Ciara Confirms: Yes, I’m Pregnant!

01/14/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Ciara Pregnant Confirmed Future Engaged James Devaney/WireImage

It’s true — Ciara is pregnant!

After months of rumors, the singer and actress confirmed Tuesday on The View that yes, she is expecting a baby with her fiancé, rapper-producer Future.

This will be the first child for Ciara, 28, while Future, 30, has three children from previous relationships — a son, 11, a daughter, 4, and a second son, 13 months.

The couple were engaged in October after Future surprised his love with an eye-popping 15-carat custom ring on her birthday weekend.

“I think I’ll be part bridezilla, I’m not going to lie,” Ciara told PEOPLE recently of wedding planning.

“But I want to be a happy one! I still want it to be a fun process, but I want the dress to be perfect, I want the cake to be perfect, I want the food to be perfect. We’re both looking forward to it.”

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— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Mary Margaret

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Crystal on

She did not hide it very well, but I am happy for them. A baby is always a blessing!!!

Leigh on

Well thats a surprise..NOT lol. She has been walking around with a giant stomach for months…seriously. Next story…

Sunny on

Just another baby mama for this guy. Waiting for Gabrielle union to announce a pregnancy- might be one of her fiancé’ other women carrying the child. Lol

Tina on

Oh, so there’s gonna be a future Future.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

He’s got 3 kids from previous relationships…as in plural and his youngest is just over a year old…RUN!!!

Anonymous on

He has a 13 month old? How many baby mamas? Good luck with that.

Vanessa on

Wow!!! He has a 13 month old? And, already having another baby with someone else. What a loser.

Shia on

1) People, everyone hates this comment format – do Discus for all articles please.

2) Is journalism dead? Future has at least 4 baby mamas meaning 4-5 kids. But I guess that doesn’t look as good for Ciara.

Marge on

That song I used to sing as a kid is no longer true now-a-days. “First comes love…then comes the baby in the baby carriage..then maybe marriage but most likely a long engagement and an eventual break-up.”

losa on

This guy is a mess. He is like Kevin Federline. He is just 30 but this baby will be his fourth child. And his youngest son is just 13 month old? I give it a year and Ciara will be single mother and the guy will be with his next “baby mama”. How can be a woman so dumb?

Damn Gina on

Keep cranking those kids out Future. You will be broke in no time!

Tera on

I difnt see none of this negative shit about nasty ass sex tape making Kim k and Kanye so why all the hate for them so gtfoh they’re engaged n happy!! With $!

Rolyat on

What a looser! Do you know how to use protection if you can’t control your urges? So sick of these types and the woman that falls for them. Feel so bad for the kids that are a product of these irresponsible adults. May God be with all the kids.

bitsy on

don’t know who either of them are, but babies are a blessing for those who truly want them.

crystaline on

Now, she’s Just gonna be another of his baby mamas. What the hell was she thinking?

Kizzy B on

sometimes I find that we as people are so judgemental. We don’t know this man’s life. be critical of him, if they said he was a deadbeat dad. Having a 13 month old would mean two years ago someone got pregnant by him. there are people in this world who have more than one baby mama or baby daddy and children that are less than a year apart from one another and don’t have the means to support the child either. Ciara is a grown woman and Future is not the first man she’s dated. I’m sure she has weighed her options before deciding to have a child with him.

Callie on

Her fiance has a 13 month old son?!?! Nothing too stereotypical about this

Sunshine8788 on

The article says “3 children from previous relationships”…from 3 different ex-girlfriends probably…this guy has too much baggage and Ciara has to deal with all the drama that comes with being with guy….just assuming he has child custody to deal with and probably with the other baby mamas–to set time aside to spend with his other children…I wish Ciara lots and lots of luck!!

m on

What what a prize she got!!! NOT!!

heather-marie roth on

he has six kids total.
read FB page.
1 time it was said three.
either way.sad story.but i am happy for the baby is happiest news for her.and a big 1/2 million dollar gorgeous ring.but the baby by this guy,who can rap,imo is handsome,just don’t want her to be look upon as another”baby mama”but a mother
there IS a diff.

heather on

she’s been visibly pregnant for a while. is she due this month?

photographsprovedyfsfraudinnewjersey on

u r SO right heather marie roth
best post here so far. i agree.
baby mama v. mother of a child.
i wanted her to be mother of a child.
Baby Mama/Getto hoodrat sure is not ciara but yep i get ur point

JS on

Congrats to her and her fiance, but breaking news? really?

