Eric Decker and Jessie James Get Sexy for GQ

01/16/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

tkBen Watts/GQ

As stars of their very own reality show (Eric & Jessie: Game On), it’s clear Jessie James and Eric Decker aren’t shy about exposing their lives to the public.

So we weren’t surprised to see a sexy photoshoot featuring the country singer and her NFL player husband appearing in GQ‘s “Love, Sex and Madness” issue, which hits newsstands Jan. 28.

The couple, who are expecting a girl in March, posed for the racy pictures at their Denver home, where James is currently nesting.

And while the “Wanted” singer exposed a lot of her bump, Decker (who is enjoying his best season yet as a wide receiver for the still-in-the-Super Bowl-running Denver Broncos) showed off his chiseled abs and modeled the season’s best distressed denim.

After experiencing an early bout with morning sickness, James is now spending her time focusing on pending motherhood. “I’m just so happy to be pregnant and to become a new mommy, that’s taking over the feeling of being sick,” the mom-to-be told E! News.

tkBen Watts/GQ

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Katie on

Odd photo to say the least!

Lonely Gurl on

I think he’s the best-looking guy I’ve ever seen. She’s a very lucky girl.

Guest on

Some things should be left private!


Took a few looks to realise his hand WASNT between her legs and its in fact her other leg. Not sure its one for the family photo album

junebug on

What the heck is he doing with his hand in the second one.

BumblB on

I think the best thing about either of these pictures is the adorable smile on the puppy!

Nichele on

JuneBug: I think (hope) that’s her leg. But I thought the same thing at first.

Chris on


Dillweed818 on

Junebug, I think that is her leg. His hand is hidden in her hair.

Knopfler on

Wow… they are clearly very classy people.


ebethsb on


Ashley on

I think she should have washed her hair before she did this photo shoot. Eww, gross hair in the second pic!

luccccyyy on

Ha! The leg/arm between the legs. I read the comments and had to go back and look at the second photo. Whatever! lol

heather on

did anyone click the link to the other pictures? don’t.

kelsi on

I think these are very sexy! Great to see this kind of pictures with a pregnant woman. Go GQ!

Kristina on

He is soooo gorgeous!!!

She’s annoying!!!!!!!!

janet on


Anonymous on


Betty on

He’s so incredibly handsome!

vada on

who are these people? never even heard of them

Sarah on

OMG! I thought he was diddling her in the second pic! LOL Maybe an editor for GQ should’ve looked at that pic a little harder.

Smash on

Ugh. They are both attractive ppl but I looked at the other pictures and no. Just no. Worst gq photo shoot I’ve seen recently.

guest on

Cute dog

brownsugababy87 on

Gorgeous couple she looks great pregnant. Yes some of the pictures are a little racy…But I don’t mind looking at eric with close to nothing on;)

krtmom on

Uh, where’s his arm?

donnatex on

trash is what it is…trash

Tina on

@Jennifer, LOL, I thought that was his hand between her legs too, at first.

Anonymous on

Really people – we get it your in love. Can you please put some clothes on – we really do not need to see all that skin to see that you are in love – WE GET IT!

nunya on

Those pics are gross

Cari on

I met her years ago after she sang the anthem at a hockey game and she thought she was so cool, trying to get the hockey guys to pay attention to her. She came across like a total jersey chaser. I saw one episode of their show and couldnt get past how much she was emulating Jessica Simpson from the Newlyweds days… “Baaaby!!!” PEOPLE, quit trying to make this chick happen.

Ashley on

I don’t think we need to know how that baby was made. haha!

Maria on

Loving the dog, and even his expression says it all.

Alicia on

I took the advice of other posters, regarding the how bad the other photos on the website were. I was worried they were really racy and scandalous, so I viewed the on my phone, rather than on my computer at work. The other photos were just plain cheesy. I think that I could come up with more creative shots than that… How ridiculous! One the plus side, her husband is extremely hot!!!!

Lele on

I think this is a sexy pic :)… Its cool that she feels sexy even when she is pregnant.

Renee on

Wow… um I just feel like sexy maternity photos are such a personal thing.

ok on

Funny there is Captain Crunch on the counter…. these two don’t have the bodies of people who eat Captain Crunch….

