Take a Look at Tamar Braxton’s ‘Enormous’ Push Present

01/08/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

If you notice Tamar Braxton is leaning slightly to one side, don’t be concerned. It’s just the result of the massive new diamond ring on her left hand, a Christmas-slash-“push” present from husband Vince Herbert.

The new mom — who welcomed son Logan Vincent Herbert last year — has been wearing the truly enormous rock in place of her original engagement ring and opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about the romantic gift.

“You know, I don’t know if it’s a Christmas present because my husband owed me a push gift and I didn’t get it,” she told the talk show host Wednesday, referring to the gift she was expecting after giving birth. “So I think this is like a combination.”

Tamar Braxton Ellen DeGeneres Push PresentMICHAEL ROZMAN/WARNER BROS.; INSET: GETTY

And she was definitely surprised (and confused) when her husband gave it to her. “He was like, ‘I have to show you something on this hill,’ and it was dark outside. I was like ‘Dude, I’m not going outside.’ I’m afraid of lions and tigers and bears. All of them.”

But it was well worth the trip up the hill when she opened the box featuring a cushion-cut stone surrounded by a halo of mini diamonds on a micropavé band, which Ellen estimates to be “40 or something” carats.

— Brittany Talarico

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essa on

wouldn’t an obvious push present be the baby you just had? i’m confused at how selfish women can be?

Pixy14 on

owed her a push present????? what a *&%$@!. Push presents are the most absurd thing!

blessedwithboys on

@Pixy14. Especially because so many celebs don’t even push!

Paula on

@Pixy14, you are so right!!!!!!!! Ridiculous, I thought the gift was the baby.

Sarah S. on

To: essa, pixy14, anonymous and paula…you are all right on the button!! I agree 100%.

Brit on

Yes, the baby is and should be considered a gift! But, in Hollywood, push presents are very, very popular! My main concern is how she literally nagged him for months about receiving one on her shows!!! Ridiculous! Who whines because they didn’t receive a gift, other than children younger than 10 yrs old?

Damoiselle on

I really dislike the term “push present” but I understand the idea of getting the new mother a little something for her efforts etc. What gets to me in this article is the fact she thought she was “owed” one!!!

candiebarr6669 on

I thought push presents were something to help the new mom relax while the baby was asleep or to just be more comfortable for the first little while at home…like comfy pjs or something that smells good or something for the bath… not a giant ring that’s just gonna get in the way and the kids gonna wanna eat/play with… and when did they even come into existence? I don’t recall anyone I’ve ever known even mentioning push gifts, even the most spoiled ones…

Mommytoane on

Leave it to the rich to think they deserve these over the top gifts for giving birth. Women have been giving birth for centuries without gifts, don’t see why that has to change now. I think every giggle, hug, smile, giggle and moment with my daughter is enough of a push present for me. Life is priceless, and there shouldn’t be a price tag on giving birth.

Reesca on

“He owed me a push present”

How pathetic.

Hea on

What is this thing about “push presents”? I’ve never heard of the likes here in Sweden.

Cat on

She was OWED a gift for bringing a life into the world? Nice way to present yourself. She sounds like spoiled brat. I wasn’t owed a damn thing for giving birth to either of my girls. They were my gift and my husband thanked me for all the hard work getting them both into the world. That was gift enough.

Boobymama on

What ridiculous culture we have developed, where women now demand rare rocks as gifts after giving birth, something that millions of women do every day without thanks. The gift truly is the child, and the ability to mother a new generation. Get your head our of your bum lady, the rock is garish and a symbol of your selfish materialism.

sarah on

A ring that large is so tacky too, i’ll never understand the obsession with enormous rocks. 2-3 carats is perfectly acceptable for a large stone without looking extremely gaudy. Oh and yes. no one is “owed” a push present, the baby should be the best push present of all.

