It’ll Be a Boy for Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

01/12/2014 at 09:30 PM ET

Golden Globes Olivia Wilde Pregnant BumpJason Merritt/Getty

Dressing for the Golden Globes this year had one — make that two — very special perks for Olivia Wilde.

“It’s great — I’ve never had boobs before!” the actress, 29, joked to E!’s Ryan Seacrest as he complimented Wilde’s emerald sequined Gucci gown, which she paired with an Emm Kuo clutch and a Forevermark ring.

Her decision to choose a floor length form-fitting dress was deliberate, the mom-to-be explained to PEOPLE after the show.

“Until about a week ago, I just looked fat,” she admits. “I wanted to be like, ‘I’m not fat, I’m pregnant!'”

While Wilde was excited to put her baby bump on display, she wasn’t the only one ecstatic to be attending the show: her son (yes – it’s a boy, she confirms to PEOPLE) was bouncing around in her belly.

“He was kicking the whole time, going, ‘Where are we?!'” she said.

Currently appearing in Her, Wilde revealed the due date of her next big project — her and fiancé Jason Sudeikis‘s first child.

Although she told PEOPLE that she’s due “at the end of April,” Wilde made a Star Wars joke to Seacrest when asked about the specific date, indicating baby could actually make his arrival the following month.

“May the fourth be with you,” she replied, explaining that’s how she remembers it, anyhow.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Aili Nahas

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tanya on

I love her dress, she looks beautiful.

Catherine on

Wow, she isn’t due until May?? She’s another one that seems like she’s already been pregnant forever.

emma on

Meh, not really a fan of hers. But I will say this, she does looks nice in her dress – tasteful and the emerald green suits her.

bostoncommon on

Fourth of what?

Anonymous on

May the 4 ppl can`t you read

Anonymous on

bostoncommon did you read the whole thing….she is DUE May 4th not sure what part you didn`t understand

bar on

she’s gonna be huge

guest on

HOW awesome-he is going to be so cute!!! they must be over the moon

klutzy_girl on

She looks beautiful!

daisy on

People are just so nasty! Articles are edited/updated often… right now it does NOT say the month. Geez people.

Alissa on

The article clearly states that she’s due at the end of April. April is the 4th month of the year hence, “may the fourth be with you.” Nowhere does it mention the month of May.

Smarcasm on

@Alissa: Um, *MAY* the 4th be with you.

VABch77 on

I think that the article is poorly written. I think that she initially said she was due the end of April but then changed that she was due on May 4, 2014; hence may the fourth be with you.

NightGuest on

It will be Jason’s second son, won’t it? The first one looks a mini-Sudeikis.

Jay on

She looks beautiful and dress is perfect for her body.

southerngirl on

She looked great in that dress! Very tasteful and elegant.

Eleonor on

Hope he will take care of this son, not like Xander.

It will be funny if they really look like, espacially since X is the splitting image of his father.

im2cute2burs on

“May the 4th be with you”

It is Star Wars Day, May 4th. I never heard of it until my youngest daughter was born on that day.

tellme on

she seems to be extremely witty. Jason is lucky. well, so is she.

April is the fourth month on the so-called “Christian” calendar.

Elisa on

A little brother for Xander! How sweet.

Jen on

It’s a very well known Star Wars joke playing on the ‘May the force be with you’ line from the movies. May the 4th is known as Star Wars day (so much so that places like Disney World even have special Star Wars events on May the 4th each year), and it’s clear from Olivia’s twitter and such, she’s well ‘in the know’ about her due date being Star Wars day, hence why she said it that way to Ryan Seacrest. You people who still think she was talking about April are just really pathetically sadly out of touch and need to take a pop culture class stat!

Callie on

Seriously? Fat? Come on Olivia!!! She makes it sounds like a bad thing to be fat. Lots of people of fat. Good way to make them feel worse about themselves. Idiot!

bitsy on

Nice dress. Happy they will be having a boy!