Jenna on

Wow. Just wow. Cover up!

Jen on

I have no issue with pregnant women embracing their curves and exuding some sexuality, especially with their partner. I think pregnant women have a unique sensuality, and that’s a beautiful thing to capture in the right venue and for the right audience.

That said, I think this girl lacks class and tact, and I thought that well before these pictures.

Jenn on


Really? on

Preg porn?

AbbyDogg on

No doubt they are very good looking people. But these photos show absolutely no class. Really Eric?? I used to like you.

Jenny! on

That’s how babies are made!
Interesting pics…. that’s all 🙂

layal on

Put some dang clothes on.. geez…

steve on

I guess there really is no shame left in the world.

Noelle on

Talk about inappropriate! That second pic is straight up pornographic because of the placement of his hand.
Talk about two people totally in love with themselves! With these egos how is a child even going to fit into the equation?

steve on

disgusting and self absorbed

annie on

lol thats actually HER leg and his arm is around her shoulders

Anonymous on

Hope the daughter is a chip off the ole block.

Amy Paterson on

That first pic should be a Wal-Mart “special” we’d see on Ellen!

Amy on

Good Lord, these are absolutely ridiculous!!

StephB on

These pics are very very TACKY. He is not that cute either. He looks like a dumb meat head to me, most football players have that look. Like so so dumb, but she is not that hot either

lori on

My favorite part is the dog too.

Tee Tee on

Oh my. Um, I’m not even sure what to say. These pictures are wildly inappropriate!

Mommie Dearest on

Ummm, I’m not a fan of these photos, but I’ll give them a pass because I don’t think either of them have much going on upstairs.

Greetings on

Ick! I watched her show. She is as nastier than Kartrashian! All she talks about is sex. I’m terrified to think about what kind of mother she will make!

Sharon on

Both of them are very nice looking, but these photos are tacky, I wouldn’t expect a pregnant woman and her husband in GQ magazine.

laurenashley66 on

I don’t get it, but to each their own i guess….

JJ on

she’s such a dang whore!

shidley on

Ick pretty much sums up my first reaction.

jo jo on

ah yes, Dumb and Dumber. Did you see their show? I rest my case.

Karen on

I can see why she got preggers so fast.. Damn hes hot! GO BRONCOS!!!!

emma on

Yup, the puppy is the only adorable thing in the first photo

eodldo on


jsp81355 on

Um, keep it to yourselves. Especially the last picture. We all know where babies come from.

The.Pretty.One on

Obviously the shoot is staged for a Man’s magazine. In my opinion I think it would have been better to showcase more of his body than her’s. She looks super cute pregnant — in these photos she looks like she’s trying wayyyyyyyy to hard to be sexy. It’s a no for me.

Anna-Maria on

if you look at pictures of Jesse online, she always has the worst smile, like she’s constipated. And she always wears a pound of makeup. She needs to get over herself.

1SoaringLady on

She has zero class & swears she’s hot! I think she sexed her way into this marriage. The hubby sounds a lot like Kim K’s ex-husband Chris… bless his poor lil heart. The posing pup on the other hand… soooo cute!!

Poppy on

Terrible! So sad for her daughter that will see these pictures some day & think that’s my mommy. I can’t imagine sharing such a private journey as pregnancy with the world. No class at all!!!

Jessica on

People have no filter these days. Nothing is sacred.

michelle moyer on

wow he’s sooo hot, too bad he had to have those lame jeans on.. lol guys like that make football more enjoyable

Lila on

The dog is cuter than her!

If you see other pictures of her, her smile is awful (always looks like she’s trying to poop), she is VERY bow legged with stumpy tree trunk legs, and obviously has fake boobs (if you see her in “before she became famous” pictures). And she is a jersey chaser (Eric got Reggie Bush’s leftovers). What more can I say? Bad genetics, classless, and YUCK!

Melanie on

Why is she doing this. Is nothing sacred? And why is he going along with it?

Brenda lee Romero on

Eric and Jessie both have the “it factor”! I say if you have it, show it, share it and enjoy! Love both of them!!! It is GREAT to see them as a normal couple!!!

Anonymous on

Nothing to see here. People mags have shown worse than this.

loulou on

He is gorgeous, she is annoying. I don’t like to leave mean comments, but I can’t watch their show because of her.

