Carson Daly: I’m a Family Man, First and Foremost

01/10/2014 at 08:00 PM ET

As the host of NBC’s reality competition, The Voice, Carson Daly is accustomed to screaming fans and the chaos of set life.

But off-camera, Daly’s main focus is his family: fiancée Siri Pinter, 32, and the couple’s two children, Jackson James, 4½, and Etta Jones, 16 months.

“After this many years, I know who I am. My life is not television,” Daly, 40, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I’m a family man first and foremost. Everything I do in this business, it all pays off when I come home.”

And with a self-proclaimed “insane” life — it’s packed with his own radio show, his late night talk show, Last Call, and a gig on Today — home life is also Daly’s cherished escape.

“Our family time is like happy hour,” he says. “Siri and Etta are cooking and I’m making kiddie cocktails with Jack — that’s our thing.”

Carson Daly Siri Pinter PEOPLE shoot
Justin Stephens

After being introduced to Pinter while she was working as a writer’s assistant on Last Call — “She would walk into our meetings and I would look at the other dudes in the room, like, ‘Do you see what I see?’ It was undeniable” — Daly proposed last June. But he and his food blogger fiancée aren’t in a rush to tie the knot just yet.

“Our lives have been crazy,” he explains. “We’ll get married when we have time. The husband and wife thing is just the bow around something. Our end game is we want to be together forever.”

And they haven’t closed the door on expanding the family. “We want more — as many healthy kids as God blesses us with,” shares Daly.

But, until then, the couple is kept plenty busy with their “whiz kid” Jack, who is often trailed by his baby sister. “[She] runs and jumps and follows her brother around,” the doting dad says.

Thankfully, The Voice set is a kid-friendly zone.

“My son and Christina [Aguilera‘s] son play together,” says Daly with a laugh. As host of MTV’s TRL in the ’90s, he often interviewed the pop superstar.  “We sit there and look at them playing and say, ‘Can you believe this? Look at us now!'”

For more from PEOPLE’s exclusive interview and photos of the family, pick up the Half Their Size issue.

— Aili Nahas

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Catherine on

How refreshing coming out the entertainment world. Beautiful children, beautiful wife and a class-act man with his priorities straight!

Joanne on

Swoon……that man is incredibly beautiful. How lovely to read that his family is what’s most important to him. If it was even possible, now I’m an even bigger fan of his!

M on

Ahhh, I remember the days of TRL. Good times, good times.

Missy on

Hate it when people say they want healthy kids. What happens if their child is not healthy?

kyliekoo on

Why wouldn’t you marry the beautiful woman that gave birth to your children before you had them?

whatthe on

Good Carson..good life and it makes him happy..I admire him more

Ashley on

If you’re such a “family man,” then marry the mother of your kids!

Becky on

Sweet story..Missy, no parent prays for an “unhealthy” child, but like my niece, I bet when or if they do have an unhealthy child, they will love it just as they do their healthy children..Eighteen years ago, she was told that her son wouldn’t live thru the night, but 23 surgeries later, he is still with us.

Nancy on

Love Carson even more now!

MrMonkee on

“We’ll get married when we have time”. Thank God you found time enough to make babies.

Schae on

Siri’s from the city I live in now. Her ex-stepmom used to play Barbara Ryan on As The World Turns.

ssue on

so marry that beautiful woman who gave birth to your two beautiful children!

Say It Isn't So on

If they have time to have two kids they should have time to get married. Good luck to them – it looks like a great family.

Star on

I don’t get it.
The two of them have time for each other
and their kids, which they want more of, but
no time to get maried??

Tracie on

The little girl looks like a boy.

ann on

Why bother being fiances after years and two kids? Seems too late at this point in the game.

lola on

god doesn’t give anyone children any more than he creates embryonic salamanders, you loony. how embarrassing to see a fellow homo sapiens spouting such drivel.

can’t stand the guy. He must be so rich producing The Voice and he has a talk show too, I heard. His little girl is cute.

dudley doright on

wow, he’s forty? times flies

suzy diamond on

He’s a family man first and foremost? With a child over 4 and another one don’t you think you should do the right thing BY NOW and get Married??? MAKE THE COMMITMENT ALREADY!!! Tacky, grow up.

suzy diamond on

If you’re family is TRULY your priority then why the heck aren’t you married? NONSENSE!

