Beyoncé Shares Photos of Blue Ivy’s Birthday Party

01/15/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Beyonce Blue Ivy Birthday PhotosCourtesy Beyoncé

Blue Ivy Carter gets crowned again!

After ringing in the New Year in high fashion with mom Beyoncé and dad Jay-Z at the Versace mansion, the heir to the hip hop throne celebrated her second birthday with a party fit for a princess — literally!

Giving fans a sneak peek into her daughter’s big day, the singer shared several snapshots of the celebration on her website, including sweet photos of the mother-daughter duo showing off their fun face paint and adorable balloon animals.

And in true birthday girl fashion, Blue — who turned 2 on Jan. 7 — topped off her party duds (a black star-print sweatshirt, denim leggings, purple tutu and Nike Air Jordans) with a jeweled-encrusted tiara.

Even her cute cake received the royal treatment! Sitting atop the customized two-tiered confection was a crown surrounded by fun star adornments.

The proud mama also posted a picture of Blue cruising around in her new present — Kid Trax‘s Disney Minnie Mouse Hot Rod. Sorry, North West, it looks like you’re not the only one with a cool new ride.

Producer Timbaland‘s 7-year-old daughter Reign also attended the mini soiree, gifting Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s little girl with an adorable handwritten card that read, “Baby Blue, you are a princess.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Floatimini GiveawayCourtesy Beyoncé

— Anya Leon

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Crystal on

Beyonce and Jay Z are so down to Earth. A little bike for Princess Blue from Wal-Mart. No showing off fancy clothes gifted by designers. Just good old fashioned hard work and loving on your baby. Happy Birthday Blue. You are so loved!!!

dee on

Why does this idiot Beyonce keep posting pictures of her child if all she’s going to show is arms and legs. She’s so pretentious. You and Blue Ivy are not that important. On top of that, who gives their child a name that seals their career to be a porn star or a stripper. Has CPS been called yet?

Martina on

They shut down the entire Jungle Island here in Miami for the kid’s birthday. How beyond obnoxious. It’s a super-popular local destination. We took our kids and were turned away. The kids were so looking forward to the trip. Shame on these people. You want to have a private party in a private zoo – go buy yourself a private island and buy a zoo. Or do something a little more down to earth then shutting down a huge venue and making other people’s children CRY.

AmandaC on

SO tired of the half face pics, back shots, only an arm or a leg. OMG either take a whole picture of stop already.

AmandaC on

Crystal…I guess you missed the article that Beyoncé & JayZ got her some $75k Arabian pony.

Denise on

I actually like that they aren’t plastering their child’s face all over the place like Tori Spelling is (constantly). Nothing wrong with partial head shots, etc. Respects her privacy until she is old enough to agree whether or not she wants have her picture everywhere.

Rhonda on

Happy Birthday Blue Ivy. Now please tell your mommy that if she’s going to show us your picture we’d like to see your entire face, not just your forehead.

Tamara on

Hi Beyonce, how are you doing? The Daughter of Beyonce & Jazy has a resemblance to two of my little cousins.-Tamara Jean Smith

lola on

calling their daughter a princess…..calling any young girl a princess…the worst thing any parent can do. call them creative, call them smart, call them funny, call them intellingent but please don’t call them princess.

Donnatex on

somebody actually posted that Beyoncé and Jay Z are so down to Earth????? what planet has that person been living on. These two are the biggest ego maniacs ever, not to mention racist. ugh!

Donnatex on

poor child has daddy’s ugly forehead.

Yvonne on

So many Beyonce “haters.” Happy Birthday Blue. It looks like she had an amazing day.

Kiki on

When she she posted pics of Blue’s face, people were downright hateful with their comments and basically called the little girl a monkey. Now, everyone wants to see her face. Why? To get on the “this child is ugly” wagon again? Maybe she she wants to share with her fans but doesn’t want her face everywhere. She is entitled to that. If these are the pics Beyonce wants to share then these are the pics. You don’t have to look at them.

sky on

There have been pictures of Blue posted with her father who she resembles so much.

Anonymous on

I call my daughter princess all the time, so does my husband and my parents. She IS our princess…but we also make sure to tell her she’s smart and talented. A little girl can be a princess so long as that’s not ALL you’re telling her.

shiela Kerr on

Love the shots of the Bday party!

Liz DeMarco on

For 44 years I enjoyed my birthday…..2 years ago it was ruined because Beyoncé gave birth to this baby 😦 Now Jan 7th seems to have become Blue Ivy day….poor child, has to grow up with that name 😦 I could care less how she spent her 2nd birthday, the amount of $ they spent, probably could have fed hundreds of poor & homeless people.

rattles on

I guess you haven’t seen The Little Princess. “I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young. They’re still princesses. All of us. Didn’t your father ever tell you that? Didn’t he?”