Jenna on

In picture number 6 in the slide show their wedding is playing on the TV. Ugh. What a weird photo shoot. There are ways to be cute when pregnant. Not this!!

Isabel on

This is awkward to look at because it’s not sexy just…odd.

Given GQ’s demographic, I’m surprised the magazine thought its readers would want to see this type of spread. I understand Decker’s star is on the rise with every game Denver wins but they could have focused solely on him.

Jazz on

This screams TRASHY!!

Sara on

Impossibly gorgeous people! Of course the prude train made a stop here on this post. But guess what? We all had to be sensual to have babies, and so did they. Why should that stop because you become parents? This is a very hot photo shoot and highlights this pair in a very nice way!

Anonymous on

I watched the whole reality show, of how jesse loves eric. the show was great. their marriage was perfect. so, happy to see them pregnant. jesse was eager to get pregnant. and eric was very happy. I wish them total happiness. their so in love. which is great. congradulations!!!! name your little girl, :CLAIRE: perfect..

Anonymous on

love you as a couple, name the little girl, “CLAIRE”, thank you!!

Tri on

Disgusting and unclassy. The male readers of GQ dont wanna see that.

jazzyjaz on

considering how horribly he has performed in the playoffs, it seems that he should have focused more on practice and team cohesion, rather than self aggrandizement. Also, cool to be hot preggers; not cool to be not owning the privilege.

Steph on

They’re both gorgeous, but sharing these types of pics with the world just seems so wrong. I would be horrified for my unborn child to ever find pictures like these of me…just creepy, and maybe a little disrespectful to that unborn child. Pregnancy is a beautiful gift, and this just trashes it up. The first shot in the kitchen isn’t bad, but the others, ugh.

oldfogey on

Since when did putting your finger in someone’s mouth become sexy. It’s anything but sexy.

shalie on

She should cover up and stop making those weird faces. I guess people do whatever they can to make a few bucks. Gross, not classy at all.

Lynn23 on

Fake, trying too hard to be relevant. Maybe they were jealous of Tom/Gisele and wanted some attention too. Can u imagine Peyton doing photo like this w his pretty wife. They had twins awhile back and nothing was made of it. Give this couple three yrs before the big D.

Martina on

I think they are both gorgeous. And I don’t mind sexy photos. But these are just tacky. It’s uncomfortable to look at them.

Kat on

Why do people have to be so jealous that it cause them to try to see and say negative things about others. They are a lovely couple. He’s hot she’s hot and they are going to have an even hotter baby that’s going to make your jealousy meter rise to the boiling point!

klutzy_girl on

Oh. My,. Gosh he is one beautiful man!

Hea on

Is that dog smiling..?

Anonymous on

Kat, just because people think these pictures are too much to be sharing with the world, they are not jealous! I think they are a gorgeous and sweet couple. These are pictures I would take with my husband, but would not share with the world, if I was famous, because I don’t think what is sexy to us, is sexy to the world. #notjealous

Jen on

After looking at that second pic, made me want to go home for the rest of the day :swiiiiiing:

lol on

OMG! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE! Never heard of them before

Kallie Knight on

You people need lives.. you cant call a woman whom you do not know a whore, or make judgements on her character considering you have no fucking clue.. they seem to me like two down to earth people very much in love and excited about their little girl. No doubts that they will make amazing parents.

Who are you to judge? Who are you to put someone down – especially you WOMEN commenting… its sad really, the way women speak of one another.

Its great to see a woman feeling sexy and showing off her beautiful pregnancy. If you dont like it, move along.

Beth on

The dog is adorable! I’ll leave it at that.

Anonymous on

Congrats to both of them!!, And to there family’s !

They are a very cute couple,so that means they will have a very cute baby! I loved there show on E!

Baby mom on

No one ever said that having money buys class and these 2 prove it

Vanessa on

But-her-face is desperate for attention now that her “singing” career is over.

Lexus on

They are a beautiful couple. Eric Decker is the GORGEOUSLY HOT!!!!!

Bella on

1. that’s her other leg
2. y’all need a hobby other than criticizing a couple’s choice
I love Eric & Jessie. Their show is so cute & the family is so cute.