Kris on

So that’s who Siri is!

Jenna on

I knew when I read that they didn’t have plans to marry there would be backlash. People don’t have to get married to have a happy home and children. They don’t feel it’s necessary to marry that’s the “we don’t have time” and planning a wedding does take time. The man has 3 jobs and they are happy with how things are. Let it go already. It’s 2014 you don’t have to be married to be a normal, happy family.

meghan on

How does this man not being married affect your lives? Keep your judgments to yourselves.

Easyup on

How could you love your life so much and not go about it and protect it the right way – bad planning on both their parts. I;m sure her family is thrilled that she is making babies without benefit of marriage.

Candy on

I have had the opportunity to spend time with this beautiful family. They are the real thing.

notthenice1 on

I would rather see a happy family that choose to be together versus a shotgun wedding type deal where everyone is miserable. Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed that I grew up in a “traditional” home and was one of the only kids in school w parents that remained married, however I find it disgusting when people try to force marriage. If you’ve never had premarital sex, maybe you’re the exception, but someone getting pregnant should never automatically mean they’ll marry. Kids get screwed up by being forced to live w miserable parents who resent each other and screw around on the side.

Carson seems so in love with his family and never said that marriage is out, he’s just waiting for the right time. Good for them, if they’re as happy as this article suggests, I hope they keep it happy and take their time so everything is less stressful. Good to see he’s grown so much…

Carrow on

I always wondered what Siri looked like. I watched her mom on As the World Turns as a teen in the 90s.

sue on

That’s wonderful Carson. However, I really don’t understand it when all these celebrities say “We don’t have time to get married”. That’s just BS. Go to city hall and get married or plan some small family wedding and do it.

Marky on

lola, what’s embarrassing is a fellow homo sapiens being so rude as to not realize that a person has as much right to believe in God as you do to not believe. Your intolerance and rudeness speak volumes! And you “cant stand the guy”, apparently because he’s rich?? Sheesh, don’t talk smack about Christians, when you are talking the way you do! SMHx2!

marilyn on

If you truly believe you’re family is important you would marry the mother of these children. Siri needs her head read for putting up with this situation. When you can find the time? Oh, right, it is Hollywood where the splashy wedding & the multi carat ring are the ONLY important things in life. Never mind the innocent babies you brought into the world. Just grow up both of you.

stacey on

That baby girl is adorable!!

jennifer on

Sorry, he has no idea what it’s really like to be a dad. He can’t possibly see them hardly with that schedule, Voice, radio show, late night show and the Today show??? Im sure he loves his family bu no way he sees them very much. Sorry, I am a mom of 3 and my husband works FT and I work PT and it feels like we hardly see the kids especially during the week and weekends are spent running doing all the necessary things that have to be done!

Anonymous on

Family man? He’s not married. So strange.

Anonymous on

jennifer- Maybe his various jobs are on different days?

Anonymous on

sue- Not everyone wants to get married at city hall (I know I wouldn’t. For various reasons, it would feel weird to me to get married anywhere other than a church setting). And not everyone wants to rush with planning even a small, family wedding either. Sometimes people want to take their time planning a ceremony that’s meaningful for them and their family.

Anonymous on

I also meant to say that Carson and Siri may want to wait until Carson’s work schedule slows down so that they can just enjoy being married after the wedding (rather than Carson having to rush right back to work the day after or something). I say kudos to them for doing what’s right for THEM rather than worrying about what other people think!

Anonymous on

I would rather see Siri and Carson not married in their beautiful happy family than to have them married and totally unhappy like say, Tori and Dean. Who cares if their not married, families come in all packages.

Zee on

So they couldn’t have a quick small wedding and have something big later? But you’ve had years together to make babies. Priorties are confused nowadays..

Anonymous on

How sweet christina and him are still friends ……TRL

Marky on

Anonymous on January 11th, 2014
Family man? He’s not married. So strange.

So you have to be married to your family? How sad that you are not a family person and don’t consider anyone your family! Glad your siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, children have each other!

