Jessica Simpson Shares New Pic of ‘Snuggle Bug’ Son Ace

01/04/2014 at 04:30 PM ET

Jessica Simpson Son Ace New Photo
Courtesy of Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson doesn’t just design to-die-for shoes and handbags — her babies are pretty covetable, too!

The singer and fashion mogul showed off a new pic of her son, Ace Knute, on Twitter on Saturday, and the 6-month-old looks adorable. “My snuggle bug…” she captioned the pic of her little man sitting in a swing.

Simpson, 33, and her fiancé, Eric Johnson, 34, also have an 18-month-old daughter, Maxwell Drew, and they welcomed their second child in June.

“I’m so excited to have a son,” she said at her baby shower last April. “I didn’t grow up with a brother and I think the unknown is really exciting. I can’t wait to have that connection with our little man.”

Simpson, who’s planning her wedding to Johnson later this year, is back to her pre-pregnancy weight and credits Weight Watchers, as well as her children, with helping her get back on track.

“With both kids I’m running up and down my stairs a million times,” she told USA Today. “Kids can keep your metabolism going.”

— K.C. Blumm

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Monica on

Her babies are beautiful and she seems so happy being a mother.

Anonymous on

Such a beautiful little man! Congrats to Jessica and her family.

Resipoo on

Such a beautiful little guy. Congrats to Jessica and her family!

Mrs C on

She looks good and has adorable babies ♡

Donna on

He’s beautiful, as is her daughter. I think she would be a fun Mom. Very happy for her to finally have happiness.

jewels1972 on

What a cute little guy!! ♥♡♥

Michelle on

What a cutie! He looks adorable in that swing. I love these stories. She seems like a great mom!

Jess on

Her babies are too precious!

tanya on

Ace is such a little cutie pie.

a on

Her shows are very very uncomfortable

a on


Jessica Simpson on

…fashion mogul. LMAO

Nicole on

I love Jessica Simpson! She looks great and her family is beautiful!

Nancy on

Does anyone know what brand of swing that swing is that Ace is in?

Jessi on

Yes fashion mogul, her clothing line takes in around 500-750 million a year in sales! She was the first celebrity ever to have their clothing line reach over 1 billion in sales. She’s known more for her clothes than music or anything else anymore. And Ace is just adorable, he looks a lot like her!

Summer on

Jessi, you beat me to it. She has a huge line of clothing, shoes, accessories, and fragrances. She seems to lead a pretty quiet life, so people are surprised that her line is so big. I like her. She seems like a wonderful mom and a normal, sweet person. Her kid are so stinking cute!

vanessaga81 on

I wear heels all the time and her shoes are some of the most comfortable ones I own. I have 5 pairs and I’ve had all buy 1 of them about 5 years so they hold up well too. If the shoes aren’t comfortable, you’re probably wearing the wrong size!

Annalise on

Beautiful baby!

jsd079 on

She makes pretty babies.

Jess on

Anyone else think he looks just like nick lachey?

Ashley on

Jessica Simpson doesn’t want anything to be private.

Jo on

Jessica Simpson “SINGER” ? Now that’s funny LOL !!!

Anonymous on

Ace is adorable!


@Jess, YES! I totally thought that but I didn’t want to be the one negative Nancy that commented that the baby looks like Nick Lachey. lol

allie on

ive always loved jessica.. so honest n down to earth…her babies are gorgeous because she is!! good luck to her

Nikki on

Why is it that all of these comments about Jessica Simpson’s little Caucasian baby are all so complementary but in comparison to the comments about Beyonce’s black baby, those are so negative? How many racists are on this website?

CAL on

Nikki…you are a looney toon…just because people don’t think Blue is a cute baby doesn’t mean they are racist, I think you are racist for thinking that people are racist…Wow…you, my friend, is part of what is wrong with this world!

KC on

@Nikki, don’t bring race into it when it’s not about that. People aren’t being racist because they think one baby is cute vs another.

Nikki on

In response to Cal: take a look at the responses for both articles collectively, then rethink your response.

Nikki on

@KC and Cal: the majority of the readership of People magazine is Caucasian, so of course it is more likely they would gravitate toward what is familiar to them in terms of identifying what is “beautiful” to them. Again, read some external texts on the issue then revisit the issue. Education defeats ignorance. Try it.

Anonymous on

Nikki, your own racial polarization is showing…

jmquinnn on

He’s adorable but people should stop calling a baby boy “a little man.” Would you call your baby girl “a little woman?” I think not.

jeanie on

if he’s a “little man” her daughter is a “little woman.” Fair is fair.

jeanie on

does Eric Johnson speak? The last line I heard from him (the only one) was “We’re team Max.”

Miss Ann on

Her son is thinking: Geeesh mom just take the pic already! I don’t want to be on this thing-of-ma-jig any longer. Lol. Cutie.

mamato3littles on

Well jmquinnn, I call my 20 month old daughter my “little lady” so to answer your question, yes I would and do.

Nikki I think you’re so far off the mark. If you go back and read comments on Laila Ali’s children, Jennifer Hudson’s son, Sandra Bullock’s son, Heidi Klum’s children and so on, you would see that most are very positive comments about how their children look. I LOVE Beyonce and while all children are cute, Blue is certainly no stunner just yet. Stop taking offense to comments which shouldn’t effect you.

Back on topic now. This boy is gorgeous! She’s got 2 great looking kids 🙂

PS on

OK, I have to say it. Jessica and Eric make some SERIOUSLY gorgeous babies. May they be just as beautiful on the inside!

Emily on

Seriously, how cute is he? Gah!

Katie on

He has that, “One more minute mom and I won’t be awake” look on his face. Super cute. Mine are 9 and 11 and I miss that age SO much.

Gisele on

She makes beautiful babies!! He’s (just like big sister maxwell) adorable!

Anonymous on

Nikki- While I understand what you’re trying to say, I think you’re over-reacting a bit. Yes, Blue has been the victim of many nasty comments on here….but so have the Affleck kids (especially Violet for some reason), Adam Sandler’s girls, Suri Cruise, Vivienne and Knox (the former moreso than the latter) Jolie-Pitt, and plenty of other white celebrity kids.

In fact, if there IS a bias on this site when it comes to which celeb kids are deemed “cute” and which aren’t, I’d say it’s about gender, not race. I have noticed that, for some reason, celeb baby girls have their looks ripped apart far more than celeb baby boys do here.

Amanda on

Nikki, I am sorry but Blue isn’t a cute toddler, doesn’t mean she’s not sweet, doesn’t mean she won’t grow into a gorgeous woman. She looks a lot like her daddy and let’s face it, he’s not famous for his looks. Ace would be adorable with dark skin and there are plenty of black babies that are absolutely stunning. I do think it is sad that so many people feel the need to negatively comment on the posts about Blue. Ultimately she is just a baby and she never asked to be born to famous parents.

Terri on

Adorable little guy. Jessica has a beautiful family.

Terri on

I don’t agree with Nikki, but I think it’s ridiculous to say that she’s racist because she’s talking about race. Some people really need to learn what the definition of racism is before they use the word so casually.

Lady on

She makes pretty babies!!

guest on

He is just a doll. and Jessica appears to be a devoted loving mother. This is more than we can say for most of our celebs-good example Kim K.

Melissa on

He looks just like her in the face he is adorable..

Guest on

That face says “Put down that camera and come push me already” look lol. Both kids are the cutiest, glad to see her so happy!

Beverly on

Those are some funny looking kids of Jessica Simpson and it has nothing to do with Blue Ivy who is a gorgeous little girl and everyone knows it!!!

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