Courteney Cox: Coco Was Nervous (Then Excited) About Being a Big Sister

01/07/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Her parents, Courteney Cox and David Arquette, may be veteran actors, but that didn’t stop Coco from feeling nervous for her upcoming role — big sister!

But once the initial shock that Arquette was expecting a baby boy with girlfriend Christina McLarty wore off, the 9-year-old’s feelings turned to sheer excitement.

“At first she was nervous because it’s a big deal. At first, I was nervous! I was like, ‘Woo, heavy.’ Now it’s great,” the Cougar Town actress, 49, says during Tuesday’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Since their split in 2010, both Cox and Arquette have taken a united stand when it comes to Coco and, despite the actor’s growing brood, little has changed.

Courteney Cox Ellen DeGeneres Show
Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.

“We actually all had dinner the other night. The whole family. It’s a very unique relationship,” she says. “All of us, like literally, me and Christina and David and Coco — it’s great.”

But, while she may be looking forward to the arrival of her baby brother, Coco isn’t so keen on any major adjustments on Mom’s end.

“It’s almost like she’s a little bit of a tick — she is on me! She doesn’t want [any] changes in my life,” Cox says. “So I went on this mother-daughter day with her and I took her to the spa.”

After a day of special treatments — body scrubs and time in the jacuzzi — the two had a “romantic” dinner at Mastro’s before heading home.

“We sat there, we held hands, we talked,” she shares. “The next morning we woke up and she’s like, ‘Mom, did that really count as mother-daughter day?'”

— Anya Leon

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Rachel on

It’s so nice for Coco that they are able to have that relationship. However, I do wish Courteney would lay off on the Botox; she was so naturally beautiful!

klutzy_girl on

Glad they all get along!

Jen on

This is very mature of them and they are doing what is best for the children involved, not their egos like so many other divorced celebrity couples. Good on them and cool that their daughter is handling it well.

Melissa on

She was a beautiful woman, what has she done to her face ughhh

rubblebubblecake on

Courtney Cox is a f-ing freak show!

Cindy on

That face barely moves though. It’s like she has a perma-smile and her teeth are constantly showing. Don’t get me wrong, she is beautiful, but it isn’t a very subtle change that she made.

Lacey on

lay off the lip puffers and other stuff, you used to be beautiful, now you are starting to look like the JOKER.

chops on

This is how families should be acting! Just because you are divorced doesn’t mean you’re no longer family! This kid will grow up knowing its ok to be “friends” after a divorce.. no reason for all the childish bickering and BS! GROW UP AMERICA!!!!

Olive on

In Spanish Coco means Coconut. It’s weird to read it as a name.

Jamie on

Just went to a funeral the other day for a friends mother. The way she looked in the coffin reminded me of how some of these celebrities are starting to look with plastic surgery. Seriously, I’m not trying to be mean, but they need to lay off the injections, surgery and such.

Callie on

So disappointing that she mucked up her face with botox or some sort of injections; she has always been gorgeous but she really needs to stop! I wish CC could move on from her ex, she would make a lovely partner for another man. Maybe her and Matthew Perry could get together!!!!

disneymommy75 on

To each his own. I just want to know what is wrong with getting older? Ellen looks great–natural. Sally Field? Natural. It’s OK to get older. You’re not supposed to look like a sex kitten until your heart stops beating. Rock your bod and your laugh lines…you’ve earned them! Maybe if women/men watched age progression morphs of themselves, or blatant side by sides they’d see they now look puffy faced (since when was that ever sexy), melted a d joker-esque?

gopackgo on

Wow – lay off the botox honey.. WOW

disneymommy75 on

@Aimee, Matthew Perry has been dating Lizzie Caplan for years. I think the Friends crew is more brother /sister vibe.

Chloe on

So happy that they have managed to not only still have a relationship for the sake of their daughter but a good one! Glad that everything is going so well for them all 🙂

Carrie on

Wow, Courteney looks really different. She’s still pretty though.

@Olive – Courteney named her daughter CoCo after herself and her mom, both of them with the first name Courteney. My daughter’s nickname is CoCo – her middle name being Chanel. So, I don’t think it’s odd. But, everyone can have an opinion, I wasn’t meaning it as a snap back. I like the name Olive..

skiiy on

She can hardly smile her face is so puffy and stiff. WTF Do these celebs actually think they are prettier this way? It is messed up. Ellen seems to be leaning backwards away from her, unintentially, but her body language is saying “GROSS!” Who is telling these people they look better? Enough already.

KU on

I watched my ex-husband’s step daughter while his new wife gave birth to their new daughter. It’s not about me, him,her, etc. It’s about the kids. Good for them that they can all get along

susannah on

very very cool they get along, but as his friend Courteney should tell David NOT to procreate any more! He is a mess!

how sad Court is taking her daughter to a spa instead of to somewhere cool, affirming, uplifting, outdoors, active, intellectual … funny? Anything but a spa. Does Coco watch mommy get all that stuff done to her face too? Ick! but then, poor Coco was named for a cosmetics doyenne or maybe a gorilla.

Memo on

I wouldn’t have recognized her if this article weren’t about her… she looks like one of those horrid Real Housewives of Wherever. I always thought she was the prettiest of the Friends girls… the most elegant look. I feel very sad for her actually. A sad statement on her psyche.

Anonymous on

“Olive on January 7th, 2014
In Spanish Coco means Coconut. It’s weird to read it as a name.”

In English, Olive means olive. It’s weird to read it as a name.

Anonymous on

Carrie- Exactly! From what I’ve read, Courteney wanted to name Coco Courteney after herself and her mother, but David wouldn’t go for it, so they compromised with Coco (which, if I’m remembering correctly, was Courteney’s childhood nickname).

Aimee- She’s still friends with him, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t moved on from him. Getting divorced doesn’t always mean hating each other. 🙂

Anyway, I LOVE the fact that she considers herself, David, Christina, Coco, and presumably the baby boy on the way a family. How refreshing to see a divorced celebrity couple actually putting their child first!

Anonymous on

First thing I noticed was her jacked up face!! Why on earth would she ruin her beautiful face!!!!

Terri on

Olive is not weird to read as a name. It’s a very traditional name.