Alec Mazo and Edyta Sliwinska Welcome Son Michael Alexander

01/09/2014 at 08:00 PM ET

Edyta Sliwinska Alec Mazo Welcome Son Michael Alexander Courtesy Edyta Sliwinska

No amount of dress rehearsals could prepare them for this: their baby boy is here!

Former Dancing with the Stars professionals Edyta Sliwinska and her husband Alec Mazo welcomed a son, Michael Alexander Mazo, on Saturday, Jan. 4, she confirms to PEOPLE.

“We are extremely happy and in love with him. So far it’s been the most amazing experience of my life,” Sliwinska, 32, tells PEOPLE.

“Even though I’ve been told how incredible it is to be a mom, I never imagined I would enjoy so much every minute spent with my little munchkin.”

After Sliwinska and Mazo, 35, competed on the show for 10 and four seasons respectively, she announced her focus would be shifting to starting a family. In October, the couple — who have been together for 13 years — announced they were they were expecting.

“It’s difficult for a dancer because deciding to have a baby means taking yourself out of the game for awhile,” Sliwinska told PEOPLE following her pregnancy announcement.

Fortunately, she wasn’t alone — friend and fellow DWTS pro Anna Trebunskaya is expecting a baby girl in February.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Monica Rizzo

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S on


Amber on

How sweet! Congratulations to Alec and Edyta. Love the name choice.

EM on

Aww congratulations on your baby boy!

Edyta, you and Ana are my favorites. You are so beautiful!

Diva on


tanya on

What a cute baby.

Catherine on

A traditional baby name!! Now that really is a news story 🙂 Congrats to them.

Reece on

Where are her pants?

Donna on

Beautiful family. Congrats.

Kim on

congratulations to Edyta and Alec on the birth of their son. may this special time be filled with many blessings for them, and their new baby 🙂

Anonymous on

Beautiful baby and love the name. Not some random word to get attention from the media. Congrats to a beautiful family!!

cal on

Very happy for you!

He is adorable!

LuvLeeRita on

Congratulations! Now come back to DWTS. 🙂

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Awww..what a cutie! All the best and many blessings to Alec and Edyta!

slovaska on

happy for them, but there should be a global edict against any more Michaels. There are way way way way too many Mikes and Michaels, it is sooo inconvenient for employers, teachers, friends, family members … I hate it!

roratonga on

strange photo…an empty room? a fireplace and a lot of animal skins? Well, at least it’s different! too bad the kid’s name isn’t….eeek!!!!

I haven’t seen this person before but I did have the thought that dancing would be hard with those body proportions. their happiness is very nice to hear/see, though.

Nicole on

Very cute love the pics minus her outfit. Umm it’s winter.. showing off the baby or her cleavage and legs?? Tacky

dudley doright on

nice looking couple + cute baby…but the pictures would have been much nicer if she had a proper outfit on…her boobs don’t have to be showcased (women that do this crack me up) and her dress is too short & casual for the babys first few pictures that she is presenting to the public.

dudley doright on

nichol: I AGREE

Anonymous on

For those of you criticizing her. It’s So Cal and it’s 80 degrees. Don’t hate because you are self-loathing and projecting your inadequcies. She looks amazing. Women need to stop bashing other women. Grow up.

Marky on

roratonga, that brown in the background appears to be a slab from a cypress trunk made into a coffee table, not a pile of furs. Her “boobs” look like most women’s do the first week or two after their baby is born, so whatever. She looks fine, and their family is adorable. Lovely name, too.

DaisyMoon on

He’s adorable…and SHE…my god, the woman is stunning…pre-pregnancy, pregnant, post-pregnancy…

She never NOT looks good.

sable senegal on

Congrats to both new parents on their precious angel.I really miss her on the show.but she did the right thing by starting her new family.she’s a great dancer!

NightGuest on

Well, this kid has just won the genetic lottery. Here’s wishing him (and his parents) many more sweet victories in his life!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them. I love that they gave the baby his father’s name as his middle name (at least I’m assuming Alec is short for Alexander. ;)). IMO, that’s how honoring family members via a baby’s name should be done. That way, the baby gets the best of both worlds: they share a name with a loved one, but they also have their own name (if that makes any sense!). 🙂

And as far as Edyta’s outfit goes, I don’t see the big deal. She just gave birth, so likely she just wanted something comfortable and easy to nurse in (notice that there’s what appears to be a zipper or snaps/buttons on the chest area of her dress/gown). Personally, I’m glad to see a celeb who isn’t afraid of dressing like a “real” barely postpartum woman! 🙂

NightGuest on

To those people who criticize Edyta’s outfit:

Save your spite for dumb starlets who post vulgar semi-naked selfies on internet. Spare a new mom who is dressed comfortably for home and wearing soft knit boots instead of slippers.

mgawron on


lovely123 on

Congrats, but those twins are AMAZING!!!!! Motorboat!!!!!!!!!!!!

veronica on

Adorable!!! And he has a Real Name!!!