Suki Cox on

Only thing I hated was Jack making kiddie cocktails. Sadly that often leads to a desire to make the real ones to often.

mamangun on

I met Carson in Palm Springs Costco. He was with his family and such a nice guy. For those of you who think they have to get married right now- I disagree- they are a loving family and that is the most important part. Like he said- the wedding will be the bow on something. The main thing is being together forever.

Elaine on

I don’t understand men that live with a woman, have two or more children and can’t find the time to get married. Is she not worthy to marry? I think they need to get their priorities straight. Shame on them.


Sorry,don’t think much of a man who fathers children with the woman he professes to love but doesn’t marry her. No excuses,set a good example for your children,man up and marry her already! Getting engaged but never marrying is ridiculous and hurts the child in the long run,been there!

Tina on

I didn’t even know he had children. Seems like a great guy.

Angela on

Sorry,but he should have thought about their schedule before having children. If you have enough time to have children, you have enough time to get married.

Eric on

A family man that has enough jobs to keep him away from his family 90% of the time… you cant be a family man and not see your family!

Anonymous on

You are all a bunch of ignorant people. Getting married is not a priority, taking care of his kids is. He spends time with them, takes care of them, who are you all so focused on the marriage? Most of the marriages in Hollywood dont last, but the couples that have never married (Goldie and Kurt; Oprah and Stedman; Naomi and Liev); maybe you should realize that marriage means NOTHING, it’s the love that matters.

MissScarlett on

You make time for things that are important to you. Apparently, Carson’s jobs are higher on the priority list than marriage, which is sacred, not “just the bow around something,” as he put it.

Susan on

Yup, a family man all right. Two kids, a dad and a fiancé.

Cathy on

Beautiful family! It’s disgusting how people can easily be so negative when they see others happy. Nobody follows this family around 24 hours a day to be able to say he does not spend enough time with his family. They live a different life than most, so their schedules can not be compared to yours. Families who have parents working 9-5 5 days a week, barely get the weekend (TWO FULL DAYS) to spend with your family and maybe 3 hours at night on work days, but you make the most of it right?. He has the privilege to be able to have his children be with him at work. Stop being so judgmental. So what if they don’t want to get married just yet. That doesn’t make them a family? Marriage does not define the word family. I am married, with two wonderful kids, and I do not think any less of him. They seem like a very loving family.

Susa on

The absolute blind “love fest” of comments baffle me. If he is such a family man then why hasn’t he married this beautiful girl and close the circle of his supposed commitment. Marry this girl. Not fair to the kids.

Susa on

Amazing defensive comments and excuses by everyone about why he doesn’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t have to get married. Really people? I love the one comment ” I wouldn’t want to get married at city hall” Oh please! Then have something small. Get a wedding planner and show up on the day Carson. I also love “This man has his priorities straight!” UGHHH NO, getting married should have been his number one priority. If he doesn’t want to get married then their is an issue with HIM and I don’t accept HIS particular excuses. Sorry his fiancé wants to settle for that.

Carolyn on

I’ve always found him to be incredibly unattractive. No time to get married? Ridiculous.

Dee on

Some of you people need to get off your moral high horse and GET A LIFE!!!!

Men and women don’t need to be married to have a happy home and raise great kids. Just because marriage is YOUR thing doesn’t give you the right to impose your views on others.

If you are married…YAY for you, now go cook your husband some food barefeet in the kitchen w/your pregnant belly and wait for your allowance…make sure the house is clean and he is met at the door with a cocktail after work.

Because that’s archaic you all sound!!!!

Guest on

Gorgeous family.

Jacki on

Carson, you seem like a decent man. Your children deserve a legal father, not “mother’s fiance”. A simple, quiet wedding would be sufficient if time is a problem. Not being judgmental. Morality is a mark of character. Honor Siri and your children.

Anonymous on

I thought he had 3 kids

soapstix1 on

I really like Carson, but there is no such thing as “when we get time”. As the song says, Put a ring on it.

C. Johnson on

Phoney baloney from his hair piece, his bulbous eyes, and his testimony about priorities which are totally screwed up. Apparently the mother of his children doesn’t rate the vow of marriage. He’s disgusting.