Ivanka Trump Feels Like a ‘Pro’ at Parenthood

01/06/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Ivanka Trump Invitational Grand Prix Larry Marano/Getty

Even though sleepless nights lasted just a short period with new baby Joseph Frederick, Ivanka Trump admits life with a second child has meant a lifestyle change for her and husband Jared Kushner.

“I have to compartmentalize everything now,” Trump, 32, told PEOPLE at the Trump Invitational Grand Prix charity event held at her family’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach on Sunday. “I try and think of ways to connect things.”

Yet, Trump, who is Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions at the Trump Organization in New York and an independent fashion designer, loves every minute of her time with Joseph, now 3 months, and 2-year-old Arabella Rose. It just requires planning and using her experience from her daughter’s younger days.

“I was more nervous about how I would deal with Arabella than I have been with Joseph,” Trump shares. “Now I am familiar with timing and balance as well as bathing, diapers and how to hold a baby without fear of an accident. I feel like I am now a pro!”

Calling Kushner “the best father,” both parents try to include the children in most everything they do. For example, in Palm Beach on holidays and many winter weekends, they all go to the pool and beach.

In New York, it’s more about enjoying the parks and walking. “We love to go on adventures and play games and pick leaves,” she continues.”We do things together as a family. And it’s so cute to watch Arabella hold her baby brother — she is very protective.”

Trump, who is in the process of redesigning the interiors of the Doral Golf Resort & Spa in Miami, knows she is lucky to work in the family business where she can bring the children to the office.

And when she travels on longer business trips, she takes Joseph and Arabella along. “It gets harder and harder to even think of leaving them,” Trump says.

“I worried too much the first time around about how I would handle everything. Now I know how fast these early days go by, and I want to enjoy every second. I love it.”

— Linda Marx

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beeswax on

I have so much admiration for the Trumps. Wow!!! What great role models. Donald Trump, divorced and married and divorced and married and still successfully raised perfectly grounded children.

LR on

She’s hard to take.

marie on

I like her. Despite being born into wealth and privilege, she’s never gotten into the spoiled little rich girl scenario of drugs, partying and excessive consumption.

She does seem well grounded and a great mom so good for her.

Jacquie on

My sentiments exactly. She has enough help to be grounded. Who wouldn’t, so feed this BS to someone else honey.

onep on

this is funny…. Ivanka please stop talking nonsense b/c you make yourself look, what’s the word…. “stupid”?? Stupid: not intelligent : having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things. : not sensible or logical.

Ok, so you’re falling into the category of not sensible or logical. I’m not trying to be spiteful, just dead honest. With all the help you’re getting how could you be not organized? .

Debra on

when she takes them on long business trips; who actually watches them during meetings?

Mommy on

Must be easy to do with all that extra help. Here in ” reality world ” those of us who can’t afford nannies. Chefs. And no salary cap must do things alone. Grocery shop. Cook. Discipline and raise our children Ab make do with being a size 12

MBR on

There is no one size fits all to parenting and parenting styles. If Ivanka and her husband have found a routine that works for them, that’s wonderful! What works for my house may not work for yours.

No need to be so rude and judgmental! Let’s support each other’s choices instead of knocking them down.

Elisa on

Don’t be so nasty and jealous. This is the world she was born into as anyone is and she could spend a lot less time with her children, but she is not like that. She takes them with her when she could leave them behind. Cut the lady some slack.

KellyGreen on

I know how she feels. It is just sooo much easier the second time around! You feel much more confident. Her daughter is beautiful.

Mommyof1 on

kudos to her for being a good mother and a successful woman. There will always be someone criticizing or being jealous as I have seen in some of the other posts. Not her fault that she was born into wealth, the girl could have chosen a different path and done nothing productive with her life, instead she is smart and successful and makes her family her priority. Enough said, good for her.

Penny on

The trumps obviously did something right because you dont see too many kids that grow up with that kind of wealth actually do much with their lives, other than sit around collecting family money. Their kids seem to still have a work ethic and seem to be responsible adults. Good for them!

Ginger on

Love the little girls dress. Now that’s how a sweet little girl should be dressed. Bright, pretty, patterned outfits.

klutzy_girl on

Ugh, to the ones that always throw out the excuse of having “chefs, trainers, nanny’s, etc” STOP! You don’t know what they use at all. I guess all of you should be lambasted if you ever use your parents, babysitters, daycare, etc. Quit making excuses and rearing your ugly jealous heads, it’s so unappealing.

Brit on

I’m confused with all of the hateful “she can afford help” comments!! She WORKED for what she has! Also, while u “real” moms, as if she isn’t one lol, do u leave your children at home alone or do u PAY for someone to watch them, just as I.T. Does?!! She’s also said that she cooks for her daughter everyday…no chefs, we’ll at least no full time chefs! And we “real moms” have chefs too….they’re called Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Burger King etc. stop spreading hate, it makes u ladies look jealous!

Marky on

LR, I can’t imagine why you think Ivanka is “hard to take”; she is so grounded, has worked hard to build a good life with her husband, and has a lovely family. Gives me hope for her generation! She is a very interesting person who seems to have a handle on life. Smart, beautiful and has her ducks in a row. Arabella Rose is lovely, as well!

Anonymous on

Debra- I don’t know, maybe their FATHER?! And even if it is a nanny or some other form of paid help, I fail to see how that’s any different than “regular” parents going to work every day and putting their children in daycare.

Mina on

Why do people always say you are jealous if you don’t agree with them? I find Ivanka to be intolerable. She has been a parent for less than 3 years. She has major help and works for her dad’s business. Which isn’t too hard to advance in a family business. If she did something worthwhile then kudos to her but, IMO, she hasn’t.

Niki on

I find it hilarious that people are so impressed by the Trump children, all of who work for Daddy. Nepotism: quite the accomplishment! (And I know Ivanka has a fashion and perfume line, but so does Paris Hilton.)

Lisabeth on

Ok, please look at everything this way: I am not jealous but Ivanka has a chef, nannies 24/7, a personal assistant, job she is not going to lose, driver and unlimited access to money. Try to compare it to a regular mom who is worried about the bills, losing her job, who has to do shopping, drive kids to activities and in case of emergency no nanny is available, who hardly can afford vacation and who never flies business, who can dream about personal trainer because kids need new clothes and so many of us has to pay a lot for the medical insurance (thanks Obama). Did you see Ivanka’s pictures where she takes her son to the doctor’s office? Driver, nanny and one more person were with her. Please…. And of course a person who was taking pictures of Ivanka 🙂 Yeah… we all can have life like she has. Do you really think she cleans her apartment ? Or does laundry? Or iron? Does shopping? Or packs her suitcases? Or she designs all her clothes/shoes/jewelery by herself? I admire her for being down to earth – all Trumps are nice, not spoiled, they work hard. Kudos to Ivana & Donald. But please do not tell me she one of us.

Roxy on

Can someone please please please do a Q&A with a mom who is not a multi-millionaire with private jets, multiple nannies & chefs at their disposal? I admit, while I do love to hear about the rich & famous I want to hear how a woman who works full-time but is NOT a millionaire does it… This is nothing against Ivanka, or any other of the celeb moms you feature.

Anonymous on

Ivanka and stupid are not two words that go together.

Anonymous on

So adult and grounded. And all of you negative Nellies whining about how wealthy she is: Look at all the selfish celebrities who raise spoiled, lazy brats. I.T. spends 1000x more time and is more hands on with her children than many actresses and I.T. has many more responsibilities. Plus, she actually works, as opposed to all celebrities’ kids. Even Angelina has a nanny for each child. Get off of it.