Sarah on

Beautiful family!

chris on

SOOOOOOOOOO Happy for you ALL!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annie on


beeswax on

Congrats!!! I love both Alec and Edyta and really miss seeing them on Dancing With The Stars. So glad to see them here in People.

Mary on

He’s a cutie pie, she looks great too. To all the haters who don’t like his name, get a grip, its nice to hear the name Michael. if they would have named him Rogain Cheek, imagine the comments. Congrats to the new parents.


Congrats Edyta and Alex!! She was my favorite pro dancer on DWTS and I still miss her.

Ginger on

“Roratonga” where are the “lot of animal furs” you speak of? I don’t even see a single one in the photos above.

Congrats to the couple. Glad they gave the baby names that won’t cause him to be ridiculed in the future.

tarasmom on

I nice normal name for once. I like it.

s.l on

She is wearing leggings. Folks don’t be so mean. She just had a baby!

Kim on

Some people need to learn to say “Congratulations” and then just stfu.

Katie on

Beautiful baby. Beautiful name. Beautiful family. Congrats.

RooRoo on

She was always the most beautiful of the Eastern European dancers they had on. And he’s gorgeous too!

Sharon on

How wonderful – Beautiful couple, beautiful baby, beautiful name. Love it all & so happy for them.

BumblB on

That baby’s gonna be gorgeous! He is slurp-material, and she’s gorgeous!

guest123 on

Wow and that’s the way she looks 2 weeks after giving birth,, now that’s a WOW!!!

Ivey on

Love her. She was my favorite. I miss her on the show. Congrats!!!!

shell on

Congratulations! That is going to be one gorgeous kid…

Maria (@yikes77) on

I’m just sad Edyta isn’t wearing her famous leg warmers! congrats to them both!

ava on

So gorgeous!!!

exit82 on

How cool to be able to do what you love as a job-enjoy your time as a family-awesome fireplace!

mihunny on

Hi! Here’s my rack! And…the baby.

lynnie on

Congratulations! My 9 year old son born on Jan. 4 as well!! Wonderful normal name choice too!!

Jan on

What a gorgeous family! Much love to you!

Ginger on

“roratonga” – where are there “a lot of animal skins” in these photos? I can’t even find a single one.

Carrie M on

What a GORGEOUS baby!! Congrats!!

finsup726 on

Beautiful family!

Lynette on

About the comment that there are too many michaels – I was thinking the opposite. I have only known one Michael in my kids classes in the last 6 years… but there are lots of Bradys, Aidens, Collins, Isaiah, etc. Michael is refreshing and he may stand out a little bit. 🙂

Jennifer on

Congratulations on your baby boy, Alec and Edyta!! Love his name too!

dollf8ced on

I see people jealous that she looks like that period, especially after the baby. Say Congrats and move it along. She looks beautiful and I hope she returns to DWTS soon… she had some of the best routines! Congrats Edyta & Alec!!

fan of boardwalk empire on

congratulations to the happy family.

Love the name!

Vanessa on

Sheesh! maybe she has post pregnancy brain and just forgot to put on her pants! Congrats on the baby! God Bless!

Mary Ann Hoogeveen on

Congrats Beautiful Family!!!

m on

She’s more proud of her boobs than she is of her baby

Invistable on

So, so classy… to have your hooters front and center… how bout sharing cute family pics with your baby??

denise on

Congratulations and best wishes on your son Michael

Julesy on

Nice couple and baby. Very cute and love his name. Is it me or does Edyta’s hands look HUGE?

micky on

Congratulations, love the name and he looks adorable God Bless

Anonymous on

congratulations !!!! Gratulcje Edyta !! Sliczny synek !!!

Alexei on

I used to like her until she said what she did about Karina. She is very jealous. I am interested about Anna’s baby though.

Angela on

Congrats to the happy couple.

deltafour1212 on

I bet he had fun making that baby!

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