Dannie on

Well here’s my history, both my husband and I were over 35, started trying on our own for 4 months, nothing happened, went to a RE doctor and did 2 months of clomid, and 3 iuis with injections. Got pregnant the 3rd iui with twins, had to endure over 6 months straight of medication, needles, and daily and weekly doctor’s appointment. Doctor told me I would have to have a c-section. Over the period of a year, I went through a lot, both physically and mentally. When I finally had out babies, I was spent.

My husband gave me a nice gift as a way to thank me for enduring all that I had for him and our babies and I really appreciated it. I see nothing wrong with a push present.

sky on

Here’s your gift – a happy and healthy baby. To flaunt the ring like that shows a real lack of class. She needs to do some time in a soup kitchen in a poor part of a town or join Unicef. Ugh, sickens me!

FitDiva on

Oh ladies: Why gripe over what is NOT your life! If HER husband wanted to GIVE her a push gift, kiss gift, love me long time gift or any other, your weave is pretty gift, here’s to your #1 album gift or ANY type of gift- why-oh-why do YOU care? It’s HIS money. I think its a hootnany. I say, Good for her, good for him. As long as they love Logan, that’s all the nosy public needs to FOCUS on! Cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

sky on

The point is she felt she was ‘owed’ and ‘expected’ such an expensive gift for what something that is natural. I think the whole point is we should all people grateful for a healthy pregnancy and child. I guess this is why I am a fan of Angelina Jolie giving back and not showing off.

Mrs. B on

If Vince buys her a gift it is his business,I have not met a man yet that would go out and spend money like that if he did not want to. Key word “want” to,you haters get a life and let Tamar have her moment. I am sure she is happy to have a healthy baby what Mother would not. Simple people making insensitive comments,”push gift” is a new term just like “twerking,hash tag” and other fads. You all probably wish your man had enough money to have bought you a “push gift”. If my husband decided now 16 years later to give me one I would take it!!

MV on

Any excuse to show off you have more money than brains. Sorry…. The miracle of birthing a child, and in safe surroundings is gift enough.

LK on

Mrs B and FitDiva you are right on the money! All these jealous haters. Push gift – a fadish name. They got the money who cares. I would take that ring without a porblem. People always hating on somebody. It’s not like she on public assistance taking money to buy it. They worked for it, they earned it. Get over yourselves and find something better to fuss about

melissa on

“OWED” a push present??? really??? if as a woman you WANT to be pregnant and WANT to be a mother the gift of your child’s life is a “present” in itself! women are getting too selfish! push presents are the most ignorant things I have ever heard of! then again, w/ these “celebs” its any excuse to flash their $$$$ & make headlines to stay relevant!

melissa on

oh please jealous?? of who/what? the Braxtons??? a bunch of washed up has beens who all ride on the coat tails of Toni Braxton???? having $$$ doesnt make them or any like them better than me or any one of us … their $$$ hasnt done much for them when they have to file bankruptcy and then go on TV w/ a “reality” show to earn a paycheck! … its a public forum comments & opinions allowed & that includes comments/opinions from the “haters” too! dont like what someone has to say??? TOO BAD! then dont join a public forum!

Anonymous on

This is very very common outside of Hollywood as well. While no one I knows calls them push presents, they are more gifts from husbands for giving them the most precious gift in the world. I never thought my husband owed me and never expected it. With every pregnancy he gave me a piece of jewelry for me to wear with their birthstones. Many of my cousins, siblings and friends have received similar gifts. Not all jewelry, but tokens of love.

dontbesocheap on

Push presents are nice. I purchased my wife push presents for all three of our kids. I didn’t have to but I wanted to. Nice jewelry each time. A family heirloom she can pass down to each of the kids.

Allen on

…he owed me a push gift? Nope. Why not let it be spontaneous and unexpected? Of course this means dads wholeheartedly have to take the initiative to make it special. I think this occasion can be an amazing way to sympathize with all the hard work of pregnancy. I’m just not sure extravagant jewelry sends the right message.