she considered adoption first though.

Funny how people mention shes too old. What about all those really old actors getting babies with wives # 3 4 and 5, huh? Go slam them for a change!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! I agree with all the people who have said that it’s definitely possible to get pregnant, even without help, at 49. Heck, Geena Davis and Nancy Grace both had TWINS when they were just one year younger than Laura is now (granted, Geena’s, at least, were concieved with the help of IVF- Nancy has never said how hers were concieved- but she CARRIED and gave birth to them herself, which is my point)!

Anonymous on

Linda- Don’t worry, they already do plenty of that (bashing older male celebs, that is)! πŸ˜‰

Hea on

While I congratulate her on what I suppose is her dream come true, I can’t help but think that 49 is too old, too selfish.

dutchtea on

It’s a given that the older a woman get the more risky a pregnancy get’s. Medical complications are more likely as well. Since nobody knew of her pregnancy I am guessing she has been taken it really slow. Having said all that…if mum and baby are healthy it’s all worth in the end.

JustSayin' on

It isn’t giving birth at 49 as much as it will be keeping up with the child. She will be almost 70 when the child is 20. That’s a huge age difference. Good luck to her nonetheless.

lynnie on

Wow indeed! I had my son at 41 and thank goodness for IVF. Best wishes to the family!!

chloe on

Who cares how she got pg, the point is she wanted to be a mother and now she is! Huge congrats to a very talented actress, I am sure your little one will be very loved! Im guessing that she has wanted this for a long time, being 49, and maybe she has attempted for years to get pg. Probably was on bed rest, so no one saw her belly. Again, congrats!!

loveface on

It makes me laugh when I see the conspiracy nuts check in on articles and share their crazy.

Do you honestly think in today’s media and news age we live in that she could “pretend” to give birth and it would not come out or be discovered? Do you know how many people would have to be in on the sham in order for it to work? Anymore than one and that secret would not stay hidden.

She may have thought she wasn’t capable of getting pregnant if she was in the beginning of meopause and they didn’t use birth control- it actually could be something as simple as that- or possibly they had help.

But since they are teh ones that are going to be raising the child, I am guessing that their opinion is what matters most.

man some of you are seriously whack

ann on

Wow 49 years old! I’m glad she got a child. What a GIFT.

Carrow on

Good for her! Congratulations to the new family.

Baby mom on

Age is only a number! Who cares that she’ll be almost 70 when the child is 20. She’s not going to be running after a toddler at age 70! Give me a break!

Anonymous on

Pumping oneself up with hormones to conceive at 48 is very dangerous…I wish her well.

Leigh on

How can people say she is too old? Too old for what? And it is hating.

Lulu on

If you haven’t gone through menopause you can still have a baby. This whole “too old” phenom is so modern. Why would womens bodies be made to ovulate until our 50’s? Clearly we are designed to conceive until we no longer can. This was clearly the case in my grandmothers generation, she had kids until she no longer could, late 40s.

Taylor on

To everyone talking about how dangerous it is,
THAT’S WHY THERE ARE DOCTORS. I am sure that the couple talked with doctors and I am sure that they made sure both her and her son were safe throughout her pregnancy.

To happy the ironic hater,
WHO ARE YOU TO SAY IF SOMEONE’S TOO OLD TO HAVE A BABY? If someone finds real love later in their life and it is somehow possible to have a child, who are you to deny them? I understand health, but no one is too old to be happy, happy.

thenitenurse on

Nancy Grace had twins when she was almost 50 and nearly died. While I am glad she was able to have a baby so late in life I feel it’s not a good choice for most women her age.

yummyfaerie on

My grandmothers niece conceived naturally and had a healthy baby girl in her early 50’s, so pregnancy can happen naturally at an extremely advanced maternal age depending on the person.

Amanda_M87 on

Back in the olden days before birth control, quite a few women had children well into their forties. The difference though is that it was usually their tenth or twelfth child, not their first. All I’ve got to say for them is good luck.

Sloane on

congrats to her! but the secrecy of it all makes one wonder? IVF, surrogate, secret private adoption… the secrecey of it all does arouse curiostity- but no matter how she did it, a new life is a wonderful blessing and a life altering for her and her husband. At the age of 49, however this baby came into being, you know that this little boy was desperately wanted and will be so loved! How fabulous for all 3 of them!

Baby mom on

Again….you people are so uneducated. Women in their 40’s most certainly can have their own children and NOT using donor eggs. I’m living proof. 3 of my 6 children were born in my 40’s. My pregnancies were easy, deliveries perfect and babies all healthy. Give me a break with all of you who are commenting about how old and selfish Laura is. News flash…she’s not selfish at all the teenagers who are having pre marital sex, getting pregnant and then deciding to keep their babies Instead of letting families who can properly raise them, are the selfish ones. Way to go Laura, Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani and all other women who are having babies in their 40’s!!!

Anonymous on

I became pregnant 100% naturally at the age of 47 so don’t assume there was anything else involved but nature itself.

Nicole on

The chance of conceiving with one’s own eggs at 49 is well under 1%.

Baby mom on

You’re wrong Nicole. The chances of conceiving naturally is not less than 1 percent.