Leslie on

Wow! Another rapper with a Baby Mama……go figure??

Angie on

Holy hell! His youngest is only 13 months old and he’s already broken off with that mother, got on with another, got engaged and now SHE’S pregnant!

Eleonor on

Yes, his 3 first kids are from 3 different women and a forth one is claiming he is the father of her child….. Great for all these kids, real stability.

Jenna on

How long have they been together?! They must have dated right after his 3rd kid was born. Yuck. Dirty rappers with dirty baby mamas. I’ve never even heard of this guy.

Marie on

All she cares about right now is her and hers, but once she says I do they all and their momma’s become an issue. I guess she feels at least she would be his wife.

MD on

Yup, she picked a real winner. His youngest is only 13 months old and he already got someone else knocked up. It sounds like all of his kids have different mothers as well?

Tina on

I’m so confident this relationship will last forever….

Jen on

This guy/baby daddy is repopulating the planet, WTF!

Sugarbritches23 on

Three children with three different mothers…SMH! What is this girl thinking? Wow have they not heard about birth control….at least wait a little while!

heather on

4 months? no, she looks well beyond that.

DeeDee C on

The last child was born 13 months ago – the numbers don’t look right. She’s going into a marriage the same way G. Union is – I don’t see this marriage lasting long.

Nai on

Well guys who have a track record of “babys mamas” are kind of sketchy…cause they never actually sealed the deal with anyone else….so its kind of like; here he goes again faking the funk with yet another woman. But love is love and if they are in love lets hope for the best. I hope so at least…for the baby’s sake. I am not a big fan of the situation but we have to let people live and make their own mistakes…afterall we have all made them!!!

Carmen Rico on

That’s dumb why someone who has kids already,you’re just gonna be his baby momma,girl your to pretty why him he sounds like a loser with so many kids

Trish on

The guy has a 13 month old with someone else? Oy.

Gigi on

13 months old? How long has he been dating her? Man! Are good men just taken? Between her and Gabrielle Union, I’m starting to get worried!

Armanda on

Welp, this should dispel any and all rumors that Ciara is really a man.

sharriska on

Somehow I see no future for this relationship. It might be because he has 3 babies with 3 different women already. It seems like Ciara isn’t very smart…

Nancy on

WHAT HAS THIS GIRL DONE? What is her claim to fame? One hit song? I don’t get it. How many kids will this make for her baby daddy? LOL. I don’t care. And I commented to say I DON’T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ on

I must be too old..but who is she? Congrats but “Breaking News” to someone that is not on wagging tongues…good lord half of these girls getting pregnant & married I have to think “and why are you a big deal”?

tina on

love her! god bless and her and her new family

denise on

Did anybody see her “Like a boy” video? OMG she doesn’t have anything to worry about! Girl stay strong and you will have a healthy baby. God Bless!!

denise on

Oh i forgot about her 1 2 step video with missy elliot. omg!! That girl fell flat on her back!!

Cashlynn on

Why would she choose to have a child with someone who has three other baby mommas? And the youngest child is under age 2? I wish her a healthy pregnancy but will never understand why women have children with men who will pay child support for so many children and have baby momma drama.

Brit on

I honestly hate that some of these African American athletes, singers etc even have kids by so many women because people take that and run with it. I happen to be African American and I’ve been with the same man for ten years, no children, and imp only 27! My parents have been married for 29 and there are no other children besides me and my siblings! I could go on and on about my family, dating back to the 1800s, my friends, my friends’ parents etc, but I think u get the point. It’s unfortunate that famous people have their personal lives exposed but it’s even more unfortunate that people believe this is “normal” behavior for blacks!!

Ashley on

“Future” is the new word for a male “Fertile Myrtle.” That guy sure can procreate! I guess he never met a condom that he liked. And his baby-mamas (including Ciara) are equally to blame for not using birth control. Not only is Future irresponsible, but he’s clearly having unprotected sex with different women on the regular. Why wouldn’t Ciara be smart and protect herself from STDs, even if she didn’t care about becoming baby-mama #4? Anyhow, I guess what’s done is done, so I wish her a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Carolyn on

Low-rent losers.