J on

I don’t like her personally, but that dress is gorgeous! Very tasteful.

Melissa on

Being fat is in no way ideal, Callie. Even an overweight person would tell you that. No one WANTS to look lumpy.

Pnut on

Are you all idiots? The FOURTH month is APRIL. DUH!!!

Pnut on

By the way, every pregnant woman goes through the stage where she feels like her belly just looks fat instead of pregnant. She’s not being unreasonable with that feeling.

Anonymous on

April is the fourth month of the year, I’m pretty sure that is what she meant by it.

Jen on

PNut- pretty sure you’re the idiot, jsyk.

Jen on

You all do realize that May 4th is only a few days away from the end of April, right? When she said end of April, she was more than likely being vague earlier on, and now she came forth (pun intended) with her actual due date of May the 4th (I’m guessing because she’s a geeky kind of girl and she likes the Star Wars reference.)

It’s also not unheard of for doctors to change a woman’s due date while she’s carrying. So she may have been due in April and now it’s a few days later in May. Either way, it’s pretty darn clear what she was saying to Ryan.

crazypiglady on

Actually it states that she is due at the end of April and she took the opportunity to be witty.

“Although she told PEOPLE that she’s due “at the end of April,” Wilde made a Star Wars joke to Seacrest when asked about the specific date, indicating baby may actually make his arrival the following month.”

Marcia on

Congrats! Now get married, you crazy kids!

Julie on

This is a very misleading headline – it reads as though Olivia gave birth to a baby boy today.

It took me a minute to realize she isn’t due until May 4th – which she actually mentioned on the red carpet last night.

kristin on

Has anyone ever confirmed if he was Xander’s father? Every article I read stated they both denied he was the father. Did I miss something?

L on

She looks beautiful. Not like it’s mine or anyones business but I really do wonder if Xander is his son…he looks so much like him. Regardless, if it is, hope this little boy knows his brother eventually.

Charlene on

Isn’t this going to be his 2nd son? Amazing how he can just ditch his first kid (with JJ) and be so happy now. Well Jason, you reap what you sew…..

dudley doright on

she did look like she was carrying low, so not surprised it’s a boy

Jc on

It has never been confirmed who the father of January Jones child even is

Anon on

It’s painfully obvious none of you commenters are Star Wars fans, though it would appear Olivia is. May the 4th is Star Wars day. Ergo, when she said “May the 4th be with you” she was saying she was due on May the 4th. It’s a Star Wars thing. You clearly wouldn’t understand.

bkable on

I am going to end this debate. When she spoke to People, her due date likely *was* at the end of April. However, there is NO way someone would make a “MAY the FOURTH be with you” reference unless they meant May the Fourth. I am not even into Star Wars and I get it.

So no, she did NOT mean that April is the fourth month, she meant MAY the FOURTH. Sounds a lot like “May the Force Be With You.”

It is very plausible that her due date could have fluctuated by a week, its not unheard of.

klutzy_girl on

To all of you assuming Jason fathered JJ’s son, come on! You can’t believe everything you read. You just look foolish assuming you know what happened and with whom. So weird.



Although she told PEOPLE that she’s due “at the end of April,” Wilde made a Star Wars joke to Seacrest when asked about the specific date, indicating baby could actually make his ARRIVAL THE FOLLOWING MONTH.

“May the fourth be with you,” she replied, explaining that’s how she remembers it, anyhow

Anonymous on


Such nastiness from someone who can’t even take time to read AND comprehend the article.

Anonymous on


It says, It’ll be a boy…which means it will be, future tense.

Anonymous on

Other Anonymous- The headline was most likely different when Julie posted. PEOPLE often changes headlines and other things if it’s brought to their attention that they’re confusing.

klutzy_girl- My thoughts exactly!

Anonymous on

Anonymous, this is the same heading since it was posted. I saw it within moments because I get updates.