Emily on

Even beyonce knows that that kids face is so UGLY! She never shows her face!

Sharon on

Desperate for attention I see again! Yawn

Kim on

Gosh, so nice they are raising a self indulgent, obnoxious brat. She’ll be just like her mommy.

Dina on

For the haters – She posted the pictures on her website for her fans. If you are not a fan but instead a hater why are you wasting your time to look at the pictures, read the article and then post hateful comments? Are you that sad and lonely?

Wow on

I just have one question. What kind of people call a CHILD ugly? Like, what kind of person are you inside when you say that about someone’s child. This is crazy to me. Siting behind a computer and lashing out at children?! This is unreal.

Amy on

When we call our daughters a princess it’s because Mama is the queen 🙂

Ann on

What pictures? Blue Ivy is just another child in a world of millions so whats the big deal???????

Catherine on

I love the fact that Blue Ivy actually looks how a 2 year old is supposed to look also. She doesn’t look like she is from Toddlers and Tiaras, all decked out in 15 layers of makeup. Those kids don’t have a life, they don’t have a childhood. They should be playing outside, at the park or running around, not looking like they are 30, Thank god, she just looks like a kid having fun like it is supposed to be, a perfect birthday for a 2 year old.

meghuneyntyson on

If I had the money to shut down a park for my kid’s birthday, I’d do it too.

Anonymous on

When did it become necessary to associate this family with any type of royalty? Queen Bey? Heir to the hip hop throne? Why must we put people who have any kind of talent up on a pedestal that they don’t belong on? These parents have worked hard, earned their money and can spend it anyway they choose….Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day to work hard, make a living, love their family, and live a good life….enough with the unnecessary label of entitlement.

Anonymous on

big friffin deal

neverashamed on

I don’t get some of you. Beyonce and her husband may not be everyone’s favorite but SO WHAT! The article isn’t about them. The article is about BLUE! a precious little innocent who can’t help the fact the she was born to privilege. She is a child and you idiots are nothing more than jealous of her and her parent’s success. Tell you what, get up off you lazy a** wright and hit record, dance till your toes bleed, come up with a genius way to introduce your thoughts to the world (right or wrong) see them for millions and then let’s see how your tone changes. GET OVER IT. Happy Birthday Beautiful Blue!!!!

marge on

if your not a Beyonce fan why do you fuel her popularity by reading an article about her. All little girls like to be called princess, so what. I love it how people can be racist and talk about an innocent child because they don’t have anything else to do

Joyce on

She post pics of Blue but they are Never full face, Some parts of her body are always missing.

Teresa Hillery on

What is so great about this singer? I don’t think she can sing OR dance.

Melissa36 on

It is such a shame that poor child looks like his mom, who looks like a dirty, disguisting donkey

FabChick on

Everything that “Dee” said. Beyonce, just stop posting pictures already. So annoying.

Donna McIntosh on

Please, please, please; enough with Beyonce and pictures of Blue Ivy. HuffPo just had that stupid article up not too long ago. Now, we have to be tortured again with this. At this point, who care if Blue Ivy’s face is shown or not? I am tired of the mentioning of her and the overexposed mother. What is so special about this child? No other celebrity’s child has gotten this much recognition. Anyway, there are way more pictures of Beyonce than Blue. Why doesn’t that surprise any of us? It will always be about Beyonce.

Donna McIntosh on

This article once again? Please give us a break!!

Melissa36 on

I like how the Beyonce minnions who say she is so down to earth don’t want to talk about the 80.000 dollar Barbie that she gave her kid.

Femia on

I like Beyonce, but what I don’t like is her keeps showing her kid with just arms or legs or head, or shoes, or butt. what’s up with that?

dizzy on

that is the WORST face paint i have seen! come on now Queen B… with your money you could have hired the world’s best face painter… instead you got someone who clearly sucks! my sister is a face painter and she is still new but she is WAYYYYYY better than that crap on your face!

Terri on

Wow, there are some ugly, unhappy people posting here.

Lilyflower on

Geez…Some of you on here are just down right awful with your comments.

teresa on

If there was some savvy photoshop person…. they could put together about five of Blue’s photos and we could actually have a picture of her face….. If we were meanies, we would be wondering if the child has a facial deformity…but we aren’t mean.

There is NO OTHER celeb child whose face is this hidden.
Whats the problem? Don’t mom and dad like us? : (

teresa on

I just had another thought: maybe BEY views her daughter as a rival and she wants the spotlight ONLY for herself ; )

babies can be so cute and such competition!

Kristina on

I kind of feel badly saying this, but Blue Ivy is not cute..

misstrinia on

Bey and Jay always welcome the haters..

bill on

With the recent struggles to get Wal-Mart to pay their workers a decent wage, I think it is supper insensitive for us to continue seeing MULTI-MILLIONAIRES Beyonce’ and Jay Z coupled to the Wal-Mart brand.

