Blue Ivy Rocks Mom Beyoncé’s ‘Flawless’ Necklace

01/10/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Beyonce Flawless Necklace Blue IvyINF

She woke up like that!

No really, Blue Ivy Carter always wakes up looking cute.

And to prove it, the 2-year-old wore mom Beyoncé‘s “Flawless” necklace — a reference to her hit song from her new album — while hanging out with dad Jay-Z on her 2nd birthday Tuesday in Miami.

On Dec. 30, the singer debuted a close-up of the pretty nameplate chain, a gift from Lorraine Schwartz, on Instagram with a sweet thank you message to the jeweler.

And now Blue’s rocking it with her toddler-chic outfits (in this case, a green top, camo skirt and zebra-print hi-tops) to prove that she is indeed the daughter of hip hop royalty.

We just want to know when she’s going to wear the Versailles Onesie ($25) from mom’s “The Mrs. Carter Show” tour swag collection.

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sky on

Wow, I never realized how much she looks like her father.

Marie on

@sky – and yet she is a beautiful little girl.

Anna on

@Marie – and yet she is just as homely as he is.

Ellen Smith on

Unfortunate looking. No amount of mom and dad’s money will overcome her shortcomings in the looks department. Fortunately, however, there are many greedy men out there who will date her for her money and she won’t be lacking for suitors.

Mika on

I’d love to see the children of those who don’t like the way this child looks. I don’t get on this website to critique the looks of celebrity children and I’m baffled by those that do.


sky on

@ Marie – Wow, I never mentioned anything about her looks – YOU DID!

Kelly on

Ugly necklace.

Marie on

@sky – I mentioned despite looking like her dad she is a beautiful little girl and yea we comment on here on the celeb babies. I never ever would say a child is homely or ugly. That is disgusting. I will say her dad is not the best looking, but I think Blue certainly is and yea I mentioned her looks because I think she is a very pretty girl. Your comment is misdirected.

AllisonJ on

such rude people on this blog. Wow! Can’t imagine bashing a cute little girl like that. Shame on all of you!

Mommytoane on

Some of these women should feel ashamed. Bashing on an infant. Talk mature. How would any of you feel if someone said somewhere on the internet that your baby was ugly, homely or not beautiful in any way? All of you think your children are beautiful and perfect, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What you find beautiful, others find ugly.

Denise on

You criticize them for keeping the baby out of the media; when the child is shown you people make ignorant statements This is really a great display of your class. She is a beautiful little girl that is mixture of both her parents!!!

Sara on

She’s a baby! You guys who would call an innocent baby homely have dark hearts. My sympathies to your families and those who encounter you daily.

Anna C. on

She is a baby ! You people are ass*****

Felice on

She is a cutie. Two now – Bey, Jay, get ready for a wild ride. Two year olds are a hand full!!!!

superwomanaj on

What a cute kid! She looks like both her parents.

ladytracy on

Why they don’t comb Their daughters hair? She looks like a boy! All that money they have They surely could take it to they hair beautician!! Smh For the poor little nappy head!

ladytracy on

Why they don’t comb their daughters hair? She looks like a boy! All that money they have Surely they can hire my hair beautician. poor little nappy haired child! Yo both should be ashamed of yourself.

ladytracy on

And by the way is social media people have a right to their opinion. and most of you are liars there is nothing cute about that child. if one decides they don’t like something for the parents of someone or something that’s their choice! It doesn’t mean people are heartless because they have opinions. what does the innocence of a child have to do with the topic? In my opinion she is not cute, majority of the time her hair is not comb. and Jay Z definitely not good looking. with them soup cooler lips. so if one says she looks like a father. I pity the fool that says she is cute. so now bash me but its still my opinion. and beyonce has become trash as wewellif you weren’t so interested in it then why are you here on the side as well?, hypocritehersell

myla cree on

Thank you, Anna, looking like Jay-Z is a mother’s nightmare..

Jia on

Who is bashing? She is not the cutest baby girl out there, simply the truth.

sara on

Most babies look just like their father when they are born. Its a way for the fathers to identify and bond with their newborns. In time as the child grows she may or may not start to look like her mom as she grows. Who knows.

Realsparkler on

All babies aren’t cute any more than all old people are wise. That’s not being mean to babies or to old people. Just fact of life. So y’all are free to evaluate this baby, or any other, by whatever standard works for you. If you choose to give all babies a free pass to cuteness, that’s your choice. But others may see them through a different or more realistic lens~