Missy on

Wow. Pregnant at 49? That’s a menopause baby or unless she did a “Beyonce” thing. Not ever seen in public for 9 months…where did she hide?

Just saying…it’s ODD…why all the secrecy unless she had something to hide.

donna on

I really like her and wish her the best. But…what was she thinking? Even money cant fix everything.

ML on

Having a baby or 2 in the 40s is a wonderful gift, but having babies in your 40s can also have a downside. You go to the schools and daycares and doctors offices and all the moms and dads look like they are 20. Also.. the stamina mentally and physically is not the same in a person’s 40s. Hollywood stars can do it because they have a lot of money to get a lot of help. They make it look easy and glamorous but it isn’t that way.

Lisa on

How old will she be when the baby is 10? How about “if” her baby will get married and have kids???? I am just glad I have two beautiful children at a perfect age of 31! And I can give them more siblings because of my age. I would hate to have a baby at 50. I will have older kids by then and I can enjoy being 50 instead of raising young kids, which takes a lot out of you and no I don’t have to have a nanny for my kids either (and proud)

Nicole on

“The chances of one getting pregnant at the age of 50 are less than 1%. This is because almost all of the remaining eggs are genetically abnormal. There is also a high risk if one gets pregnant at this age since this could likely lead to a miscarriage or an abnormal pregnancy. ”

Anonymous on

Missy- I’m inclined to believe that (as others have already theorized), she was on bedrest for most of the pregnancy due to her advanced age and that’s why she didn’t announce the pregnancy (if I were having a complicated pregnancy, I sure as heck wouldn’t say anything publically until the baby was safely here, either!) or appear in public during it.

Cam on

Congrats to Laura, she is by far one of my favorite actresses. Glad for her that she gets to experience motherhood, and she will be a fantastic mother.

Martina on

People – be happy for other people. I feel like taking a shower after reading all these venomous judgmental comments.

Holly on

For all those saying that 49 is way too old and it must have been IVF – you are ignorant!! As one other person described, it used be very common for women to keep having children until their menopause and my own uncle married his wife and they had their child, first and only, a year after they married – she was aged 49 and conceived naturally. It can present higher risks but if she is healthy and gets good care give her a break….mother nature is mother nature – think God knows better than some of you!

Play on

HAPPY, ur an idiot. ME, ur an another idiot along with anyone who harps about a woman’s choice to do what she wants with her body. Hey where r ur comments on Larry King? He’s older than dirt but he gets a slap on the back however i doubt his wife was inseminated naturally. Men n their 60s & especially 70s & older r tooOLD to have an erection and what comes out is degraded antique cells to which a child born of antique sperm has a high rate of being deformed, low IQ etc. It’s gona take a few new generations for everyone to stop commenting on what a woman is capable of accomplishing with HER body at any age especially u men and all u jealous women. Yo HAPPY, Haven’t u anything to say about men over 50 having kids. What have u to say about Larry King pushing 80, having a newborn. Oh but he’s a man and I’ll bet most of the negative comments about a 49 yr old new mother r from ignorant impotent males with an archaic mentality. Like you!

Intheknow on

Too old. Fifty is grandma time, not first mom time. I don’t care WhAT you all claim Mother Nature was thinking. There are MANY reasons NOT to have a baby at the advanced age of 50, which she will be next month. This is a selfish move because the kid will be looking for assisted living centers when he is a mere 20 or 30 year-old. This is not what 20-30 year olds should have to do. Where was Linney 25 years ago? Oh, getting her career going. Sometimes the door is supposed to be closed on certain things, and having a baby when you’re a half century old is one of them. Sorry but this is weird and selfish.

Anonymous on

People are so RUDE questioning a grown woman’s decision to have a child at whatever age, as if their opinion shapes their life choices one way or another! What about just respecting people’s privacy and just wishing them well out of good manners??? smdh. I say congratulations to Ms Linney and her husband on their new bundle of joy and that this wonderful gift will bring them continuous joy always.

seeing red on

People are so RUDE questioning a grown woman’s decision to have a child at whatever age, as if their opinion shapes their life choices one way or another! What about just respecting people’s privacy and just wishing them well out of good manners??? smdh. I say congratulations to Ms Linney and her husband on their new bundle of joy and that this wonderful gift will bring them continuous joy always.

Anonymous on

Congratulations Laura Linney!!!

Unbelievable to see so many nasty comments. “Advanced age”, “Unnatural”, “obviously IVF”, “Of course she can do it, she is rich and had help.”

Get a grip people. It is possible. Wait until you get to 49, you will realize that its not advanced. There is nothing obvious about how she became pregnant, that happened in private and you are assuming. Just because someone is 49 doesn’t mean they can’t run and play and take care of their kids. I started running at 40. I didn’t suddenly start slowing down.

Stepping over that magic line of 35 doesn’t mean you at high risk. That is just medical crap. What? At age 34 and 364 days your cross over onto 356 turn 35 and BAM, you suddenly are high risk? Um, no. It really just depends on your health in general.

Stop judging her. It’s really no-ones business but her own.

Jen on

Oh bless her heart! So happy for her. I wish them all the best.