Mork on

Is it about Queen B. showing off her crotch, which she does all the time? Because nothing is shown of the I Am Jehovah look-alike baby.

kate on

That baby is not cute and no one cares where she had her party.

Anonymous on

what brain dead morons

hidi on

**** I do not get it., why is she posting half ass pictures of her kid., what is the point ..? no one really has seen a full shot of the kid., oh …I get it ….she is waiting for the time when she can put make up and fake hair and plastic surgery., before every one can see the full face.

Anonymous on

Is this about her daughter or Beyonce? All I see is a huge pic of Beyonce.

chris on

Cute face paint. Looked like a fun party.

Anonymous on

that is one ugly baby

kate on

She is not a princess, she is an ugly little girl. just sayin.

Deloris Patterson on

To all the UGLY, NASTY, EVIL Speakers… That speak ill of and Angle! GOD’S gift to the World. I pray that any of U don’t have children… I was raised by a very wise old woman form the South! My Grandmother she said never say any thing bad, nasty or evil of other people children because it will fall on yours children. You might as well tell God U made a mistake… God don’t make mistake!!!

Me on

OMG! Who gives a f-ck!

Noelle on

I know this won’t be popular and I don’t really care that much because I’m hiding behind my computer:)
That is the most unfortunate looking child in the history of civilization.

heather-marie roth on

KIM K do not even show pix of her with baby north only if a post or blog “criticize her devoid of good parenting.”but she show at least 15 new rear end shots and 3 to 5 of north since north birth
Beyonce really is a great or not,she always show us her with the baby and that is a nice thing. love that. kim can learn from beyonce and baby blue ivy.

MorganFarantinoLoveBeyonce Blue on

Noelle is a hater,so ignore her.
the baby is blessed. and HEATHER i agree KIM K can’t compare.Her child will suffer from mom new butt shots.all over the place,during child 1st yr.disgusting chick but bey has class. we know that.

Noelle just poor jealous not working hard in her life she has no good positive wonderful rich fulfilled life like blue and bey jay.
love it.
god bless them.happy families suburban good life= god bless life

MorganFarantinoLoveBeyonce Blue on

Kim Kartrashian is not a good mom.we see more boooty shots of kim than of north that is no good mom at all beyonce is not like it at all.i love how she let us into blue and her world like this.

may god bless them.happy families suburban good life= god bless life

Sabreen on


To the silly mindless poor jealous folks God does not like you being so ugly!!!!
Our beautiful world needs peace, love kindness, justice & fair play

Shari b on

How could someone be so mean regarding a two year old child?! I think it is outrageous no matter how you feel about the parents that you probably have NEVER even met. Even if I was not a fan of Jay and Beyonce, (which I have been for many years) I think that their daughter is a princess just like my two daughters were princesses when they were two years old. Geez relax people!!! Happy birthday Blue Ivy and you have a beautiful, unique name.

Anonymous on

ugly little girl

Ann on

Happy Birthday To the beautiful Princess.
And for the rest of the haters, I betcha ur all losers. go get a life and a decent job and stop worrying how these celebs live, play, show their bodies ,raise their kids etc etc etc.!

Anonymous on

I;m sure she is an adorable little girl,but we never see her face but I guess I can understand why lots of sickos out there

bassetcase on

I hope she invited the surogate mother who carried her baby blue for her to the party to bond a little,,

KeeprerC on

Blue Ivy is so beautiful

Lee on

Beyonce is a great mother!!! I love seeing the pics of Blue..Thank you for sharing these great memories with us..

Hea on

Down to earth? What earth would that be exactly..?

Cat on

I promise I am neither mean nor a hater. The child is not attractive.

Jacquelyn on

I can just imagine how nervous the party face painter was. Face painting, Beyonce – talk about PRESSURE!

DD on

That poor lil child has DADDY written all over her! 😦

Michelle on

I agree lola, don’t use the word princess. There are already enough self entitled children running around!

tmr on

I guess the people that stay glued to this website do not look anywhere else on the internet. There have been multiple full face pictures of Blue. If you click on “second birthday’ in the first paragraph, the first picture is a full picture of Jay z holding her, and you see her face. The baby does look just like her father, and it seems she will have to grow into those features.

reza on

plz call me 00989144242243

bryauna on

U guys are so hateful they worked their butts off to get where they are don’t be jelous

Shayna on

Thats one ugly baby……
Dear Beyonce and Tamera Mowry … Please back awaaaaaay from the camera

D'Asia on

The Reason She Doesnt Show Her Face Is Because She Is VERY Ugly. I google pics of Blue