Willow Smith Poses for V Magazine; Releases New Single

01/15/2014 at 03:00 PM ET

Willow Smith V MagazineKarl Lagerfeld/V Magazine

It’s hard to believe Willow Smith is only 13.

Just a few years ago, she released a hit single (“Whip My Hair,” anyone?) and performed at the White House.

And let’s not even talk about all her fun hair changes and style choices.

But what the teen wants now more than anything is to be a regular seventh grader. Which is why she turned down a chance to star in Annie, the film her father, Will, is producing with Jay-Z.

“I just wanted to chill, and be at home, and decompress, and just find out what I wanna do and where I stand on this planet, with the little tiny place we have,” says Smith in the spring preview issue of V Magazine.

But that doesn’t mean she’s putting a damper on her creative spirit, especially when it comes to her fashion sense.

“I can never tell what I’m gonna wear,” she confesses. “I kind of just put on whatever feels right. Sometimes that’s Converse and a T-shirt, sometimes it’s Givenchy heels and leather pants.”

And all of her eclectic glory is captured by Karl Lagerfeld, who snapped Smith on the streets of Paris with her cousin Skylar for the magazine.

“[He’s] very, very friendly and open. I thought he was gonna be really mysterious, like peering over his glasses evaluating. But he was just awesome,” shares Smith about the designer and icon.

Not a lot flusters Will and Jada‘s poised little girl, but the new experience of attending school for seventh grade — including “being responsible for your own stuff” — has been quite an adjustment for the usually homeschooled student.

And while Smith is enjoying this break from the public eye, she still hasn’t given up on her artistic dreams. She and brother Jaden, 15, debuted a new track, “5,” on Tuesday.

“I just feel like I want to do it different than the world’s ready for.”

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

Willow Smith V MagazineKarl Lagerfeld/V Magazine

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Eleonor on

It’s always easier when daddy is a star….

Carol Anne on

I am sorry, but no 12/13 year old girl should be dressing like that. She looks like a prostitute.

Amanda on

Completely agree Carol Anne. I am really disappointed in Will Smith, he should know better than anyone how being so young in the industry ends badly for so many…and then to let her dress so much older than she is, it’s just dangerous. I am sad to say, won’t be surprised in the least when this girl enters rehab by her early 20s

Carol on

From the photos I’ve seen the past few years, I get the feeling that Jada ‘wears the pants’ in the family. Maybe I’m naive, but I’d like to believe that Wil Smith DOES care, he just doesn’t have a voice how his kids look. If I’m wrong, I, too, am disappointed in Will. I don’t understand all the crap Willow has attached to her ears, it doesn’t look pretty or do anything for her at all…I think some of this is coming from Jada…I personally don’t think Jada has any fashion sense. When I first saw the ear stuff, my first thought was, ‘it makes Willow look like a Vulcan from Star Trek’. I’m all for being a little different, but it’s a shame she wants to trade looking pretty for being way-out different. KInd of sad, really.

Carly on

“I just wanted to chill, and be at home, and decompress, and just find out what I wanna do and where I stand on this planet, with the little tiny place we have.”

Wow, when I was thirteen all I wanted to do was things like make sure I read “A Christmas Carol” in time for a test and get the scientific method memorized. Those were some serious priorities for me! Hopefully going to school and experiencing a normal life will be good for Willow. She’s very fortunate to come from a family with money and connections; have some fun Willow and wait a little before seriously thinking about your future!

AmandaC on

She looks like an alien in that first pic.

Mommytoane on

They let this litte girl dress and look far beyond her years. But, look at it this way, Billy Ray let Miley Cyrus pose as she wanted for magazines and look where she is now!

Sanne on

Could be all be true. But I have read on reliable movie websites the production of Annie took too long for Willow to star as Annie because of her current age. Now Quvenzhané Wallis will play Annie.

Tam on

Wow she looks just like her dad!

Chloe on

She looks wayyy too much like her dad. Wow

Also, does no one seem to realize that fashion wise, that is pretty much the only stuff available to teenagers? I work in a clothing shop and it disgusts me how tiny the shorts are getting and the fact girls’ ass cheeks are hanging out, but there isn’t many options short wise. Even with jeans it basically skinny leg or ankle biters

Kayte on

I know that some teenagers want to ‘express themselves’ with some way-out fashions and hair styles, but I think it’s a shame that her parents allowed all of those piercings (unless they’re stick-ons). It’s one thing to let them try something that is temporary, but putting excessive holes in their bodies at 13 years old may be something the child will regret when they’re actually old enough to make decisions that will affect their appearance for the rest of their lives.

Lori Elizardo on

you need to remember when we were growing up, we were judged as well. Unfortunately how they dress today and yes sometime tasteless we should not judge the parents. Its not like her breast or her behind sticking out.and you need not to judge parents because you do not know them, you would not like people judging you.no one’s perfect as a parent but we learn as we grow. So please keep that in mind before you judge. Thank you, thank you,

Brit on

I believe in letting your children express themselves to the fullest. But, setting boundaries and providing guidance are mandatory as parents. It seems she’s lacking those two things and it’s sad! I’ve read on websites a few months ago about her unsettling posts on twitter. I didn’t believe it until I read them for myself on her official page. This child needs a hug, among many other things!!