Gina on

I LOVE Laura Linney! I am sure she is aware of the complications of having a baby this late in life. But it’s her life. Congrats to her and her new little one.

4mom on

She is not too old since she obviously had a baby. My great grandma contracted rabbit fever at 46 and died while pregnant with her 12th child. Like others have said it used to be routine for women to have babies up until menopause. Now we are so “advanced” that we are always trying to tell people what is best for them. Our bodies keep producing eggs for a reason.

Kay Pasa on

Holy crap! 49? That’s MY age, my child is 30 & my oldest grandchild is 12. I could not imagine raising a child at my age. I can’t even imagine having periods at that age! Poor baby, good luck to him.

Anonymous on

Everyone who has posted please don’t be ridiculous. More power to 49 and 50 year old women to having kids naturally! Heck yes!!!!! Less than 5% chance. How awesome. My best friend had her THIRED child at 39. Miracle πŸ™‚ ONLY the parents know the truth. Please don’t false hope to the regular couples desperate to have baby.

Andrea on

I don’t think there was any cosmic reason for the secrecy other than they didn’t want people all up in their business. I can’t say I blame them. And 35 being AMA is an arbitrary ‘line in the sand’…each risk of birth defects is unique to the person. I got all of the genetic testing done when I got pregnant at 35, and the genetic counselor said I had the same risk for birth defects as a 20 year-old based on the results. An older mom doesn’t always mean higher risk. As for having a baby at 49…not something I would do. My AMA baby is now 3 and I can’t imagine doing it all over again…

mnmom on

Smart lady…she knew it might bring out the “wannabe Dr.”. Somebody mentioned Mother Nature. I don’t know her situation, but at 49 Mother Nature with the help of a talented Dr. and others. I think it is funny that she isn’t get as much heat as Halle Berry…very odd.

Anonymous on

Wonderful! My friend had her first grandchild at 55!!! Her daughter is 30!

mnmom on

Kay Pasa- And that is why women like YOU should not have children at 49. FYI- At 49 many women are still having periods. And I bet you believe rubbing two pennies together bring you luck too?? Modern women are choosing to not marry the first man that smiles at them as a teenager. They are having careers and marrying later in life.

D on

Kewanda Young, your comment impressed the heck out of me. What a wonderful person you are to see the world the way you do. I can’t help but believe that if your attitude and actions align your life will play out beautifully. I’m sure your children feel blessed to have you as their mom.

lydiaferguson on

congratulations you both

TaylorB on

Armistead…really?! Clearly, Laura has been watching too many episodes of Masterpiece Theatre…..

Anonymous on

49? Poor kid is going to be raised by his grandparents.

Chuck on

How sad. Boy Bennett has no mom, only a grandma. When he’s 10, she’ll be 60 and he won’t have any brothers or sisters. At his H.S. graduation his “mom” will be close to 70! This selfish Hollywood starlet should have just gotten a puppy instead.

Congrats! on

Good things come to those who are patient and persevering. Congrats!

Shannon on

Chuck, intheknow, Kay Pasa, you all disgust me. Chuck: There are plenty of younger women who decided to have only one child; oh those poor children with no siblings. And people can be healthy and active way into their 70, so no, this child isn’t automatically going to be raised by “grandparents”. Intheknow: how perfect for you that you were lucky to have your children by the perfect age of 31. God has a different plan for all of us; I’m 42 trying to conceive and believe God’s perfect timing will work all things out for good. So don’t make statements that infer that you were so perfectly blessed to have children at the “perfect age”. And Kay Pasa, that means you had a baby at 19? You still with you baby daddy? How’d that work out for you. Yes, maybe I’m sounding rude now, but geesh I can’t believe some of the rude, judgmental and downright mean comments I’m reading on here. God bless Laura, her husband and their new baby.

elena on

Well it can’t be that dangerous– mother and child are apparently doing okay. I know someone who is expecting naturally at 44 so not impossible. I’m not personally a supporter of starting a family at 50. It’s “risky” as in there’s an increased chance of health problems at 50 that could *potentially* render these children motherless. I’ve been through it — losing your mom at a young age is truly traumatizing. Still not my business to care though. If she lives to 80 like many healthy folks do, her kid will be an adult.

Alexa on

LOL – I felt old having my son at 29!! TO EACH HIS OR HER OWN. I just can’t believe this old celebrity mom trend!

Carla on


Amy on

Congratulations to Laura & Marc on the birth of baby Bennett!

Onewhoknows on

All of your “too old” comments are making me laugh! Pregnancy can be dangerous at ANY age. It just depends on if you’re healthy or not. I see lot’s of out of shape, obese YOUNG women that are pregnant. Now THAT’S dangerous! Age is just a number if you take care of yourself.

Sandeana on

How on earth could she have used donor eggs? A woman’s body would reject anyone else’s eggs.

Sandra1345 on

I love you Laura. If talented beautiful inspiring people like you don’t have children who would have? Longlife unemployed, careless teenagers, loosers, out if law or Kardashian ect? Good for you. I wish you live a long life to see your grand grand children πŸ˜‰

saimcheeda on

Wow she’s really fertile