Drew Barrymore Doesn’t Mind Being ‘Bigger’ This Pregnancy

01/13/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Ellen DeGeneres just keeps on giving.

During a Monday appearance on The Ellen Show, Drew Barrymore was given the green light to indulge in her crazy pregnancy cravings by the host herself — despite her doctor’s suggestions.

“I just eat everything I want, which isn’t healthy. I’m bigger this time than my first time. My doctor the other day was like, ‘Yeah, so I think maybe pull back. A little bit,'” said Barrymore, 38, who’s expecting her second daughter with husband Will Kopelman this spring.

“I was like, really? I thought I was doing great. I still fit into those jeans — they hurt when I wear them — but I still fit into them. I don’t ever pose, ‘I’m just so fabulous and I lose it like that.’ I want to enjoy the pasta right now! What’s 10 lbs.?”

Drew Barrymore Ellen DeGeneres Show
Michael Simon/Startraks

When DeGeneres points out that pregnancy should grant any woman the right to eat, Barrymore happily agrees. “When I’m twirling those vegetable pan fried noodles from Chinese takeout later, I’m going to say, ‘Ellen said that it was way okay to do that!'”

DeGeneres deadpans with, “You’re going to be fatter than this, but …” to which Barrymore quips, “It’s true! I’m not done. I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow and I’m going to tell her you said that.”

The ongoing weight gain talk between the two comes following Barrymore’s appearance at the People’s Choice Awards, where, while on stage, she noted that DeGeneres had just called her fat — a joke, she says, did not go over well.

“I told this joke, but I don’t know if it translated because we were laughing our butts off backstage,” she explains. “But now we’re laughing again so it all comes full circle!”

DeGeneres adds, “No, because I haven’t seen you in a while and instead of saying, ‘Oh, you’re pregnant,’ I just thought it would be funny to say, ‘God, you’re fat.'”

For her visit to the show, Barrymore — who is currently in second trimester bliss — brought along her 15-month-old daughter Olive, who spent time with the host backstage.

“She can do every animal noise — we’re up to 26 animals. It’s amazing!” Barrymore shares. “Camel is her favorite and crocodile and snake. She does it all — I’m telling you, she’s bright!”

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RG on

LOVE her!!!

bitsy on

She “doesn’t mind being bigger”……. Nice.

I like her, but that was an ridiculous comment.

drzmomma on

So great to see a mother embracing everything that goes along with pregnancy instead of worrying about the shallow perceptions of how others feel her appearance should be.

wow on

Baby looks a little like…uh…Justin Long.

Mira on

What’s ridiculous about that comment, bitsy?

Annie on

My word, People. Is this really the most important aspect of this interview or of her pregnancy to highlight? Your ideal woman response to pregnancy: “Well, I’ve made and am carrying a human but…whatever…we know my weight is the most important part of me as a woman!!!” Drew is a beautiful woman and mom. Why do you expect her to be more of a person by being less in size?

Celeste on

When is it ever funny to say, “god, you’re fat.” missed the mark on that one!

Kim on

Love her and her sense of humor. I don’t know why the public are so fixated on other people’s pregnancy weight gain. Tend to your own and let other people worry about theirs. Same with losing the weight after giving birth. This isn’t a competition.

deanna on

She looks good to me. She should enjoy her pregnancy and eating what we all would call normal. Sadly, in her line of business, soon enough she will have to get a trainer, diet and emaciate herself otherwise the public will start calling her a “cow” or worse.

Kass on

Pregnancy gives women the right to eat as much as they want? Hmmm.. how about women just starting eat what and how much they want period!

eodldo on

Two of my favorite people. Their banter was great!

MJ on

Drew seems like a wonderful mom who really has her prioritities straight. It is refreshing to see.

Emilie on

I think Drew looks great and her daughter is just adorable. Her little girl is the spitting image of her daddy.

ashi on

omg her daughter is absolutely adorable.

elysummers on

Every baby is bright. I just don’t know what happens later on. . . .

Beth on

She looks nothing like Justin Long good try….Moron! She looks just like her father.

GammieJo on

She doesn’t look bigger to me. I was shocked to hear she was eight months along, she looks far smaller than that. She looks great regardless.

boohoobytch on

cute baby

Barb on

Every time I see Drew Barrymore on a talk show or read about her I like her more. She seems so down to earth, kind and funny. Very refreshing.

Just Me on

Celeste, lighten up. Drew said she and Ellen we laughing backstage about that comment. I guess the world is so politically correct friends can no longer joke and have fun together.

bitsy on

well Mira, she is PREGNANT she is going to get big. every pregnancy is different, so she could be bigger, she could be smaller. the fact that she “doesn’t mind” being bigger is a little shallow and vain i think.

Pam on

Omg Olive is a cutie! 🙂

Hilary on

@ wow

No she’s a clone of Drew’s husband, Will Kopelman.

liz on

People’s headlines are just awful. Drew doesn’t mind being “bigger”. Hell we’re all big when we’re pregnant.

Anonymous on

She’s so gorgeous! She’s radiant.

Leigh on

The baby is adorable! But I have a question, Drew…WHERE are you finding your clothes these days? This shirt looks like something out my great grandmother’s closet and her Golden Globes dress was just as terrible. Its one thing to embrace your pregnancy but gee whiz you do not have to lose your sense of fashion and venture out in tents. WHAT is going on with you DREW? Your hair and makeup is flawless but it looks like you are dipping into your grandmothers closet.

DHendricks on

Gammie Jo — Drew is not “8 months along.” She said in the interview that she’s in her second trimester. Other articles I’ve read say she’s due in April.

Alison on

What does the croc say?????

Anonymous on

I have to agree with the bad choice in headline. This was a great interview between Drew and Ellen. It has become brutal how vicious people can be on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc at the size of people…especially celebrities. Of all the headings to choose, I don’t know why they would pick would they did. Yes, she said it, but let’s not focus on size, especially during pregnancy.

stee on

@bitsy: she said she doesn’t mind being bigger THIS PREGNANCY compared to her first. Not that she is bigger from her regular weight. Geez.

GammieJo on

DHendricks, sorry I was going by all the articles from the Globes talking about her dress and her eight month pregnant belly. I couldn’t watch the video itself. Didn’t mean to offend by getting it wrong.

Summer on

Absolutely love her. She’s overcome a lot of things in her life and seems to be in a wonderful place. She’s so down-to-earth – someone a normal person could be around. Her daughter is adorable! I love Drew’s personality – so refreshingly normal.

Pat on

A body is going to gain what it needs to gain during a pregnancy! These male ob-gyns need to be quiet about it!!

Anonymous on

Pat- Drew’s doctor is a woman (she said she was going to tell “her” what Ellen said).

Anyway, I love Drew! She’s a breath of fresh air!

Anonymous on

Also, anyone else think there’s a bit of a double-standard going on? Everyone seems to think it’s just great that Drew’s not obsessing about her weight. Yet if it were Jessica Simpson making these comments, people would almost certainly be raking her over the coals, saying she was being irresonsible and endangering her baby by gaining to much weight!

Anonymous on

I learned a lot of time ago the double standard rule is all over in Hollywood. If you are liked, you can do something that the unlikable can’t do. The Kardashians, Jessica Simpson are some that always do wrong….whether it’s gaining weight, dressing their children, the hair length, how they raise them, speak, etc. Then you have some who do the SAME things but no flaw is found in them. It actually is laughable. They are all celebrities whether people like it or not and regardless of how they got to be a success and how they make their money shouldn’t decide how people bash them or their children. It’s embarrassing how fellow mothers act sometimes.