BlueMoon on

Can you really expect rules from a couple with an “open marriage?” It’s very well-known in the industry that Will sees other people, as does Jada. They have stated that they have an agreement to “ask permission” from the other spouse before they hook up with someone else, so they don’t consider it cheating. This is why they are still together, but not really together. With a screwed up view of what it means to be married, it stands to reason that they would have a screwed up view regarding parenting. I don’t think they give a flying fart in space what their kids do, as long as they make scads of money, give their parents bragging rights, stay relevant in the public eye, or don’t get into too much legal trouble. Will and Jada are sorry partners and parents. Welcome to Hollywood where anything goes.

Diedre on

Awww, she’s growing up so fast! She’ll be in rehab before you know it!
Seriously , your thirteen! Be thirteen not thirty-five!

Reesca on

Yikes. I’m sure that family can afford for her to get those Mickey Mouse ears pinned back. That’s all you see when you look at her.

DD on

She’ll be in rehab before you know it! Most of them end up there anyways!! She’ll prob be no different!! Strange child…

Anonymous on

@Chloe huh? I am not sure what crap your store carries but I can assure you, there are tons of opportunities to dress up for teens.

Erin on

She hardly looks like a “prostitute”, Carol Anne, but it is inappropriate dress for a 13 year old.

Andrea on

Givenchy heels?!

Taylor Girl on


This girl needs a new hairdo.

Choi on

I think she looks great! She’s got awesome legs.

gail Mar on

Why would Will be pushing his kids so much? He did it on his own.

Now his daughter looks like a SLUT !! with ten pounds of make-up- more than any street walker!! Givenchy heels? Daddy pays for? Jada–try to take control of your daughter–Will isn’t!

covetlist on

@ Carol Anne. You are sorry. No adult should be going online and calling a little girl a prostitute.

Susan on

Jada must be PO that her daughter is so unattractive. She looks exactly like her dad with a wig..including the ears. Sorta feel bad for her. is she ever good enough for mommy?

slawson on

She looks cute!

So many broke and ugly haters having their say. Let’s see Cindy Crawford’s daughter models at 11, Heather Locklear daughter models; shall I go on and on. No hate there, huh? Oh I forgot, they are of the pinkish hue.

YupItsMeAgain on

Tired of all these celebrities kids getting a free pass in the modeling world. I’m sure there’s are much more beautiful teen girls who would make better models.

Lillian Salas on

Whatta freak!

uh-huh on

i always crack up when I see Willow, her daddy’s mini-me

Lillian Salas on


Guest 1 on

She’s such a weird looking kid.

Marie on

She seems like a very intelligent young lady. Kudos to her parents for raising a smart, independent minded, strong girl.

heather on

I’m all for letting kids express themselves, but she always looks like she’s trying way too hard. And Givenchy heels, for real?

Posing for a magazine isn’t exactly taking a break from the public eye either.

Marie on

Why all the piercings in her ear? Is it a statement of some kind? Was she just bored? or maybe trying to be cool?! Why doesn’t she just try to be 13 and quit trying to grow up so fast! I guarantee if her parents weren’t who they are, she’d just be another wannabe!

Maya on

Let’s face it, if her parents weren’t celebrities no one would give a crap.

PS. She looks like Will with a wig on.

melissajean0 on

lol why is this in the “mom’s and babies” section?

Guest on

I don’t know where you people come from but this is a beautiful, strong, intelligent young girl. She is not a prostitute, her ears are perfect, she does look like her dad, who is a good looking man and a teen with that kind of money is going to be able to buy and wear Givenchy heels. What a bunch of nasty bitches you are. And you all sound jealous as hell too.

Lala on

I really don’t think he outfit is risqué. Her chest, and stomach are covered. Teenage girls have been wearing those shorts since I was in middle school, 20 years ago. Had her butt cheeks been hanging out, that’d be much different.

Also, I feel like she’s been 12/13, for 5 years now!

LenJo on

If this child was not the offspring of a famous father, no one would give her the time of day. She is neither talented nor attractive. She is a total bore-fest but am guessing she will end up co-hosting a “Hollywood Teens Gone Wrong” show…

Mary Dudley on

They are Scientoligists, , what do you except? They treat them like adults from birth.

Kay on

They are creating a monster! Watch out…. soon they will have a daughter like Miley or Amanda or Britney and they will be saying; “I don’t know what went wrong!” Yikes!! Be a parent!

TT on

She looks like a boy, doesn’t look like a 13 years girl.

Ella on

I completely disagree with the person that said these are the only type of clothes available to teens. Where exactly are you shopping? I see a TON of cute clothes all over malls.

“Givenchy heels and leather pants”? Really? You are 13 not 31, Willow.

phre on

I wouln’t let my 13y old wear clothes like a street slut an be photographed – not by lagerfeld or anyone else.

please on

Her and her brother are pretentious and obnoxious. This family tries so hard to sound deep and profound, any interview with them is nauseating. The only one that seems like a nice kid is Trey, can’t help but make the connection to that being because he lived with his mother growing up.

cindy samoson on

besides looking like a tramp she is the homliest girl that I have seen for quite some time !!!