LSP on

Previous relationship’s’??
Oh my.

Anna on

When you have a baby with a man with more than one Baby mama and hasn’t made a real commitment to any of them there’s one word for that PATHETIC. RUN!!!

Charli on

She looks beautiful but being the fourth baby mama is not a great look.

emma on

Yup, ok…I am actually speechless. Ik, one word: tasteless

Charli on

Fourth baby mama. smh

Rhonda on

Since vasectomies are the hot topic on today (Jon Gosselin had one), I think Future needs to be announcing soon that he is getting one. Who wants to admit that they’ve had 4 kids with many different women? That’s just trashy.

JulieB on

What will happen to the earth if every single guy fathers a ton of kids, which many guys seem to be doing these days?

Pam on

What his his youngest child is only 13 months?! He had Ciara and the other woman pregnant at the same time! What a trainwreck situation.

Anonymous on

He just had a baby with someone else last year! She should have and could have chosen better……

Summer on

She’s reportedly due in late April or early May, which means she’s about 5-6 months along. So his newest baby was only 7 or 8 months old when she got pregnant. Assuming they were together awhile before she did…yeah, this doesn’t look good on either of them. Hopefully it works out for them, but his track record certainly doesn’t leave one optimistic.

Pam on

No nevermind not at the same tmie but the other woman had just given birh when Ciara got pregnant. Theyve been together for awhile so did he get the other woman pregnant while “on break” from Ciara? Aka Gabrielle Union type situation..

sable senegal on

I might have known this was a shotgun wedding.ciara don’t have a lot of self respect getting pregnant by this rapper pimp.guess she figures d–k daddy won’t cheat on her because they’re married!

lima on

Wish they had gotten married before the baby, but she looks beautiful and happy..

heather on

Pam, keep trying. Your math is still way off.

Pam on

When he got Ciara pregnant his youngest child was only a few months old. Fact.

Nikki on

A second son, 13 months??

veronica on

A 13 month Old ??? Makes no Sense.

Joanna on

SHOCKER! NOT! Why is it that practically EVERY celebrity that is engaged now is only engaged because they are pregnant? What happened to marrying for love FIRST and then becoming pregnant if that is their choice a few YEARS after the wedding? This is why most celebrity marriage don’t make it past the 5 year mark. They are in it solely for the child and when the honeymoon phase of becoming parents wears off they get divorced and more times that I can count it becomes very ugly. If a couple is not prepared to go “until death do they part,” don’t have a child.

thesarahir on

I’m Happy for her, I hope he is good for her and her for him, I wish them all the best of luck! She is gonna dance with a belly, just be careful. Love her she is truly talented, and humble!

Angela on

Wow, you ladies are so quick to jump to conclusions! I have 3 children “from previous relationshipS”, but just saying that leaves a lot to the imagination. Little would you know that my older two have the same father, my absuive ex-husband, and my 3rd, even though he has a different father, was born nearly 7 years after I left my ex. Who is to say that it isn’t a similar situation with him, albeit one being young?

Jamarne on

I have four children, so I hate to hear people bash someone just because of how many children they have QUALITY OVER QUANTITY as long as he is a good father and is their for his children more than financially is all that matters cause I know some guys who have one child and still arent good fathers ijs… but the age of the children does bother me its obvious he cant commit…he probably just proposed to her cause she is CIARA

love on

Why Do Yall Care About How Many Kids They Have Some Of Yall Have More & Shes Happy & He Take Care Of Thoes Kids To So .Thats All That Matters I Love Ciara !!!!! Im Happy For Her ❤

Hea on

What is it with these rappers and all their “baby mamas”? Is it a trend of sorts? As a fan of a number of genres when it comes music I have thought this over from time to time. I don’t see this behavior in rock, pop, metal, country or blues the same way I see it when it comes to rap and hiphop?

Janinta on

Congate’s to u both beautiful people. I’m happy to hear my best fans are getting married and having a child. Love u all. The baby with be a blessing child. ❤